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Chapter Five

Tear me limb from limb.
I'm just a voodoo doll.
Stick a needle in my eye,
So I can finally cry.
So I can finally cry.

-Ghost Town

Naruto's POV;

"Gahh. At least the school doesn't enforce uniforms." Naruto glared at the package from the school that Iruka had given him moments before. Gaara, who had been staring at his own package with distaste, nodded in relief. Having been eating breakfast when the mail arrived, the two teens were disgruntled that their daily ritual was interrupted for such a thing. Gaara turned to his mug, filling it with more coffee, not even able to think properly without his three cups of coffee, and he was only on his second.

"Oh boys don't take this so badly! This is a good opportunity for you guys." Iruka, the ever present mother hen, snatched the packages and opened them himself as he doubted either of his sons would open them willingly. Kakashi, who was reading the newspaper, just gave his eye smile at his little family. They were interrupted when the door bell rang. Thinking the two teens didn't notice, the couple caught eyes with each other for a few seconds, and then Kakashi stood up and left the dining room to get the door.

"Seems they arrived early." Iruka commented.

"Who?" Naruto asked.

"Your new bodyguards." A new voice said, as two new figures and Kakashi stepped into the room. Naruto curled up his nose slightly, kind of pissed that Shikamaru could be so smart sometimes. It had been two days after the meeting at Tsunade's office, when the guards hadn't shown up himself and the guys had been starting to believe that maybe they were over reacting. With this new development it seemed they weren't wrong. Looking at his brother, Naruto smiled seeing that the red head hadn't even looked up from his, now, third cup of coffee, turning his head to the newcomers Naruto studied them. They were both seriously handsome and looked to be in their twenties. One had dirty blond hair and tan skin, his eyes seemed to be a glowing amber colour that Naruto thought worked for him, the blue-eyed teen thought it was kind of funny how he had on a beanie that had raccoon ears on the top and still looked intimidating. The other was taller and had waist length red hair, his eyes were a violet colour that worked for his skin tone. His skin wasn't as tanned as the others but it wasn't as pale as Kakashi's, his very aura commanded attention and order, Naruto guessed he was the leader of the two. Both were lean but looked to have some serious muscles, if the black skinny jeans and tight shirts with cardigans over them, gave any indication.

Sitting down, the violet eyed man held out his hand for Naruto to shake. "Hello, I'm Kurama, you must be Naruto."

Naruto raised an eyebrow and shook hands with the man, Kurama, while Iruka smiled from beside Kakashi. "And you must be Gaara." Kurama turned his head to look at the red head that was beside the blond. Gaara only nodded to him, finishing the last drags of his coffee and sitting back. "This is Shukaku." Shukaku ignored everyone until his name was said and nodded to each of them before turning back to looking at the pictures that decorated the walls.

"Excuse me. You said that you guys are our new bodyguards, but why do we need bodyguards?" Naruto, knew from what Shika had said that the only reasons why they would be getting bodyguards was either because the agency didn't want them to get assaulted by fans when they went to school, or because there was something that the adults were worried about and forced the idea of bodyguards for them. Naruto was inclined to agree with Shika and he wanted to see what they would decide to tell them. He could tell Gaara was paying attention from the small signal he gave with his fingers, which were resting on his coffee mug.

"Oh well that's because-" Kurama started to say, but was interrupted by Iruka.

"Obviously, because you guys are going to school! A lot of your fan base is centered in teens, so the entire group is getting bodyguards." Iruka ran his hand through his brown hair, a nervous gesture that Naruto, and Gaara from his pointed look, knew of.

Naruto just raised an eyebrow, "Hmm." Turning to Kurama, he asked, "So does that mean you guys have to go to school with us?"

Kurama paused with his tea cup half way to his mouth, "Hmm? Yes we do. Though to avoid confusion we'll be having me staying with you all the time, while Shukaku here will be with your brother all the time and then two other members of our group will be with your other band mates at all times." There was silence for a few minutes.

"You said a two other members. How many other members does your group have?" Gaara asked quietly, absently eating a piece of bacon. Naruto smiled when he saw the two bodyguards both smirking at Gaara's question but not answering. Naruto decided to turn the conversation into a different direction.

"So... What are your favourite colours?"

Shikamaru's House

"What a drag..." Shikamaru sat back on the couch, looking at the pale black haired guy who was sitting across from him. Shikamaru was already dreading having to wake up early in the mornings to have to get to school and now he had to have a bodyguard with him 24/7! Everything just kept getting worse. The only good thing was that his bodyguard was a quiet type like himself, so that wouldn't be much of a problem.

"Hello, my name's Utakata." The black haired man didn't bother to put his hand out for the teen to shake, just rolled up the sleeves of his blue silk button down shirt and crossed his ripped blue skinny jean clad legs.

Kiba's House

"Well... This will be fun." Kiba fist pumped the air, not even caring that his now personal bodyguard looked at him like he was a fool. His own bodyguard was small for a man, with delicate features, pale skin, light brown hair, and green eyes that he knew for a fact could kick his ass. The second he had met his bodyguard he had made the mistake of insulting the feminine looking man and ended up on the floor with his ribs aching. This is where he was now, on the ground, looking up at his personal bodyguard incredulous expression.

After looking up at the sky, the bodyguard looked down at his charge and gave him a hand up. "Hey, my name's Yagura."

Back at the Hatake Household

"So what do you think of them?" Naruto asked Gaara from his spot on his sunburst orange blanket covered bed. He turned his head to look at his red headed brother who was sitting at his desk on his orange Mac Book Air. The red head chewed on a mixed berry pocky stick, his eyes clouded.

"They're smart that's for sure." Gaara met eyes with his brother. "They're not taking any chances if all of us get personal bodyguards. From the way they deflected the question about the rest of their means the rest are either doing other jobs...or the rest are on 'Ghost City watch' from less obvious places."

Naruto rolled onto his stomach. "So you think that there might be more then just them keeping an eye on us, but instead from a distance so that if they- the personal ones- lose sight of us they can always fall back on the long-distance watchers..." Gaara nodded, starting a new pocky stick. "Pretty good idea." Gaara just 'hmm'd and turned back to the computer.

"Shika says that he's thankful that his is quiet because its 'such a drag' having him follow him all day to Temari's." Gaara told Naruto, as he messaged Shikamaru from MSN.

Naruto snorted, "Seriously? What isn't a drag for this guy?" Gaara hmm'd again.

Uchiha Household

Sasuke signed, running his hand through his hair for the millionth time today. Reclining on the sofa in his brother's office, he waited patiently for his brother to be done his work. Glancing over to his brother, who was working at his desk and ignoring him, Sasuke signed louder. Sensing his brother rolling his eyes without even looking up at him, Sasuke just threw up his hand, reaching for the magazine on the coffee table in front of him, he started flipping threw it. He didn't notice his brother looking up to peer at him as he went through the magazine.

Five minutes later Sasuke stopped on a full-scale picture of Ghost City. He tilted his head as he peered at his Naru's happy face. In the picture Naruto's arm was around his "brother" Gaara, his shoulder-length blond hair gelled back, both were sitting on a piano bench, with the black grand piano behind them; the other two were standing on either side of them, one leaning on the piano-elbows resting on the lid-, while the other was leaning against the piano, his arms crossed over his chest. Scattered on the floor of the picture was pieces of instruments, microphones and many other objects that mostly symbolized the band members- the flower that Shika had tattooed on him, a panda that was loosely covered in azure blue ribbons which symbolized Gaara and Naru, and a small stuffed dog since everyone knew that Kiba loved dogs; the whole backdrop and floor was a deep emerald green, not clashing with the piano. Though the picture was a good-great- one, Sasuke only had eyes for his blond beauty; tracing a finger along Naruto's face Sasuke signed once more and smiled softly. Suddenly feeling his brother's eyes on him, he turned to look at Itachi, the small smile still on his face.

"Do you like the photo?" Itachi inquired.

"Hmm, it's good. Did your company shoot it?" Sasuke assumed that Itachi would only have a magazine in his office if it was from a company that the family owned.

"Aw. Yes, we did. It was a very accomplished shot…Are you ready for school? It does start tomorrow, correct?" At Sasuke's nod, Itachi turned back to his documents. "I'd go to school earlier tomorrow if you want to beat traffic."

"Traffic? What are you talking about?" Sasuke sat up straight and stared down his brother.

Itachi just did his small smile and turned another document over. "You'll see."

First Day of School

Deciding to take Itachi's random and cryptic advice, Sasuke drove to school earlier in his silver Audi. He rolled the sleeves of his dark grey shirt to his elbows, and picked up his black backpack as he left the car. Having texted his friends the night before that he would be there earlier, Sasuke didn't have to wait long before Neji, who had his long brown hair in a pony tail, his cousin Hinata, and Suigetsu were beside him and they were walking to the school steps.

Stopping when they all heard the loud and long car horn beep, they turned to see a giant black limousine roll into the school's parking lot.

"What the fuck?" Sasuke looked to his two friends. Seeing their own questioning looks they all looked back to the limousine as the driver came and opened the door.

Naruto's House

"Why do we have to wake up so EARLY!?" Naruto moaned, banging his head on the table. Gaara just ignored him and stared down the coffee pot as it filled with coffee.

"Boys don't be so negative! Your going to your first day of high school! This is so exciting!" Iruka jumped up and down, while handing out the breakfast plates. Kakashi shook his head and kept reading his newspaper. "Hurry up and eat. The limo will be here soon to take you to school." Gaara's eyes widened as he stared at the coffee pot and looked at Iruka in distress, Iruka just smiled down at him and held up a large black thermos. Gaara relaxed back in his seat and started eating as happily as he could show. Naruto and Kakashi shared a look and shook their heads, digging into their own breakfast.

Twenty minutes later, the boys were out of the house with their backpacks, and bodyguards following. Climbing into the limo, Kiba and Shika, and their bodyguards, all shared a greeting as the driver started driving them to their new school. Seeing that Kiba and Shika had decided to go with dark ripped skinny jeans like them, Naruto smiled. Naruto had decided on wearing his favourite v-necked burnt orange short-sleeve shirt with his black skinny jeans and a black-sleeveless sweater and matching orange beanie. Gaara had decided on much the same, but with a deep red tight long-sleeve shirt pushed to his elbows instead of the shirt and sweater combo. Shika had decided to just leave his jeans with his tight emerald t-shirt, not wearing a jacket, and leaving his hair up. Kiba had tied his dark skinny jeans with just a white t-shirt and opened dark blue button-up shirt over it.

"So what are your schedules?" Naruto asked Kiba and Shika. "Gaara and I have most of our classes together." Comparing schedules, they found that when Naruto and Kiba had Chemistry in period 2, Gaara and Shika had Biology, and when Naruto, Kiba, and Shika had Writer's Craft in period 3, Gaara had Art; luckily besides those 1st period English and 4th period Music they all had together; and that was only first semester.

"Sirs, we have arrived at the school." The voice of the driver surprised the group, who scrambled to collect all their needed stuff in their bags.

Shika, finally noticing Naruto's backpack, laughed softly. "Really, Naru? Orange?"

"Hey! I'll have you know, orange is a great colour." Naruto pouted when Shika just kept laughing, grabbing his own dark green backpack, as the car door opened. Gaara shared a look with Kiba, both picking up their corresponding backpacks. Letting Kurama leave before him, Naruto stepped out of the car, brushing a blond strand away from his face as he swung his backpack over his shoulder, and looked around. Somehow, even from such a distance, Naruto heard the slight gasp and turned to the stairs of the school to meet the dark obsidian eyes that had been haunting him since the concert.