Hi! ^_^ Thank you so much for reading this! I have written over 20 Sonic Series Fanfictions. I just found this site about a year ago and I'm finally posting ALL of them!

So before I begin, you must know some things.

My stories are based off of the Sonic Games almost entirely, of course with a few exceptions- these are my fanfics after all.

The "Lore"(if you will) of my stories contains these facts.

*My fan character General Thomas the Hedgehog (also called Tom) is/was Sonic's trainer/counselor/father figure. Sonic's parents are dead, killed by Eggman a long time ago. Sonic lived with his uncle and aunt until he was old enough to be on his own (which of course was pretty young) but, Tom was the one who helped Sonic through many personal struggles and encouraged him to become who he is today.

*I am a HUGE Sonamy fan. And usually in my stories it's CreamXTails, KnucklesXRouge, VectorXVanilla, ShadowXMariaXfancharacter(sometimes), SilverXBlaze

*They live on Mobius with humans.

If I have something new, I WILL explain it before the story. I hate reading a story and there's this random fan character I know nothing about. It makes it very confusing! :P

ENJOY! ^_^

EDIT: UPDATED on JANUARY, 22! I fixed some grammar and tense issues. If you're reading this for the first time, I'm glad you will read the better chapter! :)

EDIT: HEY GUYS! So this story was first published in 2013. I've gotten a few messages and reviews stating how similar it is to Sonic Forces. Lol! I just beat the game and the entire time, I felt like I was playing a highly edited version of Dead Inside. But! If you're just now reading, the sequel changes EVERYTHING! So, please, read on and remember, there's NO WAY I would've known the premise to Sonic Forces 4 years in advance. And Sonic Forces is so cheery compared to the story you're about to read. ENJOY!

Chapter 1: Anger Management

July 1st, 4:30pm

Sonic T. Hedgehog's Point Of View:

"It's called a journal, Sonic…"

"W-why the heck would I need something like that? Chicks do that kind of crap when they need to let out their "feelings" and "emotions"…more like what they're feeling when it's their time of the month…"

Tom tapped his foot with impatience. Sitting in a chair in front of his desk, I'm confused about Tom's weird ways of counseling. I glance down at my fist with a pained expression. I had removed the glove on my right hand, revealing busted, bleeding knuckles.

I won't lie, my behavior has changed in the past couple years and Tom has noticed. I was now 21 and I live on my own in an apartment downtown. I live across the street from Knuckles and Rouge, who were now married. I'm still the same guy. Same Sonic the Hedgehog. Carefree, I love adventures and danger and never stop running...

But, "never stopping" was what had got me in trouble on this warm afternoon.

Tails is a junior in high school (although he's smarter than any rocket scientist). I needed to pick him up from school today. Tails' tornado was in the shop from crashing from a new prototype engine earlier last week.

Tails' attitude has changed slightly too. Some would say for the better, some (like me) would say for the worse. He's had this bad attitude lately, as if he's trying to prove that he is a lot more mature but he treats me like an arrogant fool.

...Okay, I am arrogant. I'll admit that. But, I'm no fool…

Our personalities have clashed lately and it's leading to fights. And this time, Tails brought up a pretty sensitive topic about me…and I punched my brother in the face.

"What the heck did Tails say to make you THAT mad at you anyway?" Tom asked.

"It's none of your business-"

Tom interrupted, clearing his throat, "I believe it is…being your counselor…and friend…"

I growl and loll my head back, rolling my eyes. "Fine!…He…He brought up…me and Amy's relationship…"

Tom immediately started to snicker and I just huff.

Amy and I aren't together of course. The same ol' , same ol' still happens. Her chasing, me evading.

Amy is now 18…and just about the most gorgeous thing around. She opened her own cafe about a block from my apartment and it's a huge hit.

I could go on and on about Amy…she's a woman now. A beautiful, gorgeous young woman. She's still in love with me but has matured so much, I'm starting to think maybe it's about time that I settled down with her.

Oh yeah…guess I forgot to mention a significant fact about me. I've been in love with Amy since I met her. I love her more than anything in the world. I love her more than running, more than my passions, more than the freedom I'm fighting for.

But…it's been eleven years since I met her…and I've NEVER told her.

You know the story behind Amy and I. I'm her self proclaimed boyfriend, she's in love with me, she screams her love for me on rooftops, she's basically a stalker, she clings to me whenever she sees me, yadda yadda yadda…

But seriously... I'm confessing this now. I've always known she'd be the love of my life, and I'd be really happy with her... But, because I've gone so long without showing her any feelings, I just don't know… I'm dying to tell her...

But I do have a reason for that...Eggman. If he found out that I'm in love with a girl, he'll kill her. He's already stripped me from my parents. He won't be afraid to kill someone I love again.

And, not that I'm not strong enough to protect her. I am. But…being in a relationship with me has its consequences. It's dangerous and life threatening. And, I just feel like it would be selfish to put an amazing person like Amy through that.

I had confessed my feelings about Amy to Tom though at least…gotta let SOME steam off my chest.

"What did he say about you and Amy that got you riled up?" Tom asked to take the topic further.

I continue to look down, avoiding his searching eyes. Tails has a mouth on him…where the heck did he get it from? I can't hurt-


"Eh…" I finally replied, "It's not important what he said…it just made me mad…let's just say he's got a mouth now…and I don't appreciate it…"

"So…it made you mad enough to physically harm your own brother?"

" wasn't that bad..."

Tom sighs after I don't answer him and turns his eyes to his watch. "It's getting late…just take the journal Sonic. For me, at least. It'll give me peace of mind that I've done at least something to help with your anger and depression issues, okay?"

Well, guess it's all on the table now...

So...I'm going through a depression and...maybe... I have anger management issues.

Every time someone says it, it hits me like a brick. Sonic the Hedgehog has anger management issues and is struggling with depression? Can't be.

But, like every "star", whether it's a celebrity or "world's greatest hero", goes through it sometime. The world is really taking a toll on my emotions...more than normal. Living everyday pretending like everything's "Right Oh!" when it's really's getting really frustrating. And, those damn tabloids and paparazzi's...doesn't help matters either.

But, I have lived in the world of "fame" for half of my life. I should be able to take all of that by now, right? But, it isn't any of that. It's definitely something else.

I know what's wrong…but I don't really know how to handle it, or explain it for that matter. So, how could anyone help me?

Why I want to figure out my feelings quickly is another story. Along with this depression and anger…I'm struggling with my dark side more now than ever. I can feel it deep within my soul, like a caged monster that rakes its claws against the bars day and night and is only unleashed when it found the "weak" or "sensitive areas". "Sensitive areas" meaning my past sins, the death of my family, and the most important…the people I love.

Dark Sonic as everybody calls it, awakens the most when a loved one of mine is hurt or put into a deadly situation. When I just can't handle the pressure and the hate I unfortunately have for whoever has hurt a loved one. I always "win" the battle when I'm dark…but it's usually through death…and as much as I will refuse to kill even Eggman, get me mad enough, I will tear you apart.

I huffed and snatch the small, black journal off Tom's desk. "Fine…but what the heck do I write in it? If I do at all…"

"Anything Sonic!" Tom explained, "Whatever's on your mind, vent on the pages, write what you're doing that day, that kind of stuff!"


I roll my eyes and threw the journal in my bag. I'll just hide it… I thought, Besides, if the guys found out I was keeping a journal, I'd get soooo much crap. Not to mention, they'd probably use it against me…

"Thanks Tom…I guess…I'll see you next week!" I cried before taking a step toward the door. Tom stands up with a sigh, popping his neck.

"So, what is the fastest hedgehog on Mobius doin' tonight? Partying?"

"Ha ha! Tom, you've known me since I was seven years old. Do I party?"

"Not much I guess…"

"Yeah…cause come on! I am the party! If there's any partying goin' on, it's cause I'm around!"

Tom rolls his eyes as I brag on myself. "At least my self esteem hasn't gone yet…"

"Heh heh heh…" I snickered as I continue towards the door, "Nah…I don't think I'm doing anything…may just go home and actually take a nap!"

Tom eyed me. "Sonic…the only reason I had asked if you were doing anything was because I KNEW you had something to do. Something that always seems to slip your slightly, dull blue brain…Do I really have to be your daily planner all the time?"

"Huh, what?"

"You have BIG plans tonight…you know, the plans you've been half dreading all week…"

I stare at Tom with wide, lost eyes. "Big plans? How big?!"

"Plans that may cost you your life if you don't go-"

"DAMNIT!" I screamed, "I've got that date with Amy! She's gonna KILL me!"

My panicked heart quickly moves my body into action and I race out the door. DATE WITH AMY. I can't believe I forgot! Why is it that the most important person in my life always gets put at the back of my mind?!

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