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Summary: When a WWE Legend makes their return to the ring to 'save' the Divas Division, AJ Lee, the Divas Champion isn't best pleased. What will happen when the two face off both on screen and off? What happens when the returning Legend wants to put AJ Lee in her place? What will happen if AJ takes things too far?

One thing's for sure, the WWE will never be the same again.

A/N- Hey everyone, so this has been running through my mind ever since the AJ Lee/Stephanie McMahon confrontation on Raw and I'd heard that people thought Lita was going to come down the ramp instead of Stephanie. Because of all that, this story came to mind. This is set on Smackdown, 4 days after the Confrontation with Stephanie.

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*A Year Later*

AJ Lee smiled as she checked her appearance for that night. It was the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and she was so excited, not to only be there, but to have the honour of being on the stage.

She skipped excitedly from her room to find Dolph and Big E. She bumped into various superstars and Divas, who offered her luck. She smiled and eventually found them in the lobby of the hotel, both of them looking smart in their suits.

"You both clean up good" she smiled, walking over to them and fixing them both with a shy smile.

"You look stunning" Dolph said, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead before wrapping his arm around her waist.

"Are you ready for tonight?" E asked her, smiling at her, as AJ nodded eagerly.

"I can't wait!" AJ smiled. "I just hope I do okay and do my inductee justice"

"You'll be wonderful" Dolph said, as the three of them walked outside and towards the car that was to take them to Madison Square Garden. "Believe me"

AJ glanced over at her boyfriend and smiled. How could she not believe him? She had worked hard on the speech she was going to give, and considering who her inductee was, she was determined for it to be the best.






"Welcome everybody to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014 induction ceremony" Jerry 'The King' Lawler said. "We have many deserving inductions taking place tonight."

Dolph, AJ, Big E and the crowd clapped along accordingly as King finished his speech and the first inductee's video package was shown and Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs came onto the stage and began to talk about one of this greatest friends.

As Mark 'The Undertaker' Callaway made his way onto the stage, basking in the cheers, chants and applause for him, AJ silently began to worry. She knew that so many amazing people were getting inducted that night and she knew that every 'inductor' would have a heartfelt and amazing speech about their friend/co-worker.

AJ knew she needed to be unique.

She was pulled out of her thoughts as Mark ended his speech and everyone got to their feet and clapped until their hands smarted.

"You alright?" Dolph asked, seeing the worry that was clouding AJ's eyes.

"Just a little nervous" she confessed, smiling slightly as he reached over and took her hand in his.

"Don't be" he advised. "You are going to be great. She picked the best person for this"

AJ smiled up at Dolph, feeling reassured at her words and she happily sat through the rest of the ceremony. Paul 'Triple H' Levesque was inducted by Shawn Michaels, Chris 'Jericho' Irvine was inducted and several others.

When AJ knew It was time, she pressed a kiss to Dolph cheek and hugged Big E before she quickly hurried backstage to go over her speech for the last time.

She faintly heard King go out onto the stage and the cheers of the crowd die down as they waited for King to speak.

"This last inductee" King began, "Certainly made an impact on the WWE and the fans during her time here. She was one of the top divas in the WWE and one of the very few who would wrestle with and against the male superstars. During her time here, she became a 5 time women's champion and was one of the greatest divas to hold that title. This inductee also inspired a number of divas in the WWE including her inductor tonight. Please welcome, AJ Lee!"

AJ walked out onto the stage with a smile as the crowd clapped for her as she made her way to the podium.

"Thank you" she smiled. "It is an honour to have been asked to induct Lita into the WWE Hall of Fame. Despite the awful things that happened during our feud, I have never respected someone more than I respect Lita. She is an amazing wrestler and an even more amazing person. She could be called the most exciting Diva of all time, and I certainly consider her to be that. I can honestly say that at SummerSlam, she deserved that win. She pulled out all the stops and gave me the best match that I had ever had and will ever have in my career. It is a match and a feud that I will hold close to my heart for a very long time."

AJ paused and took a deep breath, her nerves beginning to settle in once more. Her eyes swept the crowd until they landed on Dolph and he sent her a reassuring smile. Feeling comforted, AJ cleared her throat to continue.

"I could stand here and talk about her all day if I could" AJ said, "But I don't think you all want to see me more than you have to. So, without further ado…. I present to you, a 5 time WWE Women's champion and now A Hall of Famer…. Lita!"

Amy walked on the stage and smiled at the younger diva, pulling her for a tight hug. AJ smiled and hugged her tightly back. AJ stood slightly off the stage and watched as Amy began to give her speech to the cheering crowd. AJ smiled, tears gathering in her eyes as she watched Amy get the honour she so rightly deserved.

The WWE was changed during those few months, but it was changed for the better and Amy had erased any doubts in anyone's mind that she was the Queen of Xtreme.






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