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The Doctor was never very good at being locked up.

He tapped his boot against the floor of the holding cell as the constable shot him a glare.

"Don't I get a solicitor or something?," he asked. "On telly, they always get a solicitor."

"Someone's already rung on your behalf."

"Really?," asked the Doctor. "That's promising. Did they say anything about my getting my bow tie back?"

The doors opened. A man in a conservative suit entered.

"Hello. I'm John Frobisher, the PM's office should have rung."

"That sweary blighter? Brilliant, he was," the constable snorted.

"The paperwork ought to be coming through momentarily."

"Well, it hasn't."

Frobisher stiffened. "Maybe you ought to go have a chat with your supervisor."

The constable grunted as he got up and left. Frobisher neared the Doctor's cell.

"You! Frobisher!," the Doctor stammered. "You're me! Why haven't I noticed you're me?!"

Frobisher looked him over closer. "Did I really have no eyebrows?"

The Doctor patted his hands against his forehead. "They're there!"

"The one before this one had great eyebrows," said Frobisher. "Those things had a life of their own. They had their own form of communication, like hula dancing. What happened to your bow tie?"

"The police took it. Wait, shouldn't you know?"

"Oh, right, all wibbly wobbly timey wimey," said Frobisher. "Maybe you should have thought of that before you snuck into that hospital nursery."

"I only wanted to protect Josh and Ella. Don't you have a screwdriver? Can't you break me out?"

"Oh, that would be a great idea unless I need the name John Frobisher. There's some paperwork coming through from the Prime Minister's office."

"And how did you do that?," asked the Doctor.

"I may or may not have worked there."

"Worked there?!"

The doors opened again and instead of the constable, the Oracle appeared. She stopped in her tracks.

"Oh, no," said the Doctor realizing she had immediately and not unexpectedly recognized her husband's future regenerations.

"Yeah, come back to me after the second time," said Frobisher.

The Oracle shook her head. "This is a new level of insanity, even for you. I commend you. I had scarce thought it possible. You, breaking into a nursery. You, getting a job- which, really, Doctor, a job- to get him out."

"I had to break into that nursery," said the Doctor.

"And why did you have to break into that nursery? Judoon? Slitheen? What?"

"I was protecting someone."


Doctor/Frobisher attempted to interject. "Oracle, you don't-"

"Who?!," she demanded.

"My son and daughter!"

"Your..." The Oracle shook her head. "No, that..."

"Oracle, please-" said Frobisher, taking her arm. She shook it away.

"How long?"

The Doctor shook his head. "You know better than anyone that I can't say."

She stalked out.

"Oracle!," called the Doctor. Her path was unchanged by his call. He turned to Frobisher. "What are you doing standing here?! Go after her!"

The Twelfth Doctor hurried after the Oracle on to the street. Years of being acclimated to another wife had him mentally preparing for a chase down the pavements, followed by shouting, culminating in a slap. As soon as he stepped out of the police station, the Oracle was facing the doors waiting for him.

He had forgotten how much he hated that about her.

"What is this?," asked the Oracle. "Why have you bothered with all of this? I mean, you have a job, Doctor. A job."

"There's a day coming and certain things have to be in place for it. I needed the job to help put them in place."

"What sort of day?"

"End of the universe as we know it."

"Oh, so the usual then."

"Well, it's not as if it's my fault!"

"The children you broke in to see. Are they a part of it?"

"Yes and so are ours and some others."

"And what do I have to do?"

"There's a woman you have to hire as a secretary."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, that's so. You're going to like her."

"Oh, good, I'm going to like her."

"She's not a replacement, you know."

"Hardly, I'm still here." She sat down on the steps. Frobisher slowly joined her.

"I'm not even nine hundred yet," said the Oracle.

Frobisher did something he hadn't been able to do in hundreds of years.

He took the Oracle's hand.

"Oswin! Get us this one!," said Josh.

Smiling, Oswin walked down the toy car aisle. "You know, I'm new to this whole Christmas thing, but I'm fairly certain you're not meant to tell people what to get you."

"We could play with it at school."

"How are radio controlled Monster Trucks going to help us at school?," asked Oswin.

"Those kids have never even seen Top Gear!," said Josh. "They need to learn about cars and things."

"I'll take that under advisement," said Oswin.


Oswin glanced over to see another little boy.

"Hi, Graham!," said Josh.

"What happened to you?," asked Graham. "Everyone said you'd been kidnapped by the Time Lords."

"I haven't been kidnapped," said Josh. "I live there now."

"With the Time Lords?"

"I sort of am one..." said Josh.

"You're a Time Lord?," asked Graham. "You're not even good at science."

"I know. It's much harder there."

Oswin let Josh chat with his little friend and then went to find Ella by the dolls. It was only then she noticed that there were some murmurs around them, emanating she sensed from a woman holding Graham's hand.

"Okay, guys, maybe we should move on to another shop," said Oswin.

"We were supposed to get a present for the babies," said Ella.

"I'm sure we'll find one."

"I wanted to get them those bears!," said Ella, pointed at a display of plush animals.

Oswin grimaced. "Okay, but you stay right with me while I pay."

The twins stood obediently while Oswin paid for the bears. Ella proudly held the carrier bag as they walked out.

"Come on, guys. Let's head home."

"Why's everyone staring?," asked Josh. "Do I have a bogey?"

Oswin strode purposefully out of the shop and unfortunately smack into a group of young men that seemed to be waiting.

"Why do you have those clothes on?"

"What?," asked Oswin.

"You're a Time Lord," said the man, fingering her red coat. "Why don't you wear Time Lord clothes?"

She smacked his hand away. "Time Lady and keep your hands off me."

The man chuckled. "Oh, you're an uppity bunch you are!"

"Get out of my way," Oswin said sternly. She was her mother's daughter and haughty was their thing. She put on the cold demeanor of a Time Lady.

"They just look like humans," said another man looking at Ella. Oswin didn't care for how they were looking at the twins at all.

"Get out of my way," she repeated.

"Or what?," asked the first young man, edging back up to her, leaving scarcely an inch between them. "What are you going to do about it?"

Oswin put out a thunderous kick that landed in his gut. She pulled back her fist to land a blow on his nose, causing it to gush blood as he crumbled to the ground. The crowd gasped and the other men in his gang backed off.

"Cool!," Josh exclaimed.

"That's what I'm going to do about it," said Oswin.

Just then, some policemen appeared.

"It's about time you show up," said Oswin.

"Come this way, miss," the officer said, taking her by the arm.

"What?," asked Oswin. "You're arresting me?! They started it!"

There was a truce at the Noble house. Donna didn't know how long it would last. Wilf had fallen asleep in the chair and Lydia had fallen asleep on the sofa. Anyone looking at them would have thought they were related by more than marriage. Donna and Sylvia were going through the boxes of baubles as Jenny and the Doctor worked on the Christmas tree.

"Why?," asked Jenny.

"Because it's a human midwinter custom," said the Doctor.


"Because they like to look at something green in the most barren, bleakest bit of the winter. It actually-"

"If they just want to look at something green, why don't they just set the tree in here? Why do we have to put things on it?"


"This just seems like one big marketing scheme if you ask me," said Jenny.

"Well," said Sylvia, looking at Donna, "doesn't she have the festive spirit?"

"Give her a break, Mum, I'd be cynical, too if I was born an adult," said Donna.

"When did you learn about marketing schemes?," asked the Doctor.

Donna's mobile rang. "Hello?" She paused. "Yes, this is Donna Noble."

"Of the House of Lungbarrow," the Doctor added absently.

"Wait, what's happened to Oswin?"

The Doctor turned and walked over.

"Yes, yes, my husband and I will be right down." Donna hung up.

"What's happened? Where are Oswin and the twins?"

"They're fine. Oswin's been arrested."

"What?!," the Doctor squeaked.

"I know. I thought if anybody was going to be arrested, it would definitely be Jenny."

Sylvia tsked. Donna raised her hand to her mother before words could come out.

"Did they happen to mention what was happening to Oswin?"

"She's getting processed."

"Fingerprints?," asked the Doctor.

"I suppose-"

"Oswin can't be fingerprinted."

"Why can't Oswin be fingerprinted?," asked Sylvia.

The Doctor grabbed Donna's hand and they hurried out the door.

Sylvia looked at Jenny. "So they expect me to entertain you, I suppose."

"Well, I'm not here to entertain you," said Jenny.

"What exactly is the problem?," asked Donna as the Doctor was putting her in the car.

"There may be another Oswin. Technically, there could be one anywhere across my time line, but suppose there's one in Britain in the early part of the twenty-first century and suppose she's already been fingerprinted..."

"Then Oswin would know."

"The Oracle and I always agreed she would never know. That she would have her own life, that we would treat her as nothing less than our daughter."

"But you still haven't met the first Oswin," said Donna.

"We've got to move fast."

"I'll call Mister Frobisher," said Donna.

"Do you think he can help?"

"He's always doing this sort of thing."

"What sort of thing?"

"I don't know. Weird Time Lord requests."

"Well, good enough for me," said the Doctor. "Allons-y!"

Oswin sat in the interrogation room, waiting. It had been hours while they insisted that she had assaulted the man.

Well, technically.

The officer came back in.

"Your name, miss?"

Oswin frowned. "Oswin of the House of Lungbarrow."

"We ran your fingerprints and it says that you are Clara Oswald."

Oswin shook her head. "Who's Clara Oswald?"

The officer put a printed sheet with a picture in front of her. It was her, but with an array of details that belonged to someone else.

"No, see, this isn't me," said Oswin.

"It looks like you."

"But it's not. I'm not an eighteen year old from Lancashire. I'm a Time Lady from the planet Gallifrey. Something's wrong with your system, I could take a look if you like. I'm good with computers."

"Why are you lying?"

"I'm not lying. Look, this Clara, why don't you ring her and see. Since she's obviously not me."

"I will. Shall we both have a listen?," the officer asked, putting his mobile on speaker.

He dialed the number as Oswin sat confidently.

"Hello?," someone asked in her voice.

"Yes, may I speak to the father of Clara Oswald?"

"This is Clara Oswald."

Just then, a more senior looking officer and Mister Frobisher came in.

Oswin pointed at the phone. "Who is that? Is this some kind of trick?"

"What?," asked the girl on the other end.

"Who are you?!," Oswin shouted. "What is going on?"

Frobisher stepped in and ended the call on the mobile.

"Oi! Who do you think you are?," said the offended junior officer.

"Come with me," said the more senior officer, leading him away.

Oswin stared intently at the sheet of facts. She looked at Frobisher as he sat down. "Who is this? What's going on?"


"Do you know? Do you know who she is? Why she looks like me?"

"Why would I know, Oswin?"

"Because my mother would have known. My mother knew everything and you worked for her and if there were a copy of me running around this world, at this time, she would have known the reason and you worked for her. You two worked very closely. You knew everything."

Frobisher waited. Oswin bored holes into him.

He let out a long, deep sigh and took off his glasses.

"She's not a copy of you."

"Then what is she?"

"She's an ordinary girl, well, not quite ordinary. The question you ought to be asking is what are you?"

"What I am?," Oswin asked in disbelief.

"One day, Clara Oswald will meet the Doctor. She'll travel the stars and stare down gods and fight monsters and one of those days, she is going to step inside his time line."

Oswin frowned. "If someone did that, though, they would be scattered like confetti across time."

"Yes," said Frobisher. "Copies of her will appear throughout the Doctor's time line. She'll come back in different forms, but always the same girl."

"How is she the same girl?"

"Because the souffle isn't the souffle," said Frobisher. "The souffle is the recipe."


"She'll come as a Dalek. A governess. Most of the time, he won't even notice she's there. Then one time, she appears as his daughter."

Oswin was speechless, trying to process.

"Because that's who you are. Oswin, the girl who floated into Gallifrey on a leaf."

"No, no, no..." said Oswin, shaking her head. "I'm the daughter of the Doctor and the Oracle. I was born!"

"Yes, you were born, but so were all the others and you were born in the midst of the Great Time War, where no life should have started."

"But my dad, he, he-" Oswin stammered.

"He what?"

"He fought for them, I know he did. He fought so hard to save me from the battlefield. Why would he do that if I was just a copy?"

"They aren't just copies, Oswin. You aren't just a copy. You were his child."

"And why didn't they tell me?," asked Oswin.

"Because you're not ready."

Oswin started sobbing, collapsing in her own tears. She was surprised to find that Frobisher was holding her.

"What are you doing?," she asked uneasily. She paused steadying herself and she heard something.

"Two hearts," she said. "Why do you have two hearts? You're not a Time Lord."

Frobisher stood back and Oswin looked him in the eyes. What she realized made her bolt out of her chair.

"You're my dad," said Oswin. "Or the Doctor-"

"I am still your father, Oswin."

"Why haven't I ever noticed?!," she screamed. "What else have you been lying about?! All this time. Crossing your own time line!"

"You haven't even seen time line crossing yet."

Oswin shook her head. "This Clara. Why would she step inside your time line? Why?"

"To save me."

"That day," said Oswin. "That day the Chancellory Guards came for me. I was supposed to save you. I knew I was supposed to save you."

"That's now how this works."

"Why didn't you just let me?," asked Oswin. "You moved the planet to save me!"

"That wasn't the only reason."

Oswin shook her head. "What am I? I'm not anything, I'm just-"

She realized that the Frobisher Doctor's hands were on her face.

"Dad, what are you doing?"

"Your family still needs you, my impossible girl and you're nowhere near done yet."

"What are you doing?"

"You're not going to remember this."

A few minutes later, the Doctor and Donna nervously waited with Josh and Ella in the lobby of the police station.

"Does Oswin know Kung Fu?," asked Josh.

"I don't think so," said the Doctor.

"Do you know Kung Fu?"

"I know Venetian Jiu Jitsu," said the Doctor.

Before Donna could question the Doctor on what exactly that was, Frobisher appeared with Oswin, all smiles.

"Here she is," said Frobisher. "Not a mark on her."

"Oswin," said Donna in relief, hugging her. She released her so the Doctor could have his turn. "Oh, thank you, Mister Frobisher."

"I told you to call me John."

"Well, thank you, John. I don't know how you managed it. Did you have to get that scary man from number ten?"

"I don't know if I would say scary. Misunderstood, perhaps."

"Well, thank you," said Oswin.

"Yes, thank you very much," said the Doctor.

The Doctor glanced back at Frobisher as he left with his wife and children and couldn't quite understand why the man looked so melancholy.

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