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Chapter 26

Sojen felt proud of his young pupil and what the two had accomplished over the last few weeks since the lanaster's had left . bran could shoot while ridding or from his caretakers shoulders and he was quite the shot. The boy was no longer so scrawny and weak but hard and well-muscled rob stark had taken notice of this and started doing the same routine as his brother with much more weight of course and more running. All in all lady stark was happy to see her younger son smiling again she would watch from a far laughing when the two fell or when she thought no one was looking Sojen liked her smile it reminded him of his mothers shaking his head of such thoughts Sojen looked down at the book in his hands.

" and here I though reading would distract me" he sighed

" from what?"

Turning around in his chair he found little Rickon standing with his hand scratching the back of his head. Sojen smiled. Rickon reminded him of dazen so much when he was little.

" my family or what's left of it" he had to keep in character Dan had no little brothers only his mother and a sister which he decided would be rose in this case.

" yours gone too?"

" yes I had a little brother like bran but he is gone now"

" what about your mother?"

" she's still around "

The boy smiled " so is mine though she makes me go to lessons "

"be happy you get those lessons my own mother wanted me to be learned but I couldn't I can barely read" Sojen lied it was just another part of his story.

" no wonder you've been staring at the same page all day"

" yes it is a bit hard for me I bet you could read this better than me"

Rickon tugged on Sojen's tunic " don't worry Dan mother can give you lessons too!"

Sojen out right laughed at the boy he couldn't help it shaking his head he smiled down at the boy who still tugged on his sleeve.

"thank you little stark but I think I will have to say no on the lessons besides aren't you supposed to be with your brother?"

Rickon frowned " all he does is talk about his strange dreams and the were funny at first now they are just annoying"

" what dreams?" Sojen was a little interested now what could his pupil be dreaming of ?

"he says he is a wolf and he runs around the castle at night but I know he is just saying that so his wolf summer won't get into trouble for going to places she's not allowed"

" your right those are strange dreams"

Putting the book down, he picked up Rickon sitting him on his shoulders.

"Come little stark let's go see your brother"

Rickon whined burring his face in Sojen's hair making the "sell sword" laugh.

"how about this we go see your brother then I teach you some thing only the bravest of little boys can learn?"

"only the bravest of boys" mumbled Rickon

"yep and it is special so how about it?"


"good now lets go find that brother of yours"

Walking down the many halls of the castle that was winter fell Sojen found bran in his room petting his wolf, summer. Picking Rickon up off his shoulders Sojen set the boy down taking a seat at brans feet watching him till the boy finally took notice.

" oh hello Dan"

" hello bran Rickon here tells me you have been having dreams"

Bran looked away. " are you here to tell me they are just dreams too?"

" no I know for a fact that they are real and that the wolf you claim to be is summer"

" I already know that" said bran

" than tell me last night I ran into summer and I petted her what did I say while I petted her" Sojen watched bran think about he stopped petting his wolf for a moment.

" you said hello bran"

Sojen smiled. " you have a gift young lord one that has slowly faded from the centuries you have a gift of "dream scape" many who have this gift can control animals or see through them I believe you are in the beginning stages and if you work at it you could not only see through you wolf but control her while awake"

" that sounds impossible" bran shook his head in disbelief

"says the boy who sees through his wolf" Sojen ruffled brans hair.

"come on bran believe it you have a gift and a rare one if you learned to use it you could make it and yourself stronger just like learning to use a bow it takes practice"

" I know dan but how am I supposed to practice ?"

Sojen though for a moment snapping his finger " I have it bran I will hide some things and you find them seems easy enough you can practice using summers sense of smell to track my scent the better you understand how the animal you are using works the easier it will be to get use them"

Bran looked at summer tilting his head. " I don't know what if I get lost or stuck?"

"you cant get stuck if you do get scared then I will wake you up "

" I don't know it still doesn't sound …."


Bran nodded

" everything will be fine"

Later that night Sojen had hidden some of brans shirts when the boy went to sleep he watched summer closely. The wolf lay sleeping next to her master she raised her head yawning looking around the room he smiled when he saw summers black eyes were brans light brown.

"hey there bran why don't you see if you can find the shirts I hid?"

The wolf barked at him nodding towards the door which was closed smiling at the boy's eagerness opening the latch on the door. He watched the bot turn wolf sniff around shaking his head a few times before padding off in the direction Sojen had walked not two hours ago. Sojen waited by bran's bed side as he had promised not wanting the boy to be scared though he did not stop thinking about brans power if taught how than he could be a master at it.

The boy needed to expand his ways of "transportation" having a wolf to control was good but what about an eye in the sky? Sojen nodded to himself he could teach bran how to be a falconer the more familiar he got with the bird the stronger his connection would be and the easier it would be to control the bird.

" looks like I have my work cut out for my self"

Rose watched Gendry attack the hey filled practice solider the boy was drenched in sweat and could barely lift his sword . the two had been out there every day for the past month practicing although her brothers and sister were far more knowledge able about the art of sword play rose knew her fair share of it. the young bull now knew the basics and was working on cutting the practice solider in half. a test all her siblings had been forced to complete at the age of ten dazen still had two years but even he would do it he had been working up to it her mother said.

"come on Gendry you are not chopping wood you are cutting a man in half" she called from her chair she knew it was rude but she had done her fair share of training and she would not pick up a blade unless she had to.

" could have fooled me I'm hitting a wooden "man" Gendry panted

"the flesh of a man is the same as a pig yet a butcher can cut through it like water you hammer away at steel bending it the way you want yet you cant cut through wood keep at it till you can cut it with a single swing" she replied smiling as he scowled at her.

"fine" he grumbled as he took his stance again.

"while naming the current members of house stark"

She smiled when she heard him groan still he picked up his blade panting out the names of every member of the current house stark. To some it might seem strange but rose was slowly educating the boy to some it might seem controlling knowing her family it would definitely be seen that way but the truth of the matter was he could not stay there forever. The young bull would want to leave and if he was she wanted him to leave not as the bastard of a king but the beginnings of a house and a new dynasty.

Gendry had thought up a new name for himself .she had been reading from an old book that was Valeryan and one such word had caught his attention. Singularis. The word she knew to mean individual. It was fitting since he didn't want to be known as King Roberts's bastard he wanted to be known for himself and nothing else.

"mistress Rose this is impossible" looking to her pupil she saw him leaning on his sword" this can't be wood you must have steel under those rags"

Rising from her chair she took out her handkerchief nodding towards his sword he looked from it to her he shook his head handing her the sword. Taking the sword she wiped down the handle testing the blade she backed up lightly swinging the blade.

"you know this little exercise I'm making you do?"

"yes" he spoke hesitantly

" all of my siblings had to do it at the age of ten and till they completed it my father would not acknowledge them if you were close than he would just replace the practice solider if it took you more than a day he thought you didn't deserve to sleep in the house with the rest of the family" she paused mid swing.

" I always though my brothers were lucky they were born with my father's approval I had to be at the point of killing myself to even get him to glance in my direction it wasn't till this little test that I realized that although they might have his approval I could have something else"

"what was that?" Gendry asked his caution made her smile

in one swift motion she was gone and a thump caught his attention spinning around he saw her a foot away from where the hay solider once stood the hay solider cut in half. the sword held tightly in both hands at her side she looked back at him with a devious smile on her full red lips.

" I could have a way of surprising all those that underestimated me the day he gave me this test he didn't even want to stay he was walking out of the court yard when I sliced the thing in half he was so surprised he had me do it two more times to prove that I hadn't done any kind of trick "

Handing Gendry back the sword she walked back to her chair sitting she crossed her legs a picture of a lady at ease.

" come now Gendry Singularis you still have till sun set "

Gendry shook his head smiling he walked to the second row of hey soldiers taking his stance he swung. Rose watched the young lord in the making he would definitely be a force to be reckoned with much like another man she knew. The smile on her lips was soft when she thought of her dear hound she always did when she thought of him. They had met the same way she had any other man at the pleasure house though he never slept with the girls he was there only to watch his brother making sure he didn't kill any of the girls. Over time the two kept running into each other they began talking and became fast friends since before the usurpers death they had slowly become something more and when it was all over she would tell him more.

Sandor already knew her real name but he knew than to use it unless they were alone when they were together they were not the hound and she some random whore they were Sandor and Rose. It was times that they were alone that she was happy and if things worked out like she hoped than she would send word to her mother when he finally asked for her hand and pray to death that she said yes. The future was very much uncertain and if a possible marriage needed to be made she would be devastated though if she did marry it would leave only brick, Sojen, and dazen for such things no one even considered Shane she was too untrusting and frankly didn't much care for marriage their mother understood this and would do her best with what she could.

The house mortem would be growing the only definite thing was that gabby and victor were to be married and everyone saw that coming but the rest of them were left to wonder what was in store for them.

"My lady?"

Blinking she looked up finally taking notice of Goraz the old assassin had another note for her taking it she thanked him waiting till he left to read it. Her smile grew it was from her sandor the hound had been asked personally by her sister to protect the lone stark till she returned it was an old note given the time it took the raven to fly there. The first thing she was going to do when she saw her sandor was kiss him she was many things but she was secretly a romantic that was something she and Gabrielle shared they would spend nights making up love stories though Shane never understood why they did but she hoped that one day her younger sister would get the feelings she did when sandor smiled his scared sweet smile to her though Shane was a stubborn one.

Looking up from the note she saw how dark it was glancing back to Gendry. The poor boy was still swinging even though he looked ready to fall over finally taking pity on him she stood.

"Gendry were done for the day come let's get you fed then you can go wash up"

"Thank you" he panted ramming his sword into the dirt below his feet he leaned heavily on his sword.

" I am sorry for making you stay here so long but the longer you practice the stronger you will get from there you can be one of the deadliest people in the land but without it you might as well give up now"

" I understand mistress Rose and soon I will destroy that hey solider maybe not as quick as you but just the same"

" good to hear I look forward to it " Rose smiled yes , Gendry will soon be a force to be reckoned with.

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