I don't own the Mortal Instruments series.

A/N: My first TMI story. Got inspiration from coffee and carolina's face to face with my own crime. My musical inspiration includes Sail by Awolnation and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

Face it, doll, S-e-b-a-s-t-i-a-n might be a bit of a pyromaniac

(okay, mostly just a maniac)

Face the facts /he said it himself, sweetness/

He wants to burn





the world into a.s.h.e.s

(andandandand) your golden-eyed boy is going to help him


(but oh wait, you're serious?)

That simply /can't/ be

Is this a dream or a nightmare?

Guess we'll find out when -if- you wake up

While you go to bed wearing clothes meant for your mother

(uh-oh, forgot about that?)

And curl up to a boy who has to fight to be who he is really is

Hello, anyone home?

When's daddy coming to visit, sweetheart?

(this is his house, after all)

Or did you forget about that, too?