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Yes this if from multiple points of view and they are all connected , this will go with the story but I will change it so that my characters interact with the originals to the story line. And I don't know dathroki so "blah blah " will be dothraki.

Chapter 4

Finally he was going to meet them after years of fighting for names without faces he would finally meet the last dragons of house Targaryen. Ridding in the direction he knew that the horde would most likely go Brick pushed his tan stallion harder wanting to catch them as soon as possible. The matriarch had gotten word that the usurper was looking for them luckily his sister made it seem like the pig was chasing ghosts of times past they had done well in hiding the last dragons but now was the time for action.

Stopping at the top of the hill he saw them the great horse lord's caravan brick could not help but smile he knew the leader of this band of nomads how else would he have known where the dragons were now. Unsheathing his sword he raised it in to the sun letting its light shine off the blade the entire horde stopped except for the giant of a man at the head of it. sheathing his sword he spurred on his horse shooting down the hill he could see the great khal drogo ridding towards him a serious look on his tanned face both men met at the middle brick smiled brightly any way when it was not returned he looked back at the horde then to the khal.

"Is this how you greet your blood brother?"

"When they miss my wedding I do"

Brick smiled at the khal before offering him his arm they both laughed and grabbed the others wrists tightly in a form of welcome slowly they let go nodding to each other.

"why do you think I came back so soon it would have been another year before I came back but I had to come back and check on you when some other man tells me khal drogo ,my wild stallion brother has gotten married I had to make sure you were not ill"

The khal laughed heartily shaking his head at his blood brothers words he did miss him and was glad to see him so early in the year. Turning back to the horde he grabbed bricks hand and raised it into the air shouting for all to hear.

"my brother has returned to us tonight we will feast in honor of his return"

The horde exploded into cheers at the mentioning of a feast it had probably been months since they had last had such an affair. Quickly rejoining the horde drogo lead them till he thought they had gone far enough to start camp all the while dodging the subject of his bride Brick knew who she was but now he wanted to see her he wanted to see who it was he was fighting for. it was not till the feast had begun that he saw her a beautiful pale skinned violet eyed girl with snow white hair he could barely breath it almost hurt to look at her she was so beautiful.

"Moon of my life, come meet my brother he has been wanting to meet you since we set up camp"

Drogo's giant like stature made the girl seem even smaller but she leaned happily into his embrace the contrasts were so evident between them but he could see that they were happy.

"it is an honor to meet you Khaleesi my brother has said nothing but love sick flattery when he talks about his beloved queen now I know why just at the sight of you ,you turned me into a bigger fool than I already am" brick bowed smiling brightly to the beauty

"thank you kind sir for my husband is not the only one to use such flattery " even her voice made a statement that although young she could seem intimidating and give off a sense of power Brick liked this girl already.

"tell me how did I not know of your brother?" she asked her husband all of them sat down while the music played and the women danced it would not be long till they all passed out drunk .

"it is a rather funny story" brick laughed behind his cup

" I was in the middle of taking a small city my men were tired and we had started to leave then this fool came out of now where he saw that the city was gone and tackled me off my horse we fought for a long while" the khal took the cup in his hand and drank it down in one gulp.

"but then a second war party came they got mad that we took the city before them so they though why not fight them while they are weak but what they did not count on was me joining in on it we fought side by side " brick explained watching the Khaleesi's worried expression turn to a smile.

" after the battle this fool came and offered me his hand in friend ship but one of the new slaves threw a spear from one of the dead riders he would have sent the thing clear through my chest had this fool not pushed me out of the way after that I made him my blood brother " drogo slapped brick on the back many would have fallen over from the hit but brick was very similar to drogo in build they both laughed.

"honestly I think he just wanted my horse"

"I did and I still do" said drogo smiling at his brother

" which reminds me I still have wedding presents to give " brick quickly left the tent making his way to lancer he pulled out the gift his mother had given him for the dragon siblings although he had yet to see Daenerys brother.

" who are you?"

Looking over his shoulder brick saw the lean white haired man it was now that he realized that the drunk man was the other dragon.

"I'm brick I came to give your sister and my brother late wedding presents "

"you came to give the whore gifts? Why would you rile up the savages even more all it does is give me a head ach" the dragons voice cracked a bit at the end reminding brick of Sojen when he was growing up it surprised him that he would speak of his sister that way.

"don't say such things your drunk"

" oh yes I'm drunk that's it the savages can get away with it but I cannot how odd or maybe it's just you you're the stupid one" viserys took another drink before brick flicked the drunk man's fore head.

" how dare you! I am the dragon!"

" and I am a demon your not going to get any where with me like that "

" you will be sorry you idiot!"

" please I have more important things to do then deal with a child"

. Brick shook his head the wimp could not hold his drink maybe he was not the kind of dragon they were looking for, walking back to the tent he stood in front of the khal and Khaleesi.

"seeing as I was not there to give them to you on the actual wedding day I will give them to you now to you Khaleesi I give you this"

handing her a bundle of cloth she smiled to him nodding in thanks before unwrapping the bundle gasping once she saw what was inside. mother had kept many of the targaryen heirlooms after the fall of the house she still had countless others but only those closest in line to the throne could be given such finery . in her delicate hands was a dagger the sheath was black leather the handle was that of a dragon its tail curled ready to pounce its wings were folded back acting as a guard for the hand that held the blade the dragon's mouth opened where the blade began carefully she drew the blade the black steel shined in the fire light.

" this is … remarkable where did you acquire such a blade it has such detail "

Brick smiled " it was given to me by a member of a … forgotten house it was to be given to those next in line to rule the seven kingdoms of westiros" at the mention of their home land Daenerys looked up her eyes wide slowly she sheathed the blade nodding for him to continue.

"And for you brother seeing as you have not taken my head yet" the room filled with laughter the khal smiled raising his hand to silence them all.

"Pick any four mares and I will have lancer give you some of the best breed horses you will ever see"

"yes " drogo shouted

cheers filled the room all seemed excited to hear such news but brick did not take his eyes off Daenerys he wanted to tell her everything so badly but he knew he would have to wait till things played out a bit more then he would make his move to get closer to her then everything would fall into place.