Title: Recollection

Pairing: Marco/ Keera (OC eventually)

Rated: M for drug use, abuse, sexual situations and language. This story is more dark and twisted like Vacuum or Keeping the Silence so bare that in mind.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything besides Keera and the original characters in this story. Marco and the Vipers belong to their respective owners.

Summary: When Marco raids a competitors drug warehouse he finds more than he expected in the dank, dirty confines. Something that will put everything that he has built in jeopardy along with his pride.

R&R and Flame Warning: As always you all know that I live for comments and to know what you think of this story. I always love feed back and questions. However if there are flames on this story I will delete them. There is a different in between constructive criticism and just being a jerk. Please bare that in mind.

Favorite Line: "You better not think about scratching me."

Chapter One: Found

Marco pushed the body, sprawled on the dirty ground, over with his booted foot. His eyes darted around the looming, cluttered structure, furnished with tables, rusty old containers, bottles of chemical and beakers as his men looked around, searching for anyone else and destroying what got in their way out of pure mayhem.

"Three?" His voice boomed as he looked around, rubbing his nose to try and rid it of the smells that assaulted his senses. "Just fucking three!?" He bellowed as his crew looked for more men.

"None of these guys are the bosses." Vinny spat as he released on of the tables edges and send it and the content of it to the floor with the sound of breaking glass and crashing ringingly.

Marco snarled at him, curling his upper lip as he searched for something that resembled clean to whip the bleed from slitting the drug cooks blood off his hands. "Think I don't know that!?" He snapped at them.

This was meant to be the biggest competition for their drug business; his drug business. The old building sitting outside the city by the docks was most certainly big but lacked occupants…well at least occupants that mattered. The three men on the floor had the stink and look of mere lackeys and their movements when the Vipers had pushed in had more than given away that they were nothing more than disposable junkies.

"Search!" He commanded. "Find me something to figure out who their boss is!" He kicked one of the bodies again before pushing through to find the make shift office.

Papers…fucking papers everywhere but nothing useful! He hurled one of the notebooks, covered in scribble to the side in anger. "JUNKIES!" He spat. "Didn't spend this whole night to find a bunch of junkies!"

"BOSS!" He heard his cousin Philly's voice echo through the metal beams of the structure. His head snapped up from the desk. "You're gunna wanna see this!"

Marco rubbed his slicked back hair, feeling the muscles in his neck work in anger as he pushed back out into the main room, then down one of the darkened, narrow halls. His big lumbering cousin stood at a metal door, a set of keys in his hand from one of the bodies and the door in front of him cracked open.

"What?" Marco snapped, pushing the door more open. Philly immediately covered his nose with his arm and made a gagging noise while Marco stared hard at the sight. "Fucking disgusting." Marco muttered coldly, merely rubbing his nose at the sight.

A decomposed body was being tethered to the cot, straw like hair, dank. Her cheeks were caved in and muscles showing through the grey skin under showing on her legs. A needle still hung limply from her arm. The cold tile of the room left no room for insects; leaving the entire room still with only the light from the door they had opened illuminating the figure.

"Junkies." Vinny said coming up behind them and coughing.

Marco looked at the leather that strapped the body to the metal cot that what had once been a woman had flailed around the room in her over dose and death throws. It wasn't uncommon for drug cooks to test out a problem on junkies…but those were normally consenting. They didn't stay locked in cells; they didn't need to be kept there. The addiction would bring them back. His sharp blue eyes drifted to the keys in Philly's hands before he looked down the hall that lay before them with five more, identical doors. "Don't think this one was here by choice." He muttered. "Open the rest."

The two men opened the doors as Marco watched, some of them stuck from not being opened for so long, each room was identical; dark, musky, with the same cot with no blankets or sheets. The smell of vomit, trapped inside over time fumed out in a horrid stench that made them gag and cover their mouths.

"I got another dead girl." Philly coughed out, chest heaving as he tried not to gag.

"Me too…" Vinny wheezed. "All dead…that's five. Drugged up. Don't look like they've been feed. Might have crocked from that too."

Philly pushed open the door, covering his face with a bulky hand again and preparing himself for the stench and skeletal corpse that he would find inside. The beam of light from the hallway slit through the room and something scampered quickly across the floor, making him jump. "Think I found the rats!" He called out, preparing himself and opening it wider.

Frowning, he didn't see the expected decomposing body on the ground like he had sprawled across the tile before. "MARCO!" He called out loud as a pair of blurry green eyes peeked up from the other side of the bed. "It's okay…hey there…" He said, nervously creeping into the white tiled room. The little face peeked up more, slowly, apprehensively as he came further. "Not gunna hurt you…"

Marco and Vinny both frowned coming forward and looking in the door as the body of a woman, it might have been a woman anyway, crawled up onto the cot, looking at Philly carefully. Her limbs were slim and it was more than obvious that she hadn't bathed in…a very, very long time. Her hair was so greasy that it was hard to tell what colour it was anymore. The skin that stretched over her starved form was covered in grime, arms littered with obvious forced track marks, dried blood from struggling against the needles and miss-pricks encrusted on her. The once white shirt and underwear were all that she had on, plastered to her body from cold sweat and other substances from her period of captivity.

Shakily Philly reached out a hand, trying to reassure her. "Its okay doll." He comforted as she jerked a little farther away on the cot, legs moving unsurely, still looking a bit like an injured bird begging for help and attention. She carefully reached out a hand with a quivering arm and Philly gave her a little grin. "What's your-ARG!"

His words were cut off as he came close enough for her tiny dirty nails to dart out and claw him across his red face, leaving scratch marks down his cheek and chin. The girl darted back as Vinny rushed forward to grab Philly as he fell onto his ass on the dirty floor. She coward behind the bed for a moment as Marco shook his head and pulled his cigarette from behind his ear, popping it in between his lips.

"What the fuck!?" Philly bellowed out as he touched his sweating face feeling the marks that she hand left. "I'm gunna need a fucking rabies shot now!"

"Can't believe you fell for that you dumb fuck." Marco snickered coming into the room and looking at the girl. He pointed at her, commandingly. "Don't you even think about scratching me." Her big green eyes looked at him a little bit fearfully at the sound of someone authoritative. "Get up." He told her less sharply but still in a demand.

She frowned and skidded back on her butt until her back hit the wall, a panicked expression coming over her face. Marco followed her forward, standing over her for a moment as she tried to shrink into the wall. "Do you know who brought you here? Have you seen people come in and out?"

She licked her chapped lips, looking up at the towering man over her. "Yes." She said quietly through a dry and cracked throat. It even sounded like it took her physical effort to speak, though Marco was fairly sure she was more used to screaming by now.

"What are their names?" He demanded.

She shook her head up at him. "I don't know…are you the police?" She asked quietly.

Marco smirked. "No," He said with amusement. "No I'm not the police. If you saw them could you recognize them?"

Slowly she nodded up at him, the interaction clearly making her raddled mind tired. "Some of them." She whispered. "I don't remember much…but I remember them."

Marco frowned finally bending down at his knees to crotch. "What do you remember?" He tried to be patient. Forcing something from her wouldn't help. It was better to manipulate it out.

Her green eyes looked followed him, set too big into her dirty, spotted face, before she looked around the room. "This." She said simply. "Before that….I don't know."

"What's your name?" He asked the question that his cousin had been trying to get out before her nails bit into his skin.

A little frown came over her lips as he searched her face to see if he could find any of the girl left in there. His eyes seemed to burn her and she looked away, little neck working dry as she watched her fingers draw patterns on the ground. Marco frowned as he saw the tips pass by an old broken syringe. Lord knew how much of the drugs were still in her system, how long they had been forced into her or how much damage had been done.

"Keera?" She choked out in an almost question, breathing becoming harsh and panicked. "They called me Keera." She tried to push farther into the wall again, melding to it.

Marcos hands shot out right away grabbing her wrists and squeezing when the small limbs began to try and fight him weakly. "Keera." He demanded. "You're coming with me."

Her eyes widened quickly and the little bit of fight grew but not enough to loosen his hold. "No…no no no." She tried to pull away but it was too much effort on her body and after a few moments was nothing at all. Honestly he was surprised she had any fight in her at all, feeling how cold her skin was under his fingers.

"Come on." Marco pulled her up, trying not to get her grime on him. Almost the moment she stood though he could feel how weak her limbs were and pulled her up to carry. He looked back at Philly and Vinny. "Burn this shit hole down." He ordered harshly again at them as the little dirty bundle he was carrying went limp but no relaxed; more of an exhaustion than a sleep He wrinkled his nose at the smell.

Vinny nodded quickly but Philly frowned hard, following as Marco pushed past him with the slight girl. "How are we gunna find out who their bosses are if we burn it down."

Marco snickered slightly, jostling the... thing in his arms. "Got everything I need for that right here. Send those mother fuckers a message."