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Romeo and Juliet

" Lucy nee , tell us the story ! " Romeo keep yelling until Lucy agree

" Okay okay Romeo!" Lucy said

" Tell us , Lucy san " wendy add ,then a lot of people gather around Lucy . lucy sigh

" Okay.. The story start here... " Lucy said as she begin to read it.

Once Upon a time live a very beautiful Princess named Charlotte Reinsclawth.

She live with her Father Makarov Reinsclawth and her big brother Laxus Reinsclawth. They live in Fairytail castle and the kingdoms are live in joy and everyday they spent with dance and sing .

but there's another kingdom that named Sabertooth and their king is king Jiemma and His knights : Sting eucliffe with his Brother Rouge Eucliffe .

At the Fairytail kingdom

" Father what should we do today ? " the princess says with smile to his father

" Of course like usuall " Makarov said

" Laxus Nii san , How about you ? " Charlotte asked

" Me too" He said

" Boring ! " Charlotte Yelled and get out of the castle and running to the forest near her castle

" Hey ! CHARLOTTE ! " makarov yelled

" Bweek ! Hahhahahaha.. " Charlotte yelled

" Laxus get her ! " Makarov ordered Laxus

" okay.. Leave it to me !" Laxus said and he follows her , he finds her hangging on the tree .

" what are you doing over there !? " Laxus yelled in panic

" Nothing ~ just hangging around " She said and then the branch she is stting on is cracked and fall , so is she ..

" watch out !" Laxus yelled

" Kyaaaaa" she yelled And a loud thud can be hear .

" ouch.." She said and rubbed her fore head

" Are you okay ? " Laxus asked

" I' m okay ! Hehe..." she said and blood begin to drip on her fore head , she even got a few scratch on her right shouder and knees .

" No , you're not ! " Laxus said while lifting her bridal style

" It's okay Laxus Nii , you don't have tooooo... I can walk you know ! " She said but Laxus just stay Quiet and have an angry face . At the Castle

" How many time do i have to told you to behave like a Princess !? " Makarov said and sighing

" I can't " She said

" Laxus , can you guard your little sisters until the marriage days ? " Makarov said while massaging his fore head

" Okay " He said

" I don't need a baby sitter ! " I yelled and Makarov is out of the room

" Okay , Charlotte starting this day until your marriage , you're gonna spend the next 24 hours with your brother ! " Father ( makarov ) said before leaving Charlotte'a room

" Ugh ! " Cahrlotte said crossing her arm

Charlotte P.O.V

" Okay , now you can leave " I said to my brother

" No way ! " He said crossing his arm

" How about a wine then !?" I sugest

" Wooohoo.. Good idea !" he yelled as i pour the wine in to his glass

- My brother drinks the wine until he was drunk and collapse , but I don't drink a single drop . While he was collapsing -

" How could Father be so forcefull about the marriage ?!" I ask my self. " I want to find a true Love that not be arrange by our parents " I stated .

" Even mother told me to .. " I said sighing and tears start to flowing down my cheek " Tears ?" I asked my self . " I feel like an Idiot " I said to my self

" why i have to be a princess , why can't i just be a noemal girl ? I want to be free " I yelled in my thought then there's some noise

* Crack .. Crack .. Baam ! * the windows broken but not enough to wake Laxus Nii . I wiped my tears and grabbed my daggers. I come near the smoke , then a person come out of the smoke and I point my dagger to his neck .

" Who are you ?!" I asked

" Hey, wait wait " He said . I looked at him , he has a handsome face . My heart start to beat so fast and my face blushing madly.

" Why are you here ?" I said try to hold my feeling

" Long story but trust me I'm not the bad guys . Can you hide me ?! " he said panicking when he heard one of the guard knocking the door

" Okay , i trust you.. Quick hide behind my wardrobe !" I command him

" Okay.. " he said as he go in to my Wardrobe . Then I open the door

" It's okay .. It's just a Kid that broke the window !" I said with a smile then Father come

" Are you alright , Charlotte ?" Father asked worried

" I'm okay father.. " I smile

" and what happened to your brother ?" Father asked again

" He's drunk " I said pionting at Laxus Nii

" What a useless kid .. " Father said sighing and order the guard to take Laxus ti his room and he leave

" Don't do anything stupid , okay ?" Father said before leaving

" okaaay!" I yelled ( lies )

Sting P.O.V

" Wow ! She is so pretty when the first i saw her , My heart beat so fast but then the guard come and she told me to hide in her Wardrobe

- in her Wardrobe -

" Wow ! Her underwears .. " I grin widely while listening to their conversation. Then she open the Wardrobe door .

" Clear " She said

I relief " Thank you so much " I said to her

" Your welome " She said smiling

" Oh God ! Her smile is so gorgeous" I said in my thought and a blush invaded my face .

" Are you okay ? Do you have a fever ?" she said and her face is just an inch from mine , that make me Blush a hundred time redder

" No !" I said and step backward

" Okay, will you explain to me what happen ?". She asked me

" Okay .. I was walking Down town in a journey alone , and a sudden Noise caught my intension . I look at the noisy bar and found that a fight there , so i join in . I win but when I want to take the money , a man point his sword with his ally . So I run along with the money and find a castle , so I broke One of the window and end up here .." I Explain it to her

" Ooo.. So that how you got here .." She said

" Then Thank you for your help, I better get going " I said

" Okay " she said as she slip and I catch her by her waist . Now that our face just an inch apart

" Are you Alright ? " i asked her while blushing madly and I can saw her Blushing too..

" I 'm alright " She said Blushing as our face lean closer until our lips touch and I could fell her soft lips on mine . A minute later we broke the kiss to catch our breath . then we look at each other while blushing

" Well , I take my leave " I said while bow to her and jump off the windows and she just stares at me from the window

" I hope we could meet again " She said

" Of course " I said while walking and still blushing madly

Charlotte P.O.V

I swear that my heart beat so fast right nowas my face blushing madly . I touch my lips and recall what happen erlier . " is this love ?" I ask my self as i begin to blush again and smiling happily

" I found it mom ! " I yelled in my thought " I find the one I Love " I said and keep smiling until the dreams call me .

* One day before the marriage *

" Charlotte , you should be prepare to your marriage with the Edolas Kingdom's prince . Tommorow " Father said

" No way ! I don't want to ! " I refuse

" You have to ! It's your duty as a Princess " Makarov said with a serious expression

" But.. But .." I try to make an excuses

" No but !" Makarov said

" Father .. " I said with a begging face " Laxus Nii " I said looking at my Brother

" Maybe you should give her a break before she got married " Laxus said

" How about you and Captain Scarlet go for a walk ?"Makarov said

" Thank you Father ! Bye !" I yelled as I take a leave and go to the Blue Pegasus kingdom next to her own Kingdom .

Charlotte POV

" Erza ! Hurry up ! There's something noisy at there !" I yelled and go in the bunch of people , and I got saparated with Erza . " And that's my biggest chance to get away " i thought . Then I bump in to somebody

" Ouch !" I yelled as I fall on my butt

" Could you watch where you're walking !? " A voice said

" Sorry " I said And the man with the black hair help me to get up and the other Blonde man just stand there

" Are you okay ? " the man with the black hair asked

" I 'm okay and thank you and Who are you , I pressume ? " I said trying to give a Smile and when the first i looked at the blonde one , he's so Handsome and I blush , wait that face is familiar

" Aaaah! You from the last time ! " I yelled as I pointing the blonde man

" Aaah! it's you ! " He yelled too " thank you for the last time " He smiled and I just blush

" Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce my self erlier .. My name is Sting Eucliffe and this is my brother Rouge Eucliffe and this our cats , the brown one is mine , his name is Lector and the Pink one is Rouge's cat , his/her name is Frosch .

" And you guys is the Twin Knights right !? " I asked with my eyes sparkling

" yes , we are ! " Rouge said

" Yo ! " the brown cat said

" Wow ! Talking cat ! " I yelled in exictment

" Yeah they are !" The blonde said

" And you are ? " Sting ask

" My name is Charlotte Reinsclawth , I'm from Fairytail kingdom " I said smiling

" Ohh.. The Princess of Fairytail Kingdom ? " Rouge asked politly

" Yes , but not anymore ! " I stated

" what do you mean !? " Sting asked and we heard a yelled from behind

" Princess Charlotte ! Where are you !? " Erza yelled

" I 'll explain to you later but right now can you guide me away from here ?" I said " please !"

" Okay .. We 'll help you for repaying the favor last time " Sting said smiling

" Come " Rouge said .

" wow , this man is so polite . " I said in my thought then we begin to run to the forest so they can't follow us

" is it far enough ?" I asked

" yes it is " Rouge said

" Thank you ! " I said while trying to catch my breath

" your welcome " Rouge said giving a smile

" So ? Explanation ?" Sting said

" Yes , of course . I'm the Princess of the Fairytail Kingdom and My father set me to marriage the Edolas Prince but I refuse to , so I run away as far as i can from my Kingdom . The one that yelled earlier is My kingdom's jendral , her name is Erza Scarlet. " I explain

" Oooh.." Sting said

" That's it .. I gonna go across this forest to find a new hidding place . And thank you for your help " I bow and smile at them

" Really !? you're gonna travel alone ?" Rouge asked

" yes " I said

" Let we company you !" Sting said with a smile

" Really !? You guys will ?" I asked

" Yes" Rouge answer

" Why not, we are free anyway " Sting said smiling

" Thank you ! " I said and begin to walk with them , we walk until it's sunset.

" I think we better stay here for tonight , the sun almost stting anyway" Rouge stated

" Fine by me " Sting said

" Agree " I said

" hey ! Look there's a waterfall ... We could take a bath at there !" I said

" There ? We ? Take a bath ? " Sting said with a perverted grin

" I mean saparated !" I said and Rouge just facepalmed

" Okay okay.. Got it ! " Sting said

" Lady first " Rouge said

" Okay, and no peeking ! " I said and go near the river and take off all my clothes and go in to the waterfall but there's an animal watching me ..

" Kyaaaaaaa! " I yelled

Sting POV

I was resting my body and leaning to the tree when I heard Charlotte scream.

Rouge was shocked and we going near the river and see a troop of Monkey want to attack Charlotte . Me and Rouge pointing our sword to the monkeys , as the monkeys run in fear .

" Are you okay ?! " Rouge asked Charlotte and see her naked body. "What !? " his eyes grows wide and he has a nosebleed and faint .

" What's wrong Rouge ?" I asked him and see Charlotte is naked ! " Heaven " I said and begin to faint because of blood loss. " Perverted " is the last word I can hear from her

" Oh my god, What's happen !? " I asked try to open my eyes and suddenly remember what happen and a blush invaded my face .

" You was Faint and your friend too " She said and pointing at Rouge

" Sting kun are you okay ?" Lector said

" I'm okay " Sting smile and pat Lector head

" Lector, you better go to sleep it's late already . Frosch and Rouge already sleep anyway. " Charlotte smile

" Okay " Lector said . So Me , Lector , and Charlotte go to sleep that night .

At Fairytail Kingdom

" SHE'S WHAT !?" The king yelled

" I 'm sorry your majesty " Erza said bowing

The king sigh " It's okay jendral Scarlet " the king said

" Leave it to me then " the prince from Edolas said as he bow to the king

" Okay then.. Please bring my Daughter and your wife back " The king said

" As your wish my king " The prince said

- back with Charlotte and the other -

Morning ~

" Wake up ! " a voice call .. "WAKE UP ! " and someone slap me

" Oucch !" I yelled " what was that for ?" I asked

" It's because you didn't wake up !" Charlotte yelled

" Alright .. Alright.. " I said

" We should get moving !" Rouge said

" Kay..kay .." Char Said

Then we move again and i started to wondering about this Feeling that I have been feeling lately , " Is this love ? " he thought . " yes it is Love ... I love her in the first Sight " I whisper in my thought.

" Help ! " a Voice called out and We tirned our face to see an young boy crying for help. His Feet was cut and bleeding . Charlotte runs and try to remove the dirt from the Young boy cut.

Charlotte P.O.V

" Help ! " a Voice called out and We turned , to see an young boy crying for help. His Feet was cut and bleeding . I runs and try to remove the dirt from the Young boy cut.

" Are you okay ?" I asked the old man while Sting and Rouge help me to lift the Young boy to the Nearest cottage .

" I gonna stop the bleeding but it will hurt a little " I said as i add a little preasure to the wound while the and wrapped it with my Headband . My hair is falling on my back as I pull the Headband . And he start thanking us and go away and we start to walk again.

" you know , that you look more good with your hair Not braid up in a bun " Sting said as he stroke my hair gently

" Thank you. " I blush And smile

One week past and we become closer day by day .. And one day i was saparated with Rouge , Lector , and Frosch..

" Charlotte , I want to tell you Something " Sting be the first one to said

" What is it ?" I ask

" I love you Charlotte since we first met. I've been feel this strange feeling toward you and i know it's Love " Sting said as he lean closer to me and Hug me and I hug him back

" I love you too " I said as i lean forward that our nose touch, and he pressed his lips on mine . We kiss gently as we break the kiss because for the need of air . Then we hear Rouge looking for us so we got back.

" Are you guys , alright ?" Rouge asked

" Yes " I said smiled to him

( a few days past )

We became lovers since that time he confess to me. We are walking down the forest and heard a yell

" Hold it Right there ! " The man said , we truned in shock that all my family army has sorounding us with the Prince of Edolas , Mystogan .

" Please return Princess Charlotte immediately ! Or I'll have to use force " The Prince said

" Fine with me ! " Sting yelled

" No you don't ! " Makarov said

" But I don't want to come back ! " I yelled

Sting P.O.V

" But I don't want to come back ! " She yelled

" You heard her ! " Sting said launching an attack with Rouge . They're fighting Harshly but they're outnumbered , they are beaten up.

" Father , please stop this!" She Cry but he just Stay silent

" If you come back with me , I don't have to Hurt your friends " The prince said

" What the heck we would do that !?" I roar but we are out numbered and already beaten up as I watch cry .

" Sting kun" Lector said

" Rouge kun " Frosch said

" STOP THIS ! " She yelled and we all stopped

" Charlotte .." I said

" I can't let you being hurt Sting " She cry as she walk aproach me with smile . She put her hand on my cheek and said

" I will always love you Sting , Forever in my live . But I can't because our Love is forbbiden " She smiled . " Goodbye Sting , Rouge , Lector , and Frosch " She said with asmile as I watched her figure become more smallerand smaller until it dissapear . Tears start to flowing down my Cheek ... And Rouge try tocalm me down.

" CHARLOTTE !" I roared

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