December 15, 2008

Last day of classes today. Christmas break, here I come!

Sorry for not beinga ble to write lately, diary, a lot of things have just been on my plate. Firsrt, there's being captain of the Cheerios and you know how taxing that is. And then there's the Celibacy club and it's...well, not the easiest thing, too. Presiding ovethose meetings is really. Tiring. And then being's not so easy either. It's like, you have to keep up with your appearance, with how you deal with things and what not because if you don't then someone might take your place away. And I sure as hell wouldn't want anyone to take my place away.

Anyway, Puck came up to me today at the parking lot and handed me some fashion magazines. He said he, uhm, got 'em from 7-11 and though I told him that I could buy those on my own, I still kept them because, well, I can't deny that the gesture was sweet. We havem't really been on talking terms since he kissed Santana, but well, Christmas is nearing and I haven't really had anyone give me a gift like that before. Actually, Finn saw us at the parking lot which was awkward but I told him that Puck was just saying Hi. Puck took a deep breath and said yeah, he was just passing by and told Finn that he'll be at the gym and he left. I don't know but it seemed like he wanted to say something else to me but wasn't able to. Finn gave me a gift too, you know. A necklace with a cross pendant, which is beautiful but...but somehow, it's just not me. I know, Celibacy club and all, but...whatever.

So, it's Christmas break and my parents wanted to meet Finn so he'll be coming over by Christmas eve. Which is a progress, don't you think? And yeah, it kind of establishes us as something serious and I'm not really sure about that...

But, it's been a banner year and I can't say I don't like it.

Tty soon, diary.