In the beginning there was one landmass her name was Pangaea. As time passed Pangaea slowly started to weaken. She gave birth to 2 landmasses. Laurasia and Gondwanaland. She slowly disappeared as her children grew. Both grew up to be strong and wise. Gondwanaland loved his dear mother so much. Depressed by his mothers lost of life Gondwanaland decided he couldn't take it. He grabbed his spear and killed himself. As his body slowly disappeared he left something important. His landmasses. Laurasia decided to take in his children in memory of him. Laurasia took care of them as if they were her own. She created and formed many land masses also. She taught them how to hunt and take care after themselves. As the continents moved away from each other Laurasia felt as she was breaking apart. she kept getting pains and slowly weakened. Then she slowly disappeared centuries afterword. She had given them names before her death. They refused to let her death affect them. They did not wish to end up like Gondwanaland. They kept separating. They felt as each other had memories of their mother. Finally after millions of years separating the started to have countries. When having countries they hid from the them refusing for the countries to suffer the same feelings if they happen to disappear. And then that's how the continents and countries came to be. That's how they never really noticed each other. They passed each other and never acknowledged their existence. A Country might have felt a tingle if the continent happened to be close but the continent would always disappear. A continent meeting their child was very rare.

America sat nervously in his chair. He felt a presence in the building. He was at a work meeting. He kept fidgeting in his chair and tapping his foot on the polished wooden floors. "Love, what the matter?" England asked squeezing the Americans hand. They had a secret relationship because they didn't want anyone else to know especially 'that perverted frog who will Die if he looks at my America the wrong way'.

"It's just that I feel as if someone important is here. Like my caretaker or guardian." England frowned. WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT? But then...England then felt the need to run out of the room and cry, laugh, and hug someone. He looked around and saw all countries fidgeting. "Mom." England looked at America. "W-What?" America looked at England weakly. "My... Mom is here I think. Yeah..." England as much as he wanted to yell at America that he was speaking complete BS until he muttered "My mother is here also. She must be. I can... I can feel it..." America squeezed England's hand.

Germany stood up and yelled "Calm yourselves!"

"Shut up potato bastard! Your fidgeting too!"

"Romano please..." Spain whispered. "Be on your best behavior... I think Mama is here. For us."

Romano looked confused. "Mama? She never... WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?" Romanos face turned red. The door suddenly flew open. Out stepped 7 women.

One had long ebony hair and a few feathers in her hair. Her braids were neat not a single strand of hair misplaced. She had over grown bangs and an ahoge similar to America. She had a golden pebble necklace and some sunglasses that his her violet eyes. She had a wide grin on her face and a mid tanktop with a band around her arms. She had grain colored shorts with brown leggings under. She wore boots with hard laces. They were a bit peach and had a dark brown laces. She had a bird on her shoulders.

Another had pale-ish skin and long kimono. She carried a red fan. She had flowers all over. Her Dark brown hair was in a high ponytail and her lips were red. Her dark eyes were as black as the night sky.

The third barely had any attire on which have many countries a nose bleed. Her chocolate skin was well treated and her short black hair was shiny. She had a grey and red breast plate and another plate that covered necessary parts. She carried a dagger with priceless jewels studded in. Her some what red brown eyes glistened.

The fourth had brown hair and bangs. She wore similar attire to the first but instead hers was green and yellow with red. She wore a frilly skirt and yellow sandals with emeralds studded in them. She wore a tied band around her hair. She held a blood red rose and had a necklace similar to the first.

The Fifth one had Tom boyish blue hair and a blue snow jacket along with white jeans. She had white pearly skin and blue boots and some glasses along with goggles on her head. She carried a pure white feather.

The sixth had her grain colored hair in a pony tail. She wore brown shorts and had dark red-brown sneakers. She had headphones on covered with a cowgirl hat. Her tan skin was perfect. She had a necklace and a shirt with no straps along with golden eyes. She also carried a dagger.

Last but not least the seventh had blond hair and red eyes. She wore something similar to a pirates attire for women. She carried a sword and had laces around her neck. They said their names all in order.

"North and Native America."



"South America"


"Aussie or Australia"


All the countries stared at the seven famine continents. America stood and slowly walked up to North America. "M-Ma...? Is that really you?"

"Yes America, grab your brother Canada and your neighbor Mexico and the others."

"Canada look its it's...MOM!"

"Mom...?" All the northern American countries went to hug their 'mother'. Some went quickly others with pride. The other countries went to their respective continent 'mother'. Antarctica looked a bit upset. And started to cry.

Russia looked up and walked away from a bickering Europe and Asia. "Russia belongs to me!"

"Ah No. Russia belongs to me! I own 77% of him geographically and legally so Ha! Stupid blond!"

"Oh yeah? Well he makes up about 40% of Europe so in yeah face ya bastard!" Europe yelled.

"Well- Where the fudge did he go?" They saw Russia hugging Antarctica. "You gave me General Winter... So you are technically my mom da?"

"Why thank you Russia... But you belong to Asia-"


"- and Europe."


"We'll yeah but for now I'm yours!"

Antarctica smiled and hugged him. All the countries were shocked. The continents were shocked as well. They never thought Antarctica would ever have a child blood related or not. "We'll," N. America yelled clapping her hands. "Let's get Started!"

"All right! Go Mom!" America yelled. England smiled. "You are your mother's son all right."