Of Dates and Of Morons

"Sorry. I forgot to tell you we have a practice game today."

She frowned at the text. She just received it and was really looking forward to their date. It had been exactly one hour and thirty seven minutes since she realized that he wasn't coming. Actually, she might have known that Kagami wasn't coming even before that. When exactly, she couldn't point out.

But she had been hopeful.

She finally roped him with all her pestering and nonchalant remarks to go on a date with her. She was ecstatic. The silly smile she had this morning turned into a weak one. She was grateful, really. That she'd been given a chance to impress him. A chance to look nice and go on a date and do whatever cute couples do.

With Kagami. Cute couple-y things with Kagami.

Not that they were a couple.

This wasn't exactly a date.


She'd been looking forward on going on their Not-Exactly-A-Date, uh, meet up.

Well, at least he had the courtesy to text her. Even if it was almost two hours late. But of course it would have been better if Kagami told her that he couldn't make it before their date. Er, before their meet up. Or it would have been better if he actually showed up.

If she stared at the sky, she'd realize it was almost evening. But she was a bit more preoccupied at the moment with the stupid text message Kagami sent her. The sky was really nice. It wasn't littered with too many stars nor was it cloudy.

"Kagami-kun, how mean, you actually forgot our date? (; ̄Д ̄)Well, it's fine, Kagami-kun. I have an errand I have to do today anyway, so it all works out. ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ"

Staring at it was a hard task. Thinking about it was an entirely different matter. Did it look like something that she'd actually say? Were the emoticons too much? Was it too obvious that she was lying about the crappy errand story?

Her long fingers ran through her hair. It was a way of quenching her nervousness. She was thinking too much, but how could she not?

Overthinking wasn't exactly her forte. So without putting much—if any—thought on the matter, she started to type "Then can we re-schedule? (´∀`) 3"

She deleted it, cringing. Wow, just how desperate did she sound like? Then after a few seconds, retyped it while glaring at the screen intently. Then, again deleted it, then retyped it. It went on a few times till her fingers were tired and she eyes were just a bit dizzy.

Gazing at the stars sure as hell wouldn't give her any answers, but then again she did it anyway. She liked the guy, Kagami-kun. That was for sure. But, really… wasn't this a bit too much? She wasn't even sure if Kagami liked her back. Closing her eyes was temporary bliss. They really did hurt from her internal battle with that text.

Her head hung a little bit lower and she'd finally let those stiff shoulders of hers drop. A while ago, they were strained due to excitement, then anticipation. Then they tensed more when she read his text.

The text Kagami sent her had an air of finality for her. He finally said that he couldn't come. At all. It was as if the universe was screaming at her facing saying "Kagami doesn't really like you, idiot!"

And it hurt to listen. Really, it did.

It was Kise who first noticed her.

"Aominecchi, isn't that Ryuu-san?" The model pointed to the girl sitting in a very manly manner on the park bench. Her head hung low at first with her eyes closed. Ryuu—short for Ryuuzen—slowly moved her head upwards, eyes still unopened.

"Haaa?" An annoyed voice answered the blond. The taller boy looked over, uh, who the hell did the ikemen say was there? Oh, it was her.

"Eh, Aominecchi doesn't remember who Ryuu-san is?" Of course he knew who she was. She was that weirdo girl. Aomine refused to answer the blonde haired boy as he continued to ramble about who Ryuuzen was and slowly walked up to the idiot girl. "Aominecchi's gonna go talk to Ryuu-san?" The boy whispered, barely hearing himself. He was confused at the blue-haired guy's actions. But he read the mood—and Kise was pretty good at that, even though a lot of his former and current teammates told him otherwise. The mood screamed for him not to follow the tanned guy.

Kise obeyed.

If Aomine needed to talk to that girl alone, then he'd let him. But that didn't change the fact that he was confused as hell.

Daiki noticed how Kise called her. At least he didn't add his usual –cchi to her name.

He smirked.

What was the moron thinking, sitting down at the park in the middle of the night?! She was even stupid enough to be alone at whatever goddamned time it was. The moron could get raped. Not that she was hott or anything. Well, she didn't have boobs, but still. There were weirdos out there who were into those kinda shit. Small boobs and that crap.

Who the fuck liked small boobs? Like if you could have big boobs, why settle for small ones?

And they thought he was stupid.

Her head was tilted upwards, towards the sky, like she was looking up and admiring the stars. Save for the closed eyes and the scrunched up face, the moron did look like she was just here to watch the stars.

Daiki continued, getting closer and had a good glimpse of the small boob-ed moron's face. It was as if was in great concentration and that it actually pained her to be here. What the heck is this moron thinking? His eyebrows furrowed.

Instead of thinking too much of it, he kicked her leg. She jolted, eyes jerking open instantly. "What the- Aomine?" He glared at her. "Daiki," she amended, "the hell are you doing here?"

That's when he exploded.

"Ha?! I should be the one asking you that, dumbass!" His face was burning with rage, mouth wide open and eyes livid. It was almost too comedic, but Ryuuzen was still in a state of shock mixed with fascinated confusion.

Without meaning to, her lips mutter a "huh?"

"Don't 'huh?' me, moron! You dumbass! Who the fuck sits at the park at night?! If you haven't noticed, this isn't a fucking—" It was amazing. The blue haired asshole just came out of nowhere and started reprimanding her. She was too absorbed with Daiki's expressions that she completely tuned out on whatever he was saying.

"Oi, are you even listening to me?! Dumbass!" The man was so angry and animated that Ryuuzen couldn't help smiling. "The hell are smiling for, moron."

Did she finally break? He knew she was stupid, but he didn't really know that the girl had a loose screw.

"Daiki, why are you here anyway?" She repeated, hoping that Daiki didn't rant on again. She didn't mind if he did, but seriously. He'd probably just tire himself out since she wouldn't even be listening.

Mercifully, he didn't. "I was here 'cause I bought some Mai-chan mags." Daiki pointed at a store closeby, just a few blocks away with his thumb. In his other hand there was a transparent plastic bag that obviously contained the magazines.

"I didn't expect some dumbass girl loitering at the park or are you some kinda hobo now?"

It was weird, Daiki thought. He wasn't really the talkative type, but this weirdo flat chested girl pissed him off. The hell was up with her?

"Me? A hobo? Yeah right, Daiki. You look like a hobo more than I do."

And that's when more bickering happened.

Kise was still where Aomine left him.

He felt like he would be intruding with their private moment, but Kise didn't realize what letting Aomine talk to Ryuu-san meant.

Well, it meant he had to stand exactly where Aomine left him, which was behind a large bush. A sweatdrop appeared comically on his face. Aominecchi, what's taking you so long? He'd thought that the taller guy just wanted to say hi to the girl and they'd be on their merry way.

Aomine did promise a one-on-one with him, after all.

Now, he felt like a weirdo watching them from afar, waiting for Aomine to be finished with—with—with whatever he was doing with Ryuu-san.

His eyebrows showed his confusion. Ryuu-san, Ryuu-san, who exactly was she to Aomine? Kise referred to her as Ryuu-"san" and not Ryuuichhi or whatever not out of lack of respect for her. Rather, it was because the blond guy didn't know her much.

Sure they'd seen each other, talked to each other even, but that was because of Aomine. All of those times were because she was with Aomine or that Aomine spotted her somewhere and that kind of irked him—not that he'd admit aloud.

But it irked him, hell, he could have been playing one-on-one with Aomine right now if she hadn't shown up.

Just who exactly was this girl?

"Haaa? So you're telling me that that Bakagami— "Hey!" "stood you up?" He asked with an expression saying 'Are you fucking kidding me? That's the reason you're here at night?'

"Well," Ryuuzen replied timidly, "when you say it like that…" She trailed of leaving the words 'I seem pathetic' unsaid. But of course, both of them already knew that she kinda looked dumb sitting there alone.

"And you're here moping your ass off?" At this point, the girl took offense and stood up. The tanned ass still hovered—towered—over her, but she didn't mind. Truth be told, she just felt awkward talking to him while she was sitting down. That and her butt was getting numb from all the sitting.


"What? I'm just saying the fuck are you doing here? Me and Kise are gonna get food and shit." Daiki pointed towards the bush where the model was hiding. Surprised, the ikemen jumped out of the bush, a bit frantic at being caught and looking like some kind of stalker creeping on the two.

Ryuuzen turned and saw the blond flashing her a strained smile. "Eh, Kise-kun was here?"

Kise slowly approached them. He'd been seen anyway and he certainly didn't want to look more of a stalker or a pervert or the two combined to Aomine's friend. Daiki turned and ignored her question. Not that it was directed to him or Kise; it was more of a statement that a question, so there wasn't really any point in answering. He scratched behind his ear with his Mai-chan magazines in hand.

"We're getting some food, so what the fuck are you two doing just standing there?"

Kise and Ryuuzen shared confused glanced filled with exasperation. The blond shrugged at her and she looked over at Daiki again. His back was facing her, so she couldn't exactly see his expression.

"The hell, are you gonna cry about that Bakagami or are we actually getting some food, dumbass?"

Weirdly, she followed the insensitive asshole to the diner with Kise right beside her.

Author's Note: Eh, what the hell was that? Well, I have no idea, but this played differently in my head—very differently. I have a very, er, precise idea of who the OC will be, so I guess that's a good thing. On the other hand, I originally planned for this to be a one-shot, but I wanted it a little more… romantic that this. I'm thinking of a two-shot, but now this story is actually pretty much stuck in my head. So, I really want to make it into a really short story. I really don't know what to do, so it would be nice if you guys—if I have any readers, haha—would prefer a two-shot or a short series.

Also, I should be updating my Kagami story, but I've actually thought up of another story featuring Kagami and I just don't want it mingling or interfering with the one I've already posted.

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