Songs Pure Light

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Chapter 19: International love

Was it weord for two people to fall in love? No, no it wasn't. Was weird when it was obvious but neither made a move? Perhaps it was, perhaps it wasn't. Was it weird if the two got stuck together somewhere? Yes. Yes it was.

'Of all the days it had to happen,' the teal haired boy thought to himself, 'it had to be today!" Next to him was a silver haired boy. Both locked in an elevator. And it's been four hours since they got stuck. How, don't even bother asking. No one knew. Except two people.

"Jaden, are you sure this will work?" The blond asked the brunette next to her.

"Alexis, they needed a push and gave it to them. I'll open the door once they confess." Jaden said. Alexis looked at her boyfriend in akusemnt. Leave it to Jaden Yuki to do something like this.

"Five bucks Aster confesses first." She said after a while.

"Ten says Jesse." Jaden replied.

"Twenty says neither." A new voice said.

"One hundred says they confess at the same time!" The two looker over to see Zane and Syris Truesdale.


'Stay calm Jesse, you're trapped with Aster Phoenix, no need to panic...' Jesse looked over at the blue eyed boy who now sitting with his back to the wall on their right, 'okay... PANIC!'

'He looks really cute,' Aster thought looking at Jesse, 'and in a mental war...' They stayed quiet for a while.



Both had spoken at once.

"You first." They blinked.

"Flip a coin?" Jesse asked.

Aster shooke his head,"No, let's... just say it together. On three. One."





"I LOVE YOU!" Both malesooked shocked. But then everything settled in and they smiled. The elevator then opened and the two walked out hand in hand.

"I WIN!" Syrus posed in victory. His brother and friends grumbled. "Pay up!" Gruming they paid the short teen. But one good thing happened out of all this. Tomorrow, the headlines would be covered with international love.

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