Requested by Lawl-ya. This lovely human being deserves more than my crappy writing, but I tried! I love her so much, she is great and fantastic and wonderful and a whole bunch of loveliness. Too bad we live on opposite ends of the Earth...

Eyes peered down at the pirate. Those large obsidian eyes. Even with that ridiculous beard and helmet, Straw Hat still was Straw Hat. And after two years, the kid had really grown. That lithe body had now formed hard muscles, yet he still kept his skinny form. A powerful Haki resonated off his skin. That skin had remained the same, and was truly smooth, going by the soft feeling of the petite hand that held his. But the large scar on his chest was new. Anger towards a certain marine began to build up in the blond man. Bellamy grit his teeth as his eyes locked with the younger's.

That damn Straw Hat. Who gave him the right to call out his name? To cheer for him? To remain as irresistible as always? Only he could get Bellamy this angry. Yet, he regained his demeanor and felt a smile coming upon his face. The kid had just crushed his pride, but he felt happy somewhat. The brat cared enough to root for him. That was something.

Even now, he was holding his hand firmly. The icy water filled with the fighting fish dropped his body temperature, but Straw Hat didn't seem to mind the coldness of his hand. In fact, the warmth Bellamy got from Straw Hat's palm was the only thing he felt alongside the numbing coldness of the moat. As long as he held his hand, Bellamy felt he could do anything.

Blinking slowly at the ceiling, the elder focused his vision on Straw Hat. "Hey, come closer, y-you brat," he ordered weakly. But the pirate obliged and got close enough that Bellamy could begin to count the number of strands of hair on that fake beard of his. He took a few deep breathes and decided to ignore his heartbeat's annoying acceleration while he struggled to speak. "Win this damn thing, alright? I'll never forgive you if you let that Bartolomeo bastard get the fruit." Locking eyes again, Straw Hat nodded and tightened the grip on Bellamy's hand.

"Sure, leave it to me!" Bellamy knew he would win. He would trust those words and cling to them. It was pretty pathetic, but what could he do? His arm hooked around the kid's neck and slammed their lips together. Bellamy's blood mixed with Luffy's saliva and beard left its mark after they parted. Straw Hat's face was shocked and red.

"You'd better," Bellamy said with a smirk.