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"I tell you, Sul, I love Celia so much! She is the one, now I know I've said it before but I mean it, she is the girl!"

"Mhm." Sully mumbled to Mike, who was going on and on with great enthusiasm about his deep love for his girlfriend, Celia.

"No, Buddy, when the love bug bites you, you have to go with the flow."

"I believe you, Man, I really do," the bigger monster said seriously from his position in his kicked back recliner.

"After Celia and I finally make things official, forever I mean, we need to work on you!" Mike threw his hands in the air in an overdramatic motion.

"What do you mean work on me?" Sully asked, and then added in a good natured joke, "I'm set the way I am. I'm the CEO of an incorporation powered in the happiness of human children, I live comfortably, have money in the Bank of Monstropolis that collects more interest each day, I am saving for retirement, I have my mother, father, and siblings who I love. I mean even though my family doesn't live in this city I am still close to them and could depend on them for anything, and to top it off I live in a nice apartment with the best friend a guy could ask for! I have, as far as I'm concerned the best life I could ask for!" Sully smiled and extended his lengthy arm to pat Mike's, who was seated beside him now in his green beanbag chair, back.

"No Sully. You know what I mean; you need to get a woman in your life. What's life worth without someone to love and share it with? What's it worth if you don't have a legacy in children to carry you on when you leave this place. What's it worth if you're-"

"I get it, Mikey." Sully calmly snapped, not in a belittling manner, but in one that more or less meant to stop the subject. "But I have you to share with, you're my best buddy, and Boo's like a daughter to me."

"But she doesn't live with you. You have to sneak around to see her. I won't be here forever, I mean we'll always be buddies, but when I marry Celia I will move out so we can get our own place. Yeah, you could live with us, but why would you? You would be a good looking, not as much as I, bachelor living in his own pad, with a good job, and you're a good guy with a great personality and humor. The ladies would kill to be on your arm, if only you'd give them the chance!" Mike said this in a sultry way then added, after considering it, "Were you hurt by a girl in your past?" Sully was quiet, and Mike understood, "Oh, Sully, no one, generally, is with their first love forever! Don't let one woman screw up your life!"

"Did I say she screwed up my life? If so, kindly remind me, I don't remember saying that or anything that would even remotely suggest that." He rolled his eyes.

"No, you didn't, but I'm you best friend… I know these things. You don't have to tell me that the reason you never, the whole time I've known you, got into any serious relationship with a lady is because you were hurt by one long ago, I already know that… I can feel it whenever I speak of Celia, I can see it in your eyes. Buddy, I know, and if you're in need or when you are ready I will listen." Mike gave him an understanding and concerned look that neither pressured nor condemned Sully in any way. Finally, maybe out of a need to confide, Sully began to tell Mike the story of that long ago love that had broken his heart in a short summary.

"It began in high school, my junior year. Now, don't get me wrong, I had dated casually for a year or so prior. I had girls all over me all the time, after all I was headed for great things and everyone knew it. I was a jock, now I didn't necessarily have the best grades but I didn't need them. I had my last name, and that was what carried me through the rough patches, I was sliding through in the shadow of my well-known and admired father. Anyways, I have gone on dates with a few girls but none really caught my eye nor my heart enough to last but a date or two. That all changed the beginning of my junior year when I met my Hailey, she was the prettiest thing you ever would see. The best part was that with her beauty, she also had a deep sweetness that coursed her entire body in such an immense way that you knew, just by looking at her, that she was genuine and would be loyal to those she loved. Now, I took to her instantly, she wasn't really popular, but I didn't care. Hailey was cautious of me at first; she probably figured that I was going to play a cruel joke on her. However, once she found out that my actions were sincere, she took to me quickly and passionately. We went steady all through junior and senior year then came college and that was when it got rough."

Mike nodded his head and wondered for a spilt second, as that's all that Sully would allow before continuing on with his story, if he had somehow been a part of their spilt. Of course you didn't Wazowski, Sul hated you at the beginning of college, why would his girl care?

"She went to the same college as me, excuse me, us at MU. She was in different classes, as she never really wanted to actually be the one to scare young human children. We went steady through some of freshman year, but it was very rocky. I was a jerk, you know that, but it wasn't just to you. I thought I was so amazing, so hot, you know like I was a gift to the world, and I forgot to show her my love. I loved her. I did. I just didn't show it, I guess I just assumed she wouldn't ever leave me… Boy was I wrong." Sully's eyes dropped and were sad and his voice was melancholy. After I joined Oozma Kappas she thought that I was changing for the better, becoming less arrogant and narcissistic. After a few weeks, though, she learned that I hadn't. I was making fun of you guys on what would be our final date and she broke up with me right there in the coffee house. She said that I was selfish and very egotistical. She assured me that I was a good guy and she'd care about me forever, but I was too immature for her at the time. Then Hailey got up and left, I broke down on the spot. I was devastated, my world was walking away from me and I couldn't change or stop her. Why did I have to be so stupid? Why was I such a jerk? Why was I so prideful? I still wonder if things had been different, what would today be like." He sighed deeply, "But on the other hand, I'm glad it happened, because if she wouldn't have left me, then I wouldn't have tried to change." Another sigh from Sully's gut, "Then I wouldn't have made friends with you and I would have never known what it is like to have such a wonderful best friend that I share a bond with that runs so deep it cannot be called friendship nor brotherhood, because it is so much deeper than either."

"Oh, Sul…" Mike didn't know what to say, "I'm sorry, but everything happens for a reason and maybe you losing her was meant, even though it hurts. You will find something better, Buddy, trust me." Mike tried to comfort Sully, and was surprised at how much he was hurting for his friend, "When I marry Celia, know that I will still be here for you… That you will always be welcomed in our home… I'm sorry Buddy."

"I'm real tired, I'm gonna go to sleep now. Goodnight, Mikey." Sully rose, patted Mike's back and stalked into his room, and practically fell beneath the covers of his huge and fluffy bed. He pulled the deep blue covers over his body and closed his eyes, but sleep was rough to find. He had just shared a part of his life with Mike that he hadn't shared with anyone, ever. It felt good, to have such a weight off his shoulders. Through everything he had said and Mike had said; only one thing ran through his mind as he lie there in bed. This is serious. Mike and Celia are going to marry one day, and soon by the sounds of how he talks. What will happen to me? I never really planned on either of us marrying? I have Boo.. I can see her, but not anytime I want. She has her family and they can never know of me. Mike is my friend, but obviously his life is in motion… The winds of change are moving again, and I'm being left behind. What will I do when Mike leaves? Will I be alone in this place? Maybe I should look for a girl? Nah… I just need a hobby… I should stop thinking so much… Mike hasn't even proposed, as far as I know its all talk. It's fine Sully, just go to sleep. Finally, Sully's mind ceased these thoughts and went to happier ones… But it was still in the back of his mind. What would happen to him if Mike and Celia got married? Would he remain close with Mike? Or, maybe, would he be forgotten about and left alone forevermore.

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