I hate being me. Everyone calls me Lucy Caboosey. Lucy, the ugly fat kid. Lucy, who will never, ever get a good future. Lucy this, Lucy that. It's tiring. It's suffocating. This place is soooo suffocating. Why can't I be like that Pamela Sue? She's so beautiful. Her blonde hair's so gorgeous, her skin is sooo immaculate! And those nails! She has the best nails. The best polishes. I have some of those, too, but they never look good on me. I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am …Well, that I'm Lucy.

So, it's settled. I asked my dad to finally agree for me to get my nose done. And I've been exercising rigorously, lately….I actually haven't been to school for the past couple of weeks, and my mom made this excuse that I've been experiencing boils and what-not…I don't care anymore. I'm done with Fairbrook. Next schoolyear will be different, I promise. No more Lucy this, Lucy that. I'll be a different person. Everyone will see me differently. No one will know about this whole Lucy Caboosey phase.

I'll be the queen. I will be the queen.