Chapter 5: So it's a date-date?

She saw the text again and couldn't help smiling. Thank the gods that her hard work paid off. She wanted to give herself a pat on the back. Second chances were a rare thing and yet, here she was. To be graced with such a thing felt so good.

Rei smirked to herself thinking of the things the two could be doing on their date.

First, they'd probably watch a movie or maybe just eat dinner. Maybe, then again maybe not; maybe they'd go somewhere and do something fun, like go to the beach or maybe just hangout.

Whatever it was, she was sure, they'd have an amazing time together.

Their date-date would be something.

Yes, oh second chances were such a wonderful thing.

She had dressed up.

Better than she had before. Better in the sense that every little detail about her clothes and accessories were especially handpicked and even her hair was done cutely.

Her cute brown boots had heels, so that she'd appear even a teensy-bit taller than she usually did. Yes, the height difference between her and Kagami was enormous, but not enough to make her feel awkward and childlike.

But of course, a little height—even though it was just two inches—never hurt.

Her clothes were a mix of both mature and cute.

First off, she didn't want Kagami getting the wrong idea. What if she dressed too cutely and he saw that she wasn't his type because she seemed too childish? Ryuuzen Rei was not taking any chances. If the man, was turned off by cuteness to the point that he felt like a pedophile then, she had a solution.

Rei's coat made her look more mature than her usually "Am-I-really-a-high-school-student?" look. It was obvious that she was. A dark simple coat that was fitted complemented her boots.

This time her clothes would be perfect.

Her hair usually just combed with its perfect straightness was slightly curled at the bottom. It wasn't like those giant waves or curls that movie stars or models wore, but it was definitely a more subtle and cute-look.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

She couldn't help smiling.

Yes, this definitely was first date material.

She checked for blemishes or pimples or anything on her face. Nope. Everything was in order. Twirling around for one final overall look, she congratulated herself inwardly. Ryuuzen Rei looked perfect. Not trying hard or not trying hard enough.

She looked nice.

And to her, right now, that was everything.

Kagami wasn't late.

No, nothing was like the last time. He showed up early—earlier than her and that threw her off guard a bit. But she quickly regained composure and the two headed up to eat.

It wasn't exactly as she pictured it. But it was nice, really.

They were at Maji Burgers. It was a fast food place that Kagami had told her he always went to after class.

Rei was surprised to see a guy eat so much. A shit ton of burgers was all over his tray and he started chomping down each and every single one.

She genuinely felt awkward in front of him.

Nervous was the common word for it, to her the right words to describe it were "not the right time". Rei suddenly felt colder, even when talking about mostly random things her voice seemed to waver just the slightest and she'd feel absolutely self-conscious.

Eventually, she had calmed down a bit.

But by then, Kagami had finished eating all—and she had seen him engulf all—of his burgers. She had eaten what she usually ordered which were large fries, a float and a burger.

By the time Rei came back to her sense, she felt it was too late.

They were already done with their little dinner date.

She couldn't deny the fact that it was nice. His company was nice and she'd actually had fun. But she berated herself for probably looking so lame, so uncool and so at unease during their date.

For her, it was too short and too awkward of a thing to be considered a date.

It was obvious to her that at times even Kagami felt strained.

At the end, the walked in silence and to both, it was calming. She let out a sigh. That wasn't as she had expected it to be. Of course, it was probably because of her unrealistic expectations of just a single date.

"Oi, what's with that annoying sound?" Kagami had heard her sigh. It wasn't too loud, so she had hoped that he hadn't. But alas, for her fate was cruel enough to make her explain.

She smiled again and maybe for the last time for this day.

"Ah, it's nothing, Kagami-kun." The cheery voice was still there. "It's just sad that our date has to end."

Her eyes were a little downcast and her feet hurt and throbbed for wearing heels. Her lips widened into a bigger smile, but this time it was very pronounced that she was faking it. She was tired, but she was still smiling. Although it was obviously a fake one, Kagami was surprised.

He didn't actually think that Ryuuzen Rei would be the type of girl to get tired. Nor did he think that she'd be the type to fake a smile.

She always appeared to be an enthusiastic girl that constantly bugged him for dates.

It took a while for Kagami to realize that she'd been looking forward to this date and to her it was such a letdown.

He'd always seen her as someone who would be annoying, but wouldn't give up.

But somehow, now she seemed completely different.

The silent walk continued for a short while and they were heading towards the bus stop. Kagami had offered to walk with her towards it and she had agreed.

"Oi, if you think the date was a letdown, just say it." Bluntness was a characteristic flaw for Kagami, but others would argue that it wasn't necessarily a flaw.

Those downcast eyes stared up at him and even though her smile seemed chipped away, it did not waver. "It's not that Kagami-kun. I had fun. Honest."

He doubted it.

She probably thought it was lame of him to take her to a fast food restaurant that he usually went too after school.

Ryuuzen Rei let out the biggest smile he'd ever seen. This girl had kept surprising him and he didn't know what to expect from her.

"No, honestly… I had fun, Kagami-kun."

And she had meant it.

Rei had coaxed Kagami that she could wait for the bus on her own. She'd said that it was weird that he'd be there looking like a stalker when the bus came. It would be even more suspicious that he would probably be just standing there when the bus came and she had to get on.

To which he responded by getting angry—moderately pissed—and thus, walked away.

So, Rei was standing there waiting for the bus, when it dawn on Kagami that she had won. "Oi! I'm waiting for the bus with you."


The two had to argue again. Rei stood by her belief that Kagami would look more of a stalker than a gentleman and that she would be alright. She could handle waiting for the bus alone. She wasn't a little kid, for crying out loud.

For the second time—and hopefully the last, Rei thought—Kagami was walking away again from the bus stop, hands in his pocket and pissed off that she was right.

He was probably three yards away when he remembered what she said "…honestly… I had fun, Kagami-kun."

It occurred to him that Ryuuzen Rei never pestered him or even remotely mentioned doing it again sometime.

Not once did she say it again.

Without an ounce of hesitation, he turned around and faced her. She stared at him. Was she going to have a third argument with him?

"My place is pretty close here. Maybe you'd want to chill or hangout for a few?"


Somehow, now she seemed completely different.

"Oi, Ryuuzen…-san, you seem completely different from before." He said with his eyes closed. He glanced to his side while telling her "You've changed a bit—"

Eh?! Instead of seeing a small girl, he saw a very chubby boy.

What?! This wasn't just a bit!

Omake #2:

"Kagami-kun," she kept giggling and all he wanted her to do was stop. "You honestly thought I changed to a boy?"

"Shuddup." Kagami didn't really want to argue at this point.

"Haha. But you have to admit, it's kinda funny."

"Haaaa? Are you making fun of me?!" He was more irked at the fact that he would have found it funny if it wasn't him who actually thought that Ryuuzen morphed into a boy.

"Ah, Kagami-kun, look at that dog—"

At the word dog, Kagami ran as fast as he could away from where she was pointing.

"Doesn't it look so realistic? Ah, dog statues nowadays, huh? HUH?! Where did he go?! He ditched me!"