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She was horrified. This was… her home? The place she had grown up in? Where she had laughed, and had fun? It was barely Crystal Tokyo anymore- it was a wasteland.

There was no sound and no movement. The sky was swirling with coal black clouds. It was dark. It was cold. The thing that scared her most was that she still recognized it all. From the rubble, she could still pick out the palace… her school… the arcade... the ice cream shop… all the places she loved.

How could it have been so frail? So temporary? It was like everything was already crumbling away from her… like even her memories were fleeting. Why couldn't everything have lasted? Why couldn't she have lasted?

She had thought it would last forever.

No, she told herself. It's not going to happen. Usa, you still have the Crystal. You can still fight.

She looked up at her enemy, rage in her eyes, her face damp with tears she barely remembered crying. "I won't let you have it!"

"What, do you think there's still hope?" The woman cackled. "My generals have killed all of your friends. You're useless without them, aren't you? You don't even have power anymore. Face it, Princess," She spat out. "This world's going to be destroyed."

The girl gritted her teeth. "I have power."

"Oh, really? Would you like to demonstrate?" Her enemy smirked.

"I still have the Rose Crystal!" She shouted. "And I will use it against you!"

The woman's icy stare turned into fear… but quickly returned.

"Yes, but will you use it against him?"

A figure stepped out of the darkness.

"It can't be…"

"Usa! Wake up!"


"Small Lady Usagi Serenity Tsukino-Chiba! Wake up so that I don't have to repeat that again!"

"You're late!"

"…Breakfast's cold!"

Instantly, the young princess sat up. "No way!"

From in the doorway, Diana sighed. "That's all that woke you up, huh? You're ten minutes late." She ran a nervous hand through her silver hair. "And I'm running late too, I have to-"

"Ten minutes!" Usa yelped, a shocked look on her face. "I'm going to be so late!" She sprung out of bed, immediately grabbing her hair ties and attempting to tame down her unruly pink hair into her classic rabbit-ear buns.

"You know it's the first day of the new semester, right?" The cat-girl sighed. "Great day for us both to be late… Especially with everything else that's happening."

"What?" Usa ran towards her. "What else is happening?"

Diana stifled a giggle, her cat ears and tail popping out in the way they always did when she was excited. "A whole lot, Chibiusa… you'll have to wait and see."

"Di-a-na! I don't wanna wait!" She complained, finishing her hair and grabbing her uniform out of her closet. "And don't call me that, I'm not chibi! I'm taller than you!

Diana was already walking down the hallway, but yelled back: "I'm still a year older, though!"

Usa sighed, putting on her uniform. Giving herself a once-over in the mirror, she immediately grabbed her bag and bounded out of her room, an excited grin adorning her face.

I'm Crown Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity Tsukino-Chiba… that's such a mouthful! All my friends just call me Usa. I'm fourteen years old, and in eighth grade. I love sweet food and video games. I'm also a bit of a crybaby and a bit- okay, a whole lot- of a klutz. But beneath that, just like my mama, I have the power to save the world…

Usa ran down the stairs… well, ran half of them, then tripped and rolled down the rest.

"Ow…" She rubbed her head.

Suddenly, Usa heard footsteps running towards her. "Usa! There you are!"

"Hi, Sakura! Um… help me up?"

Her friend laughed in response, grabbing her hand and pulling her up. "Ready for the first day of term two?"

"You know it!" She grinned widely, linking arms with the other girl. The two were longtime friends: with Sakura being Minako's daughter, Princess of Venus and Sailor Ceres, the two had known each other since they were children. Usa wasn't as close to the other Asteroid Senshi: Seiko and Rin (Sailors Vesta and Juno) weren't from royal families, and Usa therefore didn't see them as much. Umi- Sailor Pallas- was the Mercurian Princess, but the two had rarely talked outside of royal or Senshi duties.

Sakura, though, was very close to her. She had inherited her father's adventurous nature and her mother's cheerful (and occasionally over-the-top) demeanor, and the two got along almost flawlessly.

"What electives do you have again?" Usa questioned her as they walked out of the palace.

Sakura twirled around excitedly with a sing-song reply. "Music, of course! Oh, and français."

Usa blinked. "Fran-what?"

"French, Usa! The language of love!" Sakura struck a pose.. "You're taking a language too, right?"

"Yeah, English."

"But you've studied English for so long already!"

Usa shrugged. "Papa thought it would be good for me to take more lessons. For my diplo-whatever skills."


"You know, whatever they call them!"

"Diplomatic," Sakura laughed, combing her fingers through her long pink locks. Suddenly, though, she had an alarmed look on her face as she caught a glimpse of her watch. "Usa! Why didn't you tell me we were so late?"

"I… forgot!"

"How can you forget to tell me that we're nearly a quarter hour late?" She admonished with a sigh. "Come on, we better run- at least I know a shortcut!"

"Wait- you- Hey!" Usa shouted as Sakura instantly grabbed her hand, leading her down an alleyway.

She soon slipped out of Sakura's grip, choosing to trail behind her and hope she wouldn't lose track of all her friend's twists and turns. She was being led on a wild chase, through roads and alleyways and paths she didn't even know existed.

"What are you doing? Where are we even going?"

"To school, obviously." Sakura smirked. "See… here we are!"

Usa stepped out of the passageway that Sakura had led her to and blinked in shock. There they were, standing in the school courtyard. It was still buzzing with the chatter and mayhem of students; obviously, the bell hadn't rung yet.

"We're… early?" Usa gaped. She turned to her friend, surprised and thrilled. "That was awesome!"

"What can I say?" She shrugged, adjusting the ribbon of her uniform top and smirking at her friend. "I know this town like the back of my hand."

Usa smiled happily. "Come on, let's go talk to some people!" She skipped over to where several girls were gathered; Sakura followed.

Though Usa was never one for academics, she loved school. She adored seeing all of her friends. Almost the entire school knew her- not as the Princess, but as the klutzy, not-so-bright, but sweet and caring Usa. This was her first year at public school, and she had begged her parents and the royal court to let her attend. At first, everyone had been wary of her, but they soon warmed up to her. She was quite popular, not because of royalty but simply because she attempted to befriend anyone and everyone who crossed her path. Even though she'd begrudgingly get up every morning, begging not to leave her bed, she couldn't help but be happy.

"Hey! Usa-chan!" The pink-haired girl turned around as someone called to her.

"Mitsuki-chan! Chiyo-chan!" She smiled; the twin brunettes were old acquaintances of hers.

Usa walked over to the two; Sakura had branched off to talk to some of her Choir Club friends. "What's up?" She said.

"Did you hear about the new transfers?" Chiyo asked her.

Usa shook her head.

"Apparently a bunch of them are coming in for the new semester!" Mitsuki said excitedly.

"Oh, really?" She looked interested.

"Yeah, it's just a rumor… but new people are always interesting, right?" Chiyo replied.

"Right!" She smiled.

The bell rang, and immediately students began to walk into the building. Usa lingered a bit, wanting as usual to keep talking to her friends-

-when suddenly, she saw the oddest flicker of light out of the corner of her eye. She blinked, then squinted. What is that over there? It looks like… a cat or something?

Usa couldn't help but walk over to check it out; curiosity had gotten the better of her. She approached the cat cautiously. "H-hello?"

The cat mewled loudly, and Usa bent down to look at it. The cat had short, velvety-soft lavender fur, and was shockingly similar-looking to the guardian cats… right down to the crescent moon on its forehead. It looked around nervously, its tail flicking in distress.

"Come 'ere! It's okay, kitty-chan…" The kitten seemed to relax a bit, moving closer to Usa.

Suddenly, there was a spark of bright purple light. Usa brought her hand up to her face, shielding her eyes. When the light faded, though, Usa blinked in shock: the cat had disappeared, and a girl was in its place.

It… it was a Mauian after all!

The cat-turned-girl looked alarmed, quickly scooting away from Usa. Her cat ears and tail were still out, much like Diana's were when she was excited or nervous. She curled up in a ball, her long plum-colored waves messily falling into her eyes. "Whatdoyouwantdon'thurtme!" She yowled.

"Relax! I'm not going to hurt you!" Usa said.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Usa! I'm the Princess!" She waved.

"You're… the Princess? As in, Crown Princess Small Lady-"

"Usagi Serenity Tsukino-Chiba." She finished. "Yep, that's me!"

The girl seemed to relax a bit, sitting up. Only then did Usa get a better look at her: she looked to be a couple years older than Usa. Her amber brown eyes looked panicked, but seemed to be slowly relaxing. "I… I'm Losna."

"Nice to meet you, Losna-chan!" Usa instantly reached out a hand to her; Losna smiled a bit and shook it.

"So, um… where am I?" She asked.

Usa furrowed her eyebrows, and then laughed. "Crystal Tokyo, of course! We're right by my school, Azabu Pearl Junior High!"

"I'm in… Crystal Tokyo?" She looked around disorientedly. "I'm on Earth?"

Usa's smile faded. "You… weren't before?"

"I've been on Mau my entire life doing guardian training!" Losna yelled. "I've never once been here… unless…"

"Unless what?"

"Well… I just turned sixteen, meaning I finished my training… and I was going to get my placement really soon. I didn't think it would be anything important… only the best cats get sent to Earth, after all. And I, well… failedallofmyclassesexceptforcombat."

"What was that?"

Losna blushed. "I failed all of my classes except for combat…"

"Cool! That's the kind of thing I do!" Usa said.

Losna relaxed a bit, with a tiny laugh and a sigh. "But because of that, I figured I'd just get sent to one of the lesser planets to be part of the guard… if I was lucky, it would be in this galaxy, but I probably would have gotten a position on a much smaller planet in another solar system. But if I got sent here all of a sudden…"

Usa smiled widely. "You could be one of our guardian cats!"

"We shouldn't jump to conclusions… I bet it's just some mistake …" But the cat-girl was quickly cut off by one of Usa's crushing embraces- Sakura had nicknamed it the Patented Usa Death Hug of Death.

"This is going to be so awesome, Losna-chan! I can't wait to show you around and let you meet everyone and- oh, this is just so great!" Usa yelled excitedly.

Losna laughed; she could already tell that this was the kind of girl whose enthusiasm spread to everyone around her. "I suppose you have to get to school then?"

Usa froze. "Shoot… I'm late… Bye Losna! See you later!" She ran off.

Losna sighed. "Now, as to find my way to that palace…"

Usa leaned her head on her notebook, making a pouting face. She was facing a familiar foe: lunch detention. She had been tardy without a pass, so she was stuck eating lunch in the library. There was no talking; if someone made even the quietest of noises, they were sure to get the evil eye from the all-too-strict librarian.

Usa sighed: she was just so bored. She hated not being able to talk to anyone! She had already scarfed down her lunch and begrudgingly finished any homework she had gotten, and she had nothing to do. Sakura never got lunch detention- that was more her brother's game.

Ringo was definitely the mischievous type- always pulling pranks or doing something to get him into trouble. The thing about him, though, was that he was never mean-spirited. Everything he did was out of fun; he just wanted to get a laugh or smile out of someone. In fact, many of his pranks itself were kind-hearted in nature: for example, on Valentine's Day a celebratory sign and box of candies was found taped on every locker of school last year. It was anonymous by name... But clearly Ringo's in nature. The administration, though, didn't seem to agree about his motives. More often than not, he'd end up right besides Usa.

She sighed: detention with Ringo was always entertaining. He'd always pass secret notes to her under the table, or start staring contests with her and try to make her laugh without a word. Ringo had left to visit his fellow princes, Yuki of Mercury and Haku of Jupiter, the day before. Usa didn't remember the exact circumstances, something about visiting the zodiac constellations and meeting royals, yadda yadda yadda. She always disliked those kinds of trips, and she knew Ringo would feel the same- at least he had the other princes to accompany him.

Usa didn't actually know the other two princes that well: supposedly, the two were a year older than her, and both very smart. Haku she had briefly talked to at the last royal court meeting she had been required to attend: he seemed nice enough, but it was like she was only talking to a third of him. The second part was lost, out in some dreamland who-knows-where; but the third was clearly absorbed in a huge classic book. And Yuki...


The two had played together almost constantly when they were kids: as soon as the then-Chibiusa became a Sailor Senshi, he seemed to drift away from her. He was always mysterious, though... always the type to wonder about. Usa hadn't seen him in two years, since her twelfth birthday. Every once in a while her thoughts traveled to him: his choppy layers of snow-white hair, his joyous laugh and smug smirk. She couldn't help but wonder if he had changed in their years apart.

Usa sighed: why did she keep thinking of the past? Yuki was invading her mind much more often than usual lately.

"Hey!" She heard a whisper, sweet and excited. "Seat taken?"

She looked up; startled, she blinked at the girl before her. "Umi-chan?"

The blue-haired girl waved with a smile, taking a seat across from her.

"Well? Surprised to see me, Usa?" Umi replied.

"Yeah, but shush! This is lunch detention, I can't talk to you!"

"Oh, come on, librarians love me. They wouldn't dare get the princess of Mercury in trouble." She giggled.

"How come you're here, though? Don't you go to that fancy boarding school on Mercury or something?"

"I did." She gestured to her uniform- it looked exactly like Usa's, only with the addition of a school cardigan. "Mama and Papa said it would be better for me to go to school here in Crystal Tokyo!"

Usa's face lit up. "That's so awesome! I can't believe you finally transferred here!" So that's what Chiyo and Mitsuki were talking about…

"I know, I've been begging them to let me come here! Mercury is so boring. Well, actually, it's pretty cool, with all of the technology and stuff. Plus, I miss my weather regulators. Did you know on Mercury you get to wear these awesome ear things that can change the weather around you? So, like, you can be in the rain in your own little bubble, and it's snowing for the person besides you! It's so COOL! So now I'm, like, freezing cold because I'm used to my weather regulator always making it nice and warm and toasty… plus we're right by the sun. But otherwise Mercury's really dull. I like it here! Apparently this was, like, a mutual thing and all, though."

Usa was so lost in Umi's motor-mouth talking that she barely registered her last sentence- but she did eventually take it into her mind. "Wait… what do you mean by mutual?"

"I'll show you!" She exclaimed, standing up and grabbing Usa's arm.

"Wait, no- Umi-chan! I can't leave lunch detention, or I'll get into even more trouble!" Usa protested.

Umi shrugged. "Librarian-sensei! I need to go show Usa something, we'll be back in a few minutes!" She said to the librarian, who simply nodded without even taking her eyes off of her book.

I'm having a real big sense of déjà vu… Usa thought to herself as she was dragged down the hallway. Umi had a grip like solid stone on her forearm as she led her up and down the hallways and staircases to… whatever their destination was.

"Trust me, Usa, you're going to love this!" Umi chirped.

"Yeah, but what is it?"

Umi just giggled.

"Where is she?" One certain Himura Seiko sighed, tapping her feet against the ground impatiently as she leaned against the wall. "She said she'd be back in ten minutes!"

"Calm down. It's been nine." The girl next to her- Kobayashi Rin, to be exact- stated, barely looking up from the book she was reading.

"Here we are!" Umi turned the corner, pulling Usa with her and stopping right by the two.

"Umi, finally- Usa-chan?"

"Seiko-chan? Rin-chan?" A look of surprise appeared on Usa's face. "You transferred here?"

"Indeed we did," Seiko smirked. "Although I am in no way excited about wearing these uniforms." She pawed the sailor collar of her school uniform, making a face.

"We're finally going to school together, and you care more about the uniforms?" Usa burst out laughing in shock. "You sound like Sakura!"

"Well, I guess she's right about one thing!" She replied.

"They aren't that bad," Rin shrugged.

"Yeah! Once we get to high school we can wear what we want, too!" Umi said.

"I know, I know…" Seiko sighed. "I still wish I could wear my dresses and stuff. But I suppose it's worth it, being with all of you- Usa! Get off me! I… can't… breathe!"

"Sorry, sorry," Usa laughed, releasing the girl from the Patented Usa Death Hug of Death she was locked in. "I'm just… so happy to see you all." It was like waves of happiness were bursting from the pink-haired princess- her joy could barely be contained in her wildest of smiles. Sure, she wasn't exactly the closest to Umi, Seiko, and Rin… but she had always, always longed for the relationship to her Asteroid Senshi that her mother had with her Guardians. Going to the same school was just the first step. Excitement coursed through her veins; this could just mean so much!

A sudden realization came to her: "So this is what Diana was talking about! First Losna, now this! This is awesome!"

"Losna?" Rin brushed a lock of her messy green hair out of her face and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh… yeah! I have to go explain everything to you! And Sakura too! Hang on a second…" She glanced at the clock hanging in the hallway; it was four minutes until lunch would end. "How about we all go hang out at Tiara Ice Cream Parlor and catch up this afternoon?"

"As long as you're buying!" Umi replied.

"Where's Sakura?" Rin turned to Usa. "I have to be the one to tell her we're back. At least, I have to see her reaction."

"She should be in the cafeteria! You guys can go track her down, I have… somewhere to be."

Seiko and Rin glanced at each other. "Lunch detention?"

"It was just because I was late without a pass! This time, at least!" She indignantly responded. The other girls simply laughed as they made plans and parted ways, anticipating the moment they would meet again.

"Awesome! A new guardian cat!" Umi smiled, taking a big bite of her ice cream sundae.

"That's what we're hoping," Losna sighed. The group had met up at the ice cream parlor almost instantly after school ended; even so, Seiko, Sakura and Rin had already changed out of their school uniforms (with Rin, of course, making the excuse that she felt "out of her element" without her leather jacket) and Umi had already found a way to complete all of her homework.

"It has to be!" Usa piped up. "Diana told me this morning that a lot was happening today. You guys transferring's just the beginning!"

"You have to wonder, though… why now?" The girls turned to Rin. "I mean, we could have transferred over here at any time. Why didn't we come when we first got our powers? Or when we went back in time to fight against Galaxia?"

"That's a good point." Seiko remarked, looking out the window. "It's not even the start of a school year; it's just so random that all three of us are here now."

Usa thought a moment, but then shrugged. "I don't think we should worry about it! I'm just so happy to have you guys with me," she grinned.

"We're happy to be here," Rin smirked.

"I know!" Sakura replied. "This is going to be so awesome! We can, like, go on adventures and stuff-"

Suddenly, there was a crash from outside the shop- the noise, loud as a gunshot, instantly alerted the girls.

"What the-" Losna blinked. "Girls, you better check that out!" The other five nodded, heading to a secluded area to transform.

Losna let out a sigh, staring down into her drink. "I just hope it's not what I think it is..."

"Pallas Power, Make-Up!"

"Juno Power, Make-Up!"

"Vesta Power, Make-Up!"

"Ceres Power, Make-Up!"

"Moon Crisis, Make-Up!"

With that, the five Senshi dashed out of the alleyway they had hidden in. Sailor Chibi Moon's eyes widened as she saw the sight- the wolflike mass of shaggy hair with beady, jaundiced eyes greeting them was undoubtedly a youma.

"Kitsu!" It roared, sending a mouthful of blue flames at the girls. Sailor Juno and Sailor Ceres dodged it quickly, while Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Pallas, and Sailor Vesta sprinted away yet continued to be chased for a moment.

"Juno, quick! Let's distract it!" Sailor Ceres remarked. Gritting her teeth, Sailor Juno nodded.

"Ceres Rose Flash!"

"Juno Agile Shock!"

The lightning beam and wave of flowers hit the monster, causing it to growl in pain and stop its fire. Sailor Pallas grinned, touching her earring to pull up the visor of the Mercury Computer (an item she had inherited from Queen Ami.) "I found its weak point! It's on its tail!"

"Then what are we waiting for?" Sailor Vesta replied, brushing the char off her skirt.

"Pallas Spiral Mist!"

"Vesta Beastly Flare!"

"Pink Ladies… Freezing Kiss!" In a flash of magenta light, the monster disappeared.

Sakura smirked as she and the other girls detransformed. "Oh yeah! Nothing gets past us!"

"Don't get too full of yourself," Rin sighed. "We should figure out what that monster was first. There hasn't been an attack in so long… there's something suspicious about it."

"Look! There's something on the ground!" Umi pointed down to the spot the monster once stood: though the monster was defeated, a blood red stone was now embedded in the ground. "I'll go get it!"

"Wait, it could be-"

"Hey, it's kinda pretty!" Umi picked up the rock, holding it to the light.

"Bring it over to us, Umi-san." Losna remarked; she was now in cat form again, perched on Seiko's shoulder.

Seiko turned towards the cat. "When did you get there?"

Losna shrugged. "Your shoulder's comfortable."

Umi walked over to the group and handed the mysterious stone to Usa. The rose-haired girl held it in her hand, letting her fingers wrap around it: it was abnormally smooth, and felt as cold as frost in her palm. She stared down into it: the stone was shiny like a gemstone, but oddly cloudy on the inside. She couldn't help to feel something was off about it… but what?

"Let's get back to the palace," Rin said. "We can take a better look at that with the equipment there."

Losna nodded, hopping back. "I have a feeling we're needed there as soon as possible… I'll lead the way!"

"This is the first time you've ever been here, are you sure you want to do that?"

"Come on, the palace is giant and right in the center of town! How hard can it be finding it?"

Two hours later, the girls were hopelessly lost.