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Closing the door to the patients room and making her way out, Arizona tried to control the anger cursing through her body. She was pissed. For what felt like the hundredth time in the past month, it had happened again. It being- the Head of Ortho brushing off another one of her cases, when she specifically paged for the Head of Ortho. She half expected it to happen, anyway. Six weeks she had been at this hospital and she had yet to meet Calliope Torres: Head of Ortho. Six weeks and Arizona still hadn't caught one glimpse of this woman. And it didn't look like she was going to; today, being her last day at Seattle Grace Mercy West. Due to Doctor Kenley taking a leave of absence - for an unknown amount of time - Doctor Webber could only hire Arizona on a six week contract.

Spotting the plastic surgeon leaning over the nurses station, Arizona walked over to him, wanting a valid reason for this Torres woman blowing off all her pages. "Mark, I've been here six weeks and every single time I've paged for an Ortho consult, they've sent me Doctor Crossan, instead of Doctor Torres. What's the deal with this woman?"

Mark looked up from his charts, a wide smile on his face, "Hey, Blondie. You look pissed. What's up?"

She rolled her eyes. She basically just told him what was up. "Torres? What's the deal? She's supposed to have consulted with me on at least ten cases since I've been here and I've yet to even see her." Taking a deep breath, Arizona tried to calm herself.

An uncomfortable look on his face, he replied, "Torres: She's going through some personal stuff right now. Cut her some slack, please."

Please. Six weeks and Arizona had never heard this man say please for anything. "Look, Mark, I work in Paeds; my patients need the best, they're tiny humans. And from what I've heard, Doctor Torres is the best." Mark quickly cut her off.

"Torres is the best, blondie," he said, throwing a wink in her direction.

She rolled her eyes. "I don't care. This is a joke." Everyone had personal issues, she knew that, but work was supposed to come first. Especially, if you were a surgeon. The whole thing about peoples lives being at risk and what not. "I'm going to talk to Chief Webber, this woman needs to realize that she's a surgeon, Mark."

His eyes went wide, glancing around, making sure no-one could hear them, "Robbins, you've been hear six weeks, which means that you probably know that this hospital resembles a soap opera, right?" Arizona nodded, unsure of what this had to do with anything. Sighing, he continued, "You know that Torres is with Hahn right?"

Nodding, still confused as to where this conversation was going, "Yeah, so?"

"Have you heard anyone talking about them?" He asked, eyes boring into her.

Of course, she had heard the rumours. Like he said, this place was a soap opera. Arizona had heard that Hahn had supposedly had a lengthy affair with some dermatologist and this Torres woman had caught them in the act. She didn't think much of it, putting it down to just a rumour. "I've heard the rumours. Hahn supposedly cheated, or whatever. Look, I still don't get,-"

Cutting her off, a sad look on his face, "They're not rumours; Hahn cheated. And Callie, she's..she's been in a bad place for the past two months. They're still together, but she's obviously not over being cheated on. And she's really having a rough time, so can you please cut her a little bit of slack?"

It was all falling into place, now. In six weeks, Arizona had worked several cases with Hahn, finding the woman to be a complete bitch. Obviously, her relationship with Torres was the reason why. "So, what actually happened?" He shook his head, signalling that he wasn't saying anything. "Oh, come on, Mark. You've told me the worst part. You may as well tell me the rest. Remember, this is my last day; you're never going to see me again."

He paused, looking as if he was considering what to say. "Hahn had a four month affair and Callie found out. Hahn says it was a mistake and she still loves Callie. Callie took her back, but doesn't know if she can trust Hahn. And now Callie's completely falling apart. Will that do?"

Arizona's eyes widened, stuttering, "Uh- Yeah, that'll do." That disastrous story - the one he just told - was the exact reason, as to why Arizona did not do relationships. He quickly cut through her thoughts.

"So, you wont go to Webber, right?" His voice full of hope.

Normally, Arizona wouldn't even have thought about it; she would have complained about Torres in an instant. But something, was telling her not to. "No, I won't go to Webber." A thankful sigh was let out of Mark and he shot her a wide grin. "You and Torres are friends, then? You seem to know a lot about this situation."

A look of offence appeared on his face and he quickly corrected her, "We're not friends, Blondie. We're best friends, there's a difference."

When Arizona first started here, she didn't like him. He flirted with her all the time and she hated it. But, over the past few weeks - she had no idea how - Mark Sloan had started to grow on her. "Wow, I'm sorry for offending you, Mark."

He chuckled, "So, last day, huh? You're gonna miss me, right?" A small smile was tugging at the corners of her lips and Mark grinned wildly, "I knew it; totally going to miss me. Joes tonight, since it's your last day and the last time you'll ever see my stunning face?"

Failing to hold back the huge grin from spreading over her face, she answered him, "Yeah, sure. Only for a few, though, because I've got an early morning flight."

He picked up his charts, "Great, I'll see you at 8. Wear something that shows some flesh, Robbins." He shrugged, "It's the last time I'm going to see you and I really want to remember you."

Shaking her head, watching him stalk off down the corridor. She liked this place. She liked the people, a few of them took some getting used to - Mark being the main culprit - but she liked it. Unfortunate circumstances just meant that she couldn't stay any longer than six weeks. Checking her watch, realizing that she had been awake for 19 hours, slowly walking in the direction on the nearest on call room, pushing the door open.

Hearing the door open, Callie covered her eyes, "Get out! Whoever you are, just close the door and get out!"

Arizona paused in the doorway, the woman's hands covering her face meaning she couldn't see who was on the bed. "I'm sorry, I-,"

"GET OUT!" Callie barked, failing to hold back a sob. "Please, just close the door and leave." The door clicked shut, signalling that the intruder had left. She couldn't control the tears from spilling down her face. How had her life reached this point? Crying in an on call room because her girlfriend of four years cheated on her. This wasn't her, she wasn't this sad pathetic mess. The voice from the doorway was foreign, she didn't know this person and a tinge of guilt flooded her senses. A sad pathetic mess who yelled at strangers because her girlfriend cheated; that was her life now.

"Okay, tell us again why you can't stay longer than six weeks?" A confused looking Lexie asked Arizona, taking a sip from her drink.

Mark had gathered several people from the hospital to come out and celebrate Arizona's last night. It started off as: Bailey, Addison, Mark, Arizona, Teddy and Owen. Several of them however, had been paged about an hour ago, leaving just: Arizona, Mark and Teddy. Lexie having joined them a half hour ago. Arizona had said her goodbyes to the ones who left; all of them wishing her good luck for the future and the usual goodbye words that you give people. The nicest being Bailey - Arizona didn't know what it was, but she had really grown to like the General Surgeon.

Webber having offered her a sincere apology when she went to see him at the end of her shift, stating that, 'He wished she could have stayed under circumstances.' She appreciated that. The Chief was one of the best surgeons Arizona had ever worked with.

Directly addressing all of them, "Okay. Doctor Kenley isn't telling Webber until next week, when he's coming back. And my new job in Los Angeles starts next Tuesday, so I couldn't hold off until next week because if Kenley says he's coming back, then I'll miss the job in L.A. Do you get it?"

They all nodded dumbly and Mark spoke up, "So, are you Head of Department in L.A?"

Arizona shook her head, sighing, "No, I'll be working under some guy named Phil Stark?" Looking between the three of them as they all groaned, "What? Do you guys know him?"

Teddy looked between Mark and Lexie, who were both silent. "Uh, he worked here for a while a few years ago."

She could tell by the tone of Teddy's voice and the looks on Mark and Lexie's face that none of them like him. "And?"

"And he was the biggest ass that ever walked through the doors of the hospital," Lexie finished with, a small blush on her face.

That wasn't what Arizona wanted to hear. That only made her want to stay here even more. She had been running her own department for the past six weeks and now she was leaving to go work for some ass that everyone hated.

"Maybe he's changed?" Teddy offered up, smiling. All three of them shot the Cardio surgeon a dirty look and she quickly backtracked, "Okay, yeah. He's not changed. Just trying to help a friend out."

Shooting her friend a mock look of gratefulness, before quickly downing a shot. Words coming out slightly slurred, "It'll be fine. I don't need to be Head of Department, I can work under this guy." Repeating again, as if to convince herself, "It'll be fine." She had her dream job for six weeks and now, that was all she wanted to do. She wanted to stay in Seattle and stay running this department. Fucking circumstances ruined everything.

"Why don't you just stay?" Mark added, looking at two women either side of him for support. "Kenley might not even come back and then you can have his job."

Arizona sighed heavily, "Mark, if Kenley does come back then I won't have a job. Webber told me that he can't afford to pay the two of us and I read online a few days ago that there are at least fifty surgeons applying for every single job opening right now." Those odds weren't worth the risk of staying here. "I'll have a one in fifty chance of getting another job if I stay here and Kenley comes back."

Lexie looked sympathetic, "You already got the L.A job; that was one in fifty?"

Smiling, speaking to the youngest of the trio, "I don't really fancy my chances of waiting a few months before another job opportunity comes up."

Teddy let out a sad grunt, sipping her drink, "I'm gonna miss you, Robbins."

Looking at her friend, a small smile on her face, "I'm gonna miss you too, Teddy." They had became friends, the first day Arizona came to the hospital. Teddy having been assigned to most of her Cardio cases - when her cases weren't occupied by Hahn - resulting in them quickly becoming friends. "We'll still talk," she promised, looking at all of them. "We'll all still talk, okay?" They all nodded sadly and she kept smiling, trying to keep the mood light.

Lexie stood up from the table, "I'm actually going to go; early rounds."

Agreeing, Mark followed, "I'm going to go, too. Can't let my girlfriend walk home alone, can I? That doesn't really give me a very good look." Pointing in Arizona's direction, opening his arms, "Come on, Blondie, give me a hug."

She stood up, rounding the table to the other side, wrapping her arms around his neck. She couldn't believe this, but she was actually going to miss Mark Sloan. If someone told her that six weeks ago - when she first met him - Arizona would have told them they were crazy.

His voice was low in her ear, "Take care of yourself, okay?"

Nodding, squeezing him tight, "I will. You too and take care of Lexie, okay?" Feeling him nod, pulling out of the embrace, before turning to Lexie and giving the brunette a small hug. Turning to Teddy as the couple walked out if the bar, "My flights at 5 tomorrow morning, so I'm gonna head out soon."

Teddy finished the rest of her drink in one go, "I've been awake for 32 hours, so if I don't turn in soon, I'll probably die."

Letting out a laugh, "As a Dcotor, I'm telling you to get some sleep." A wave of sadness cursed through her as Teddy stood up. This was really it, she thought, giving the taller woman a long hug goodbye. "I'll text you, okay?"

Pulling back from the hug, the other woman said dramatically, "Yes, text me. And don't be one of those people who say that they'll text you and then don't; those people are the worst."

Laughing, Arizona finished her drink, "I will most definitely text you, Teddy." The other woman shot her a grin and walked to the door, before briefly turning around and giving her a small wave. Raising her own hand, "Bye."

Gathering up her belongings, shoving her phone into her pocket, feeling someone hovering behind her, she turned around. Tilting her head, "Alex, hi. What's up?"

Shifting awkwardly on his feet, "Uh- I saw you were about to leave and I just wanted to say... bye."

Confused, she asked him, "You came to say bye?"

He scratched his head, "Yeah, no... Look, you're the best surgeon I've ever worked with and in the stupid amount of time that you've been here, you've actually been pretty great to me. So, I just wanted to say thanks... or whatever."

Arizona felt her face fall into a smile, "Alexxx," playfully shoving his shoulder, "Are you trying to tell me that you're going to miss me?"

His face flushed a deep red, "Shut up."

Arizona had quickly realized that Alex was in the same category as Mark; she wasn't supposed to like him, but she did. "Promise me, that you'll stick with Paeds? You have a real act for it and I know that you'll do great."

He nodded, mumbling, "I promise," under his breath before disappearing out of the bar.

Taking one last look around the bar, seeing that it was nearly empty. She had been here at least twice a week in the duration that she had been in Seattle. Looking at the far corner of the bar, remembering her second night here and how she managed to pick up one of the nurses from the hospital. That was something she wouldn't miss; the psycho nurses that that constantly hit on her. About to walk out the door, freezing completely when she head a voice ask for a red wine. It was the same voice that had kicked her out of the on call room earlier today: Torres. She had told Mark about the incident earlier and he had quickly confirmed that it would most definitely have been Calliope Torres that yelled at her.

Pausing, debating whether to confront the woman or not. Arizona turned around, walking the short distance to the bar, eyes connecting with the back of dark raven hair. "Are you Doctor Torres?"

Callie lowered her head, briefly, before turning around to greet the voice. Mouth falling open when she took in the sight of the unknown person. Staring deep into blue eyes, "Do I know you?"

Erica Hahn was the dumbest person alive, Arizona thought, as she looked at this woman. Calliope Torres was hot. That kind of hot that made you feel like you were on fire by just looking at her. "Uh, I'm Arizona Robbins. I work in Paeds at the hospital."

She knew the voice, she just didn't recognize the face. She knew that she had never seen this woman before because Callie would have definitely remembered a face that looked like that. "Oh yeah, you're the new Head of Paeds, right?" Vaguely remembering Mark telling her the name of the new Paeds surgeon that everyone had become so obsessed with. It was hard to forget a name like Arizona Robbins.

Arizona shook her head, "No, I was for a few weeks, but today was actually my last day." How someone like Erica Hahn managed to score a woman that looked this this, she had no idea.

It hit Callie in an instant and she blushed deeply, an apologetic look on her face, "Oh god, I'm sorry. I yelled at you today in the on call room, didn't I?" Sighing as the blonde nodded her head. "I- uhm, I was having a bad day and I'm really sorry." She should have said bad month, every day had been like this lately.

"I know," Arizona said simply, keeping her eyes trained on Callie.

Feeling embarrassed at the thought of this stranger most likely knowing her entire life story. Shifting her gaze, "Of course, you do." She couldn't even go to a bar without someone looking at her with that sad pitiful look. The nurses done it, so did the Doctors, even Mark had started to do it.

She should leave; walk out of the bar and go back to her hotel room, but she didn't. Something was pulling Arizona towards the broken looking woman in front of her and she slipped into the opposite stool. "I'm an outsider...at the hospital." Ignoring the confusing glance sent in her direction. "I don't know anything about you, or Erica. All I know is that you got cheated on and that she cheated on you." Callie dropped her head and she realized how harsh it came out. "Sorry. Anyway, you can talk to me - if you want. This is my last day and the chances of you seeing me again - unless we meet at a medical conference - are probably about a million to one."

Callie looked up and for the first time - in god knows how long - a genuine smile crept on to her face. "So, you want to be my friend for one night?" Feeling her heart speed up a little as a pair of dimples appeared on the blondes face and she nodded. Thinking it over, she could tell this woman anything and never have to see her again and it wasn't like she was some psycho bitch that could be a potential murdered. This could be just what she needed; to get everything off her chest and not feel like an embarrassed mess for saying any of it. "One night, huh?"

Nodding, Arizona confirmed the statement, "A one night deal, what do you say?"

Repeating, "One night deal." Letting the situation fully sink in, before asking, "Where will I start?"

Arizona smiled, motioning Joe over for more drinks, "Start at the beginning."

And Callie did. She told Arizona how they started going out. And how she fell in love with the Cardio surgeon. How after a year together, they decided to move in together and they were happier than ever. She told the blonde how they discussed getting married several times and how they agreed to wait until their careers had slowed down. And then, as the story progressed, Callie started to tell Arizona how things had started to go downhill. And before she knew it, she was telling Arizona how she walked in on Erica with a dermatologist and how Erica had later revealed that it had been going on for four months.

Arizona sat in the stool, completely shocked. Feeling the buzz from the hoards of alcohol they had booth managed to consume since the story began. "It went on for four months?"

Downing a shot of Tequila, Callie answered shortly, "Yup. Four months, right under my nose. Can you believe that?"

Narrowing her eyes, "No, I really don't believe it." Arizona didn't believe it, at all. "I thought it was a one night thing."

Callie paused for a second, replaying that scenario in her head, "I think, if it was a one night thing, I could have forgiven her."

Arizona thought about the statement. The key words being could have, meaning Callie obviously hadn't forgiven Erica. In her drunken mind, she didn't have a clue how she managed to figure that out. "You said could have?"

Callie looked up, mouth agape, "What?"

"You said could have forgiven her, so does that mean that you haven't forgiven her?" Arizona inquired, feeling herself being pulled into this woman's life. She had to be up in six hours and she couldn't bring herself to walk away from Calliope Torres.

It took meeting a stranger in a bar for Callie to quickly realize that she hadn't forgiven Erica, as she answered quietly, "No, I haven't forgiven her." The depressed feeling that was ever-so constant these days began to take over. Pushing the thoughts away. "Okay, enough about me; you know pretty much everything about my life and all I know is that your name resembles a state." A deep laugh was let out of the blonde and Callie found herself grinning. "Tell me something about you."

Arizona didn't know if it was the alcohol, or the mere fact that she would never see this woman again, but something gave her a burst of confidence which contributed to her reply. "I think that you're beautiful and If you were my girlfriend, I would never cheat on you."

Callie raised an eyebrow, a teasing tone to her voice, "Are you hitting on me?" It was the first time in months that she had received a compliment and she... liked it. She liked the way it rolled off this woman's tongue; naturally, like Arizona really did mean it.

"Hey, this is a one night deal and I can tell that you're sad, so if me hitting on you makes you feel a little better, then I'm going to hit on you." Arizona kept having to remind herself that this woman was in a relationship and that she wasn't trying to pick her up and take her home. It was proving difficult, made worse by the fact that Callie had took the comment so well and was now wearing the most perfect smile Arizona had ever seen.

Before she knew it, Callie was sliding her stool closer to the stunning blonde across from her. "My ego needs a boost, so you definitely have to hit on me for the rest of the night." Her girlfriend was a distant memory- all of her attention was now focused on the woman in front of her. "So, you're hot. Who have you slept with at the hospital? I've missed all the gossip lately and I need you to fill me in." She had a sneaking suspicion that Arizona leaned towards the ladies, her gaydar had been ringing ever since the blonde sat down.

Arizona blushed, somehow grateful that she wouldn't have to see this woman again because the answer wasn't one that she was proud of. "I don't think you want to know the answer to that."

Callie smiled, answering bluntly, "One night deal. You have to tell me everything. How many people?"

Gulping down her drink, somehow thinking that it would take the shame away from her answer. "Ten, maybe? I don't know." She genuinely didn't know how many and she didn't really keep count. Sex was sex: it wasn't a big deal to her and it never had been. "How about you? Other than Erica, obviously."

Frowning, although not really knowing why. "Just Erica." Just her stupid fucking girlfriend who went and cheated on her. "You didn't sleep with Mark, did you?"

Letting out a hearty laugh, amused, "Oh, Calliope, Mark is definitely not my type."

Intrigued by the comment and the sultry look that came with it, Callie leaned in, elbows resting on the bar, "What's your type?" Watching the blondes lips as they wrapped perfectly around the straw that she was currently sucking on. She needed to snap out of this, she was in a relationship. And yet, she was completely entranced by the blonde sitting just a few inches away.

Arizona stared, physically forcing herself to keep a safe distance. "I like brunettes."

Surprised, but at the same time, not really, "Male brunettes or,-"

"I'm gay," Arizona interrupted, putting Callie out of her misery. "So, no male brunettes for me."

Arizona liked brunettes; she was brunette. She was thinking too much into this and she reminded herself of their deal: Arizona was flirting with her to make her feel better. The strange this is, is that it actually was making her feel better. It was just flirting, harmless flirting. Erica had slept with someone else for four months, so she should be at least allowed to flirt with the hot blonde. The gay hot blonde. "I miss sex."

Amused, clearing her throat, "I'm guessing it's been a while?"

Sighing heavily, "It's been more than a while." Callie knew exactly how long it had been; three months. She found out about the affair two months ago and they hadn't had sex since a month before that. She needed sex, she just didn't want to have sex with Erica. The thought of Erica touching her after she... Cutting those thoughts off, "Would you leave? If someone cheated on you, would you leave them?"

Considering the question for a few seconds. Arizona was stuck, she didn't know. "I think that there's a difference between cheating and having an affair. Why don't you leave? You don't seem happy; why stay in a relationship, if you're not happy?"

That thought had ran rampant through Callie's head for two months, as she answered, willing her voice not to break, "We've been together for four years. I can't just throw four years of my life away. I have to try and forgive her."

"Do you love her?" Arizona asked, looking deep into chocolate brown orbs, noting the doubt hiding behind them.

"I-I don't know," Callie replied honestly, desperately willing herself to just say yes, but she couldn't. If it was anyone else asking, she would have lied and said yes, but it was Arizona - a person who she was never going to see again and she didn't have to lie to herself.

Joe's booming voice ran over the bar, gaining everyone's attention. "Alright guys, I'm closing in ten minutes. Time to head out, people!"

Arizona sank into her stool, feeling utterly disappointed at their night coming to an end. Feeling Callie staring at her, questioning, "What?"

"I live across the street and Erica's in.." trailing off when she realized that she didn't actually know where Erica was. "Erica's harvesting a heart and won't be back until tomorrow night. You wanna have a drink at my place?"

Arizona had prepared herself to say no, she had prepared herself to tell Callie that she had to be up early and that she was going to go back to her hotel for some sleep. None of that stuff mattered though because the word, "Yes," quickly came out before she had even realized that she said it. Nothing was going to happen, Arizona repeated in her head, Callie was in a relationship. It was just a one night friendship deal between two strangers; not a big deal.

They stumbled across the street, giggling like teenagers. The five minute walk, somehow managed to take them at least fifteen minutes. Callie was headed for the stairs, grabbing the blondes hand as she started to walk to the elevator. "No, take the stairs, that thing takes days before it comes."

A burst of laughter escaped Arizona's lips as she was dragged through the doorway, leading to the staircase, "Was that a sex joke?"

Laughing, unaware to the fact that their hands were now fully entwined. Stopping on the landing, turning to face the blonde, "You have a dirty mind, Robbins."

Chuckling, Arizona stepped up the last stair, bringing her to the same level as the taller woman. "You have no idea."

Glancing down at their hands, Callie felt the smile fall off her face. The silence was terrifying and she kept her gaze firmly planted downward because she knew. In that moment, she knew that they weren't going upstairs to have wine. Raising her head, finding intense blue eyes inches from her own. "I'm never going to see you again, am I?"

Arizona shook her head, positive that her voice wouldn't work even if she wanted it to. Feeling her heart rate triple as Callie opened her mouth again.

"One night deal," she said, leaning into Arizona ever so slightly. Everything was telling her to walk upstairs alone, away from this woman and away from what was about to happen...but she didn't because Arizona glanced towards her lips and Callie was done for.

Their lips smashed together fiercely, teeth and tongues clashing. Callie's hands gripping the material of the blondes jeans, pushing her back into the wall. Moaning at the feeling of Arizona's hands grabbing at her ass. She was - most likely - about to have sex with someone who wasn't her girlfriend and there was nothing Callie could do to stop it. For months, she felt devastated and now, she felt...something. Something that she was choosing to put down to the effects of alcohol.

Arizona spun them around, pinning Callie to the wall, lips dragging down the Latina's jaw. Hands fumbling with the belt of skin tight jeans. What was she doing? Standing in the middle of a stairwell about to fuck a person in a committed relationship - Arizona didn't do that. Pulling back, she was about a split second away from putting an end to this. And then Callie's eyes flashed open and Arizona saw something that she had never saw before. She didn't know what it was, but her resolve broke completely and her hand slipped past the waistband of Callie's underwear, collecting moisture on her fingers, rubbing harsh circles over the Latina's bundle of nerves.

Callie's eyes clenched shut, her hips bucking repeatedly off the wall, the word, "Fuck," leaving her lips in succession. She needed this, she had needed this for months. Arizona was making her forget; for one night, she could ignore everything in her life and let go. Failing to even register that anyone could walk out on them at any second. This was too far gone. Biting her lip, "More, Arizona."

Sucking on the caramel skin of the taller woman's neck, slipping a finger into a drenched centre, before entering another one just a quickly, thrusting in and out, thumb going over Callie's clit. Gasping, unable to ignore the moisture collecting in her underwear, "Touch me, I need you to," it was done before Arizona could even get the words out; Callie's hand slipping past her jeans and firmly stroking her own clit. Twelve hours ago, this woman kicked her out of an on call room and now Arizona was fucking her in an empty stairwell.

Grunting, Callie thrust two fingers up into the blonde, curling her fingers deep inside her core. Panting heavily, she was close, picking up the pace, needing Arizona to come with her. Arizona's eyes - a shade darker than what they were an hour ago - connected with her own and she held the smaller woman's gaze. Hissing loudly as Arizona continued the assault on her clit, she hadn't had a release in months and she was currently hurdling toward the edge. "I'm so close," dropping her head into the blondes neck, biting at the creamy skin.

Meeting Callie's thrusts in time with her own, Arizona nodded, "Me too." She could feel it - it wasn't going to take much more. She had wanted this woman ever since she heard her voice two hours ago. Breathing heavily, "Look at me." She needed to see Callie as she came, she was never going to see this woman again after tonight and she wanted to remember this moment.

Callie raised her head, leaning her forehead against Arizona's. Keeping their eyes locked as they came together - Callie's hips flying off the wall, grunting out Arizona's name. Arizona leaning forcefully into Callie, pressing her forehead harshly into the Latina's, gentle whimpers leaving her lips. A minute past and they were still in the same position, both trying to catch their breaths after their release, aftershocks running rampant through them. Leaning in, their lips met in a languid kiss, withdrawing their fingers at the same time.

Callie was the first to speak, keeping their gaze locked, "It's just one night, right? Just sex." She didn't want this to end, she wanted to go upstairs and take full advantage of this one night deal.

Arizona nodded, breathing still uneven, promising, "It's just one night; you wont ever see me again."

Callie led them both upstairs, hands joined the whole time. Tomorrow, everything would go back to normal. She would return to being with Erica and Arizona would leave Seattle and go wherever the hell she was going.

It was just for one night.