Songs Pure Light

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Kura: Uh huh, and each chapter is a different pairing, this first one is Shunshipping, or BastionxChazzxAster!

Bastion, Chazz and Aster: *groan*

Chapter 1: Keep Holding On

There were times when, no matter how hard you try to fit in, you just had to give up. There were times when you felt all alone. For three people, this was the harsh reality of their lives. They were alone. They didn't exactly fit in. They just... gave it up. It... it hurt too much to see your supposedly, "friends" enjoy themselves without you. It... it was too much pain.

"They never cared for me... who was I kidding?" A soft voice said. The owner of the voice had soft silver hair and teared filled eyes. He wandered around for a while, not caring that it began to snow slowly. He didn't care if someone followed him. He sat down near the beach.

"Why does it hurt?" He heard another voice ask. He had an accent, a British one. He wore a yellow jacket and had brown hair.

"I... I don't know why... but it does." Another replied. He duo turned to face a boy with pale skin, and black hair. His gray irisis gazed back at them. They sat together in silence.

"Chazz, Bastion? Can I ask you something?" The silverette asked.

"Sure Aster," Chazz said.

"Do... have you ever regreted... falling in love?" The two in question looked shocked at the sudden question.

"Uh... I guess, yes I have..." both admitted.

"Is it okay... for your heart to be broken, by the person who said they love you?"

"What do you mean?" Bastion asked.

"Jaden told me that he loved me... and I caught him on a date... with Jesse..." Aster admitted.

"Jaden... said that?" Chazz asked, getting a sad nod.

"I always wanted to fit in," Bastion said, "I guess.. we were meant to be alone." It was silent for a long time.

"We... we don't have to be alone..." Aster said as he entwined his hands into the other two, "we have each other, so... do we really need to be alone?" Aster looked at them. Slowly the other two smiled, and all three got up and headed to the Chancellor's office. They knew what they had to do.

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