"Mommy! Daddy! You're back!" Jay ran up to Amanda and hugged her leg. She picked him up.

"I'm still not used to being called daddy.." Nick sighed and looked at Jay.

"Amanda . Nick. It's nice to finally see some adults." Huang smiled.

"So, why are they like this?" Amanda frowned.

"Where's my mommy?" Maci tugged on Nick's pants leg.

"She's really busy right now. She told me to tell you she's going to be back in ten minutes." Nick kneeled down and smiled.

"They were taken when they were very little," Huang watched as Maci played with her doll, "So when they got older, whoever took them told them the squad was their family. For whatever known reason."

"Sorry I'm late." Olivia walked into the room quickly and Maci ran up to her.

"Where's daddy?"

"Daddy and I were just having a conversation, honey." Olivia picked the little girl up.

"How are you and Elliot?" Amanda frowned.

"Uh," Olivia sighed, "Holding in there. Still pissed for what he did."

"Well he's lucky you're even talking to him," Nick frowned, "He was an ass for doing that to you."

"I'm thirsty!" Maci pouted and looked at Olivia.

"Thirsty? I guess you don't want the ice cream I was going to get you." Olivia teased.

"Mommy! I want ice cream." Jay poked Amanda .

"Thanks, Liv ." She laughed and walked out of the room. Olivia and Nick followed.

"Captain. How's it going?" Nick asked as they passed the office.

"Rookies. Hard to train." Cragen frowned.

"Anytime you need us back, just call." Nick grinned.

"Anytime you guys get rid of the problems, you can come back."

"Liv?" Elliot walked into the precinct.

"El.." She frowned and shifted Maci onto her other hip.

"Cassidy is asking for you." He frowned, never liking Brian or their old relationship.

"Oh...can you take her?" She handed Maci over to Elliot.

"Mommy said we are getting ice cream." She pouted, "Wiff Jay."

"Well then it's an ice cream date." He grinned and walked out with Amanda following.

"I am not going with that guy." Nick frowned.

"Trust me. I don't want to either." She smiled at Nick and walked out of the precinct.

"So, you and Liv...you were close?" Amanda questioned as Jay licked on his ice cream cone.

"We were partners for twelve years." He sighed and watched Maci shove a scoop of ice cream into her mouth.

"Why'd you leave..she was crushed.."

" I...was just .. Done. With work. With my bad relationships. I had to leave."

"But that gives you an excuse to never contact her? She's tried so many times to get in touch with you, Elliot, and you just disappeared." Amanda's eyes bore into his.

"Amanda...it was ... Complicated."

"It's getting dark," she wiped ice cream off of Jay's chin, "We are going to get to bed." She picked him up and started walking away.

"Amanda!" Elliot called after her, "Do you need a ride home? It's dark."

"With you?" She scoffed, "No thanks."

She walked quickly away as Jay laid his head sleepily on her shoulder. Elliot disappeared from view.

"Mommy," Jay yawned, "Why do you not like that man?"

"He hurt Olivia.." She frowned and rubbed the small boy's back .

"I'm so sweepy " he yawned again and closed his eyes.

"We're getting home, sweetie."

She passed a dark alley and shivered. She hated being without her gun ; she felt so vulnerable. She walked up to her apartment building and took out a key. She started to open the door when a voice behind her startled her.

"Detective Rollins?" She spun around to see a man standing there. His black eyes bore into hers and she shivered.


"I'm so happy to finally meet you," the man scratched his beard, "And this must be Jay. I've heard so much about you."

"Look, what you heard on the news isn't true. About any of the svu squad." She frowned, wanting to get inside. This man was up to no good.

"Actually, it's all true. Because I said it ." He quickly brought out a gun and pistol whipped her. She fell to the ground, knocked out. Jay woke up on top of her and looked up at the man.

"M-master." He stuttered.

"Your mommy has been a bad girl. She has to be punished. " he picked both of them up and walked to a car . He opened the back seat and set them both down.

"Please don't hurt her." Jay's eyes filled with tears.

The man ignored him and locked the backseat. Getting in the drivers seat, he turned on the car and drove away quickly.

"Do you want me to stay with you, Liv? " Brian questioned as they walked to her apartment. They had gone to dinner together.

"No...thanks. Elliot is coming with Maci soon." She frowned and walked into her apartment.

"Liv...I miss you.." Brian frowned at her.

"I know.. " she bit her lip, "I can't right now, Bri. Goodnight."

She shut the door slowly as the tears fell. He had meant the world to her but she was scared of getting hurt. She wished she could've just kissed him right then and there but she knew better.

The front door of the apartment opened and Elliot walked in with Maci fast asleep in his arms. He nodded towards the spare room, indicating he was going to put her to bed there. Olivia nodded and he disappeared. She rubbed the tears away with the back of her hand.

"She sure loves her ice cream." He chuckled as he shut the door quietly behind him.

"Thanks..for taking her tonight." She smiled softly at her old partner. He nodded and sat down on the couch.

"I feel like I'm back when me and Kathy divorced and we had visitation times. " he sighed and rubbed his temples.

"El.." She frowned and sat next to him, "Why didn't you tell me you were leaving? Or answer any of my calls?"

"Olivia.." He looked at her, "I just...couldn't. I knew as soon as I turned my papers in it would be hard to talk to you."

"That doesn't give you a damn excuse. You could've texted back at least once."

"And say what? I'm sorry I screwed you over? I'm sorry I lost it when I got divorced?"

"Elliot...we used to be close..." She got up.

"Everything has changed, Liv. I'm sorry but it can't be the same anymore."

"Goodnight." She huffed and walked into her room.

Elliot sighed and laid down on her couch. Before he knew it, he fell asleep.