This is my first Star Trek Fanfiction, but I am a huge fan of both the Original series, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, as well as the new films, and hence I've come to write this! I hope you enjoy :) Please review!

Note: Nagota is a planet made up by myself as I needed somewhere to start them off; Nagotan is the customary language of the planet and the people are known as Nagotans.

Chapter One: Nagotan Radioactivity:

"Captain's Personal Log, stardate 2260.04. The USS Enterprise, on her 5 year mission to explore new worlds and new civilisations is now approximately eight and a half light years away from Earth, my home planet. It has been three months since the re-christening of the Starfleet vessel after the horrific events surrounding Khan Noonien Singh and Admiral Marcus's corruption.

"So far we have visiting six new planets, exploring and recording our findings on the civilisations inhabiting them and their climate. As ever, my First Officer and close friend Commander Spoke has proven to be an invaluable source of regulation and logic, in fact in these three months the entire crew has done nothing but flourish and improve in their roles and to their duties.

"I have no doubt that we are all greatly scarred by the events concerning Khan and Marcus, we have all lost people we cared for... All lost someone close to us and anyone who dares to say they haven't is an intolerable liar to boot. My own, and only, father figure Captain Pike was killed, something which I am still coming to terms with. Everything that has happened has caused us all to grow up, even myself, I am no longer as selfish or as womanising as I was before my death encounter.

"If anything, sacrificing myself in the way that I did, has given me greater insight and wisdom than I could have gained otherwise. I finally came to realise that my crew is my family and, as Khan so rightly said, I would do anything for them. I have gained the full respect of my crew, my family and even Mister Spock, who finally came to the realisation that what is between us is friendship, something I believe he was unfamiliar with beforehand.

"However, some things have no changed necessarily for the better. As it is recorded in my medical records, Khan's blood was used to regenerate me after I was severely irradiated by the warp core of the Enterprise... I feel no different than before but at the same time I am concerned and have no desire to be told otherwise. For this reason I have, much to Chief Medical Officer McCoy's chagrin, been avoiding my medical checkups.

"I am also unable to stop thinking that in some way Khan's punishment was too harsh; indeed he massacred hundreds in his revenge campaign but... Having myself been subjected to doing the insane for my crew I find that I can better understand his motives and for that reason I have secretly tendered to Starfleet command my hopes of having a trial to consider his removal from cryogenically frozen state, to be released into my custody.

"As of yet I have not spoken to any member of the Enterprise's crew concerning my request, as I believe they would not understand my reasoning... Most of all Spock and Scotty who were two of the most deeply affected crew members by my temporary death. Mr Scott is still... Quieter after he came out of his unconsciousness to find me in the chamber leading to the warp core and Mr Spock is... Well he does a better job of maintaining control of himself but he has been more vocal about my apparent disregard for my own safety since he watched me die. I don't blame them... It's something I cannot begin to imagine... But this is something I know I need to do and I will see it through like I always do... No win scenarios don't exist, they never exist. And I am living breathing proof of that, and I intend to stay that way.

"... Kirk out."

Captain James Tiberius Kirk cut the audio link as he heard the sound of the door to his room decompressing as someone entered; he turned in his seat and sat back more comfortably as he saw his Vulcan friend walking towards him in his casual 'off duty' clothing, "Mister Spock! What can I do for you this evening?"

"Captain, Lieutenant McCoy has informed me that you have skipped your medical for the seventh time, I must insist that you attend for the sake of your own health." His First Officer stated as he kept his hands behind his back in a stiffened stance.

"At ease Commander," he said before he scoffed and brushed his words aside, "I'm fine Spock... I don't need to get a medical."

"On the contrary Captain, it is important that we continue to monitor the effect of Khan's blood on your body. It is only logical to have regular checkups to ensure-"

"Spock." He interrupted with a rub of his forehead, "Please just leave it. Sit down, make yourself comfortable, and let's have a game of chess."

"Chess?" he repeated, "Captain, forgive me, but I fail to see how a game of chess is going to help in getting you to the medical bay."

Kirk ignored him and pulled the glass chess set he had been given by Pike on the day of his promotion to Captain and set it up on the table between him and Spock, as the Vulcan decided after several moments to indulge him. He turned the set so that the white pieces were in front of Spock and waited for him to make his move.

They played in near silence, it was easier that way, and there was a subtle hint of understanding between them when they did so. Leaning forwards in his seat as he concentrated, Kirk rubbed his forehead again, closing his eyes as he felt the beginning of a headache coming on. He had been getting more and more headaches lately, he was certain it was down to stress and lack of sleep.

"It is your move, Captain." Spock announced after ten minutes.

"Thank you for pointing out the obvious." The other muttered before he nudged one of his pieces and took out Spock's only remaining bishop.

The two were interrupted suddenly by the bleep of the communication system, "Chekov to Captain Kirk, sir you are needed on the bridge."

"On my way Mister Chekov." The blond responded swiftly, pulling his yellow jumper on over his black shirt before he turned to his friend, "We'll have to conclude this later."

"Of course Captain." The Vulcan's lips twitched very faintly and Kirk swore as he saw he had been checkmated, "A rematch perhaps."

"You bet." He muttered before he ran out.

Upon reaching the Bridge and taking to the chair, Kirk was greeted by an incredible scene through the window. They were passing one of a newly discovered planet's suns (one of three) and it was spluttering whips of flame out into space.

"Mister Chekov your report please." His said firmly as he watched another belt of searing fire shoot off into the darkness.

The youngest member of the crew straightened in his chair and spoke quickly, his Russian accent thick but understandable as ever, "Yes Captain, about ten minutes ago the planet's largest sun began to become intensively hotter by approximately three thousand degrees, and has been shooting off solar flares ever since."

"Is it a danger to the planet?" he asked.

"It is possible that if the planet continues to heat up the planet's water supply could dry up, Captain. But there is no way of knowing for certain."

Kirk licked his lips in thought, "Nagota has just signed a treaty with Starfleet and has become a Federation planet... It is our duty to assist them. Mister Sulu, hail the planet's head quarters and given them a summary of events, tell them that we have the room, and are willing to evacuate their populace on board at their word." He decided.

"Yes, Captain." Came instant the reply.

Turning in his seat, Kirk glanced around for Uhura, frowning as he realised she was absent from her post, "Someone find Lieutenant Uhura as well please, she is able to speak Nagotan and will be able to calm the populace should they decide that evacuation is necessary." He ordered, covering his mouth with his hand as he closed his eyes and waited for a response from the planet's surface.

He was almost jolted from his seat when a sudden vibration hit the ship, juddering the walls and floors, hitting one of the many buttons on the arms of his chair he called down to the engine room, "Everything alright down there Scotty?!" he called.

"It is Captain, but I cannae guarantee it will stay that way! The warp core is being affected by some outside radiation sir, making it unstable. We should be fine, just don't go to warp." The Scotsman warned as he scurried around the heart of the ship trying to stabilise her.

Kirk blew out a breath and stood up as the ship rocked again, his eyes narrowing slightly as he looked out of the front screen at the sun, "Chekov what is the designated path of that flare?" he asked as his throat went dry.

"Which one... Oh... Aye aye aye..." the Russian began tapping at his desk swiftly, "That is not a solar flare Captain! That is a flare of pure radioactivity!"

"Shit, raise shields!" he commanded loudly.

Balling his hands into fists as he watched the lash of radioactivity wash over screen and through the ship despite the shields; he staggered as the orange-red mist ran through his body and filled him with a warm sensation he had not encountered in the warp core's room. The warmth did not last long, and without warning he was struck by the sensation of having his legs knocked from under him, his head began to spin so fast that he could no longer distinguish the floor from the ceiling and he felt a crash as he fell to the floor.

Concerned voices floated towards his ears but he couldn't quite make out what words were being spoken as he dropped his head back against the floor and allowed unconsciousness to take him.

Hours later, after the successful evacuation of Nagota, James Kirk woke up in the medical bay feeling rough and sore. He groaned as he saw McCoy hovering over him like a vulture and half wished he was still asleep.

"Bones..." he croaked out, "What the hell happened?"

"Well Jim, I would like to point out that this could have been prevented if you had turned up for your appointments like you're supposed to." The doctor began, "You alone were affected by that blast of radioactivity that came our way, and it is not exceedingly good news Jim."

"What do you mean?" he asked, his eyes now fully open with concern, "What do you mean not good news? And... Are you sure everyone else is okay?"

"Everyone else is fine, relax-"

"Relax?! You just said-"

Spoke appeared on the other side of the bed, "It would be wise to listen to the doctor before becoming agitated Captain."

"Don't agree with me Spock, it makes me extremely uncomfortable."

"I know, I recall you saying as much before." The Vulcan responded.

Rolling his eyes, McCoy looked back at his patient, "The radioactivity has done something... Triggered a dormant strand of DNA from Khan's blood... The DNA has been unrecognisable so far so Spock set a destination back to Earth so we can get you checked over properly."

"Slow down Bones, I'm still have asleep... What are you on about?"

Spock raised a hand as the doctor went to speak again, "Allow me to explain doctor," he offered, "Captain, as you know you were given a large transfusion of Khan's blood to regenerate your cells after the incident with the warp core. It was uncertain if it would have an effect on you aside from the healing speed. That is to say, when Dr McCoy asked you if you were feeling homicidal when you woke, he was being completely serious... We have no way of knowing if the blood would affect your personality and your physical form."

"So... You're saying that my exposure to the radiation from that sun has triggered a reaction from the blood?"

"Yes, Captain. We cannot be sure what sort of reaction and it must be looked into." The Vulcan confirmed.

"Great... I'm gonna be a lab rate again." He sighed and closed his eyes, "What are you going to compare the reaction against though? I thought you'd used all of Khan's blood up in the transfusion."

"We did..." Bones sighed heavily and wondered how best to break the news, "Starfleet have agreed to wake him up so we can use him."

"What?!" the blond sat up with no warning and started both the doctor and Spock, "They're really going to take him out of his cryogenic sleep?"

"Yes... We sent them a full report on what has happened and they agreed with very little difficulty..." the doctor responded.

"Although having said that," Spock said; his voice suddenly stern, "It would appear someone had already asked for him to be woken up... Captain?"

Kirk looked at his friend as he was pushed back down onto the bed and laughed, "Why are you looking at me Spock?"

The Vulcan hesitated before he decided to tell him, "I listened to your private log when you left to go to the bridge."

"You pointy eared bastard!"