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Sasuke wasn't sure what to expect when he woke up the next morning. Naruto was cuddled up beside him, purring softly with the tip of his tail gently wagging back and forth. His first thought of when this had first happened the day before, when he had realized that he had taken advantage of the blonde twice. He remembered the seizing feeling in his chest when he thought he had raped the Burmese male and realized that the idiot was purring in his sleep.

It was different this time around though, Sasuke had been the one taken advantage of, sort of. Naruto had taken another of those pills and had been spouting nonsense about the Uchiha actually liking him. Naruto had taken the pill though, that hadn't just been him. Frowning, Sasuke felt the urge to push the blonde away but he stopped, remembering the way the Burmese had taken it and how their adoptive guardians had freaked out. Rather than dealing with it all over again, Sasuke tried to think of why he would want to mate with the blonde without the pill.

He was annoying, acted like he was still a kitten; the blonde was an idiot, falling for the same taunts over and over again. Naruto was male on top of it all and it wasn't like they were mated for life or that the idiot would have kittens. This was just a one-time thing, a little something more to tack onto the description of their relationship. Huffing indignantly, Sasuke tried to find a reason why he didn't find that acceptable.

Naruto shifted, his unconscious purring stopping as he started to wake up. Sasuke watched him, the way his ears flicked back and forth, how his tail straightened before he stretched his legs out and opened his bleary blue eyes. The Russian Blue watched as the blonde raised his arms above his head and stretched, the way he rolled over onto his hands and knees, arching his back, lazily grinning like he had just awoke from a midafternoon catnap.

"Mornin' Sasuke." The blonde mumbled. Sasuke blinked in response and stiffened when the Burmese leaned over him, pressing their noses together. "I'ma take a shower, I feel all gross." Naruto jumped over the Uchiha and sauntered into the bathroom attached to Sasuke's room, shutting the door behind him.

The sudden lack of the object of his thoughts helped the Russian Blue become more aware of his surroundings and physical state, like how gross he felt, sitting in his own dried sweat. Naruto had gotten to the bathroom first and would be at least ten minutes longer than Sasuke wanted to stay in this state. Damn the idiot for distracting him.

Naruto didn't seem interested in mating with Sasuke again and they spent the rest of the heat in Iruka and the blonde's apartment like they had in the past. It was as if those two days were just a dream and they had gone back to being friends. When heat was over, they didn't talk about what happened and Sasuke tried not to think about it, they were friends and it was only one time. Naruto would want to mate with Sakura and even a few other girls and he would also find someone suitable to mate, someone that he was even slightly attracted to. It would work out.

Sasuke knew he was a little irritated at this line of thought, he was possessive and territorial so the fact that he had made the blonde his and had let him go made him want to growl. He had tried to ignore the instinct, tried to think that he didn't care but every time the blonde hugged Kakashi or one of their friends, the anger started to curl around his stomach.

For instance, what was happening at this exact moment as he tried not to have territorial thoughts of the idiot, Naruto was latched onto Sakura and pressing his face into her shoulder as he whined about missing her this past heat. Sasuke watched as Sakura pried Naruto off of her and looked at him with obvious distain. She told him something; Sasuke couldn't really hear it over the fury buzzing in his ears. Naruto's ears drooped, his tail curling underneath his legs and followed the pink haired female's gaze right to the Uchiha and Sasuke's insides clenched up so hard he thought he had stumbled forward at the weight of it.

"Sasuke?" Sakura's annoyingly high-pitched voice quivered as she stepped closer to him. "Are you okay?" Sasuke glared at her. The pink haired feline tried to reach out to him and he started to hiss at her, the fur on his tail starting to rise.

"Don't touch me, ever." Sasuke growled at the girl. He stalked past her and up to the blonde, grabbed the Burmese's hand and dragged him away. "What did she say to you?" The Uchiha asked when they were down the street and far away from the pink haired bitch. Stopping, Sasuke dropped Naruto's hand and faced him, dominantly standing over the other male.

"She said that she didn't want to mate with me," Naruto started to fidget, his eyes darting from his hands to the floor and up to the Russian Blue in an obvious lie. Sasuke raised his eyebrow and flicked his ears back and the blonde dipped his head submissively. "And that no one would want to mate with me."

"What do you even see in her?" Sasuke questioned. The blonde's ears drooped and Sasuke ran a hand through his hair, frustrated.

"I-I don't know." Naruto mumbled softly. "She's just pretty." The blonde looked up to the dark haired male and looked away, his ears straightening.

"She is just pretty and nothing else, Usuratonkachi." The Russian Blue grabbed Naruto's chin and forced the blonde to look at him. "She doesn't care about you like I do, all she cares about is a person's pedigree." Naruto nodded in understanding, a blush starting to spread across his cheeks as he stared up into Sasuke's eyes.

"Oi! Naruto, Sasuke!" A familiar voice called out. Sasuke pulled away from the blonde, ignoring the twinge of possessiveness that made him want to drag the blonde away from everyone. Naruto was supposed to be his.

"Kiba!" The Burmese cried out. He turned to the sound of the voice and his tail flew up so fast, Sasuke wondered how the blonde would react to hearing his voice. The Abyssinian cat came into view, followed by Shino, whose breed he didn't know and Hinata, a British Shorthair with abnormally white eyes. "How was your first heat of the year?" Naruto asked the other energetic male.

"It was good, I found a good mate but we weren't interested in the same things." The brunette male rubbed his nose with his thumb, impressed with himself. Naruto practically ran to the male, pressed their noses together in greeting before the Burmese looked to the other two of his friends, orange furred tail wagging in excited delight.

"Oh, who was she?" Naruto asked in excitement. Sasuke slowly walked up to the group, eyeing the only female warily, knowing that she had liked the blonde ever since they were kittens.

"An older girl, Tenten." The thin tailed male proudly answered. This caught the Uchiha's attention and he looked over to the brunette, eyebrow quirked in curiosity.

"You mean one of Neji Hyuuga's friends?" Sasuke asked. "That's daring." Naruto looked from Kiba to Sasuke, his ears perked in interest at the conversation.

"Hey, she came to me." Kiba shrugged his shoulders, still grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Besides, it was one heat. It's not like we're partners now or anything."

"Like I said, daring." Sasuke grinned and twitched an ear. Kiba sneered at him.

"Well who did you mate with this heat?" The brunette male asked. Naruto's tail dropped like a rock, his face heating up as he remembered whom the Russian Blue had mated with.

"Who said I mated with anyone?" Sasuke retorted. He watched the blonde look up to him, confused and his ears flat against his head. How those big blue eyes wondering what the dominant male was doing. Sasuke looked back up to the Abyssinian, smirking, he lowered his hand discretely behind the blonde, searching for his tail.

"Is there a single female in this village that's good enough for you?" Kiba asked. Naruto flicked his ears and twitched his tail when Sasuke's hand brushed against it.

"No, there isn't." Sasuke wrapped his hand around the blonde's tail and tugged on it softly. The Burmese yelped and jerked around, he saw Sasuke's hand and then looked up to him, starting to growl.

"Stop it, Teme!" Naruto hissed and made a grab for the hand on his tail. Sasuke released his grip and raised his hand up, smirking down at the shorter male. "You know I hate that." Kiba, Shino, and Hinata were watching the two, all of their ears perked, Hinata's in confusion, Shino and Kiba's in a mix of wonder and amusement.

"S-s-so, did y-you m-ma-mate a-anyo-one, N-naruto?" Hinata stuttered out. The overly submissive female tried to look at the blonde but with her face bright red and tail curled under her legs, she didn't dare look up from the ground.

"Me?" Naruto asked. He blinked in surprise before looking to the Russian Blue, not knowing what to say. "Y-yeah, I found someone to mate with." The blonde's tail flicked in Sasuke's direction, brushing against Sasuke's for a quick second.

"Good for you!" Kiba laughed and reached for the blonde, wrapping his arm around the Burmese's shoulders and pulling him close. "You didn't get her pregnant didja?" Sasuke watched as the blonde started to blush again.

"No, no I didn't!" Naruto sputtered out. Kiba laughed and the blonde started to wriggle, fighting to get out of the brunette's grip. The Uchiha felt himself start to tense up as he watched Kiba playfully wrestle with the Burmese. "Kiba!" He growled and dug his feet into the ground, prying himself from the Abyssinian's grip.

"I'm just messing with you, Naruto, relax a little." Kiba chuckled. Sasuke glared at him, his tail flicking back and forth angrily. The male was touching his blonde. "You okay, Sasuke?" The brunette asked. Meeting the Abyssinian's gaze, he thought about answering him.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted and looked away. Hinata was still blushing, watching Naruto and Shino was just standing there, his glasses covering any and all eye movement. Finding that he had had enough conversation with these three, Sasuke turned and started to walk away. He had made it three steps before someone was wrapping their arms around his shoulders.

"Hey, hey, stick around for a few minutes. Hinata wants to ask Naruto something." Kiba muttered quietly. Sasuke flicked his ears back, listening to someone walking behind him. Looking back, the Russian Blue found Shino instead of the blonde.

"Ask him what?" Sasuke heard himself saying. Kiba raised an eyebrow and gave the Uchiha look that Sasuke could only describe as a nonverbal 'did you really just ask me that?'

"Hinata's been getting up the courage since last summer to ask Naruto about courtship, you know how traditional her family is about these things." Kiba continued to lead Sasuke down the street, farther away from the blonde and the Hyuuga female.

"She wants to mate with him." Sasuke murmured quietly. He didn't need to look over to know the brunette was nodding. Courtship was for the old families, a relationship that extended beyond heat but held no actual mating during heat until they were married. It was something he was supposed to do whenever he found a female he wanted to have kittens with. Or at least, would have done if his family had still been alive to make him uphold the ridiculous tradition.

"Bingo, though why she picked our little blonde still doesn't make much sense." Kiba sighed dramatically. "What I'd give for a chance to court her." They had turned the corner on the street, giving the two plenty of room to talk.

"Why can't you try?" Sasuke glanced to the other dominant male in a nonaggressive manner and watched Kiba blink at him and look away. They had had more than one scuffle for dominance and while Sasuke never lost, he had never walked away unscathed.

"She's had a crush on Naruto for years, it would have felt wrong if I asked her before she had a chance with Naruto." Kiba shrugged his shoulders. Sasuke had to stop himself from growling as he thought about the next piece of advice.

"What if Naruto says yes to courting her? You'll have lost your chance." It amazed the Uchiha that he didn't sound aggressive or emotional in any way. Kiba sighed and raised an arm to scratch his shoulder, his tail low and flicking back and forth in agitation.

"Then I'll be happy for the both of them." The Abyssinian didn't sound happy about the idea and Sasuke had to agree with the other male's true thoughts, it would be better if Naruto didn't say yes to the Hinata. But would he? Naruto had talked a lot about mating with females and while Sakura had just ruined his dreams, Hinata was right there to pick him up again. It pissed the Russian Blue off how perfect a position the British Shorthair had unknowingly stepped into.

"Hey, there you guys are!" Naruto called out and both dominant males turned their heads in surprise when they heard him. "We were looking for you." The blonde smiled at Sasuke and walked towards them, Hinata coming out from behind the corner and following the Burmese male demurely.

"Alright then, let's get out of here, huh, Shino, Hinata?" Kiba put on a brave face and smiled even though his tail drooped and looked over to Shino. Sasuke's heart had dropped when he saw Hinata following Naruto but calmly kept it bottled inside. He would beat the shit out of something later.

"I'll see you later, okay, Hinata?" Naruto turned to the female and smiled softly before pressing his nose to hers. Hinata nodded instead of speaking aloud, a blush still on her cheeks her white eyes looking into Naruto's with shaky confidence.

"Let's go, Dobe." Sasuke couldn't stand to look at the two, Naruto must have said yes. The way they were acting, the confidence the British Shorthair had now, it all pointed to the Burmese courting her. He started walking away before anyone else did, doing his best to keep his ears from flattening against his skull.

"Hey, wait up, Teme!" Naruto called after him. The Russian Blue didn't wait; he kept walking with no intention of stopping. His ears flicked back when he heard the blonde run up to him and then stop right behind to a walk. After a few moments of silence the blonde leaned forward, looking up to him. "Are you mad at me, Sasuke?" The blonde asked nervously.

"Kiba told me Hinata was going to ask you to court her, did she?" Sasuke asked shortly. He didn't want to see the blonde's idiotic smile, to see those blue eyes light up as he talked about the female. Instead he kept walking, the bubble of anger in his chest inflating at just the thought of it. Sasuke didn't want Naruto to court Hinata and sure as hell didn't want him to mate with her either. He wanted, shaking his head with the thought, he wanted Naruto to be his mate, to only mate with him.

"Yeah she did." Naruto responded plainly. It made the Uchiha feel better that the blonde didn't sound ecstatic or excited, actually he didn't sound anything more than aware that it had happened. Did he turn her down? Sasuke fervently hoped so but didn't relay the thought out loud; it wasn't something an Uchiha would do. "Did I do something to piss you off?" The blonde asked again. Sasuke glanced at him, saw the curious expression, the bright alertness in his azure eyes and felt his chest tighten even more.

"Hn." Sasuke answered noncommittally. He was mad at the blonde but it wasn't like they were a couple, they had only mated for one heat so of course he shouldn't have any decision in who the Burmese would mate. Sasuke wanted to have a say in it though, he only wanted Naruto to mate with him. Naruto frowned but didn't say anything as they continued their trek through the streets of their village, headed for Iruka and Naruto's apartment for dinner.

Naruto scurried up the stairs of his apartment complex when they reached it and Sasuke watched him as he ascended at a much slower pace. His day had already been ruined and he didn't want to have to deal with the active, unconsciously flirty blonde all night along with his adoptive guardian and Iruka doing their own kind of perverted, awkward teasing.

"Come on, Sasuke! Dinner smells amazing!" The Burmese leaned over the railing, ears twitching in excitement. Sasuke didn't speed up; he didn't do much more than glance up at him before retraining his eyes back on the stairs. Naruto didn't seem to wait for him, his footsteps growing distant as he ran to the door of his apartment.

Sasuke could smell Iruka's dinner as he reached the top of the stairs and his stomach started to growl. Fish was definitely on the menu and it was making his mouth water. He could forget his troubles for a couple hours as he enjoyed Iruka's amazing cooking. The door of the apartment was open when he stepped up to it and walked in, closing it behind him.

"Sit down at the table, Naruto." Iruka scolded his adopted son somewhere in the apartment and the Uchiha moved deeper into the living space. He found the dining table easily and sat down in his usual spot, next to a relaxing Kakashi. Sasuke could see Iruka and Naruto in the kitchen from where he sat through the doorway, Iruka slapping Naruto's hand as he tried to make a grab for something on the counter. "Here, take this to the table." The Balinese male handed the blonde a huge bowl of rice and nodded to the table.

Naruto took it, smiling as he made his way to the table and set it down in the middle. Kakashi shifted, opening his single visible eye and watched the blonde walk away again. The blonde went for something on the counter a second time and again the brunette slapped his hand away.

"What's wrong, Sasuke?" Kakashi asked softly. The Uchiha watched Naruto and Iruka interact, looking for any sign that either of the two might be watching. "Did something happen between you and Naruto?" Sasuke glanced over to him, glaring sourly before looking back to the kitchen.

"Hinata asked Naruto to court her." Sasuke let his ears press against his head flatly in anger.

"Oh, what did Naruto say?" Kakashi asked. The older male seemed interested but Sasuke didn't say anything, too angry to admit he had lost the blonde to a female who fainted every time the Burmese male had talked to her. "Interesting." The Bobtail leaned forward in his chair, turning his head to watch Iruka's backside.

"Dinner's ready." Iruka spoke loud enough for the two sitting at the table to hear as Naruto brought plates and silverware, starting to set it out. "Sasuke, you're awfully quiet today, I didn't hear you come in." The scarred man brought out a steaming tray of fish, setting it down closest to Kakashi and the farthest away from the blonde.

"Hn," Sasuke muttered quietly. Naruto dashed back into the kitchen, bringing back a bowls of vegetables and frowning when he saw that the fish was out of his reach.

"So did anything interesting happen today?" Iruka asked. He took a seat and looked from Naruto to Sasuke, waiting for someone to respond. Sasuke didn't want to talk about anything that had happened today, anything of interest had to do with the blonde and none of it was positive.

"Not really." Naruto sat down and immediately reached over the table for the fish but this time Kakashi beat him to it, raising an eyebrow at the younger male. "Kurenai-sensei is pregnant, Hinata told me today."

"Oh really?" Iruka blinked in surprise before serving himself a portion of rice. Sasuke helped himself to vegetables, not wanting to look at anyone in his dark mood. "She's still with Asuma, isn't she?"

"Last I heard, yes." Kakashi took the bowl of rice from Iruka and traded the Balinese the fish. Naruto whined as he was kept waiting for the fish and didn't seem interested in anything else on the table. Sasuke ignored him, staring at the rice and fish. Sasuke sulked throughout dinner, ignoring any and all conversation as they ate. Iruka and Kakashi noticed, they didn't ask him questions and the Uchiha was thankful that they could realize when he was in a foul mood.

"Naruto, why don't you go ahead and take Sasuke to your room while Kakashi and I clean up?" Iruka quietly brought it up as they finished eating and Sasuke raised his eyes up from his plate, glaring daggers at the Balinese male. Naruto watched Iruka blink his eyes at Sasuke, attempting to calm him down.

"Okay." The blonde meekly answered. He stood up and looked to Sasuke, his tail hung low and ears twisted outwards, Sasuke watched him, stared at him before blinking and standing up. Naruto knew something was bothering him now and it wouldn't be good to take his anger out on the Burmese. He was the blonde's friend, he should be happy that Naruto had found a mate but he wasn't. The Russian Blue wanted the blonde for himself.

They trekked into Naruto's room, the blonde leading and Sasuke following behind him and as the reached the doorway, Naruto bolted into his room and jumped onto his bed. Sasuke watched him bury his tan face and whiskered cheeks into his pillow. He could hear Naruto mumble something into his pillow but Sasuke couldn't hear it and rolled his eyes.

"Can't hear you, Dobe." Sasuke muttered. The Uchiha shut the door and leaned against it, watching the blonde's tail hang limply between his legs.

"Is it because Hinata asked me to court her?" Naruto turned his head, watching Sasuke with cautious blue eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke stepped away from the door and crossed his arms over his chest, frowning.

"Is that why you're mad at me?" Naruto turned his head back into the pillow. Sasuke sighed and moved to the window in the small room, opening it and leaning against the sill. The sun was already setting, the street quickly emptying of people and street lamps starting to turn on. There was even a warm breeze, which brought a cool touch to the humidity of summer.

"No that's not why I'm mad at you." The Russian Blue muttered. From the corner of his eye he could see the blonde turn his head again, looking at him.

"So you are mad at me." Naruto pointed out. Sasuke didn't answer him. "What did I do?" The Uchiha glanced over to the blonde.

"Why didn't you tell Iruka that Hinata asked you to court her?" Sasuke muttered. It did bother him that the blonde hadn't told Iruka, normally the Burmese trusted his adoptive guardian with everything so why hadn't he told the Balinese adult about courting Hinata?

"Why would I?" Naruto frowned and raised his head from his pillow.

"He's your guardian, why wouldn't you?" The Russian Blue looked over to the blonde as he moved onto his knees, his ears perked up in alertness.

"That can't be what you're upset about." Naruto was frowning at him and Sasuke had to force himself to look away, he was riled and Naruto wouldn't calm him down, he always liked to fight.

"It's not." Sasuke growled.

"I told her no." Naruto muttered softly.

"What?" The Uchiha whipped his head so fast to stare at the blonde, his tail flailing behind him. At this point he had no qualms with starting a fight. The Burmese seemed to have a different thought in mind and blinked once and then a second time. It had the desired effect and Sasuke felt the need to blink.

Blinking had a calming effect on all cats, it was the ultimate form of nonaggression and Sasuke could feel his anger dissipating as the blonde continued to blink at him. "I told her that I didn't feel that way about her. Kiba's liked her for years and I told her that." Sasuke nodded, blinking in response to the blonde and moved to the bed.

Naruto scooted over and made room for him, his posture much more relaxed when he saw how the Uchiha was relaxing. "Her parents had told her if she didn't accept someone to court her, they were going to choose a male for her for the next heat." The blonde continued to explain.

"That's why she asked you?" Sasuke asked. Naruto nodded and moved, pulling his feet from under himself and dangling them off the edge of the bed.

"Yeah, she likes me and stuff but she was only asking to get her parents off her back." Naruto flicked his tail towards the Uchiha cautiously and relaxed when Sasuke flicked his tail back at him. Sasuke's anger was completely gone now that he knew that the blonde wasn't courting the British Shorthair. "You were mad 'cause you thought I was courting Hinata, weren't you?" The blonde leaned in close, reminding Sasuke of when the blonde had taken Kakashi's pills purposefully and he started to tense up. What Naruto had said wasn't a lie, he had been annoyed and angry about it but he wasn't going to admit that to the Burmese.

"Hn." Sasuke hummed plainly. He glanced at the blonde and watched as Naruto grinned and puffed up his chest as if the Uchiha had given him the answer he had been looking for. Narrowing his eyes, the Russian Blue started to wonder if the Burmese male had caught on to his technique on avoiding answering questions.

"Were you maybe," Naruto paused and shifted, straightening his posture. "Hoping to mate with me next heat?" The blonde tilted his head as he watched the dark haired male for his reaction to the question. Sasuke's first reaction was to say no but if he did, then the blonde might take up another female's proposition just to spite him.

"Yes." The Russian Blue wanted to cringe at revealing himself to Naruto, to expose himself purposefully. He had done it though, and an Uchiha didn't back down so he looked over to the other male and stared him in the eye. "I want to spend the next mating season with you." Naruto blushed and blinked rapidly, surprised.

"O-oh." Naruto started to blush and looked down into his lap, pawing the thighs of his pants nervously. Sasuke watched him. "I didn't think you'd admit it."

"Do you want to mate with me next heat?" The dark haired male leaned down looked into Naruto's face this time, watching him blush and shift uncomfortably. "Usuratonkachi, am I making you flustered?" Sasuke smirked. Naruto's blush deepened as he tried to hide his face.

"N-no." Naruto answered. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the obvious lie and raised his hand to the blonde's orange ear, rubbing the soft appendage between his fingers. The Burmese immediately leaned into it, a natural reaction for the blonde.

"You're lying." Sasuke responded quietly. Naruto glanced up to him, his blue eyes wide in fear of being embarrassed.

"Shut up, bastard." The blonde flattened his ears against his head and turned his body away from the Uchiha's. With quick reflexes, Naruto moved off the bed and was making his retreat but the Russian Blue was faster, grabbing the blonde's waistband of his pants and dragging him back onto the bed. The Burmese growled and tried to kick Sasuke away from him but the dark haired male pushed him down onto the bed, leaning over him and smirking.

"Were you waiting for me to ask, Usuratonkachi?" The Uchiha asked. He moved atop the blonde, watching him squirm.

"No!" Naruto cried out. He tried to roll over to the bed's edge only to have Sasuke's hand press down on his shoulder, pushing him back into the bed and leaning in close. "Let me go." The blonde muttered. Sasuke felt the blonde's tail hit his leg as he shook his head.

"Why should I?" The Uchiha asked in a husky tone. Naruto inhaled sharply and looked away from Sasuke. Sasuke followed the blonde's line of sight to the closed door when a thought occurred to him. "Stay here."

With agile grace, Sasuke rose from the bed and moved to the door, pressing his ear to the wood as he locked it. He couldn't hear Iruka and Kakashi anywhere near the other side of the door and this satisfied the Uchiha, if they kept quiet, they wouldn't be interrupted. Turning back around, the Russian Blue found Naruto frozen in a crouching position.

Flicking his ears back, Sasuke took on his dominant, predatory role and jumped. Naruto reacted to him, no longer jumping towards the window but back onto the bed before he jumped off, running for his closet. Chasing after the blonde, he stopped when the orange tailed male realized he'd trapped himself in a corner and turned to face the blonde.

"Where are you trying to hide, Naruto?" Sasuke asked in a low, husky voice. A chase always made him excited and the blonde was being the perfect prey. Looking for any exit to take, Naruto refused to look the Uchiha in the eye and bent his knees, getting ready to pounce on the Russian Blue.

"Bastard, you're enjoying this aren't you?" Naruto growled at him. Sasuke smirked at him, taking a predatory step closer to him. It seemed to be the lit fuse for the blonde; he jumped towards the bed, swiping his extended claws at the Uchiha to force him to keep his distance. Sasuke had already seen this coming though and followed the blonde. Naruto jumped on top of the bed, hoping to have the better position but Sasuke followed him, grabbing Naruto's shoulder and slamming him into the wall. The Burmese cried out in surprise, his blue eyes widened as he realized he'd been caught. His ears were flicking back and forth, confused and still weary of being attacked again.

"Yes, I am." Sasuke could feel himself starting to purr and didn't bother stopping himself. He had shown his dominance to the blonde and had him right where he wanted him now.

"Sasuke," Naruto whimpered. His ears flattened against his head, closing his eyes and reached his hands out to the Russian Blue. One of his hands grabbed onto Sasuke's wrist, the other clenching around his shirt. "What about Iruka and Kakashi?" The blonde winced.

"I locked the door. They should know not to bother us." Sasuke moved closer to the Burmese. "Will you behave now or do I have to hold you down?" The Uchiha raised an eyebrow, watching how the blonde tried to inhale deeply, trying to think calmly.

"I want to mate with you." Naruto muttered as he shifted at the touch.

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"I, I like mating without the pills." The blonde mumbled softly. "It's less, less urgent." Sasuke had to nod in agreement, he'd been able to focus on what he was doing this time. "Same goes for you, Teme." Naruto spoke with more awareness now. "Don't think you can mate with anyone else next heat."

"Hn." Sasuke smirked. Glancing up, the Russian Blue saw him smile and felt the blonde's tail sway against his thigh.

"I mean it, bastard. Don't even think about wanting to mate with Hinata or Ino." Naruto stated. Sasuke raised an eyebrow, feeling his own tail start to wave back and forth behind him in response.

"You didn't mention Sakura, dumbass." Naruto scoffed and stretched, flexing his muscles and curling his toes as Sasuke gingerly moved around the Burmese, slipping down onto his hands and knees before stretching out himself.

"Sakura doesn't deserve you. She just wants you for your pedigree, you said so yourself." Naruto snorted. He rolled to the far edge of the bed and looked to Sasuke expectantly. The Uchiha lay down beside him, eyeing him in wonder, curious when the blonde would freak out and push him away. Naruto sighed when Sasuke stilled and had the audacity to roll his eyes before scooting closer to him.

"She doesn't deserve you either." Sasuke furrowed his brow. Naruto was pressing himself into Sasuke's side and trying to grab a blanket at the same time. Finally achieving his goal, the blonde freed the blanket from underneath his body and flipped it over them both. "Over your fear of the spiny penis, Usuratonkachi?" Sasuke asked.

"Shut up, Teme." Naruto huffed and pressed his forehead against the Uchiha's chest. The Russian Blue slipped his arm over the blonde's side and sighed, nuzzling his cheek against soft blonde hair and an even softer furred ear. "You're a bastard."

"Hn." Sasuke closed his eyes and relaxing, a warm bubble rising in his chest as the blonde started to purr sleepily. "It turns you on." Naruto let out a quiet moan of acknowledgement, not even paying attention to what the Uchiha was saying. Deciding he would tease the blonde about it the next morning, Sasuke closed his eyes and relaxed, a soft purr of his own joining his mate's.

"I agree with you, the best part about being male is not having to wait for mating season." Kakashi purred into his mate's ear. Iruka, too tired to fight with the Japanese Bobtail, hummed softly into his pillow. The white haired male didn't let Iruka's tiredness get to him and pulled the Balinese's body closer. Iruka could feel a tongue lick his ear and he frowned, reaching behind him with a hand, the dark haired male grabbed Kakashi's ear and pulled on it until the tongue retracted.

"We've done it twice today, go to sleep already." Iruka growled softly. Debating for a moment, Kakashi sighed and pressed his face into the brunette's neck. He'd ravish his mate after a quick catnap.