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The leaves were rustling and the grass was swaying in the wind. That wasn't what made Naruto's ears twitch though. The sound flicked to the other side of his head and his ears twitched again. Naruto didn't want to get up. He was too comfortable, curled up against a tree with soft grass beneath him and the sun's rays keeping him warm. It was the perfect day for a catnap but something was keeping him awake now. Naruto kept his eyes closed. Maybe, if he kept pretending he was asleep, the thing trying to wake him would go away. He was wrong. The next thing he knew, something was flicking at his ear once and then a second time.

He shifted; turning to the other side in attempt to get away from the disturbance but again, it wasn't to be. Hands with sheathed claws grabbed at his shoulders and tossed him from his place. Naruto opened his eyes but all he saw was grass and sky as he tumbled from the throw. Once he was able to regain his balance, he propped himself on all fours, his red, oversized ears pulled back into his hair as he let out a low growl. Staring back at him, one of his blue ears sticking up from his black hair and cocked back in a questioning look was Sasuke. He was in his black jacket like shirt with it's zipper on the front and skinny black pants, sitting where Naruto had been taking a nap. Dropping his growl, Naruto perked his ears up and looked around, wondering if Sakura was around.

"Dobe." The Uchiha called out. He watched the blonde disinterestedly as Naruto dusted off his orange and black jumpsuit and happily strode back to the tree with his tail raised high. Leaning down, the blonde lowered his head as Sasuke craned his neck upwards to have their slightly flat noses meet briefly and sat down next to the dark haired male.

"Don't call me Dobe, Teme." Naruto shot back after their moment of greeting. Sasuke shrugged his shoulders and sighed. "So where's Sakura?" The blonde male watched as Sasuke shrugged noncommittally and flicked his ears around, his long, sleek blue tail swishing back and forth against the grass.

"Why do you care?" Sasuke asked. Naruto didn't answer him, focused on the Uchiha's tail as it moved back and forth. Glancing over, Sasuke could tell the blonde was mesmerized by his tail and flicked it teasingly up at the blonde's face. Naruto pounced but Sasuke was quicker, Naruto's face hit the ground and the Uchiha smirked. The blonde's fluffy orange and white tail flailed from side to side as he looked up to weakly glare up at his friend. Sasuke smirked before flicking his tail at Naruto's face and watched as the blonde made another grab for it with both his hands.

"Kakashi is staying over at Iruka's so you're sleeping over tonight." Sasuke flicked his ears back again as the blonde growled playfully and tried again to catch Sasuke's tail. Said Uchiha raised his tail and watched the blonde roll onto his back, raising both his hands to swipe at the long, black tail.

"Oh, does Iruka know yet?" Naruto kept his eyes trained on the still moving tail, reaching up for it whenever it came close enough to his hands.

"Probably not." Sasuke dropped his tail down and snorted when the blonde got a face full of silky blue fur. Naruto spluttered and rolled over to sit up, his orange tail curling around him. Once again, the blue eyes settled on his friend's tail and Sasuke rolled his eyes. "You're not a kitten anymore, Usuratonkachi."

"It's still fun." Naruto didn't lift his eyes from Sasuke's tail. Swishing his tail to his other side, Sasuke watched the blonde look longingly at the disappearing tail before perking up again and smiling at his friend happily. "So are we going to go eat with Iruka and Kakashi for dinner?" Sasuke nodded. He turned his attention to the field, staring out into it as he returned to his thoughts.

"It's spring, every girl and woman in town is going to be crazy." Sasuke didn't look back over to the blonde as he spoke but Naruto glanced over to the Uchiha anyway.

"Yeah, nothing like a village wide heat to get the season started." Naruto giggled and wagged his tail wildly. It hit Sasuke's arm softly, jerking his dark haired friend out of his thoughts and their eyes met. "Are you going to pick one this year? Settle down and have lots of little Uchiha kittens with pink hair and green eyes-Ack!" Naruto bristled and swiped at the hand that was painfully gripping his tail against the ground. The blonde glared up at Sasuke who was glaring right back down at him, Naruto's ears pressed backwards against his head. Getting angry, Naruto growled and protracted his curved claws from the small natural holes in the skin of his fingertips underneath his short fingernails. Attempting another, more dangerous swipe at the Uchiha's hand on his tail, Naruto watched in relief as Sasuke released it before he could scratch the hand.

"Not Sakura." Sasuke muttered over the other male's growling. Quickly pulling his tail to the other side of his body, Naruto stopped the low rumble in his throat and warily eyed his friend before retracting his claws.

"Don't do that, bastard. You know I hate it." Naruto grumpily bared his teeth in a half-hearted snarl before dropping it. The wind rose and both fell into silence, Naruto huffily trying to ignore the Uchiha as long as possible and Sasuke was brooding like always. Suddenly, Naruto's frown dropped and his ears flicked back upwards at full attention. "Why not Sakura?" Sasuke's tail dipped into his own lap and he flicked the end of it up every now and again, eyes narrowing slightly as he soaked in the question.

"If you want her, go get her." Sasuke told the blonde. Naruto rolled his eyes and sighed.

"You know almost every girl our age is prowling town to see if they can't get to you first. It's been that way since we've been old enough to mate." Naruto tried to hide his grin as Sasuke's tail and ears twitched in annoyance. "And besides, this is Sakura we're talking about. Everyone knows she wants you." Grinning deviously, the blonde sat up on his knees and raised his hands to press his hands down the Uchiha's head, in between his ears. He knew this would piss Sasuke off as he pressed down on his friends' ears in the way that would make him react. Just as Naruto expected, Sasuke's hands grabbed the collar of his shirt and flipped him onto his back. Mid-toss, Naruto started to laugh, choking on his laughter as he hit the ground and smiled up at Sasuke who was staring down at him emotionlessly.

"I don't want Sakura." Sasuke told the blonde with venom lacing the undertone of his voice. Naruto continued to smile up at Sasuke who rolled his eyes and leaned backwards, kicking the blonde away from him. The kick wasn't hard and Naruto rolled over with it, still smiling and stopped on his stomach, quickly getting up onto his hands and knees.

"But why, Sasuke?" What's wrong with her? She's perfect! Well, maybe if she had bigger boobs, you know? Like Ino's, or even Hinata's! They are huge!" Naruto clambered back over to the Uchiha, leaning against the tree as Sasuke looked over to the blonde, giving him another irritated look.

"You have issues, Usuratonkachi." Sasuke looked away again, a smirk barely formed on his lips. Naruto grinned cheekily at the Uchiha and his eyes trailed over to Sasuke's tail, which was still tapping against his thigh thoughtfully.

"Not really." Naruto's eyes rose and fell with the tip of Sasuke's tail. "I am getting pretty hungry though." The blonde dropped himself onto the Uchiha's lap, reaching for the soft blue tail. Sasuke flicked his tail off his lap and grabbed the scruff of Naruto's neck to toss the blonde off of him.

"Let's go eat then, Dobe." Sasuke stood up, giving Naruto a nudge with his foot before walking off towards the village. Naruto scrambled to get up, grinning as he followed his friend a few steps behind him. Sasuke was a pretty feline for a guy; Naruto knew it wasn't just because of his pedigree that practically every female that was single went after him. He was a Russian Blue and the only one in Konoha but with his raven black hair, healthy pale skin, and sleek, shiny fur, he was a catch for any female who wanted beautiful kittens. It didn't matter he was a complete bastard and his guardian was an enormous pervert.

Kakashi Hatake, a Japanese Bobtail Calico with mix-matched eyes, white hair and shortened tail. That was Sasuke's guardian but the man hardly ever paid attention to him. Back when they were younger, Kakashi would leave the Uchiha alone most days until he and Naruto's own guardian started dating. Iruka had found out and dragged both Sasuke and his guardian over to his and Naruto's house for dinner. It happened nearly three times a week for the past couple years now.

The blonde started to purr when he started to think about his own adoptive parent, a dark skinned and brown haired seal point Balinese, named Iruka Umino. Kakashi had once told Naruto that Iruka was a traditional Balinese and when the blonde asked what that meant, the older male just ruffled his hair and told him that Iruka was even more special than other Balinese cats. As they got closer to the village, Naruto's mind drifted from his adoptive parent to himself. He was so different from his brown haired, brown-eared caretaker. His ears so orange they almost looked red against his blonde hair and his tail was mostly orange instead of having the mix of orange and white that was common in a red point Burmese like himself. With an overly exaggerated sigh, Naruto ran up the dirt road until he caught up with his friend who had been steadily getting away from him.

"So are you going to pick a mate this season? We've been adults for forever now and Kakashi's been telling you to get one for almost a year." Naruto clasped his hands behind his back and turned around as he slowed to a walk to face Sasuke as he walked backwards.

"He just wants me out of his apartment so he can convince Iruka to move in with him." Sasuke responded. He slipped his hands in his pockets and watched Naruto let one of his ears cock to the side as his expression growing troubled.

"But what about me? Where am I going to live if Iruka moves in with Kakashi?" The blonde pouted.

"With your mate." Both of Naruto's ears drooped and he looked down to Sasuke's feet.

"Iruka says I'm still too young to leave home but," Naruto hesitated. "I don't think anyone wants to mate with me." The blonde didn't bother looking up to see his friend's blank stare as he immersed himself in sorrow. Suddenly, Naruto watched as one of Sasuke's feet moved forward abruptly. Sasuke caught the blonde's foot under his and put weight on it.

"Wah!" Naruto tried to move his foot but only succeeded in losing his balance as the Uchiha pinned it to the ground. He fell over as Sasuke stopped in front of him, landing on his ass roughly. Naruto could feel his ears twitching upwards as his tail thrashed against the ground in annoyance. Looking up, Naruto frowned and attempted to jerk his foot free from Sasuke. The Uchiha wouldn't let it go though; he put more pressure on the blonde's foot as he leaned over.

"You want Sakura, don't you?" Sasuke's voice was normal, completely devoid of any emotion as always. Naruto flattened his ears against his head and watched as one of Sasuke's ears twitched, annoyed by the blonde's silence.

"Ye, yeah." Naruto managed to get out. He bit his lower lip, his overly sharp canines bringing a sharper pain than the rest of his teeth.

"Then go for her." Sasuke said. He stepped off of Naruto's foot and stepped around the blonde who scrambled up to grab at Sasuke's elbow. He would have tackled the Russian Blue to the ground but he didn't want to start another fight for dominance so close to dinnertime. The Uchiha was the dominant male between them and had no issues grappling with the blonde and forcing him into submission.

"But she likes you." Naruto pointed out as soon as Sasuke's head turned to his caught arm. He looked down at the blonde who was on his knees in an attempt to stand back up.

"I already told you, you can have her." Sasuke raised his arm and helped the blonde up before shrugging him off. They continued to walk; Naruto's tail rose high and wagging back and forth as the village slowly rose up from the field of tall grass.

"You think she'll let me?" Naruto asked suddenly. Sasuke didn't look over, his ears didn't twitch and he just kept walking as if the blonde hadn't said anything at all. "Sasuke, don't ignore me. Teme!" The blonde whined out his nickname for the Uchiha only to receive silence in return. Huffing in annoyance, Naruto dropped his tail and let his ears turn outwards. The rest of the walk into the village and to Naruto's favorite ramen stand was quiet; the blonde didn't want to try to make the Uchiha answer him while every female on the streets was watching them. There was a hint of heat pheromones in the air and even the small amount was making Naruto nervous. By tomorrow the streets would be thick with the smell and single women would be prowling as men fought over them.

In normal circumstances, it wouldn't be so animalistic. Actually, it was when heat started that most social norms were pushed into limbo. Kakashi had once tried to explain it to Naruto when he was still a kitten and ended up scaring him so bad he was afraid to leave his room for a week. At that point, Iruka had set the facts straight. Heat was when females were ready to make babies and they let out estrus hormones, which made males excited and made them want to mate. It was consensual and if they didn't want to make babies they had stuff called 'contraceptives'. Iruka's explanations were much more welcome than Kakashi's more explicit descriptions.

Speaking of Naruto's adoptive parent, Iruka was standing outside Ichiraku's ramen shop with Kakashi, blushing as the white haired Bobtail leaned in and kissed the Balinese male on the lips briefly. Naruto could see that Iruka was wearing all black, long sleeved shirt and pants with his black sandals. Kakashi was wearing a sleeveless blue shirt and black pants, the collar of his shirt pulled over his mouth and nose though both his eyes were visible.

"Iruka!" Naruto called out. His tail rose high and he dashed over to the two adult males, Sasuke keeping his pace at a walk. Iruka jerked his head away from Kakashi and his blushing face broke out into a large smile. He took a few steps forward before he had his arms full of the blonde Burmese. Naruto couldn't help but laugh as he pressed his nose against his adoptive parents' nose and the long thin scar across it.

"Naruto! Did you find some catnip?" Iruka asked. Naruto shook his head and pulled himself away from the dark skinned male, cocking his ears up as he looked over to Kakashi who nodded to him in return.

"No, I couldn't find the patch but I took a nap underneath the old tree down the road." Naruto let his tail flail from side to side and ended up hitting Sasuke's arm when the Uchiha stepped up behind them. The blonde looked over happily to his friend, catching sight of the ramen shop as his stomach growled on cue.

"Hungry?" Kakashi asked. Naruto nodded vigorously and darted into Ichiraku's, leaving everyone else to follow him. The blonde dropped onto his normal stool and spun it, grinning in excitement as he watched the world twirl around him until Sasuke grabbed the bottom of his stool and brushed Naruto's tail away from his seat next to them. Iruka took the other seat next to him and Kakashi stole the seat on the other side of Sasuke. Teuchi came over and took their orders, all miso ramen and left the four to their own devices for a few minutes. "Found a mate yet, Sasuke?" Kakashi immediately asked.

"Kakashi! He's too young for a mate." Iruka spluttered out and Naruto looked from Iruka to Sasuke and Kakashi who were unaffected by his outburst.

"I don't want a mate." Sasuke suddenly spoke up. The sound of the finality in his voice made Naruto flick his ears back. Naruto glanced up at Iruka whose ears were halfway flattened against his ponytail.

"That's why I keep asking." Kakashi shrugged his shoulders and reached over to pat Sasuke on the head between his ears. Sasuke shook his head and tilted his head away from his guardian, scowling.

"Well then I guess you can keep Naruto company this week. He gets a little stir crazy being stuck indoors." Iruka leaned over the counter, smiling kindly as Naruto frowned.

"But Sasuke is always mean during heat! He's going to pick on me!" Naruto complained only to have Iruka hit him on the head. The blonde whined and let his ears droop.

"Be nice, Naruto." Iruka scolded him before continuing to talk to Kakashi. The blonde raised his hands up to his head, rubbing the spot where Iruka had hit him. It didn't hurt too badly, his adoptive parent would never really hurt him but it still poked at his ego that the older male still treated him like a kitten. Suddenly, the tip of a blue tail caught the blonde's attention. It flicked back and forth from the corner of his eye and Naruto turned his head, following its movement with his eyes. Slowly, he reached out with his hand to swipe at it only to have it swish just out of the blonde's reach.

His focus was completely on the tail, he didn't hear Iruka and Kakashi talking or when Teuchi told them their food was ready as he placed it on the counter. So when the tail darted in front of his face, Naruto lurched after it in delight, a grin on his face as he fell from his chair. It wasn't until after he collapsed on the ground he realized that Sasuke was already being mean to him because what gave it was away was Sasuke smacking Naruto's face with his tail. Bristling in anger, the blonde bared his teeth and let out a growl as he scrambled to get back on his feet. He glared at the Uchiha but before he could tackle the dark haired male, Iruka grabbed the scruff of his neck and pulled him back onto his seat.

"Behave yourself, Naruto." Iruka told the blonde. He kept his grasp on the loose skin at the base of the tan neck to keep Naruto from starting a fight with Sasuke.

"He started it!" Naruto yelled out. He glared at the Uchiha who was eating his ramen almost too innocently. Sasuke didn't look up but the blonde could see his smirk and started to growl again until Kakashi leaned over behind Sasuke.

"Your ramen is getting cold, Naruto." The Bobtail had closed his eyes, most likely smiling if his lower face wasn't covered. Naruto stopped growling, sullenly giving his friend one last pointed stare before turning to his bowl of ramen. Iruka let the blonde's scruff go and picked up his own chopsticks to eat. They ate in a loud silence, all four of them at one point slurping their noodles or broth. Kakashi finished first; being so quick he didn't let anyone see his face, which was normal. Naruto followed soon after, picking up his bowl to suck down the last remnants of his broth.

"Can I have another bowl? Pretty please, Iruka?" The blonde asked. He tilted his head and batted his eyelashes twice, giving the Balinese male the innocent kitten look.

"Naruto, you had three servings of ramen for lunch." The brunette didn't even look over at the younger male as he pulled his noodles out and blew on them. "I think you've had enough for an entire week." Iruka listened to the blonde sigh dramatically before pushing his bowl away. Naruto crossed his arms on the countertop and rested his head on them.

"I'm still hungry!" The Burmese whined. His ears flattened against his head and his tail drooped low. Naruto could hear Kakashi getting up from his seat but he didn't care to look over until he heard what the older male had to say.

"Teuchi, can you get Naruto another miso ramen? On me." Kakashi's voice brushed right up against his ear, a hand on his shoulder. Naruto raised his head, looking over to Kakashi with a wide grin. The blonde looked over to his adoptive parent victoriously, seeing the irritated mother hen look that the Burmese knew so well. He also noticed Kakashi's other hand move over Iruka's bowl of ramen before reaching up to Iruka's shoulder but he didn't think anything of it.

"Kakashi." Iruka started to berate the bobtail only to stop when the white haired male leaned in close to him. Teuchi nodded to the two adults, already preparing the second bowl of miso ramen.

"It's fine, Iruka, you can make him eat his vegetables for the rest of the week." Kakashi murmured into the Balinese's ear, making Iruka blush a little, his chopsticks dropping from his fingers and into the ramen bowl noisily. Naruto watched as Iruka jumped in shock, Kakashi quickly backing away, returning to his seat as Naruto frowned and let his tail slash across air angrily.

"I don't want to eat vegetables! I want to eat ramen! Ramen!" Naruto cried out. Iruka fumbled for his chopsticks, picking them up and putting a mouthful of ramen noodles in his mouth before chewing vigorously.

"You have to eat vegetables if you want to grow big and strong, Naruto, that and milk." Kakashi collapsed back into his seat, leaning over the counter to look at the blonde Burmese. The blonde frowned and made a disgusted face at Kakashi. He looked over to Sasuke who had been mostly quiet throughout the conversation. Sasuke was eating his ramen with a smirk and when he felt Naruto's eyes on him, he glanced over and lifted his tail into the blonde's sight, whipping it back and forth for a few seconds before dropping it again.

"I'll drink milk but don't make me eat vegetables, Iruka!" Naruto whined loudly. Iruka was trying to stop himself from blushing as Teuchi placed a second bowl of ramen in front of Naruto. The blonde was diving into the bowl with his chopsticks before Teuchi's fingers had left the bowl's rim.

"Kakashi's right, Naruto. You need to eat food more healthy than ramen." Iruka eyed the blonde as he devoured the bowl of ramen just as quickly as the first. Naruto pretended not to hear him, contemplating on new ways to convince Iruka to take him to Ichiraku's if he was trying to make him eat vegetables. Sasuke and Naruto finished at the same time, the Russian Blue setting his chopsticks down as the blonde lifted his bowl to his lips, slurping the rest of the miso liquid noisily. Iruka was poking at what was left of his ramen now; his body slouched over and face reddening.

"Iruka, you don't look well." Kakashi stated. He pulled out his wallet nonchalantly, setting his money down on the counter before standing, Sasuke following suit. Iruka pulled out his own wallet, looking over to the Bobtail with hazy eyes. "Do you want me to take you home?" Iruka shook his head, setting his money down before replacing his wallet in his pocket.

The Balinese man tried to stand up and faltered, his tail drooping low and he stumbled. Naruto got up and grabbed on to his guardian, ears perked up in curiosity. "Iruka? What's wrong?" The blonde asked. Then, Kakashi was next to Iruka, pulling an arm over his shoulder to help Naruto's guardian keep balance.

"I just, feel a bit strange." Iruka looked down to Naruto and tried to smile. "I think I need to lie down for a bit." Kakashi looked over to Sasuke who grabbed Naruto's arm in response.

"Come on, Dobe. We're leaving." Sasuke said. Naruto let his ears drop uneasily as he was pulled from his seat and out of Ichiraku's, Kakashi, half carrying Iruka, following behind him. Sasuke pulled Naruto in the direction of Kakashi's apartment while Kakashi helped Iruka in the opposite direction. The Balinese was tripping over his own feet and would have fallen if the Bobtail hadn't been holding him up.

"Will Iruka be alright?" Naruto questioned. He turned to Sasuke who was now practically dragging the blonde behind him. Sasuke's ears twitched backwards at the sound of Naruto's voice and flicked them back quickly.

"Yeah, Kakashi is probably just doing something underhanded." At this, Naruto pulled himself out of Sasuke's grip and walked with the Russian blue, his tail raised.

"Underhanded? What did Kakashi do to Iruka?" Naruto cried out. He watched Sasuke but behind his friend, several women turned their attention to them, the smell of heat a bit thicker than the blonde remembered from earlier.

"I don't know." Sasuke responded. Naruto watched him blink but the blonde wasn't satisfied with the answer, he stopped walking and turned around.

"I'm going home to Iruka." He got three steps before Sasuke had grabbed the scruff of his neck and forced him to turn around. "Let me go!" The Burmese growled. He flicked his ears back angrily, baring his teeth to the Uchiha as he was forced to walk forward.

"No, you can't go to your house tonight." Sasuke adamantly told him.

"Why not?" Naruto growled. He put his hand on Sasuke's arm, his claws barely protruding from underneath his fingernails.

"Because Kakashi and Iruka are going to mate, Dobe." Sasuke stated. He answered like the answer was obvious and Naruto was an idiot. Naruto retracted his claws, blinking in bewilderment.

"But Iruka and Kakashi are both male, I thought mating was between a male and female." Naruto said in bewilderment. He looked up to the Uchiha with wide eyes, watching as Sasuke rolled his own obsidian orbs.

"You mate with whoever you want to, Dobe. They don't have to be the opposite sex." The Russian Blue was getting irritated, his voice having an edge to it that warned the blonde to stop. "What do you think they meant when they said they were together, idiot? They even said they were in a serious relationship." Naruto blinked, looked down to the ground as Sasuke continued to pull him down the street by his scruff. The blonde didn't respond to the dominant male's jibe and let his mind wander to other thoughts.

"Oh, do you have someone you want? Kakashi asked you but you said you didn't want a mate so is the person you love a male?" Naruto started to ramble in his questioning, his tail rising at the talk of mates.

"I don't love anyone, Usuratonkachi." Sasuke spat out the word love and Naruto flicked his ears at the venom. The hand on his scruff tightened before he was thrown forward. Scrambling to keep himself upright, Naruto turned around to see the Uchiha walking up to one of the buildings, the apartment building that Kakashi and Sasuke lived in.

"What about Kakashi?" Naruto yelled out. He ran after the Uchiha, racing up the stairs until he was next to him. "He's been your guardian forever, and what about Iruka? You've got to love him!"

"I'm surprised you didn't try to include yourself, Dobe." Sasuke pulled out his key and unlocked the door, stepping inside and leaving the blonde Burmese to follow and shut the door behind him.

"You're my rival in love, Teme! I'm not gonna let you steal Sakura away from me!" Naruto excitedly took off his shoes, running around the apartment with his tail waving wildly behind him. Sasuke followed at a slower pace, watching the blonde with a predatory expression.

"I already told you, I don't want Sakura." Sasuke told the blonde. He watched the Burmese jump into a chair in the kitchen and then got off, deciding he would sit on the couch in the living room. There was no wall between the two spaces so Naruto wriggled in his seat, already bored.

"And I already told you, she wants you." Naruto darted from his seat, moving to jump on the couch, grinning and mischievous. Sasuke watched him, knowing an attack from the Burmese was inevitable; the question was when he would strike. It happened quickly, Naruto jumped on top of him, claws out and teeth bared. Sasuke knocked the blonde's face away from his neck with his forearm as he used his body to topple Naruto to the ground. They landed with a loud thud, Naruto beneath him. Claws were digging into his shirt but barely grazed his skin, giving away that the blonde was just playing with him. Naruto's orange tail brushed against leg again and again, the blonde still grinning when he reached up with one hand to push the at the Uchiha's face.

"Are you done playing around, idiot?" Sasuke asked. Naruto shook his head, attempted to roll them both over only to have the Uchiha growl warningly. His blue furred ears were flattened against his head, showing that he was in no mood to play around. Huffing in defeat, Naruto frowned, his tail dropping from its playful movement.

"Don't call me idiot, Teme." The blonde started to sulk and he dropped his hands to the floor. Sasuke got off the blonde and walked away, his blue tail swaying behind him.

"I'm going to take a shower first, don't go into Kakashi's room like last time." Sasuke looked back over for a few seconds, making sure the blonde nodded before disappearing down the hallway. Naruto got up, dusting himself off and looked around. Kakashi and Sasuke's apartment was small, plain, and simple. Naruto had been there dozens of times already but he was always curious about what they had in their kitchen because it was different every time. The last time he had been in their apartment, all that was in the kitchen were some cans of catnip, moldy fish in the fridge and empty ice trays in the freezer.

This time though, as Naruto poked through the small area, he found the fridge relatively well stocked with food, snacks and chips in the cupboards. At the top of one of the cupboards looked to be a container of candy. Naruto's ears perked up at the thought of candy and he scrambled to get on top of the counter. He was halfway standing up on the counter before he had the glass jar in his hands. The lid of the container had a sticky note on it, telling him that if he took one he was dead. It was Kakashi's handwriting but he really wanted some candy and the Bobtail wouldn't notice if just one piece of candy disappeared.

Naruto opened the container, picked a piece of the white candy and popped it into his mouth. He was about to bite into it when he tasted it, foul and not sweet at all. This candy really sucked so instead of biting into it, he swallowed it, shoving the lid of the jar back into place. There was no way he going to take another one. Bleh. Getting off the counter, Naruto decided to make his way to Sasuke's room and goof off in there until it was his turn to take a shower.

Iruka didn't know how he made it back to his apartment. He felt hot and his stomach felt queasy, like he was going to throw up at any minute. Naruto wasn't there, he briefly remembered them separating at Ichiraku's. He felt a hand on his forehead and opened his eyes. Looking down at him was Kakashi, his mismatched eyes looking down at him with what Iruka assumed to be concern.

"How are you feeling, Iruka?" The bobtail asked him. Trying to reassure his friend, Iruka smiled and nodded. Kakashi didn't seem to be convinced, raising a hand to his forehead before lowering it to his neck. Iruka moved his head, closing his eyes at the touch. He felt like he was burning up, his whole body feeling sore.

"Strange, hot, I don't know what's wrong with me." Iruka murmured. The hand moved down his neck onto his chest and he started to wonder, when had he taken his shirt off? The hand brushed his nipple and the Balinese jerked, whimpering at the sensation. His breathing was growing labored as his lower region started to throb, what was happening to his body?

It was while he was in the shower when Naruto started to feel strange. At first he thought it was just the hot water but even as he turned the shower knob to the cold side, his body still felt hot. He finished his shower under the cold stream and managed to get into his boxers before he couldn't take it anymore. Something was wrong with him, he was hot and his lower body ached. He was breathing heavily, trying to stop himself from shivering. The air was freezing against his heated skin. If he asked Sasuke, he would probably know what was wrong with him and what medicine he could take.

"Sasuke!" Naruto whined when he opened the door. The Blue Russian looked up from the book he was reading. He was in a white shirt and black shorts, his tail on his lap with his black hair still damp. "I don't feel good." Naruto covered his chest with his hands, the cold air making him shake.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked. He set his book down but didn't get off the bed, raising an eyebrow at the blonde's wetness. "If you don't dry off properly you'll catch a cold for sure." Naruto bit his lower lip; he didn't want to move, not even to get a towel.

"I'm hot, like really burning up and my stomach hurts. Sasuke, I feel really strange." Naruto whimpered. He shifted from one foot to the other wincing when his body began to ache even more. Sasuke finally got off the bed, strutting pass the blonde and into the bathroom. He came back out with a towel and dropped it on the Burmese's head.

Naruto jumped at the touch, turning his head to look at the Uchiha who walked past him again. Sasuke dropped back onto the bed and picked up his book again without giving the blonde a second look. Naruto bit his lower lip again to stop it from quivering and reached up to the towel. He felt nauseous but Sasuke wasn't going to help him like he thought and so he attempted to dry himself off, disheartened. The base of his tail was starting to itch and he scratched at it to get momentary relief. Rushing to dry himself off, Naruto finished and dropped the towel on the floor. He jumped on the bed, making the Uchiha look up from his book as he was jostled. Naruto dove under the blanket that Sasuke had out and curled in on himself with his knees tucked under his chest. The base of his tail was still itching and he slashed it back and forth against the bed.

"Dobe," Sasuke kicked the blonde's huddled form gently before getting off the bed again. Naruto peaked from under the blanket to see the Uchiha pick up the towel. "You're a slob." Naruto made a noise at the back of his throat, watching the Russian Blue return the towel to the bathroom. The blonde pulled the blanket over his head and curled in on himself even more. His base of his tail itched so much it hurt and his stomach felt so nauseous he thought he was going to puke. "Dobe." The blanket muffled Sasuke's voice but Naruto didn't respond, he felt awful. "Dobe, Naruto!" Sasuke called out, louder this time. The blanket was pulled from his grasp and off his body. Naruto whimpered, curling his body tighter, he looked up with his blue eyes to see Sasuke above him, his stare intense and for a moment, the blonde thought the heartless Russian Blue was worried for him.

"Leave'm 'lone." Naruto murmured. He watched Sasuke frown before grabbing Naruto's wrist. The blonde gasped as the Uchiha forced him to sit up before grabbing his hair and pulling his head back. Naruto whimpered, his ears flat against his head as the dark haired male sniffed his neck. This didn't seem to satisfy the Uchiha because when he pulled away he shoved Naruto on the bed, face down. Naruto looked behind him to see Sasuke sniffing down his back and then his ass. Suddenly, Sasuke grabbed his boxers and pulled them down. Naruto squeaked and whimpered, the boxers had caught on both his length and tail and jerked them roughly.

"Su'ske," The blonde watched as the Uchiha lowered his face, sniffing at his behind. The sudden attention on his ass made the blonde feel even stranger and he tried to get rid of the feeling. He pushed at the bed with his feet in a rhythmic motion, his tail slipping out of the hole in his boxers, lifting in the air and then towards the side. Naruto watched Sasuke pull away, his expression troubled.

"You smell like a female in heat." Sasuke's voice was calm but Naruto's ears jerked upwards at the sound, the feeling of fear settling in his stomach. Sasuke stood up, looking the blonde over with a look of complete confusion.

"But I'm a male!" The blonde cried out. He was scared and he could feel tears choking him. He was a male so why did he smell like a female? What was wrong with him? "Sasuke, why?" Naruto looked to the Uchiha for an explanation.

"What did you eat?" Sasuke reached forward and grabbed the Burmese's chin, forcing their eyes to meet. "Tell me, Dobe." Naruto swallowed thickly, tears threatening to fall.

"R-ramen," The blonde hiccupped. "And, and candy." He watched the Uchiha's expression darken and cringed. The itching feeling at the base of his tail returned and he pushed his feet into the bed again, his left and then his right, kneading the mattress with his tail flipped to the side.

"What candy?" Sasuke asked brusquely. Naruto bit his lower lip and tried to turn his head away. "Naruto, what candy did you eat?" The Uchiha's voice was harsh and dominant, making the Burmese shudder and cringe.

"The candy in the cupboard, at the top in a glass jar." Naruto whispered. Sasuke dropped the blonde's chin and got off the bed. He watched the Russian Blue walk out of the room and started to whimper. His body ached and the base of his tail itched so bad he kneaded the bed with his feet over and over again. Naruto heard Sasuke come back into the room and he looked up, the jar of candy in the other male's hand.

"This isn't candy, this is medication." Sasuke set the jar on his desk and ripped the sticky note off the front, glaring at the blonde. Naruto cringed again.

"Medication?" The blonde asked shakily. The dark haired male nodded, sitting back down on the bed next to Naruto. "What kind of medication?" Sasuke shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, watching the blonde wiggle his hips as he pushed at the bed with his feet.

"Probably the sort of medication that makes you act and feel like a female in heat." Naruto whimpered at the Russian Blue's response.

"How, how long do you think it's going to last?" Naruto gave his friend a big eyed stared, the fear still in his system. Sasuke raised his hand, and ran it through the blonde's hair, rubbing the orange, oversized ear with his thumb. The Burmese yelped and tilted his head upwards towards the hand, his tail flipping from one far side to the other.

"I don't know, a few hours, probably longer. You don't look like you can handle much more though." Sasuke watched the blonde writhe on the bed, breathing heavily and kneading the bed with his feet.

"I can't, it feels so strange!" Naruto whined. Sasuke dropped his hand and gave the blonde a long, strange stare. "Is there something I can do?" The blonde asked. Sasuke kept staring at him, his eyebrows furrowed downwards and lips set in a troubled frown. Standing up, Sasuke left the room again and Naruto waited for him, kneading his feet and wiggling his hips. When Sasuke returned, he had a small bottle in his hands and a determined expression. Naruto suddenly felt embarrassed, closed his legs and felt a heated shiver race up his spine. Sasuke sat back down on the bed, holding the tube in his open palm. He seemed to be debating something and when he suddenly turned to the blonde, Naruto jerked back in surprise.

"There is something, but I don't know if it'll work." Sasuke's eyes were concerned and the blonde blinked, disbelieving it.

"Please, just try it." Naruto whimpered.

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He saw murky colored spots cloud his vision and then nothing.

Kakashi was pressing down against him, holding onto him so tightly he couldn't really move. Iruka wriggled, whined and moaned until he managed to free a hand and grabbed at the Bobtails' back. He heard the male above him hiss and growl until Iruka finally realized he had his claws out and retracted them. Kakashi's back felt wet and he knew it was more than just sweat but he had lost any idea of thinking. His whole body was aching, no longer unbearably hot but his head still felt fuzzy. Iruka opened his mouth to cry out, scream, anything but he couldn't tell if he made a sound, his chest heaving and ears pounding in sync with the beat of his heart.