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Uncharted Waters

Chapter One

"Look at him, Look at me,
That boy is bad,
And honestly,
He's a wolf in disguise,
But I can't stop staring in those evil eyes,"

Monster - Lady Gaga

Elena groaned and buried her head further into the pillow as the alarm clock on her bedside table rung off next to her for the third time. She knocked the alarm clock off the table, effectively silencing the annoying screeching and rolled over onto her back, grateful for the peaceful silence that filtered the room. It wasn't like she didn't like getting up for work in the mornings, in fact she loved waking up for work. What she didn't love was being woken up by an alarm clock that sounded more like a ticking time bomb. It wasn't the most soothing of sounds considering she'd encountered her fair share of bombs in the past. Looking down to the broken clock on her floor, she quickly moved to the bedside table and picked up her phone, checking the time.

She almost let out another groan as she took in the time flashing on her phone. Well wasn't that just was wonderful. She had about an hour and half to shower, get dressed and make it halfway across Manhattan if she wanted to make it into the office on time. Of course she'd find a way to make it happen though, she would just have to make some sacrifices to her morning routine, which would most likely be her morning coffee... again.

Elena inwardly groaned at the fact that she would be drinking the stale coffee back at the office and not her recently bought fresh cocoa beans from France. Funny enough, she'd not even had the chance to try them because for one reason or another she never had the time to have a decent cup of coffee for what seemed like forever, in fact this was the first time she had woken up in her own bed and not the comfortable office chairs for almost a week; all thanks to Damon Salvatore.

Damon Salvatore was the bane of her life. Debatably, the most renowned White Collar criminal to ever not be caught, he was cocky, arrogant and was on the top of Elena's very own personal F.B.I's most wanted list. As well as being confirmed as the man who forged Raphael's 'The Deposition of Christ', which had an estimated value of over ten million dollars, he was also suspected of committing many other crimes ranging from theft, breaking and entering to forging other priceless antiques and paintings, while also being involved in some of the most famous bank robberies and art gallery thefts in the world.

Elena's mind wandered to the Raphael painting. He'd even had the nerve to sign it, almost as if he was sending out a personal invitation to me, one saying "Come catch me, if you can". The small 'DS' insignia was blended into the colors with the faintest black so that you could barely see his initials and it took our top analysts weeks to catch the tiny, insignificant difference from the forgery that he made to the exquisite original. However, she had a gut feeling that the small game of spot the difference was just a test that he'd given the F.B.I, to see if they were a challenge or threat towards him.

She was given his case two years ago when the agent who handled the case before her, Agent Matthews retired at the healthy age of seventy two. To this day, she still remembered the small portion of advice he'd given her before walking out the door on her first day.

"Good luck catching him. The man is a ghost."

Those were Agent Matthew's famous last words that had stuck with her through the years. He wasn't lying when he said them either. In the two years that she'd been chasing Damon as her main case for the bureau, the closest that she had ever been to him was merely knowing that he was in the same city as her. The man was a chess player and planned five moves ahead of everyone else, making it almost impossible to catch him. She had to learn that the hard way a long time ago.

After showering and getting dressed into a pair of smart black trousers, white linen shirt and a black blazer, Elena was ready for another day of "pointlessly trying to catch thin air" as one of her best friends, Caroline, put it. She wasn't wrong though, that's what it seemed like with Damon.

Maybe if she was lucky, she'd be given another small case on the side. A priceless painting robbery or something, anything to just get her mind off Damon Salvatore. Elena enjoyed taking on the small cases. They were like the word-searches that you would find on the back of a newspaper or inside a magazine to her. Nothing too hard, just something to get her mind going. To give her brain a small rest from thinking about him.

Elena quickly checked the watch on her wrist, as she bounced into her kitchen. She had forty-five minutes to get to work and if she cut through Fifth Avenue, She would probably make it there in thirty minutes if she left now. Before rushing out of the apartment, she quickly picked up an apple from her fruit bowl for the journey before her eyes landed on the small document, resting on the surface of her kitchen counter.


Her fingers glided over the sheet of paper. In hindsight, you'd think that if anything were to count as a distraction, it would be the divorce of her husband. But the cruel reality was that her job was much bigger than her personal life in a sense.

If she took five minutes out of her life to weep over her failed marriage with Matt, then that's five minutes breathing space for Damon or some other criminal to cover their tracks and disappear for good. Elena's job was to put criminals behind bars, and she was pretty damn good at her job too. Her record was squeaky clean with the exception of Damon Salvatore, but soon, she'd also be adding his name to her list of convicted criminals. He was bound to slip up soon, he wasn't inhuman.

He made mistakes too and she had to make sure she was there breathing down his neck when he did. After all, she can't be there to catch him when he does, if she's at home crying into a tub of ice cream over losing the man she loved.

The best way to probably describe her and Matt's relationship was that he was her high school sweetheart. They met in sophomore year when his family moved to her small town of Mystic Falls and it didn't take long for them to become best friends. For a year they skirted around each other as best friends, growing more and more attracted to each other as the days passed. Then in Junior year, Matt had finally plucked up the courage to ask her out and they'd been together ever since, until now.

They sailed through the rest of high school happily together and when Matt learnt that Elena wanted to study in New York, he switched universities to study law and they began their new life in the Big Apple. Elena thought that she was going to spend the rest of her life with Matt, that was until she found him in bed with one of his associates April, one day after she came home early from the office.

Shaking her head and pushing the memories of her and Matt's relationship to the back of her mind, for when she had a private moment, she picked up her car keys. Locking the door and climbing into her Ford Taurus, Elena made it to the FBI headquarters quicker than expected. It probably had something to do with the desire to work that was bubbling up in her stomach, she needed that distraction now more than ever to take her mind off her shitty personal life and work seemed like the perfect solution.

The bulky security guard, Kevin buzzed Elena past into the elevator as she gave him a small smile in appreciation. On the ride up in the elevator, she fidgeted with the classified folder in her hands. The folder that held information on a new con-artist that was making his way around New York, albeit not very discretely. Hopefully, when she presented the folder to Elijah, he'd let her take the case. Elena was fed up of trying to catch a ghost. She needed a case that she could solve. A win.

The elevator tolled it's arrival at the twenty-second floor and Elena walked out as the doors slid open with a bounce in her step. She was completely confident that Elijah was going to let her take this case. After all, she hadn't heard anything concerning Damon in weeks so she could only assume that he was laying low, which meant that they had no chance of finding him at the moment.

"Elena, thank god you're finally here!" A dark-skinned woman exclaimed as Elena walked out of the elevator.

"Why, what's wrong Bonnie?" Elena asked, Bonnie's voice making her nervous. It must have been a damn good reason if Bonnie of all people was on edge. She was usually as cool as a cucumber.

"It's Damon. He's in New York."

"What? Why didn't anyone tell me?" Elena snapped a little too harshly at her friend. The fact that Damon was even in America was a miracle, let alone New York. The last that they'd heard of him, he was in Istanbul and by the time they could react to it, he'd already relocated. While Elena was glad she'd finally have a shot at catching him, she couldn't help but wonder why exactly he was in such a high profile city if he was meant to be laying low and trying to avoid them. Especially the city where the main F.B.I Headquarters of the White Collar division was set-up in.

"He was spotted in JFK Airport last night by their CCTV cameras. But the facial analysis only came in ten minutes ago, I was just about to call you."

Elena sighed and mentally kicked herself for blowing up on Bonnie. "I know. I shouldn't have doubted you and I'm sorry for snapping, Bon. It's just this is our chance to get this son of a bitch behind bars. Could I see the photo that CCTV brought up, please?"

"Sure here you go, 'Lena. Don't worry about it hun. I get it, after two long years were finally gonna nail this guy!"

Unable to contain her excitement, Elena matched Bonnie's bright smile with one of her own. This was it, after two long years on a wild goose chase after a man who seemed almost impossible to find, they finally had the chance to catch him. It almost felt surreal, like she was dreaming. Elena looked down to the photograph that Bonnie handed her, it was almost unfair really that a criminal like Damon could be so handsome. The photograph was in black and white but you could still make out his chiseled jawline and that incorrigible smirk that she'd seen plastered on his face in so many pictures before.

He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a leather jacket with a 'New York Yankees' baseball cap that was impossible to miss on top of his head. Over the two years that Elena had been chasing Damon, if there was one thing that she'd learnt about him, it was that he was the most arrogant man that she'd ever seen in her life and she couldn't quite figure out whether the baseball cap was just because he was excited to be back in New York or whether he was taking a small jab at her. She liked to think the latter though; he was in her city after all and this was probably just another twisted way for him to taunt her. It sure as hell looked like he wanted Elena to know that he was in New York, with the way he was looking directly at the cameras with that annoying smirk of his. It sure as hell wouldn't be the first time. They'd been stuck in this dance for the past two years, trying to stay one step ahead of each other.

"Donovan, get in here!" Elijah called from outside the conference room, his familiar British accent echoing through the busy floor.

As Elena walked to the conference room, she was finally able to observe the rest of the floor. It was in utter chaos with everyone rushing around in what she assumed was to prepare a manhunt for Damon. Everyone in the White Collar division seemed motivated to help catch the man who had evaded them for the past four years. Hell, there were probably people who had been here longer than her that wanted to see Damon brought to justice even more than she did.

Elena walked into the conference room and shut the door behind her. Inside the room were the usual team of Bonnie, Caroline, Klaus and the new guy, Mason. There were also a few others in the room dressed in US Marshal uniforms but she already expected they would be here, this was a city-wide manhunt so of course the US Marshals were going to be informed about the situation. She sure as hell wasn't going to let them take the credit for this bust though, Damon Salvatore was all hers.

"Right then, now that you're all here. As many of you know, Damon Salvatore was spotted at JFK yesterday. Now, judging on past experiences with him, we have roughly a seventy-two hour window to catch him before he disappears again, possibly for good." Elijah informed everyone, his voice taking a rather unusual professional tone to the laid back one he usually used, which probably had something to do with all of the US Marshal's in the room.

With a click of a button on the remote he had in his right hand, the electronic whiteboard on the wall sprung to life with two different pictures of the man in question staring back at them. On the left was a photograph taken in color, obtained from a source that they acquired a while back, one that used to hang around in the same crowds as Damon. While on the right was the picture taken from the CCTV cameras from the airport yesterday.

Elena looked at the picture of Damon on the left. She quickly came to the conclusion that black and white photographs didn't really do the man justice. His onyx, black hair was dishevelled and looked messy, almost as if he'd only just gotten up from out of bed and even in the photo you could make out just mesmerizing his eyes were. That along with the chiseled features and the faint stubble that ran along his jaw made him a sight to behold. It was too bad the guy was a criminal.

"Thanks for the pointless introduction, Special Agent Smith. But we already know who this asshole is, so if you could just step aside and let me and my men take care of this mess so we can all go home to our loved ones, that would be much appreciated." A blonde man interrupted arrogantly as he stepped forward, his US Marshal badge glistening in the sunlight that radiated through the windows and Elena found herself struggling not to roll her eyes at the guy.

He was the typical US Marshal who thought that they owned the place.

"That's a generous offer John, but Elena has it covered. Damon's been her case for two years, you're here for backup if you remember correctly." Elijah replied smoothly, effectively stunning the blonde man into silence.

Elena didn't know who this John guy thought he was, going up against Elijah like that. He wasn't head of the White Collar division for nothing. While he was calm and collected now, Elijah was known to be a man that you didn't mess with as Caroline had explained to her the day she transferred from Washington.

"Exactly! Two years and she still hasn't gotten the job done." John protested and Elena thought that it was about time that she stepped in to show him who was the most prepared to catch Damon. Sure she'd been chasing him for two years and she'd hit dead end after dead end, but she did pick up a few things about him in the meantime. She was certain that she knew more about Damon than anyone else in the building.

"Okay then, John. If you think you're more informed to catch Damon Salvatore, where's the first place that you would look for him?" Elena asked sweetly, trying to keep the malice out of her voice. Who could seriously blame her though? The guy was trying to kick her off the case she'd worked her ass off for two years for.

"Start with seedy motels obviously. The guy's on the F.B.I's Most Wanted List, he's going to want to stay out of the public eye and in the shadows." he replied, an arrogant smile plastered on his face, his whole body language screaming confidence.

She had to admit that if this was any other criminal, that would be the first thing that she would probably do as well. But this wasn't just any criminal, this was Damon. He was cocky and he sure as hell wouldn't stick to the shadows, he'd be wining and dining at the most expensive restaurants just to piss her off. He'd probably sent her photographs of it all as well the arrogant bastard.

"First of all, let's try to ignore the fact that there are probably at least one hundred 'seedy' motels in New York, not only do we lack the resources to cover every motel, it would also be a waste of time." Elena informed, a little too smugly for her own good but who cared, the guy deserved all the embarrassment he got for doubting her.

"And why's that, Agent Donovan?" She could practically hear his teeth grinding together in frustration as he bit the words out.

"Because while we're searching the underbelly of Manhattan's accommodation, Damon is going to be laughing at us as in five star hotels like the Four Seasons."

"Don't be absurd! Those types of hotels have ID scanners, so any fake ID he tries to pass off as his own will be denied. Not to mention his photograph is all over the New York Times!"

"You're underestimating him, John. He's a forger. A perfect one at that, possibly the best. He forged Raphael's 'The Deposition of Christ' and it took our specialists months to find the small, significant detail separating it from the original. Would you like to know what it was?" Elena asked rhetorically, mostly because she just wanted to get her point across as quickly as she could. "His signature. He signed the damn thing. Trust me when I say this... Damon could make a perfect passport or driver's license in his sleep."

Elena watched as several emotions passed over his face before his stern expression quickly returned. Hopefully that would be the end of it, she had proved to him that she knew more about the case than he did; knew more about Damon than he did. John had no chance in hell of taking charge of this case anyway, it was an F.B.I investigation after all. She had no idea why he was being so difficult.

"Look. I couldn't care less about any of that art crap that you guys specialize in. It's my job to catch criminals and If I'm not mistaken, it was you guys who called us." he replied, that massive ego he had making another appearance.

"Yes, we called you in because Damon's evaded us for years and this is probably the only chance we'll have to ever catch him. So we need the extra man power. But don't think for a second that you know this case better than I do!" Elena forced a smile. Her patience with him was really wearing thin. With the morning she'd had and now this guy showing up acting as the be all and end all, the urge to punch someone was overwhelming her. It wasn't even midday yet and she could already tell that she was going to need a drink or two by the end the day.

"Fine have it your way! But if he escapes again then it's on you guys, not us." he sneered before storming out of the room, followed by the other US Marshals in the room.

"Wow Donovan, who knew you had such a bitch streak in you!" Mason chirped in as they left the room, leaning back in his chair with a shit-eating grin on his face.

"You haven't seen anything yet, Lockwood." Elena snapped, not the mood for Mason's snide remarks.

She hadn't known Mason for that long, but in the time that he'd transferred over to this division from Boston, she hadn't really taken to him. He was a good agent, reliable and quick on his feet but the way he held himself in such high esteem irritated her a little more than she cared to admit. It wasn't that she didn't like him. He was just the type of guy that she could only take in small doses before he started pissing her off. Not to mention that he thought he was God's gift to all women.

"Well if you weren't such a dick all the time, she would." Caroline replied, coming to Elena's defense.

"Oh bite me, Caroline."

Elena tried her best to zone out of another classic Mason and Caroline argument and turned towards the window. The view from the conference room was spectacular and as she looked down to busy street below which seemed to be full of life, she couldn't help but ponder that Damon was down there somewhere. He was back in the city, but that didn't exactly narrow down his location. Manhattan was huge, let alone New York. He could be anywhere...

There had been so many missed calls between her and Damon that she was more than determined to catch him this time. Even though she wouldn't admit it, the one advantage that they did have over him were the US Marshals. If they could find his location, it would be near impossible for him to slip them with the whole F.B.I White Collar Division and United States Marshal Service breathing down his neck. Maybe a stroke of luck was in their favor for once, maybe all of the hard work Elena put into this investigation would finally be worth it.

By time four in the afternoon came around, Elena was seriously contemplating banging her head on the desk repeatedly. After hours of checking CCTV cameras, re-visiting past accommodations that he'd used and running his aliases through their systems, they'd still come up with nothing. She was starting to second guess whether Damon was actually in the city or whether the guy in the pictures was just his doppelganger or something, because there was absolutely no sign of him anywhere in the city whatsoever.

The stress of the whole operation was starting to get to her, not that she would admit that out loud though. If she of all people, for one second admitted that she was slowly losing faith in finding Damon, then what kind of effect would that have on the rest of the team?

She couldn't think like that. This was her operation and she'd be damned if she let anyone else in the division see her sweat.

"Elena! Atticus Shane just called, apparently someone broke into his private vault. It could be Damon?" Bonnie breathed out as she came bursting into Elena's office.

Atticus Shane was the CEO & Founder of Shane Enterprises, a pharmaceutical company that was apparently on the verge of creating a new vaccine that could battle various illnesses in foreign countries. He'd made millions of dollars over the past few years producing various medicines and sprouting other theories that were apparently going to make the world a better place.

To the outside world he looked like the perfect golden boy, the journalists only praised him as they couldn't dig up any dirt on him but the F.B.I knew better, the guy just had one hell of a PR team.

About a year ago, they caught wind of a money laundering scam that was rooted deep within Shane Enterprises. One of the companies' employees came to us when she uncovered the scam while going through the financial records. They sent Caroline in undercover and aside from the fact that Shane repeatedly came on to her, she found a small amount of evidence that indicated the possibility of Atticus himself being the one guilty for laundering money out of his own company's charitable funds.

Unfortunately though, they had to pull Caroline out of there when her cover was close to being blown. Within a week, Shane Enterprises underwent 'staff inspections' and their other inside woman, the one who found the scam in the first place was conveniently fired from her job due to apparent 'budget cuts', leaving them with a nice brick wall in their faces and having no choice but to close the investigation temporarily.

So yeah, to hear that Atticus Shane had millions of dollars potentially stolen from him didn't bug Elena as much as some people might of thought.

"It's definitely him!" Elena announced, rising up from her chair and quickly picking her blazer up from the desk. She was more than ready to head straight over to Shane Enterprises to get some answers. She didn't know why, but she had a distinct feeling that this was Damon Salvatore's handy work. It fit his M.O. perfectly. Damon liked a good challenge and if the rumors that she heard about Shane's personal office from when Caroline was undercover were true, breaking into his private vault would definitely be the type of challenge that Damon would thrive on.

They were out of the office faster than lightning as they began descending the small set of stairs that led from Elena's office to the rest of the floor. They were almost at the elevator when a bubbly, loud voice screeched through the whole floor, bringing them to a stop right in front of the doors.

"Elena, wait!"

Elena spun on her heels to face the perky blonde that was approaching her, a smile on her face that could light up the whole of Manhattan. "What's up, Caroline?"

"We literally just got the weirdest call ever. Some anonymous woman called and said she knew exactly where Damon Salvatore was. She gave us an address and everything..." the blonde quickly unravelled and with the speed that she was talking at, Elena barely caught Damon's name being mentioned.

"Caroline, slow down! What did you say about Damon?"

"We have a potential location."

Although Elena had her suspicions about the anonymous phone call they received, she didn't stop for one minute to question if the information was reliable. There just wasn't enough time. Besides, what were the chances of someone calling about Damon, on today of all days anyway? As soon as Caroline told her the address, Elena rounded up the team and assigned everyone a key role in the take-down.

Mason was quickly on the phone to the US Marshals, making sure that they were at the F.B.I's or rather Elena's command. By time everyone was geared up and ready to go, it was the biggest man-hunt that the F.B.I White Collar division had assembled in over twenty years.

They were pulling out all of the stops to make sure that the investigation didn't go south. Elijah had made a few calls to a few friends of his in NYPD and had somehow managed to create a roadblock on all of the main streets surrounding the address. Although they were careful not to place them too close to the apartment Damon was holed up in otherwise he'd be able to sniff them out immediately.

While some people probably thought that all of the extra precautions that they were taking were ridiculous to say the least, but four years of evading the F.B.I while being hunted relentlessly made these precautions necessary. Facts didn't lie and Damon's track record with them was impressive. Impressive enough for Elena to pull out all of the stops to ensure that he didn't slip through her fingers again. If this mystery woman's information was correct and Damon was where they thought he was, then that meant he wasn't expecting them.

Damon's pattern was usually one in which he kept moving about until he knew he was safe. After that, he usually kept a low profile for a while, and that seemed exactly what he was doing now. In a few hours, word of Atticus Shane being robbed would hit the news nationwide and the whole city would be thrown into a frenzy as to why the city's golden hero was robbed. Shane had friends in high places; he probably had enough power to have the most of the NYPD helping him if he wanted.

Now if Elena were in Damon's shoes, she'd probably lay low for a while until everyone were distracted enough with the news about Shane before making her escape.

So if Damon was staying in one spot, that meant he thought he was safe, untouchable. Which meant that for once, Elena had the jump on him.

But if this whole operation went sideways, then she had a feeling that he would disappear for good. With how fast they caught on to him when he arrived back in New York, he wasn't stupid enough to come back if he somehow managed to escape today. Elena couldn't help but fear that if they lost him today, they'd lose him forever.

Once everyone knew their role, they were soon on their way to the address that they were given. Elena's hands were clammy as she tightened her hold on the steering wheel, a nauseating feeling brewing in the pit of her stomach. This was it. Two years of hard work and dedication, a small promotion and a failed marriage later and she was finally on the verge of catching her man. The sudden realization was both terrifying and exciting at the same time.

Elena came to a stop a block or two away from the building that Damon was meant to be in. She thought that it was probably best that they moved in on foot to reduce the chances of Damon catching on to the fact that they were closing in on him.

As they approached the block of apartments that Damon was meant to be holed up inside of, Elena raised her fist in the air, motioning for Bonnie and the small group of F.B.I agents behind her to stop. She reached inside her blazer and pulled her Glock 21 handgun out of her holster. She knew that Damon wasn't known for using firearms or other weapons but she couldn't take the risk. If he tried to run or attack them, she wouldn't hesitate for a second to put a bullet in his leg.

Elena couldn't stop her heart from beating a mile a minute as she ascended the stairs and stealthily made her way to apartment room 2AB, the room that Damon was apparently in. She paused for a second as her hand rested on the door handle and looked to Bonnie for a moment. Her friend shot her a small, encouraging smile before nodding her head to the handle. Surprisingly, the door was unlocked and Elena used the weight of her shoulder to swing the door open. Immediately she raised her gun in front of her and crept through the hallway, the small team of F.B.I agents following behind her.

"It's about time you lot got here." A velvety voice echoed through the apartment, startling everybody into raising their guns towards the source of where the voice was coming from.

They carefully approached the room, keeping their guns firmly aimed in front of them. The suspense was starting to get the better of Elena as she started moving quicker and quicker to the entrance of where the mysterious voice originated from. When she finally made it to what she supposed was the living room of the apartment, a small flicker of a switch engulfed the room with light, disorientating her eyes for a quick moment.

Once her eyes adjusted to the blinding light, she quickly focused on the dark haired man sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. She quickly took a sharp breath of air as she finally laid eyes on the man who she had dedicated the last two years of her life to. A man who was essentially a stranger to her. But yet, as she stared into the most incredible oceanic blue eyes that she'd ever seen before in her entire life, she felt as though she'd known him for a lifetime.

"I guess this would be a bad time for me to ask for a cigarette, huh?" The man slurred slightly as he raised a glass to his lips, downing an amber liquid of some sort.

"Put your weapons down guys." Elena replied, holstering her handgun. He was clearly not in a state to struggle against them so there was no point in making this uncomfortable for him with about fourteen different guns pointing in his face.

The man's eyes zoned in on her and as they took in the sight of her, Elena felt herself feeling very uncomfortable with the way he was staring at her as if she was a piece of meat and the hairs on the back of her neck standing to attention. The man slowly stood up from the chair, using the armrest to help balance himself when he almost fell back down. He swayed slightly on his feet before holding his hand out to her with an incorrigible smirk on his face.

"Elena Gilbert, I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting before. I'm Damon."

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