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Kagome was out picking some medicinal herbs for Kaede when she heard a loud boom. as she was turning to see what wa going on she was thrown through the bushes her head hit a stone dazing her. Watching as her vision slowly darkened aroound the edges she felt a warm trickle of blood slide down the side of her face, the metalic scent making her cringe. Rolling to her side she gasped as a sharp pain shot through her skull. "Okay...not a smart idea..." she whispered before her vision went black.

Kouga was making his usual rounds when he heard a distant boom. Looking towards the west he saw a large cloud rise from the sky. "That's where my woman lives with that mutt...I should go make sure she is okay." he murmured as he began running towards the cloud.

When Kouga was within the Inuyasha forest he came to a quick halt at the scent of blood, and not just any blood, but that of his beloved. Picking up his pace he followed the metalic smell and found her hidden in some bushes, a basket of herbs spilled on the ground beside her. Rushing to her side he knelt close and examined her body making sure she wasn't hurt too badly. So far the only wound he saw was a slight cut on her forehead. The blood had slowed significantly so he wasn't too worried but he still needed to take her somewhere safe. Hearing the clash of swords in the distance he shook his head and gathered the herbs and his lady in his arms before he walked back to the road.

Heading towards the sounds of battle he found Inuyasha fighting his brother yelling about the usual stuff like how he was such a basta*d and didn't deserve to feel so high and mighty since their father had given him the weaker of the two swords and such. Shaking his head he looked to the small village and spotted th rest of Inuyasha's gang talking to an old priestess. Finding everyone but his precious Kagome safe he decided he would steal her out from right under their noses. Turning away he shot off back to his pack. He needed to dress Kagome's wounds soon before they began to fester, or worse, got infected.