Ack… Family!

By: ChickenGoddess

Gone Quickly as He Came

Arnold watched as his cousin's bus sped down the road and out of sight, taking Arnie back home with it.

"You know, his visit wasn't all that bad." Arnold commented.

"Was that before or after he started stalking me?" Helga asked.

"After." Arnold replied, taking her hand.

"Fine.  You win, Football Head." She joked affectionately.

"C'mon, let's go to Slausen's for a milkshake." He suggested.

"Sure.  I gotta talk to you about Tall Hair Boy." She said as they began walking.

"Gerald?  I thought you two were getting along?"

"Not that.  It's Pheebs." She clarified.

"Oh.  That shouldn't be a problem." He smiled.

Brainy watched this scene with a sigh… he was happy for Helga.  She had borne an emotional burden unequal to any of those in his class, and for five years nonetheless.  Yes, Helga was nothing short of amazing… and that's why it hurt.  Not so much as he had imagined, but part of him was empty.  The part that was accustomed to hearing her love rants and brilliant soliloquies in a dark alley or behind a dumpster. He missed getting his glasses broken… but she was free.  Free of the cage she had locked herself in since preschool, and he was grateful to see her as she was intended to be.

From behind the bushes, a soft sigh was heard.  He parted the foliage and saw none other than Lila Nates sitting on the soft green grass.

"Uh…" wheeze "Hey… Lila."

"Oh.  Hi Brainy.  I'm ever so certain that I didn't hear you come by." She said.

"Are you" wheeze "Ok?"

"It's Arnie…" She began.

Brainy listened attentively.

"I really liked him, liked him.  But he just liked me.  He liked, liked Helga.  But when she didn't like him, like him back, he just came back to me, but it wasn't the same.  I really thought that Arnie was my oh so special someone."

"I know," wheeze, "how you feel."


"I," wheeze, "loved Helga.  But she," wheeze, "loves Arnold."

"That must be oh so awful.  I'm ever so sure I know how you feel." Lila sympathized.  "You should talk more, Brainy.  I think you're ever so interesting."

"Uhh…you do?"

"I'm certain of it.  Would you like to see a movie with me?"

"Uhh…" wheeze, "sure."  It couldn't hurt.

Back home in familiar territory, Arnie lay on his bed, going over his visit in his mind.  Arnold was strange, but he was family.  His friends were even stranger.  Lila was ok.  Helga was Arnold's girl.  He guessed that she was just as weird for loving him.  He decided that he would save his questions for his next visit, snort, whenever that would be.

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