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The Phoenix Force and Brio collided into each other. The collision resulted in a loud explosion of fire and energy. The bright light illuminating from the explosion hid them from the sight of the mutants beneath them.

"What's happening?" Wanda asked Jean.

"I'm not entirely sure. Brio must know how to channel a cosmic energy that disrupts the M'Kraan Crystal and the Phoenix's connection. She used that to drag us out of there."

"And now she's trying to beat the Phoenix into submission."

"And then possess it's power," Jean stopped and her face became stern looking into the bright energy and fire in the space above them. "I can't—I can't control it."

"Because your outside of the White Hot Room?"

She nodded. "Even then I can usually exert some control over it. Whatever Brio did to pull us out of there has damaged our mind too. It's just too chaotic right now."

Another loud crack echoed through space and another huge wave of fire and energy erupted between from the two cosmic giants' battle. Wanda looked up at it and then back to Jean. She was she still concentrating. I feel so helpless. There's nothing you can do. If you got involved between those two you'd get killed. Wanda nodded. The Scarlet Witch began to look around. The space around them had metal spheres floating. She looked at them hard. She could see what seemed to be windows on them. She looked around more and saw two giant, still bodies. One was almost the color of Brio, the other was black. Where are we? Jean looked down from the fight and discovered everything Wanda just had. The prison of the Proemial Gods. Wanda was shocked. Brio's Gods? Jean nodded. She was apparently not planning to waste any time. She looked back at the battle above them.

"The Phoenix is slowly recovering from Brio's tampering. Once it has, I can control it. Then you and I put Brio down," Jean said.

"How long will that take?"

Jean's face again contorted in concentration as she tapped back in to her telepathic connection with the Phoenix. "Minutes, maybe."

What can I do? Just be prepared.

That's what she did. She calmed herself, honed her energies, focused on her powers: prepared to fight a God. Jean relentlessly tried to control the mind of the Phoenix. Above them bright flashes and loud cracks became constant. Every new eruption of fire and energy stretched out further around them into space than the one before it.

"Got it!" Jean yelled! No later then she did, the Phoenix Force appeared from behind the explosions and flew towards the mutants. It flew right into Jean Grey. Her eyes whited over, her body levitated and a bright fiery Phoenix raptor emerged all around her.

"We're ready," she said down to Wanda.

"You're naïve." Brio of Life floated above the asteroid they stood on, the smoke of her battle dancing in the space behind her. Her shrill voice rang in their ears.

Both of the mutants looked around them. Sphere prisons were being shattered left and right. Giant gods were appearing from behind the shredded metal. The two freed ones awoke. The newly freed ones laughed and cheered at their revivals.

"The Phoenix was always simple minded and careless. It had no clue or care that it was emitting enough of its energy to revive the Proemial Gods. Its fires' reached their corpses, reignited their lives and revived our mission." Destruction surrounded them. The Proemial Gods were flying around in every direction, crushing asteroids, blasting stars, and crashing into planets. "I will take the Phoenix from your lifeless corpse," On my count. "and share its power," 1. "with my brethren so we can," 2. "reshape this universe." 3.

Jean and Wanda both aimed their hands up at the giant above them and blasted; Jean with cosmic fire and Wanda with hex blasts. The abrupt assault startled her and knocked her back slightly.

"You will pay for that!" She screamed. "Diableri!" Seconds later one of the gods, Diableri of Chaos, appeared in front of her. "Travel to earth and destroy it!" The two mutants were helpless to stop the blue giant from flying away at an incredible speed. "Your people, the Phoenix' people, will burn!" She ended her statement with a hard downward swing of her fist. The two women leaped out of the way just before her fist cratered the asteroid where they were once standing.

"We have to help them! We have to warn them!" Wanda said.

"I can contact Scott."

"From here?"

Jean nodded. "But it would take my concentration for a moment. I would be useless to help you here."

"I can handle myself for a moment. Do it."

Jean threw a telekinetic force field around her body and her mind reached out to her old love. Even after her departure so many years ago, their psychic rapport lived on.

Scarlet Witch ran far from Jean in an attempt to take Brio's attention from her. She blasted a couple of hex bolts up at her every couple of steps. Brio's floating form followed after her. She again brought her arm down hard on the asteroid. Wanda barely leapt out of the way in time. She turned to the giant's grounded hand and shot a hex blast at it. Brio yanked it back quickly.

A moment ago Cyclops was sitting in a room with Emma Frost and Magneto. His mind was present in their conversation. Now his mind had him standing on a beach. The sun was just setting. The waves were calm. He knew this wasn't some daydream. He was familiar enough with telepathy to know this. He looked around for the psychic responsible but he was currently alone. Then Jean Grey slowly began to appear.


"It's me Scott," she said when her form was completely clear.

"What is this? What's happening?"

"The earth is in danger. I needed to warn you."

"Is it Wanda? Has she—"

"No. There's something coming."

"Emma read one of the Avengers earlier. Is it that cosmic thing that was here?"

"No, but one of her comrades. He's just as dangerous."

"We'll stop him," Scott nodded.

"You need to tell the other heroes, the Avengers."

He sighed. "We're not exactly seeing eye to eye right now."

"There's too much at stake."

Scott didn't speak.

"I know you'll do the right thing. I have to go back now."

"Back?! Back where?... Jean?"

"Jean?" Emma said. Scott was back in the room with his X-Men.

He looked around at them. They looked back at him just as confused. "We need to go."

"Where?" Magneto asked.

"Avenger's Mansion."

Wanda struggled to get free of Brio's grip. She was being held tight in the golden giant's hand. She couldn't even budge, as Brio tightened her grip. Her entire body was being crushed. She screamed. Brio laughed. A huge blast of fire then blind-sided the god in her face. She was startled and flinched in pain, instinctively releasing the Scarlet Witch. As the mutant levitated herself Jean Grey flew next to her. As Wanda looked to her she nodded. Both women then flew in opposite direction of each other, both circling the giant between them. They both blasted at her with their respective powers as they flew circles around her. Brio lost her resolve in pain and annoyance for moments before she retaliated. She swung her large tail in random motions until it collided hard with Jean. Her body went flying at the impact. Wanda watched and as she braced herself to fly off toward her she was hit full body by a massive energy burst from Brio. Her body too went flying, in the opposite direction.

Brio flew towards Jean's body. She found it only slightly conscious. She grabbed it with her large hand and squeezed hard. Jean screamed before a Phoenix raptor erupted all around her body. The flame burned the God and she was forced to release her. Jean wasted no time blasting her face with a huge beam of fire and telekinetic energy. Her huge body flew backward and collided with an asteroid, shattering it. Jean looked around for Wanda and found her body barely moving far off in the distance. She flew towards her as fast as she could. When she was feet away she grabbed her telekinetically and flew them both to an asteroid. When Wanda's body was placed gently on the ground beneath her she slowly stood.

"Are you okay?" Jean asked.

"Yes. Or I will be."

"You will be dead." The shrill voice came from behind them. They turned to see Brio of Life standing feet from them, now in their size. She raised both of her hands to them and blasted white energy from them. Wanda instantly retaliated with a hex blast that collided with Brio's energy just feet in front of her. Pink met white in a wide explosion. The force threw all three women back. When the smoke settled both of the mutants looked up to see Brio standing over them. She turned towards Wanda's grounded form. As she got closer Jean watched and as she bent over Wanda Jean threw her body back telekinetically. Jean got to her feet to watch the god's body fly backward off into the distance. When she turned around to approach the Scarlet Witch, she was already on her feet behind her.

"Do you have a plan?" she asked.

"I think so."

Brio's rising anger raised her to her feet. She screamed and flew at her highest speed possible back to her enemies. She found them in seconds, standing and speaking to each other. She traveled towards them and without warning flew in between them and punched Jean right in the face. She never slowed down as she continued flying; turning around and heading back towards them. Wanda had turned to face her and started blasting hex energy at her. Brio swerved out of the way of each one and collided into Wanda with her shoulder. The two crashed hard onto the rock beneath them. Wanda struggled to free herself from under the stronger being. Brio held her down easily. One of her hands found Wanda's throat and she squeezed it tightly. Jean slowly got to her knees. She rubbed her already bruised jaw. She saw Brio. She forced herself to her feet and flew towards them. She aimed towards Brio and blast fire in her direction. Brio heard this and turned to see. She raised one hand and blasted energy towards the fire. He blast tore through fire, causing it disperse outward in every direction. Jean saw this and barely threw up a force field in time to shield herself from the blast. She then focused on Brio's hand around Wanda's throat. She focused her telekinesis on pulling that hand off. Brio felt the force attempting to raise her hand. She pushed down against it. Her grip around Wanda's throat was loosened. She looked over at Jean and screamed. She continued to push down towards Wanda's throat. Her hand was still just centimeters above the skin. She raised her other hand towards Jean and before she could continue a hex blast came from beneath her and collided with her chin. Her weakened state allowed Jean to telekinetically throw her entire body off of Wanda. Wanda at once stood up and hit Brio with another hex blast. Jean flew next to Wanda and they both looked down at the now grounded god. They were all still for a moment. The next moment Brio was standing in front of them, her fist connected with Scarlet's stomach. She was too fast for Jean to retaliate before her other fist again punched her face. Wanda swung her own fist now, but Brio caught it in her hand and squeezed it. A loud crack erupted from Wanda's hand and echoed around them. Phoenix' attempt to push the god away from them was completely ignored by her strongly planted body. She laughed at the red head's failure and then her tail whipped around, knocking her feet out from under her. She hit the asteroid underneath them with a loud thud. Her free hand then grabbed Wanda by the waist and she lifted her up over her head. She held her there for a moment before throwing her down hard on the ground. She looked down at both of the weakened women.

"You are nothing."


Phoenix and Scarlet Witch held each other's hands and pointed their free hands at Brio of Life. Their intertwined hands were surrounded by a rotating swarm of Phoenix fire and Hex energy. The mixed energy coursed around their hands and then shot out of both of the women's free hand and collided with Brio. The fiery pink blast dispersed against her chest leaving smoke in its wake. Her body fell to the ground. The mutants released each other and stood over Brio. Her body was still: lifeless.

"It worked," Jean said.

Wanda looked at her sideways. "You didn't know that it would?"

She shrugged. "No. I just hoped."

"At least it's over." Wanda was still looking down at Brio. Jean's gaze had wondered up to the space above them.

That's over. What? You meant to say 'that's over.' What do you mean?

"Look up Wanda."

Scarlet Witch followed Jean's gaze upward. All around them were the Proemial Gods. There were several of them. All of them were staring down at the two tiny mutants.