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A/N: Hi guys! This is a Cato and Clove as usual, just a spin on a MJ scene. It's the scene where Peeta chokes Katniss in MJ, but with Cato and Clove instead. The colors represent Cato's eye color/mood, as I got this idea after reading about eye color and how some peoples' eyes change with their mood.

Musical inspiration: Amsterdam by Daughter


"Cato," she chokes out as she sees him, rushing forward with no regard to the nurses or doctors who attempt to hold her back. As she reaches his side, his eyes go from blue to grey. She barely has time to process the thought of, 'Well that's new,' before his hand locks around her throat.

She can't even scream. She thrashes, snarling at him, "Let me down, you idiot!" He smirks, letting his hand go limp. It's too late, though, as her world fades to black.


She screams in her sleep. "What have you done?" she howls one night, digging her nails into her own skin then dragging them down, beads of blood trailing down her arms.

He wakes her up, when the nurses are distracted and he slips away. "Clove," he hisses softly, the moonlight making his now-green eyes seemingly glow. This just makes her scream more, as she curls away from him. He thinks it funny actually, that she'd rather have her blood-soaked sheets than him.


"Cato," she murmurs, peering up at him through her lashes, "do you love me?" He nods, scared of her reaction.

Then, she bolts up, to the medicine cabinet. "You must be sick," she laughs, giving him the pills. "Because you're lying. You're lying, you're lying, you must be lying."

He chokes back tears, swallowing them down with his medicine. If only, if only, he thinks, then maybe this wouldn't hurt so much. His eyes are hazel, resembling the turning emotions within him.


The nurses are stupid enough to let them live in the same compartment. Cato grins as they collide, lips meeting lips in a fiery embrace. Clove laughs, pressing herself closer to him with a gasp of, "It's been too long, Cato. Much too long." He nods in agreement, laughing as they tumble together on the bed.

"A very long time," he murmurs, laughing as he kisses her again. His eyes are filled with gold, as happiness sweeps over the room.


His hands are locked around Snow's throat and his brain is screaming her name-(CloveCloveCloveohGodthisfeelsfamiliarohGodhelpme). He chokes, eyes brown, as they spark with anger.

"This is for her," he hisses, all anger and bloodlust.

She finds him, only minutes later, Snow's body on the ground and tears running down his cheeks. "I thought I said I wouldn't. I lied." Her heart breaks. "You're not the same person, anymore. You've changed," she promises. (And oh, he has.)

~*~ fin.

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