Next day~~

Asia looked through the computer and sighed. She needed to come up with an environment problem solution with Africa.

She looked on images and saw a plain area. It had no trees or plants and supposedly was an old abandoned nature park. She clicked on the link and smiled. She just found her big break.
"HEY GUYS! GUYS! Uh...What are you two doing?" Asia asked. She currently saw Antarctica pinning North to the ground.

"Punishing her for acting like a child during the wedding." Icey growled.

"Bitch. YOU SON OF A GUN! YOU GO LOW LOW LO-" North yelled.

"SHUT UP!" Europe yelled.

"I swear she's doing this to fuck with me." Europe sighed.

North jumped up and hugged Europe.

"Not true! I miss being friends. Sisters. SO LETS GET SOME STAR-BUCKS!"


North soon pulled Europe to the car and drove out of the garage.

America looked out the window and whistled.

"My mom seems high..."

"Naw she's just acting stupid again. She does this when she's frustrated." Icey said dusting herself off.

"Where's England?" Aussie asked holding N.P's hand

"Aw what? N.P. got farther than me in a relationship?! FOUR EYES GOT A GIRLFRIEND FIRST?! Quick Icey kiss me and tell me you love me!" S.P. yelled popping out from no where holding his arms out.

"Haha no. Not yet anyways..." She replied pushing her black glasses up.

"Uh why do you need England?" America asked.

"I got super glue stuck on my hand and this 'master carpenter' got our hands stuck together. I was hoping he knew how to...ya know." Aussie replied scratching her head in embarrassment.

"Oh...Well Iggy's pretty knocked up from last night so I'll try and help." America volunteered.

Soon a text reached America.


"How can she even hear me?" America asked worriedly.

"Hidden cameras." Asia replied calmly.

"WHAT?! OH SHIT!" America ran to the garage to find something to find the cameras.

"HEY WAIT FOR US!" Aussie yelled pulling N.P. with her. Asia rolled her eyes and left to find Africa.

Soon S.P. and Icey were left alone.

"Wait a second...You said not yet! THAT MEANS YOU LOVE ME!" S.P. ran towards Icey and almost threw his arms around her until...

"Hug me and I'll sign a restraining order." She stated.


South smiled as she entered the brand new park Asia and Africa made. She climbed a tree and made it to the top. Soon her friends reunited her.

"Hey morena! Pass me a water ballon!" South commanded.

"Ok, ya little bitch!" Africa joked, passing pink, purple, and green water ballons.

"The pole brothers at 5:00! Along with Aussie and Icey...and le gasp! They ARE HOLDING HANDS!" Asia whispered.

"My watch says 3:30." South replied.

"No I mean position! Or is it 6:00? 10:34? Aw fuck it just pass me a water balloon!" Asia said.

Soon the took their aim and started pelting the couples with water ballons.

"WHAT THE HELL MAN!" S.P. yelled.


Icey and Aussie shrugged and continued walking dragging the guys with them.

The trio just laughed and grabbed more ballons.

"HEY! That one looks like Justin Bieber!" South accused.

"No wait...It is JB!" Asia growled.

"ATTACK!" Africa yelled.

Soon the jumped out of the tree and started pelting the dude with water ballons.


North smiled and stared at Europe.

"When was the last time we calmly had a cup of coffee?" North replied happily sipping her dark coffee.

"I don't know...But it's enjoyable." Europe replied putting a strand of blond hair behind her hair, sipping sweet tea.

The aroma of coffee hypnotized North to buy another cup.

"Yeah. I miss the golden days... How was the first Queen Elizabeth? And Napoleon? How about that Spanish ruler...Her name was..." North started snapping her fingers.

"Isabel I of Castile?"

"Yeah that one!" North said laughing.

"Uh...Queen Elizabeth was a wonderful leader...the only human I looked up to. The golden age. A beautiful women but too much frills and white powder. Smart and intelligent, respectful, amazing..."

"Jeez why don't ya marry her?" North replied glumly sipping her coffee.

"You jealous?"


"Ha. Um...Napoleon was a bit of a jerk...Always reminds me of Marie Antoinette, that midget. And then that reminds me of the French Revolution... France had nightmares for a month..."

"Poor guy..."

"Shut it. Isabel was smart, faithful, good. Wonderful for a little girl. Never really grasped my attention, though."

"But Isabel was smart. She lowered crime rate, unburdened the kingdom from a debt her brother left, and united two kingdoms." North replied tapping her cup with a spoon. After a refill she looked at Europe.

"Yes but the Mayans discovered chocolate. Or had part in its history anyways."

Silence. They were surprised that they knew about each other's history.

"Huh. Yeah. Now c'mon lets go to that new park Asia and Africa made."


Walking towards the car North held Europe's hand, and surprisingly Europe just smiled.

The stars shined bright in the sky. America and England sat on a bench smiling.

"Hey that looks like the big dipper!"

"That's Orion."

"Oh...Hey there's the north star!"

"The North Star is over there."

"Jeez Iggy are you trying to make me seem stupid?" America whined.

England laughed and rested his head on America's shoulders.

"Dear you don't need me around to accomplish that."

America rolled his eyes and continued looking at the twinkling stars. Soon The continents and the poles walked up to them.

"Hey guys. you gonna star gaze with us?" America chuckled.

"Yeah." S.P replied.

The girls squished themselves on the bench wile the guys sat on the ground.

"You know what?" Aussie replied squeezing N.P.'s hand.

"What?" Everyone said in unison.

"The stars represent us..." She whispered feeling like a ten year old.

"Aussie has a point...The stars are thousands or even millions of miles apart..." Icey replied snuggling against S.P.

"Just like us. We are far apart from each other in one way or another..." Europe said looking into North's eyes.

North smiled, squeezed Europe's hands, and placed a friendly kiss on her forehead.

"We always fight with each other thinking that none of us understands each other..." She whispered.

"But we're sisters. We're friends. And we try to be as close as possible..." Asia mumbled.

"We try but end up in terrible situations...We act like strangers..." South muttered.

"But just like the stars, we always stick together. Our hearts are always connected, and we love each other. Just like the stars, we will shine bright and, though we seem far apart, we'll be closer than anyone can think." Africa finished.

Everyone looked at the usually quiet continent.

"What? Just because I'm quiet doesn't mean anything!" Africa laughed.

"Miss. Youtube sensation has a point." S.P. joked.

"Hey Africa! How many views did you get for America?" N.P. asked.

"More than nine billion! Which is weird considering that there are only seven billion people on the planet..."

"Why Tony?! WHY!?" America groaned. England rolled his eyes and gave America a quick kiss on the check

"I do feel a bit better..."

Everyone laughed. They smiled and chuckled and got closer together.

Just like the stars, they would never let anything bad happen to each other and stay close, while shining bright.

Just like the stars.

The End.


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