The night after Myka returned with her news, the entire house was silent.


In a world where the impossible was actually possible, no one had ever stopped to think that something as human as cancer would be a reason for downfall. But the words stung and almost mocked all of them with the finality of it. Myka Bering had cancer.

When Claudia went to get water after waking from a shaking nightmare, she had paused on her way back up to her room. Leaning on the doorframe into the living room, she clutched her glass tightly in her hand and hugged herself with the other. She let a soft smile melt onto her lips at the scene in front of her.

Myka was fast asleep with her head in Pete's lap. He had put a pillow under her neck to keep it supported and draped a blanket over her sleeping form. She was curled up tightly against him on the couch and his right hand was stroking her hair softly and absentmindedly. He had a laptop balanced on his left knee and was endlessly scrolling through the internet and websites on the topic of cancer.

Suddenly Myka started shifting in her sleep, mumbling incoherent phrases and beginning to thrash around. Claudia immediately recognized it as a nightmare. Pete calmly set the computer down on the arm of the sofa and leaned over her, stroking hair behind her ear and cradling her face with his hand.

"Shhh, you're okay," he mumbled soothingly, rubbing her arm with his other hand as she calmed down. "I'm here." He continued to carefully stroke her cheek, a look of immense sadness on his face. Claudia felt her throat tighten as Myka settled back down into his embrace with a quiet sigh. She closed her eyes briefly, excusing herself from the scene and padding quietly up into her room, knowing very well that none of them would stop until they found a way to make Myka better.

She paused on the stairs to look back onto her two friends and saw that Pete was back to looking at his computer, but his right hand was intertwined lightly with Myka's. She had calmed back down and was once again sleeping peacefully. They'd do anything to make sure she was alright. She had no doubt about that. They would all stand by her until their last breath. Especially Pete.