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Chapter Fifteen:

Marco turned off the engine to that car in an alley across the street from the bar, looking straight forward at it. He could see into the front window looking in on the main bar area to where the groups of Russian's were playing pool and drinking, laughing with wide open mouths.

He glanced over at the girl, the woman beside him, playing with the hem of the dress with nervous energy, her fingers pulling it higher up on her thigh then it had any right to go. Her eyes were locked on the front window too, green focused on it intently.

Reaching out, he snatched her hand away from the fabric, making her eyes dart to him as he turned in his seat. She looked back at the front window nervously.

"Look at me." He growled, waiting until she slowly did before taking her face in his hands to make sure she was focused solely on him. "I'm going to be right here, watching." He told her.

Keera licked her bottom lip slowly, making his eyes follow the movement but she didn't even notice right now, her heart pounding with nervousness. "What if they take me out the back?"

"Than I'll see it." He said sharply, giving her face a little shake. "I see everything Princess." She nodded in his hands slowly, acceptingly. "You just get him outside and away from his crew. I'll do the rest."

"What if he doesn't tell you anything?" She asked quietly.

Marco shook his head and used his middle finger to draw up her face and push a strand of wayward red hair to the side. "He will. By the end of tonight we'll both know what we need to." He looked at her seriously, running his thumb under her lips so that he wouldn't smudge the red lipstick. "Go." He told her suddenly, not wanting her to lose her nerve.

Keera nodded and took a deep breathe, looking forward for a moment before pushing open the door, her nerves jumping but she refused to look back at the alley and give herself away as she walked to the bar, trying not to stumble on the high heels.

She closed her eyes for a moment as she placed her hand on the metal runged handle of the door, wishing she could feel Marco behind her, wishing she could look back and catch his eyes. Suddenly she jolted as she felt a hand on her back, nearly jumping.

She turned her face quickly to see the man that had been with Demyan Vetrov earlier that day. "You coming in pretty?" He asked in a dark, husky and heavily accented voice.

She nodded quickly as he reached his hand around her and pulled at the door handle, opening it and gesturing for her to go in. She didn't look to see if his eyes were running up and down her; it was better if she didn't know.

The smoke from the bar hit her as the door opened and she stepped in in front of the man, trying not to let her eyes dart around on too much. Still she caught sight of the man she had recognized from the street, the one who had stood over her as she was injected, flailing on the worn out cot, screaming until her voice broke. She made herself look away from him right as he looked up and his man walked over to him, leaning over and snickering something in his ear.

She closed her eyes for a moment after sliding into the bar stole, painfully aware that she was being watched. She knew that she looked different though, and it had been at least 3 months since the Russian had seen her, having been with Marco for a month now and at least two months since he had come to the warehouse, though her mind was fuzzy on that.

"What can I get ya miss?" Asked a voice from behind the bar.

Keeras green eyes snapped open to the greasy bar tender in front of her. "Gin and Tonic please." She murmured low and quiet so that the shake in her voice wouldn't come out. Heavy on the tonic.

She did her best not to glance behind her at her 'mark' as Marco had called him.

Marco watched, rubbing his lips in the dark car. He could see the slim line of her left shoulder blade and cursed that she hadn't taken a seat more to the right so that he would have a full view but there was no way to tell her. Some of the windows were tinted out but he could see a portion of the right table where Vetrov and some of his boys were sitting. He couldn't see if they were watching but knew that they had to be.

How couldn't they? His Princess…his bait were fucking perfect. So fucking perfect…he frowned to himself, checking his watch to see that she had been in the bar 25 minutes. At 30 he had told her to come out if she hadn't been taken out, slowly, with enough sway in her steps to make it look like the single drink had taken its effects on her slight form.

Looking up he straightened, teeth gritting around the butt of his cigarette while he watched the Russian come up behind her, a hand coming to the center of her long back as he leaned over the bar signaling for two more drinks.

"Hold it together princess." He muttered into the dark car as the cherry of his smoke burnt.

Keera took a breathe, steadying herself as she felt the warm hand on her skin, plumper then the one that had guided her out of the Marco's from door.

"She vill have another." The heavy voice from at least one of her nightmares commanded the bar tender.

The younger man behind the bar nodded, turning to make the drink in front of him.

"Say thank you for de drink." Vetrov told her.

Keera swallowed down, trying to stop the fear from sparking through her and plastering on a not all that convincing smile. It didn't seem to deter him though, but she guessed that most women would look about the same way.

"Thank you." She said careful, trying to hide the twinge of accent that Philly had told her was too distinctive.

"You-" He waved his cigar in circles as he talked, standing very close to her as the new drinks were put infront of them. "You very pretty. Meeting someone here no?"

"No." Keera said, taking a small quick sip of the drink as her stomach revolted at standing so close to someone who had stolen her past…and he didn't even seem to recognize her.

"This good for me no?" He chuckled.

Keera tried not to gag, taking a gulp of the tonic instead faster then she should have. "Maybe." She tried with the best, least sick smile she could.

Marco gripped the steering wheel tight as he watched the plump hand travel up and down the pale slender plane of her back, each time getting more and more close to the dimples that he quickly realized he wanted his tongue to trace. His knuckles turned white around the wheel as his eyes narrowed.

"Get out. Get out Keera!" He hissed, getting angrier and angrier as he watched her lips move in inaudible words to the mark, turning to try and escape the hand subtly but it just served to bring it around to her side.

Keera smiled as best she could, feeling her head starting to swim from the thick smoke, straight posture of her back and trying to relax. His accent bounced around in her skull, switching in between what she guessed were meant to be flirtatious words and the memory of orders barked in that small dank room.

"I should get going." She said with a little smile, uncrossing her legs. "A friend is picking me up." She stood slower then she meant to, having to grip the back of the chair, her eyebrows furrowing under the make up that Josie had tried to use to dull her freckles.

"I wait with you yes?" He chuckled, motioning to his men subtly. "Outside we wait for your friend."

Outside…yes. She wanted to get him outside for Marco, she remembered as he took her arm, trying to balance on the high heels. She followed him out as he guided her, his nose closer to her then she would have liked as he inhaled. Her hair stood on end under the bun that Josie had put in to make her hair less obvious and darker in the dim light.

"You remind me of someone." The semi drunk voice of the Russian said, his breathe laced with vodka and cigar smoke.

"Who?" Keera tried to sound light as her ankle twisted on the stiletto heel, causing her to stumble to the side. What the hell was wrong with her!? Her mind screamed.

The mobsters hands steadied her but with their own intention as she found herself by one of the mouths of the alley. She wondered if he had heard Marco's car because she didn't; Not as the words came from his mouth. "Keera-Anne."

Her eyes snapped to his red face, so close to hers as he pushed her against a wall. "What did you say?" Everything else left her mind even the hand going up her leg felt dull. "Who was she?"

He chuckled darkly, as if he had a secret. "Special…special girl."

She tried to grab his wrist as one of his legs pushed in between hers. She kicked out trying to get away, only causing a metal trash can to fall and roll forward. "What was special about her?!" She asked desperately as she tried to wriggle away, avoid his hands and mouth, as well as keep him talking. A brick dug into her back and she winced but kept pushing, her brain moving slow and desperately.

Again he gave a dark chuckle. "No matter…dead now."

"No…" She winced as his hand pulled at the pony tail exposing her neck while she tried to get the bulky appendage away. "No tell me who she was! Tell me who Keera was!" She demanded as his face buried in her neck, saliva dripping there.

Suddenly it was yanked away and she let out a whimper of both thankfulness and anger.

Marco grabbed a fist full of hair, tearing the fat man away from the slender girl with a look is anger and disgust on his face. He'd hand her pinned, one of his fat disgusting hands up her skirt trying to lift her long leg around his waist.

Ripping his head back, Marco growled in Demyan Vetrov ear. "No more in my town."

Keera's lucidity came back as she slid down the wall, hair in the front of her face falling out of the now messed up bun, becoming painfully aware that there had been something in that second drink that she had chugged to hide her nervousness. "NO!" She yelled out as Marco drew his pulled his knife across flesh quickly, opening the mans throat and cutting deep so that no words would ever come from his lips again.

"Sush!" Marco commanded her as she sat on the ground against the wall. "Don't fucking draw them outside!" He dropped the limp body to the ground with a thud, not bothering to whip his hands clean as he walked over and pulled her up.

Keera let him but the moment she was on her feet and being tugged towards him her hands jetted out to beat against his chest as angry forlorn tears rolled down her cheeks. "No! No! He knew who I was." She said the back of her fists continuing to hit at his chest. "He was going to tell me!"

"He didn't know shit about you!" Marco told her as she shook her head, mascara and eyeliner running. "What is wrong with you!?" Even as he asked it, he knew the answer. Drugged. She'd been drugged judging by the weakness of her hits.

"He knew my name!" Keera husked out through her tears as the last of her hope of knowing her identity pooled midnight dark blood across the concrete.

Marco pushed his lips together and grabbed with a blood splattered hand around the back of her neck, pulling her into his chest to muffled her words and tears. "No…no you told him your name." He lied in a murmur, tucking her head under his chin as she grabbed at the sides of his shirt. She wouldn't be that stupid and he knew it. He glanced over at the body as she cried with muffled words against him, his other hand tucking his knife away before coming to her bare back to rub it.

He smirked to himself before kissing the top of her head. Whatever the Russian had known about her past, whoever she was died with him.

"Sush…sush princess…you're mine now. Its alright. You're mine."