Naruto quickly stuffed all of his things in his backpack, it was his first day at his new school and he was already late. He looked around his messy room for one last time, making sure he didn't forget anything before he headed to school. Naruto picked up his back and walked around the empty ramen cups and dirty clothes in his room. He looked at himself once in the mirror in the hallway, admiring his so called handsome face. He had sparkling blue eyes, with his bright blond hair on top of his sun kissed skin. Naruto smiled into the mirror and quickly put his shoes on when he finally stopped staring at his reflection. He walked out of the tiny apartment and locked the door behind him. Naruto quickly ran down the old stairs the led up to his apartment and began running towards his new high school, Konoha High.

Naruto looked at the black watch on his wrist, and sighed as he took out his phone finding out that he had four missed texts, all from Kiba. He read a couple, Dude, where the hell are you? Naruto rolled his eyes and read the other, Get yer scrawny ass over here! Naruto sighed, he knew he was late, he didn't have to have Kiba constantly nagging him to hurry up when that's what he was doing. Despite Kiba being an obnoxious ass half of the time, Naruto still thought of him like a brother, an extremely annoying brother, but a brother. Naruto ran as fast as he could and was slightly relieved to see several students like him that were late and were only now arriving. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw a man standing at the gate wearing an ungodly green jump suit and orange legwarmers,"Those of you who are late! Shall wear these extra outfits I especially prepared for you!" He shouted holding them in the air excitedly. Naruto gasped and turned to the brick wall next to him an idea forming in his head. He chuckled and began climbing the brick wall,'Suckers.'

"Hey you!" Naruto turned to see the gaudy teacher and lost his balance,'Shit!' Naruto fell forward and closed his eyes bracing for impact. Naruto grunted when he fell onto something hard, but not nearly as hard as the ground. Naruto opened his eyes and was face to face with probably the most handsome person he'd ever met. Even with his face scrunched up in pain from suddenly being toppled on by a random person, he was still the most handsome person Naruto ever met. The raven opened his eyes and met Naruto's baby blue orbs with his dark cold obsidian ones that sent shivers down the blonds spine.

"Are you done staring, loser?" Naruto quickly got off from on top of the raven and stared at the raven one last time, choosing to ignore his rude comment since he'd just used him as a cushion.

"Yea, whatever jerk." Naruto picked up his bag and quickly left.

"Naruto Uzumaki?" A silky baritone voice yelled and the blonde turned to look at the raven who was holding his school I.D card. 'Damn.' Naruto quickly snatched the I.D out of the ravens hand and turned to leave again. "That's all? Not even a thank you? Hey dobe!" Naruto flipped him the bird before running away to find out his new class. Naruto found his class in the hallway after the entrance ceremony and saw Kiba at the back of the line. He snuck into the line next to Kiba,"Yo!" Kiba turned to Naruto,"Where the hell have you been jackass? Thank you by th way for ignoring all my texts." Naruto laughed,"You're very welcome. Sorry, I forgot to set the alarm so I woke up late. I had to climb the wall to avoid wearing one of those green jumpsuits. I ended up falling on top of some random douche bag." Kiba laughed,"You're lucky you got here before our teacher did. He's late for some reason." Naruto smiled,"What's his name again? Didn't it start with a K or something?" Kiba nodded,"It's Kakashi. Kakashi-sensei." Naruto ran a hand through his blond hair noticing a shy girl staring at him from a far.

"Hinata? Is that you? Man, it's been a long time! I haven't seen you since middle school!" Hinata nodded,"W-welcome back Naruto-kun." Naruto nodded,"It's good to be back! I'm glad Iruka got transferred back so we could live here again!" Kiba nodded,"I was quite surprised when this guy showed up on my door step a few weeks ago with that goofy grin of his. This asshole didn't even bother to tell me he was coming back." Naruto laughed as they entered the classroom, his eyes widening when he saw a certain raven haired bastard siting at a desk by the window. Naruto nudged Kiba,"That's the asshole I fell on." Kiba frowned,"You fell on Sasuke?" Naruto nodded,"Yea, didn't expect him to be in this class though." Kiba sighed,"You fell on Sasuke Uchiha!" Naruto frowned,"Yea! I already said that! Did you go deaf or somethin' when I was gone?"

Kiba shook his head,"You're an idiot." Naruto shrugged,"I don't see the big deal." Kiba frowned,"He's the richest,most popular and influential kid in the entire school. He and his posse lead the school, they're the kids you don't want to fuck with." Naruto frowned,"What's he gonna do? Beat me up? Bully me?" He said sarcastically. Kiba shrugged,"Possibly. Watch out for Sakura, she's one of his biggest followers and a total bitch. She'd do anything that ass says, anything and everything. She once tried to kill herself because he said she was annoying. God she's so stupid, and her blonde haired friend Ino isn't much better." Naruto nodded and looked at the board where the teacher had written the assigned seats. He scanned for his name and frowned, his name was written in chalk in front of, Sasuke Uchiha. Kiba patted Naruto quickly on his shoulder before leaving to take his seat next to Hinata.

Naruto frowned and took his seat in front of Sasuke, only for his seat to be kicked as soon as he sat down.

"Hey, dobe! Were you raised in a barn? What kind of person just leaves without apologizing to the person they fall on?" Naruto rolled his eyes and turned around,"Oh, I'm so sorry for falling on top of a bastard like you." Naruto faked a smile,"Happy now?" Sasuke and Naruto glared at each other for awhile before Sasuke opened his mouth to say something, but quickly closed it when he saw the teacher walk in. The teacher had spiky white hair and wore a mask that covered half of his face,"Good Morning everyone. Sorry for being late, I got lost on the road I took to avoid a black cat." Naruto sighed,'This teacher's an idiot.' Kakashi continued introducing himself and explained the class rules, and the type of attitude he expected. Naruto yawned,'This lecture is making me sleepy.'

"Now, everyone please introduce yourselves and feel free to say any about yourselves." Kakashi looked around the room and pointed at Naruto,"Let's start with blondie here and go clockwise." Naruto smiled and stood up,"I'm Naruto Uzumaki! I just moved here, but I lived here for several years beforehand. Nice to meet you all again!" Kakashi nodded,"Welcome back...Naruto." Naruto sat down and turned around to see the Sasuke's introduction. Sasuke frowned and didn't bother standing up,"I'm Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto frowned when he noticed the smirk that appeared on Sasuke's face as he looked at Naruto after several girls squealed in excitement, 'Conceited bastard.'

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