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"Well there goes the caring Bonnie" Matt replied while I'm discussing on how I would raise Kol back. "Bonnie, you don't have to do this, and besides this could get you into a lot of trouble people could start feeling the nature's effect... if you try this one more time I swear you'll attract a lot of attention" Rebekah looked at me, worried even. I thought of why is Rebekah so worried about my condition, is it because she wants me alive because of something she needed or its the fact that she's learned to care about people through the help of Matt...

I'm guessing neither...

Rebekah is a witch back when she was young, I'm sure she knows how all these affects a witch nature... I could loose my powers if I tried to do it again. But I want to, this is matter of my wants and needs... its what I want and its what THEY need, I'm doing things for the common good again, its normal.

"I know the consequences Rebekah I could loose my powers in a minute or a second I cast the spell but, I have to do this you need Kol I want to see him again its win-win" Rebekah eyed me a look before she rolled her eyes "WIN-WIN?! you call that win-win?! no" She threw a plate in the air and went upstairs

"She's been concerned about Bennett witches lately, she found out that a dead witch called Santina has been killing off every Bennett witch she could find, she's concerned about you Bonnie. Kol made her promise that if he dies she'll try as much hard to keep you alive" Matt told me, I turned to face him, I never knew that Kol made Rebekah promise... they never get along Kol mocks Rebekah and she annoys Kol. I never knew that Rebekah could still manage to keep that promise. "I'll try and look into one of my Gram's grimoires about that particular witch, she's been taking eye of all those witches back in her time who tried to raise back Silas, maybe Santina wants revenge at some point

"My cousin, Brielle" tears welled up my eyes on finding out the bad news... I have two cousins who has witchcraft in their veins... I suspect they're dead already. "Do you know how long she has been doing this?" I asked Matt I noticed he has become paler by the minute "Well she has been doing this for months ever since one of the most powerful Bennett witches died... I'm indicating you Bonnie" I feel like my thoughts have already shut off my brain.

"But I came back, I have to do something. I-I can't just let them die" And right this time, I'm crying

"I know you can't let them die Bonnie, but we have to hide you. If all of them gets dead, you'll be the only known living descendant of Qetsiyah" I can see Matt's conscience but I just can't let them die.

"Tomorrow, we'll start to harness your powers. Not for raising Kol back from the dead, but to help you kill that bitchy witch Santina. You're right, we can't let them die. We have to keep the existence of Bennett witches at hand" Rebekah said as she was strapping on her combat boots

"Where are you going?" Matt asked, he's completely concerned about Rebekah. I see where this goes

"To look for Elena and Caroline, their bestfriend's back and I believe they have the right to know" She replied, A lump formed on my throat. I'm back and its supposed to be Elena and Caroline who I want to see first. But instead I went to Rebekah. What a great friend I am.

"If you want to come with me then go ahead" Rebekah spoke before walking out the door, I bit my lip before following closely behind her. "Alright, you stay closely behind me and if anyone ever looks at you and if they seem to recognize you, look away or pretend you're my relative something like that. Keep a low profile. No one even knew your dead what more if they found out that you came back from the other side" Rebekah looked around us before walking. "Oh and use this to cover yourself if you've gained enough stares" she handed me an umbrella before she started walking

I've gained a lot of stares from people so I took the umbrella that Rebekah gave me a while ago. and I opened it and did my best to do cover my face using the umbrella. And once we reached Caroline Forbes' the doors are locked. "Shit, she must be having sex with Tyler all over again. Those two" Rebekah rolled her eyes before walking away

"Where are we going now?" I asked

"To Elena's" Rebekah impatiently said

Then again, we walked all over Mystic Falls. The clouds seemed to have hidden the sun behind them as I've looked at the sky, there's no point in using the umbrella anymore if there's no sun.

"Rebekah you can drive Matt's truck right? then why'd you have considered walking?" I asked out of curiosity
"I don't want to drive it. I've accidentally ruined the handbrake of that ruddy truck when we were driving home from the grill two weeks ago, I saw Elena and well she pissed me off so I had a full force on the handbrake and I, absentmindedly broke it" She explained, well good enough for me.

It took us about ten or fifteen minutes before we reached Elena Gilbert's

Rebekah knocked on the door impatiently "I hope that one's not having sex at the moment" She rolled her eyes before knocking on the door furiously again

"Alright Damon I'm coming!" we heard Elena's giggle from inside.

"Hey Da- what are you doing here Rebekah?" She asked staring Rebekah down, Rebekah's smiling sarcastically towards Elena at the moment. Who has her hair in a sloppy bun and she's in her very short pair of shorts and a tank top.

"You think its Damon right? aww too bad we're not Damon now won't you be polite enough to let us in?" Elena rolled her eyes and widened the door for us to come in. "Err- who are you? and why do you look a lot like Bonnie?" Elena asked, just as I was about to enter "That's what I'm going to explain to you at the moment, but if you'd rather be with Damon then suit yourself" Rebekah sassed before strutting to the couch

"Explain, I don't have all day" Elena said before motioning for me to sit on the couch beside Rebekah

"My little friend here is Bonnie Bennett. She was dead but Qetsiyah, the queen of the other side. Granted Bonnie a wish to return back here, but only-" I cut Rebekah off, I think its better to continue it when I'm the one explaining to Bonnie

"I should take it from here Rebekah. Well Qetsiyah allowed to come back only in the most inconvenient way possible. In the form of my thirteen year old self, I was reluctant, but there's no other way for me to come back so I accepted her offer. Please don't tell Jeremy by the way. So here I am and we've recently found out that a dead with called Santina has been killing off Bennett witches lately, and I'm pretty sure my cousin Brielle is on the run already. And we have to harness my powers in order to keep the Bennett witches going" I finished, Elena had a look on disbelief towards me

"Alright I believe you... but why did you have to keep your death a secret to us?" Elena asked, guilt finally took over me. Jeremy's right they need to know, but they're finally okay. They're finally happy. I can't just take that away from them.

"You're finally happy guys, you're finally okay. There's nothing to worry about. I just can't take your happiness away from you guys just because I died. You're my friends" I said. Elena walked over to me and pulled me into a tight hug

"Well, what's the reunion all about who's with you Elena? and uhm... why do we have an Original in the house?" Jeremy said emerging from the stairs...

I shot for the sky, I'm stuck on the ground
So why do I try I know I'm gonna fall down.
I thought I could fly
So why did I drown.
Never know why,
its coming down down down

~Jason Walker ft. Molly Reed ~ Down~