Naruto sniffled as he buried his face into his arms,'Why?' A warm summer breeze ruffled the soft grass he was sitting on and made small ripples in the water several feet in front of him. 'W-why did they leave me alone?' Naruto solemnly peaked over his arms, his eyes blurry from the tears in them and looked out at the small pond he was sitting next to.

"Are you okay? Wait, Are you crying?!" A small voice behind him asked. Naruto quickly wiped his eyes and turned around to look at a small boy with raven hair and deep obsidian eyes. "Are you hurt? Do you need help?" Naruto shook his head and stared at the boy, wondering what he was doing here. The boy shrugged and sat down next to him and look him in the eye before turning his gaze to the small pond. "My name's Sa-"

"Naruto!" Naruto lazily woke up and wiped the drool from the side of his mouth, he looked around the small room. He yawned,'That's good. I thought I was still at school.' Naruto laid back down on his messy bed and looked around the orange painted room, with ramen cups scattered around the floor. He frowned, not remembering his whole dream,'I feel like, I'm forgetting something important. Who was that?' Naruto thoughts were disrupted by another angry call from Iruka, and he slowly rolled off his bed and sat up after he fell onto a pile of dirty clothes near his bed. Iruka called once again and Naruto sighed,"Yea! I know, I'm coming! He hollered back as he easily walked through his messy room and out into the hallway. He walked into the small kitchen a few feet away where Iruka was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in one hand and the morning newspaper that he forgot to read.

Iruka looked up from his paper and chuckled when he saw Naruto's disheveled appearance,"Dinner is ready." Naruto smiled when he saw the big bowls of ramen on the table,"You ordered Ichiraku's!" Naruto quickly sat in the chair in front of Iruka, beaming at the rare occasion of eating Ichiraku's. "Itadakimasu!" Naruto practically shouted before digging into his ramen barely noticing Iruka didn't have a bowl. "Whersh yoush bowl?" Naruto asked as he pointed to the empty space infront of Iruka.

"I had dinner with an old friend before I came home, so I'm not hungry." Naruto shrugged before he continued eating his ramen. Iruka set the paper down before crossing his hands and staring at Naruto. "So, how was your first day at school? Did you have any classes with Kiba?" Naruto nodded quickly before guzzling the warm broth down, he wiped he mouth with his shirt before leaning back, satisfied.

"Yea, me and Kiba had a couple of classes. I also had several classes with probably the most conceited asshole in the world." Iruka raised his eyebrows, silently urging Naruto to continue with his story. Naruto scratched the back of his head and continued,"His name is Sasu- sometheing, whatever who cares. He acts like he's all that because he's good looking, rich and good at sports, what an asshole." Iruka chuckled and quietly listened as Naruto continued. " I really don't see why all the girls think he's all that, I mean sure he's probably one of the best looking guys I've seen in a while, but his attitude sucks." Naruto sighed,"Why do girls like bad boys? Why can't they like someone with a good heart?" Iruka patted Naruto's fluffy blond hair,"He sounds interesting. Are you sure you aren't saying all these things because you're, jealous?" Naruto nodded,"What's weird though, is that he seems...familiar?" Iruka frowned,"Did you two know each other? When we used to live here?" Naruto shook his head,"I'm gonna go back to bed." Iruka nodded and returned to reading the paper.

Naruto scratched his head,'It feels like I knew him before I lived here?' Naruto plopped face first into his and hugged his favorite fox teddy bear,'Yea right! Why would I know such an obnoxious jerk?! I'm sure he just resembles someone else!" He turned off his light with a remote and snuggled into a pile of warm blankets and soft feathery pillows. Naruto let his lids get heavy and he slowly fell back into a deep sleep.

Sasuke paused a second, contemplating on whether to tell the kid his real name or not,"My name is S!" The blond haired boy looked up at him with light blue eyes and giggled for the first time in a while. Sasuke smiled,"I didn't know anybody else knew about this place." Naruto looked scared and frantically waved his hands,'I-is he g-gonna beat me up too?' Naruto wiped the new tears forming in his eyes,"S-sorry. I-i'll go." Naruto mumbled as he wiped another tear from his face before turning to leave. Sasuke grabbed the kid's wrist,"I'm sorry? U-um, I don't mind if you stay? I wasn't trying to make you leave." He said trying to get the blond boy to stop crying again. "U-uh why don't we play a game?" The kid's face lit up and he managed a small nod and the two soon began a lengthy game of hide and seek.

Naruto opened his eyes once again feeling that he'd forgotten something important,'What the hell? It happened again!' Naruto softly rubbed his temples and looked at the alarm clock next to his bed, 5:45 A.M. He sighed and quickly shot up and scurried out of his bed,'Shit! I forgot I had math homework!' Naruto turned on the light and closed his eyes and slowly opened them again after he was used to it. He rummaged around his old bag until he found his math binder and took it out and stared at the twenty algebra equations. Naruto sighed,'I completely forgot how to do these.' He managed to somehow get an answer for each one after slowly working them out and looking up how to solve them on his laptop. He got up stripped his shirt off so that he was down to his boxers and at looked at the clock, 6:30 A.M.

Naruto yawned and walked out into the hallway and the bathroom that was directly next to his room. He turned on the shower and let the water warm up before he turned and looked at his reflection in the mirror. Naruto patted his messy bedhead and slipped off his boxers before stepping into the warm shower, letting the sudden warmth envelope him like a tidal wave. 'Were those memories? From before I knew Iruka?' Naruto washed his hair and shrugged off his recent dreams, deciding that if he forgot them in the first place they probably weren't that important. He quickly rinsed his body with some Axe Irish Spring body wash and turned off the shower once he was done. He reached out and grabbed an old tan towel and wrapped it around his waist.

Naruto didn't bother to pick up his boxers before he walked out of the steam filled bathroom and back into his cool room. He shivered and turned off the fan, making his way over to his dresser. Naruto pulled out a pair of gaudy orange boxers and quickly put them on. He walked over next to his bed where he ended up throwing his uniform off during his sleep and pulled on the pair of pants. He pulled out an orange undershirt from his dresser and put on his black gauken uniform jacket. Naruto sighed as he sat down and looked at his book bag,'I'm not looking forward to going to school and having to see that conceited jerk again.'

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