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Arizona chewed her bottom lip, contemplating the look on Callie's face. The eyebrow was raised challengingly at her, almost daring her to say something. Opening her mouth to speak, she then closed it almost instantly when a death glare appeared on her girlfriend's face. Apparently Callie really was sure that she wanted to go through with the surgery.

It had been nine days since the shooting incident, which meant that it had also been nine days since their surgery on Eleanor had been postponed. And the day after the shooting, they had both sat down like adults and had a lengthy chat about what they wanted to do about the last surgery. Arizona, of course, had insisted that the surgery go ahead as planned. And after she was done with trying to convince Callie that the surgery was the only option left for the patient, she had very much expected Callie to turn her down point-blank.

But she hadn't.

Instead, Callie had agreed firmly on the point she was trying to make. To say Arizona was surprised, would have been an understatement. She had prepared a heavy list of pros and cons for doing the surgery, and she hadn't even gotten the chance to voice them to her girlfriend.

And so hear they stood. About to enter the OR to take part in the last surgery in their clinical trial — unless the surgery actually worked, of course. If it worked, then they were both pretty much guaranteed that there trial would be published and given its rightful recognition.

"Okay," Arizona breathed out, drying her hands. "Are you sure you're up for this?" She looked away from Callie's eyes and sighed heavily when the infamous eyebrow was raised in response. "I'm just making sure you haven't changed your mind."

Callie rolled her eyes. "You've asked me at least a hundred times every day, for the past nine days," she admonished, her tone somewhat playful. "I'm sure. Trust me."

"I know, but..."

"If you say one more thing, I swear I'm paging Karev in here to take you're place," Callie laughed in exasperation. When she was met with only silence in response, a cocky grin immediately formed on her face. "Fantastic." She reached for the towel that was hanging nearby and began to expertly dry her hands. "You ready for this?"

Arizona nodded, her surgeon façade now fully intact. "Yeah," she confirmed with a stern nod. She looked up at Callie. "You?"

"Yeah," Callie replied. Her usual confident tone laced her voice. "Yeah, let's do this."

"So, you're saying it went well?" Marianne, the patients mother, asked. The look on her face was one full of hope as she awaited an answer from the two nervous looking surgeons.

Sensing Callie was unsure of what to say, Arizona took a step forward. "We're saying that out of all the surgeries we've performed during the trial — this surgery has had the best outcome so far," Arizona explained, hoping that she didn't sound too hopeful, or too unhopeful.

The surgery had went extremely well, and the patient was now in recovery. They had to wait twelve hours to do more scans to see if the tumour had shrunk. One hour post-op and Eleanor was still unconscious, but that was to be expected. It would be deemed a miracle if the patient woke up after such a short period of time.

"What happens now?" Jacob asked quietly, although he refused to look up from the floor.

This time, Callie took a step forward. "We wait," she said simply. She looked away from the devastated young man. For Callie, seeing the patients loved ones looking so broken, was one of the hardest parts of the job. "We'll run some more scans tomorrow morning to see if the tumour has shrunk."

"When should she wake up?" Marianne blurted out, as if she had been bottling up the question for hours.

"It differs with every patient." Arizona knew Callie was feeling uncomfortable under the hopeful stares of the patients family, but Arizona was used to desperate parents begging her for answers. "If...if she doesn't wake up within twenty-fours hours, then the chances of her waking up at all, are not good," she stated in a firm yet gentle tone.

After a bout of silence in which the parents clung to each other and Jacob's head remained glued to the floor, the two doctors excused themselves and explained that they would be back in a few hours to check the patients progress.

"That sucked," Callie sighed out, leaning her elbow on the nurses station with a thud. "You wanna grab some lunch?"

Arizona glanced at her watch and frowned. "I have a few patients I need to go check on. I'll meet you in an hour?"

"Sounds good," Callie nodded, managing a small smile. Her girlfriend gave her one of her own in return, before giving her arm a soft squeeze and stalking off down the hall. She couldn't help the frustrated sigh that left her lips. All they could now, was hope.

"Callie!" Arizona called out, picking up her pace so she could keep up with her girlfriend, who was basically sprinting to the x-ray room. With no reply, she walked the short distance down the hall and entered the room, locking the door behind her. Callie was already whipping the scans out of the envelope, but before she could hold them up to the light, Arizona stepped forward and gently grasped the tanned hand.

"Whatever happens, just remember that we did everything we could. Okay?" Arizona reminded gently, letting her thumb brush over the soft skin on Callie's wrist. "If those scans don't say what we want them to, I want you to promise me that you won't blame yourself."

Callie licked her lips. It was almost scary how well Arizona could read her every thought, all the time. Eventually, the brunette managed a small nod. "I promise." And with that, she held the scans up into the bright light. "Hey," she said, before she got a chance to look at them. Arizona looked up, silently asking her what was wrong. "I love you."

A bright grin worked its way onto the blonde's face. "I love you, too," she said in return. With bated breath, she watched on as Callie studied the scans intently with the utmost focus. Knowing what her girlfriend was about to ask for, she held the callipers out for Callie to grasp. It took around a minute before there was any form of reaction from the Latina. But when she did react, it was the best reaction Arizona could ever have hoped for. That gorgeous, most perfect smile lit up Callie's entire face as she turned towards her.

"Its shrunk," Callie revealed, taking the blonde's hands into her own. "Arizona. The tumour has shrunk." Shock. That would probably be the best word to describe what Callie was feeling. She had hoped — god, she had hoped and prayed — but she had never expected this trial to work. The patient was still unconscious, but the tumour shrinking was beyond anything they could have hoped for.

"It worked," Arizona replied dumbly. There were so many scenarios running through her mind, she could barely find a coherent thought. "If she wakes up, the surgery worked."

Callie's brown eyes clenched shut as she tried to think of what to do next. "We should go tell the parents." Together, they made their way to the peds floor. And upon hearing crying coming from the room they were headed to, both sprinted as fast as they could to the room at the bottom of the hall.

What they saw when they got there, was the last thing the expected to see. Eleanor's father was embracing her mother tightly. Jacob was sat on the vacant chair with his face in his hands, crying harshly. And a nurse was stood by the bed, giving an awake Eleanor a sip of water.

"You.. she—you're..." Callie stuttered out.

"Awake," the mother finished, choking back a sob. "She's awake."

Arizona opened her mouth to speak, but all that managed to come out, was a heavy laugh. Once she felt the smile die down, she made her way to the side of the patient bed. "How you feeling?" she inquired. With a polite smile, Arizona let the nurse know that it was safe to leave the room.

"Tired," Eleanor replied hoarsely. "But not dead, so I'm not complaining." A rumble of laughter bubbled through the room at the comment. "Did it work?"

Arizona turned to Callie, who was still standing just inside the doorway. She wanted Callie to be the one to give this family the amazing news. After the hell Callie had been through over the past few months, Arizona knew her girlfriend needed this. "Dr. Torres?"

With a deep breath, Callie said the words she had wanted to say for months. She told the parents that the clinical trial had worked. She told the parents that she and Arizona, had successfully shrunk the tumour in size. She told the parents that their child was going to live. And then said parents were hugging her, thanking her, telling that they owed everything to her.

And it was one of the best feelings in the world.

Six weeks later

It had been several weeks since the success in their clinical trial. And word was spreading fast about Dr. Torres and Dr. Robbins successful clinical trial. The FDA were now in the process of sorting the paperwork to make the trial more than a trial.

"I am on top of the world, Mark," Callie boasted, completely missing the way the mans eyes rolled in frustration. He had been listening to her ramble on about her amazing trial, and her amazing girlfriend, for what felt like days. "Oooh," she squealed, making Mark flinch. "Arizona and I exchanged necklaces a few days ago." She held the love heart chain right up into his face and grinned. "How great is that?"

"So great," Mark mumbled sarcastically.

Callie took his sarcasm as him being completely serious and continued to grin like a lovesick puppy. "She's just so great, you know?" She didn't wait for Mark to respond, instead choosing to continue talking about how great her girlfriend was.

A few minutes later, when the story had thankfully ended, Mark managed his most sincere smile without looking like he was in pain. "I'm happy for you, Cal," he said sincerely.

"I don't think anything could get me down, right now," Callie continued. She didn't notice Mark's eyes widen once he saw who had just rounded the corner. "I am literally too happy. Nothing is gonna wipe the smile off my face."

Mark nodded once, and then spun his friend around by the shoulders. "What about that?" he said, letting her view who was now walking towards them.

"Well that's just bad timing," Callie grumbled. And the smile immediately fell off her face. But was forced back on almost automatically when she was brought into a firm embrace.

"Mija," her father sighed contently, pulling her against him. "I've missed you, my dear."

Callie hugged him back, trying her best to ignore the smug look on Mark's face. She pulled out of the embrace, a look of worry on her face. "Daddy," she breathed out. "What are you doing here? You didn't tell me you were coming."

"I need a reason to visit my daughter?" Carlos said, almost challengingly. He turned to face the man standing to the right of his daughter. "Dr. Sloan," he greeted politely. "I trust you've been taking care of my daughter during this difficult time."

"Of course, Sir," Mark replied, forcing a smile onto his face. He didn't want to let on how much his best friend's dad terrified him. "Although, Callie doesn't really need me taking care of her. Do you, Cal?" Another smug grin lit up his face as he playfully nudged her shoulder.

"Don't tell me you're back with that devil-woman," Carlos warned, staring his daughter up and down.

Callie's mouth fell open. "No, Dad." She needed to tell her dad about Arizona, because the man had a way of just knowing when she was holding something in. Thankfully, the sound of Mark's pager rang out and he dismissed himself — much to his disappointment.

"So, Mija," Carlos said, placing his hands atop his daughters shoulders. "You're looking fantastic, dear; the best I've seen you look in years. I knew breaking up with that devil-woman would to you wonders of good." He smiled brightly, glad that Erica Hahn was out of his daughters life. "And now you're single, and you can focus on the amazing career you have ahead of you."

Like a band aid, Callie told herself. If she didn't tell him now, he would probably find out at her and Arizona's wedding. "Yeah, I'm uh...sorta...not single," she stammered out slowly, looking at the ground. She could just feel his eyes burning through the top of her head.

"Calliope," he sighed out, shaking his head. "You've only just broke up with you-know-who — shouldn't you just wait a while before you jump into something?"

"Erica and I broke up months ago." Callie couldn't help but roll her eyes in amusement as her father scowled at the mere mention of Erica's name. It was almost hilarious how much he hated her ex. "And now I'm dating Arizona and we're really happy," she gushed, a wide smile lighting up her entire face. "And you will love her, Daddy. She's nothing like Erica! She's sweet, and kind, and thoughtful, and so, so beautiful."

"What does she do?" Carlos asked timidly, a mild scowl on his face.

Callie couldn't help but grumble at the look on his face. "She's the Head of Pediatric surgery; she runs the whole department, like I do." The scowl was off his face now, but he was far from smiling. "Look, why don't we go grab some lunch in the cafeteria and then we can go chat in my office. Arizona's in surgery, but you can meet her later once she's finished." As he nodded reluctantly, she quickly withdrew her phone and sent a quick text to her girlfriend, letting Arizona know what she was about to walk into.

"She was the co-surgeon on the trial?" Carlos inquired, leaning against the back wall of his daughters office. "Isn't that a little...unethical?"

"Daddy, everybody in the hospital dates each other; it's not a big deal," Callie laughed awkwardly. She continued to pick at her salad, continually checking her phone, awaiting a text from her girlfriend.

Carlos crossed his arms over his chest. "So, what's this Arizona like?"

Callie's face lit up like a child on Christmas morning. "She is perfect, Dad. She won this prestigious award a few months ago, and she'll be flying out to Africa in a few weeks to go help sick children." Callie smirked as a shocked, yet impressed smile appeared on her Dad's face — Arizona was so winning him over without even being here. "She's really been there for me through everything, especially through the whole...shooting incident." A shudder ripped through her body as she thought back to that day. "She's amazing, Dad. Everybody here is in love with her." Finally, a small smile took over his face, and Callie knew that she had him right where she wanted him. "You are going to love her."

At that exact moment, the office door burst open and the woman in question strolled in. "Hey," Arizona smiled seductively, stopping in the middle of her girlfriend's office, failing to notice the man standing directly behind her. "Twelve hour surgery; rocked it. God, I'm awesome." She kicked off her shoes discreetly.

"Hey," Callie said hurriedly. "Listen..." she trailed off completely when her girlfriend suddenly brought her navy blue scrub top over her head. "What the hell are you doing?!" she shrieked, standing up immediately.

"Twelve hour surgery, and now all I want is you," Arizona licked her lips, "on that desk. Right now."

Callie was too mortified to even form a sentence. She looked behind her girlfriend and saw that her Dad did not look amused. But why would he be? He was watching his daughters girlfriend basically strip, whilst propositioning said daughter for desk-sex. "Put your damn clothes on!—"

"Don't play hard to get," Arizona smirked confidently, letting her hands fall to the drawstrings of her scrub pants. "We've done it before." In the midst of being a horny devil, Arizona failed to notice that her girlfriend looked like she wanted to die. "Get those clothes off, Calliope. Or I'm gonna punish you like the filthy girl I know you are." Just as she was about to pull down her scrub pants, a thick voice cleared its throat behind her.

Carlos took a few steps forward, a stern look on his face. "I really hope for everybody's sake that you're Arizona?"

Arizona's hands immediately crossed over her naked chest, but they were now shaking far too much for her to actually get her top back on. Thankfully, Callie was by her girlfriend's side in a flash, pulling the half-naked woman behind her. "Daddy. This is Arizona." Callie wanted to die. She actually wanted the ground to open up and swallow her whole. "Arizona," she gritted her teeth as she said her girlfriend's. "This is my dad."

By now, the blonde's hands were functioning normally and she was able to shakily pull her shirt back over her head. Inhaling a deep breath, she bypassed her girlfriend and held her hand out for the older man to shake. "Arizona Robbins, Sir. It's great to meet you," she managed a timid smile, even through the most embarrassing moment of her entire life. "I'm really sorry about...that. It's just — I had a big surgery, and my adrenalin's going. But I promise I'm not some sex-obsessed weirdo. I swear I'm not usually like that, I just.." she cut herself off, because in the time she had been talking, Callie's dad had yet to even change his facial expression. Yeah, she was going to hell one day.

"See, Daddy, didn't I tell you?" Callie grasped Arizona's shoulders and pulled the frigid blonde flush against her side. "Beautiful, isn't she?"

"Your dad saw me half-naked, Calliope. How is that okay?" Arizona hissed, as she continued to worriedly pace her girlfriend's office. It had been over half an hour since the incident, and Carlos had excused himself to make a phone call, requesting that they meet him downstairs for coffee in an hour.

"It's not like you look bad naked," Callie reasoned, only to immediately hit with a death glare from the embarrassed blonde. "This situation will be hilarious in years to come. Let's just laugh about it now, and get it out the way."

Arizona, however, did not want to laugh about it. She wanted to move to a foreign country and pretend today never happened. "He's gonna tell our kids that their Mommy's a slut and forces Mami to have sex on tables."

Callie was taken aback by the comment, but a genuine smile lit up her face. "I — You really want us to have kids?" There had been fleeting mentions of marriage and kids, but they had never properly had 'the chat'. No time like the present, Callie told herself.

"Not anymore!" Arizona moaned dramatically, waving her hands animatedly. When seconds of silence passed, deep blue eyes looked up and met her girlfriend's gorgeous chocolate brown. "What?" She didn't know why Callie was looking at her so intently.

"Kids?" Callie felt her heart hammer in her chest as her girlfriend ducked her head shyly and gave her one of those stunning smiles. "I mean, I know we kinda talked about the night of the shooting, but you've never really mentioned marriage or kids, and I didn't want to bring it up."

Taking a few steps forward, the blonde gently cupped the soft skin of her girlfriend's cheeks. "Of course I want kids with you," Arizona smiled softly, reverently running her hands down Callie's neck. "I want everything with you." Gently, she leaned in and brushed her lips against Callie's full ones.

"Move in with me!" Callie blurted out. She took the blonde's pale hands into her own before Arizona could panic and take a step back. "I love you so much, Arizona. And I know that it's kinda soon, but you stay at my apartment every night, and half your crap is flung around my closet," she laughed gently, revealed when Arizona did the same. "I have no doubt in my mind that we're gonna spend the rest of our lives together, so what's the point in waiting?" She gazed deeply into those blue eyes she loved more than anything. "Move in with me."

Leaning into Callie's face, Arizona grinned and crashed their lips together. "Yes!" she answered breathlessly, reluctantly pulling back from her girlfriend's addictive lips. "I love you. And I'd love to move in with you, Calliope."

Unable to wipe the massive grin off her face, Callie dragged the blonde out of her office before things did progress to desk-sex. After telling basically the entire hospital of their plans to move in together, they ended up sitting in front of a stern looking Carlos Torres as he grilled Arizona in the cafeteria.

"How do I know you won't abandon my daughter?" Carlos pressed, leaning both elbows on in front of him, glaring at the blonde.

"Dad," Callie warned, tightening her hand on Arizona's under the table. "She's not gonna abandon me. I love her, and she loves me." And they were moving in together, and going to spend the rest of their lives together. Callie fought back another grin — it was not a time to be smiling when her dad was grilling her girlfriend like a burger.

Carlos changed the direction of his glare and looked at his daughter. "I'm just making sure she's not going to hurt my little girl, Calliope," he explained with a small smile.

Before Callie could talk, Arizona cut in. "Sir. Calliope's right; I love her and she loves me. And I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life loving her," she said confidently. If she could charm the pants off her patients parents, then she could manage it with her girlfriend's, as well. "I love your daughter more than anything, and I protect the things I love." Under the table, she felt Callie's hand give her own a reassuring squeeze — it gave her the confidence to continue. "I promise you that I will never voluntarily hurt your daughter. Ever. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Callie bit her lip as she watched her Dad eye up the love of her life. She had experienced the 'Arizona Robbins speech' first hand, and she could see that he was wavering. Despite the earlier incident, her dad liked her girlfriend and she knew that he couldn't hold back a smile for much longer. Arizona Robbins was just too damn charming.

Just like Callie had predicted, a small eventually lit up her fathers face. "So, in a few years — a wedding and some grandkids?"

"Dad!" Callie scolded, a mild blush tinging at her cheeks.

"In a few years...definitely," Arizona grinned.

Five weeks later

"Callie?" Arizona called out, stepping through the threshold of her apartment. It had been four weeks since Callie's apartment had officially been turned into their apartment. A dreamy grin took over her face when the smell of her girlfriend's delicious cooking drifted through the air.

Entering the kitchen, the smile on the blonde's face continued to grow as she took in the sight of her stunning girlfriend — clad only in a tank top and skimpy boy shorts — shaking those magical hips whilst making dinner. "Hey," she said quietly, stepping up behind Callie and wrapping her arms around that deliciously curvy waist. "Whatcha making?"

"Hey," Callie replied huskily, leaning back into her girlfriend's touch. "Your favourite." She didn't need to say it — Arizona would, of course, know what it was.

"Mhmm, I love you." Arizona smiled into the back of Callie's neck, dropping a kiss to the naked skin of a smooth shoulder blade. "I've got some news."

Sensing the change in her girlfriend's tone, Callie turned around and faced the nervous looking blonde. "What kinda news?" She was suddenly feeling as nervous as Arizona looked.

"I got a phone call today, and they want me to fly out to Africa next week, for two weeks," Arizona explained. A look of sadness quickly appeared on Callie's face and she sighed heavily, dropping her head onto Callie's shoulder. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. We knew you would have to go at one point," Callie chastised, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend's slim waist. "Make sure to keep your phone on at all times, so I can call you crying at night because I can't sleep." Arizona playfully swatted her ass. "I'm really gonna miss you, though," she sighed out heavily.

Arizona pulled back, looking like she had just solved all the worlds problems. "Come with me," she said simply.

Callie's mouth fell open in shock, a small laugh leaving her lips. "I — really?" She was fighting valiantly to not jump up and down like a teenager that just got asked to prom.

"Yeah," Arizona grinned, tugging Callie in closer. "I mean, we'll be working a lot and it wouldn't exactly be like a real vacation that normal couples take together, but then again, we're not really a normal couple."

"That's true," Callie mumbled in agreement. "You really want me to come with you?"

Arizona looked at her girlfriend like she was crazy. "Of course I do, moron." She leaned in, placing a firm kiss on Callie's smiling lips. "I'd go crazy without you for two weeks," she said sadly, a small pout appearing on her pink lips. "So, you'll come with Africa?"

Callie pulled her girlfriend in closer, sealing the deal with a searing kiss. "I'll come to Africa with you," she confirmed with a grin.

One year later

"This is the life, huh?" Callie commented, sighing contently. It was nearing ten o'clock at night in Africa, and Callie and Arizona were lounging by a lagoon in the middle of the trees, watching the sunset. "Can you believe it's been over a year since we first came here?"

"It's went by so quick," Arizona sighed out, leaning back against Callie's firm body. They were sitting down by the rocks at the water, Arizona sitting snug in between her girlfriend's legs, Callie's arms wrapped tight around her waist. Callie's hand came to rest inside the material of her cardigan, and the blonde instantly stood up, scrambling out of the intimate embrace.

Callie looked confused, watching as Arizona straightened her jeans out. "What?"

"No, I just — I panicked when I felt your hand. I thought it was a snake." Arizona instantly closed her eyes at her own sheer dumbness. If there was a list of 'worst things to say' Arizona was sure that a snake would be top of the list.

Thankfully, Callie just laughed it off and stood up. "We should head back, it's getting dark."

"Wait!" Arizona said loudly, tugging on Callie's hand so that her girlfriend was facing her again. "I wanna ask you something." This was it. Months and months of preparing herself for this moment and it was finally here.

Callie didn't seem to notice the internal battle going on with the blonde and just smiled. "What's up?"

With a heavy exhale, Arizona opened her mouth. "I didn't believe in a lot of things before I met you," she breathed out. The nerves were now erupting fully in the pit of her stomach and she was positively terrified. "I didn't believe that I'd get goosebumps when somebody told me they loved me. I didn't believe that my heart would flutter in my chest when I heard my girlfriend's keys in the door. I didn't believe that I'd ever love someone as much as I love you." Gently, she reached forward, taking Callie's hands firmly into her own. "But I get that... now that I met you. And I'm positive that you are the only person that could make those things happen to me."

Callie stayed silent, not knowing what exactly was happening, but knowing by the way that her girlfriend was speaking that it was something big. Arizona pushed past the nerves and continued. "I've loved you for so, so long. And I have no doubt in my mind that I will love you until the day I die." Arizona was positive that her voice was about to break at any second — she absolutely did not think that she would feel this emotional when doing this. "I've been planning this for a long time."

"Planning what?" Callie asked softly. She didn't know why her heart was beating so fast; Arizona was being so damn cryptic.

Choosing to ignore the question, Arizona decided to carry on. "I've been waiting for the perfect moment to do this... but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there isn't a perfect moment to do this," she explained, her eyes boring into Callie's, who was looking adorably confused. "Our first kiss was in a stairwell when we were drunk. Our first time having sex was five minutes after the first kiss," she laughed nervously. "Nothing we do is perfect, and I love that about us." With the beginning of tears now present in her deep blue eyes, Arizona leaned up and placed a chaste, soft kiss to Callie's lips. "I love you," she said sincerely, making Callie smile that smile that she lived for.

Inhaling a deep breath, she took her shaking hand and reached into the inside of her cardigan, producing a small box. Hearing the small gasp from Callie, she looked up and smiled. She didn't know if it was sad that she was actually happy that her girlfriend now had tears in her eyes. "I bought this ring months ago and gave it to Bailey to hide," she revealed, her hands toying with the tiny jewellery box.

"Arizona," Callie gasped out, her voice was filled with emotion as several tears escaped from her big brown eyes. She had dreamt of this moment her entire life, and now it was happening "You — you're..."

"I'm proposing to you," Arizona finished. She finally opened with box, revealing a white gold engagement ring with a large diamond in the middle and two smaller diamonds either side of it.

Callie gasped even louder this time. That was...Arizona was holding her dream engagement right. A few months ago, when Bailey was choosing her wedding ring, Callie had gushed over the ring Arizona was now holding.

"Bailey told me about this ring," Arizona smiled, remembering back to the conversation. "She told me how your face completely lit up when you saw it. And as soon as I saw it, I knew this was your ring."

"That's — It...cost a fortune," Callie choked out.

Arizona only smiled shyly. "You're worth everything, Calliope." She took a step forward bringing their bodies flush against each other. "I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you, and I want it to start right here." She didn't know who had more tears in their eyes by this point, and frankly, she didn't care. "Spend the rest of your life with me, Callie," she said simply. "Marry me."

Callie choked out a heavy sob and nodded through the tears. "Yes!" she said in a rush. "I love you. Yes. Yes." Her girlfr—fiancé's lips were on hers in an instant, and she could taste the blonde's tears.

When air became necessary, they both pulled back, Arizona taking Callie's hand and placing the ring onto her finger. For seconds, they just held hands, staring at the small diamond between them. "It's perfect," Callie gushed, lifting her hand up so she could examine her engagement ring fully. A loud squeal was emitted from her full lips as she pulled her fiancé back into her and reconnected their lips. Dual sighs were let out of both women as tongues met in an intimate embrace. "We're engaged," Callie grinned.

"We are," Arizona replied, returning the smile. "I love you so much." She leaned their foreheads together gently, her hands caressing Callie's tear stained cheeks. "I'm so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with you."

Like they always did when Arizona said or did something romantic, the butterflies in the bottom of Callie's chest began to flutter. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love you, Arizona." Lips were one lips, once again, in a soft living kiss.

All too soon, though, it was over, as Callie's hands began to drag them back to the village. "If we start planning now, we can work out the seating chart by tomorrow morning," Callie said excitedly.

And then they lived happily ever after, had lost of kids, and loved each other forever. The end.

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