On Wisteria Lane in one particular house, there was a lot of excitement going on... well at less for one member of the family.

There was one massive banner in their entrance hall saying 'Welcome Home Julie'.

Susan was in the middle of putting up decorations all around the house and Mike was helping her, in his own way.

"Don't you think, you are over doing it?" Mike asked her as he handed his wife some more pins.

"No way, Julie deserves it!" Susan answered as she continued fixing streamers to the walls of her house. "Julie loves to come home and see decorations put up around the house... she used to come running in and would say in her most cheery voice..." Susan let go of what she was holding and in one quick motion held both her arms out wide. "... Mummy, I'm home. Did you miss me?" she continued to say in a childlike voice before she slowly lowered her arms and looked off into the distant with a faraway look.

Mike knew this look very well, Susan always did this when she was thinking of fond memories. He truly loved that look on his wife... Eyes slightly closed as she slowly leans her head sideways and one of her small smiles that show off her pearly white front teeth, but it was the faraway look in her face that he loved the most. "How old was she then?" He asked with fondness.

Susan continued looking off in the distance, but now a wide smile was appearing on her face as she remember all the times that her daughter came running into the house, with such a cheerful look on her face... which Susan missed and longed to see again. "She did that every time until she was about 12, but the mummy changed to mum after she was about 5 or 6... She said until she remembered something else that Julie would do. "She would jump about singing..." At that memory, she quickly snapped out of her trance and started looking around the room, as if looking for something, until her eyes landed on her husband. "Oh, we must get the karaoke machine out," Susan quickly added.

Mike glared back at his wife in confusion as if she had clearly gone insane. "Karaoke machine!" he repeated in case he had misunderstood her, he was truly sure he had.

"Yes, it's in the garage," Susan stated as she continued looking around the room.

Mike could tell that Susan was now looking around for the garage key that they always kept in the glass container by the front door. "Do you really think she'll feel like singing?" he asked his wife.

At that moment, the front opened a little and Julie Mayer's face appeared in through the gap with a big smile on her face "Hello!" she said with a cheerful voice.

Susan quickly turned around in excitement to hear her daughter's voice.

Julie took that moment to open the door wide and walked into the room holding her bags in front of her.

Susan returned the same smile as her daughter and started to walk towards her not realising that she was walking towards one of the kitchen stools that happen to hold box of decorations, thankfully she only knocked the box over and she watched as those decorations now started pooling out around Julie's feet.

Julie looked down at the box in confusion and then back to her mother again "Mum, what are you trying to do?" Julie asked even though she knew very well what her mother was up to.

Susan bent down and slowly started picking up the decorations, which for some reason made her daughter quickly step away from her. "I wanted to have these all up before you came home," Susan answered her.

"Is it someone's birthday?" Julie quickly added when she realised what she had just done.

Susan picked the box back up and placed it back on the table. She decided to ignore that moment and just hoped it was just a startling reaction for her daughter. "You used to love coming home to decorations" Susan added.

"That was when I was little," Julie quickly stated.

Susan started to look hurt, she couldn't believe her daughter was being like this. "I just wanted to give you a good homecoming," Susan said very slowly as she picked up the box and placed it back on the stool.

Julie smiled at her mum, when she realised how hurt she was, Julie couldn't believe she was taking her own problems out on her mother. "And it's lovely mum, thank you," she quickly placed her bags on the floor and pulled her Mother into a big hug.

Susan hugged her daughter back instantly, she knew she was a softy when it came to Julie. "Welcome home, hunny!" Susan added with a smile back on her face, she was finally glad to have Julie home again.

Julie looked over at Mike for the first time, he was slowly shaking his head at everything that had just happened. "Hi Mike!" Julie added politely.

Mike rolled his eyes at Julie, he was so used to the way his wife and stepdaughter got on, there was never a dull moment with them both. "Hey there, kiddo," he responded

Susan was sure something wasn't quite right, it seemed her daughter had put on a lot more weight since being away or maybe she was hiding something in her coat. She slowly leaned back away from Julie and decided to state this fact "Are you putting on weight or is there something in your coat?"

Julie looked down at her belly where her oversized coat was covering, she had totally forgotten for a moment there... Her mother had distracted her for a moment, with her sad eyes. Julie knew the time had come to tell the truth "I suppose I should just come right out and show you," she said as she started to undo her coat.

Susan took a step back and looked really worried, she knew from the look on Julie's face that it wasn't a good thing... Her daughter was looking so lost, which was really starting to scare her "Show us what?"

As Julie took off her coat Susan turned to face Mike and saw his eyebrows shoot up as he continued to look over at her. Susan dreaded looking back, but knew she had no choice she had to face this, whatever it was.

When Susan looked back at Julie's face, she had a smug look on her face and Susan slowly trailed her eyes downwards to Julie's belly and saw a small bump there "Oh my god!" Susan took a couple of steps back and bumped right up against Mike and she felt his hands land on her shoulders as she continued to stare at Julie's bump and then slowly her eyes travelled back to Julie's face "You're pregnant!" Susan was so shocked up, she didn't know what else to say.

Julie smiled a little, she had guessed her mother would act this way, at less she hadn't fainted yet "Yes, it looks like I am," she added.

Susan leaned further back against Mike and even he was getting concern about her.

"Maybe you should sit down." Mike guided Susan over to a chair "Before you fall over," he added as a last thought.

Susan sat down and Mike stood behind her as they both glared back at Julie.

Susan couldn't believe that this was really her daughter, she had been so different ever since she entered the house. Susan wondered if she was dreaming, but she certainly knew she wasn't... Julie must have met someone while, at University, she must be in a long term relationship, but if so why hadn't her daughter mention something before? "I didn't even know you were in a relationship." Susan really wanted to get to know this guy that her daughter had fallen for.

Julie quickly looked away from her mother and slowly hung her coat up, she knew her mother would be very disappointed in her. "Well, that's the thing..."

"...You're not in a relationship, are you?" Susan interrupted her daughter. As Julie sat down next to her mum with a sad look on her face... Susan now wanted to find this guy who had placed that look on her face "Who's the father?" Susan asked.

Julie looks down at her feet, she had never kept anything from her mother before, but this time she had to... Her first ever secret!

"I'm not going to like the guy, am I?" Susan stated. She was still demanding to who he was "Is he a guy from Uni?" Susan continued to say.

Julie continued to stare at her feet and couldn't bring herself to answer her mother.

"Come on, you can at least tell me who he is?" Susan placed her hand onto her daughter's hands that were sitting on her own lap.

"Patience, I'm sure Julie will tell us in her own time," Mike added. This was the first time he had ever had to deal with this sort of thing... He had to somehow keep them both from falling out.

Julie slowly looked back up at her mother again, she knew she should say something "I doubt I'll ever see him again..." Julie couldn't deal with looking at the disappointment on her mother's face and quickly looked back at their hands again... she was glad her mother was still there for her at less. "...I hope not anyway! Julie added very quietly.

"Does he know about the baby?" Susan asked after she had heard Julie mumbled that last part.

Julie looked back at her mother again, she knew the time had come to tell her the last part of the news, which will be the worst part in her mother's eyes and in hers too, but she knew it had to be done. "It doesn't matter... I'm giving it up for an adoption anyway."

Susan stared back at Julie in shock, "What?" how could she even think to do that? Somehow she had to try and convince her daughter out of this. A Baby was a living person not someone to throw away.

Julie looked up at Mike and then back to Susan again, she could guess what her mother was thinking and couldn't get into this conversation or everything will come tumbling out. "I'll just take my stuff upstairs." Julie jumped up quickly and grabbed her bags off the floor and started up the stairs.

Susan stared after her daughter "Julie!" She had never walked away from her like this before.

Julie didn't turn back around and Susan slowly trailed her eyes up to Mike as he looked down at her, not knowing what to say until one thought came to him and maybe it might lighten the mood a bit or he hoped it would. "I don't think any of us is in the mood for that karaoke machine."

Susan couldn't even bring herself to even think about that moment. Her daughter had never been like this before, it was like a different person had come back... What had that place done to my Julie? "What has happened to my little girl?"

Mike thought for a moment on how to respond to that, but there was only one answer that came to him. "Looks like she is growing up fast."

"Too fast!" Susan quickly added as she continued to stare up the stairs, expecting Julie to coming running back down saying it was all a joke, but Susan knew that wasn't going to happen... This was all very real!