Setting: Dino Thunder; starts with the 'Moon Mission' and continues on through DT.
Story Summary: Through unexpected situations, some of the former rangers are called back to action. They did their duty and life went on, but trouble stirs as a former ranger stumbles across a new power source. With the help of friends—near and far—they will create and mentor three teens into becoming the newest members of the ranger family. This is the story of the Dino Thunder Rangers.
Chapter Word Count: 12, 602

A/N: hey guys, this is the sequel to Healing A Broken Crane. It took a while to get out, but it's here and I hope you guys like it. So, enjoy.

A/N 2: The chapters will be based on the episodes of DT—some will be joined—but they will not directly follow the storyline. Basically, it's me twisting the storyline of DT and seeing how it could've happened.

Disclaimer: Power Rangers and all its affiliates belong to Haim Saban. I am not making any money from this story and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

"Speaking over the phone"

"Kim," Tommy called out to his fiancée as he stood near the door. "We're gonna be late."

"No we're not Tommy," Kim yelled from the bedroom. "So hold your horses."

Tommy shook his head with a chuckle. "That woman is lucky I love her so much."

"What was that?" Kim asked as she walked out of the bedroom. She was wearing a jean skirt that ended about an inch and a half from her knees, a pink and white spaghetti strap top, with a white jacket and pink flip-flops. Her hair, which was slightly longer, falling to rest just at her waist, was done in huge curls.

"Nothing," Tommy smiled as he looked her over; he loved her so much, more than anything, and he truly couldn't imagine his life without her. "You look amazing Beautiful."

"Thanks Handsome," Kim smiled as she walked up to him and kissed him. When she pulled back, she ran her hand through his hair. "I still can't believe you got a haircut; I'm going to miss the long locks."

"Me too," Tommy said. He had gotten his hair cut just after their graduation a few weeks ago. He had gotten an offer to work with famous archaeologist Anton Mercer and he had decided that if he was going to be doing professional work and be out in the sun all day, then his hair needed to go….much to the disappointment and the shock of Kim and his friends respectively. When he had told them he was being serious, they had decided to film the entire thing claiming it was the end of an era and they needed to document it, much to his embarrassment.

"But I have to admit," Kim smiled. "I'm growing to love this new look on you."

"Yeah?" he smiled down at her.

"Yeah," Kim bit her lip as she smiled back. "On you, the short and spiky look is sexy."

"Really?" he asked as he pulled her close. "How sexy?"

"Very," Kim smiled before she pulled his head down and kissed him.

"I thought you guys were getting ready to leave?" an amused voice asked from the doorway. The two pulled away and saw Jason, Trini and Aisha standing there; it was Jason that spoke.

"We are," Tommy smiled at them.

"Looks to me like you were making out," Aisha winked at them.

"Shut up 'Sha," Kim laughed. "What are you guys doing here?"

"You didn't think we'd let you leave without stopping by did you?" Trini asked as she walked into the apartment.

"How silly of me to think that our vacation was ours alone," Kim retorted dryly, much to the amusement of the others. "And besides, I would think that the mini party you guys gave us a few days ago was your goodbye."

"It's nice to see that you understand," Jason smiled even as he shook his head.

"So what?" Aisha grinned. "You really didn't think that that party was a real goodbye?"

"How could I think that?" Kim could only laugh as she looked at her friends. The past four years had been good to the former rangers; the only bad thing they had to deal with was Zordon's death; something that had hit all of them hard, Kim understandably being the worst.

"I'm surprised that the others aren't here as well," Tommy said as he brought the last of their bags from the bedroom.

"They would've," Trini answered as she took a seat on the couch. "But they all had things to do and they didn't want to overwhelm you guys."

"Since when?" Kim snorted as she headed into the kitchen. "You guys want anything to drink?"

"Whatever you got," Aisha replied as she sat down next to Trini. "So where's Hayley? I expected her to be here."

"Trust me," Tommy shook his head with a smile. "She wanted to, but she had some last minute dealings to do with a former professor, I think."

"I bet she was pissed about that," Jason smiled as he leaned against the couch.

"Yes she was," Tommy answered. "Because she won't see Kim until we come back."

"That's understandable seeing how close Kim is to her," Aisha shook her head. They had met Hayley just after Christmas break in their freshman year at UCLA; she was sharing a class with Kim and Kim, being the friendly person that she was, had invited the girl to hang out with her. Hayley, not used to having friends, was reluctant but Kim wouldn't give up and had kept at it until Hayley finally give in and until the red head had felt comfortable enough to be around them. By the time their junior year came around, Hayley was official one of them and was as protective of Kim as the others were, which was no surprise as Hayley herself had confessed that Kim was her first true friend.

"How close who is to Kim?" Kim asked when she came back into the room with three soda pops. She handed them off and leaned against Tommy who was sitting on the arm of the single seat chair.

"Hayley," Trini answered. She smiled up at her best friend and little sister.

"Oh," Kim giggled. "She was a little pissed that she couldn't stop by, especially since she had missed the going away party you guys threw a few days ago; she called me this morning and she said she would make it up to me when we got back, I told she didn't have to, but…"

"We know how Hayley is," Jason laughed. "So have you guys finished all your packing?"

"Just about," Tommy answered. "All I have to do is back check everything and then we're good to go."

"Alright," Aisha smiled. "So, are you guys excited about this trip?"

"Of course," Kim smiled. "I searched on the internet and the resort looks very beautiful; I can't wait to get there."

The friends talked a bit more, before Tommy realized they'd have to leave soon. Saying their goodbyes, Jason and the others left, while Kim gathered the rest of their bags and took them out to the car; they had decided to take Tommy's jeep since it had more room.

"Ready Beautiful?" Tommy called out to Kim.

"Definitely," Kim smiled and Tommy closed the door behind him before walking out to the car.

"Alright," Tommy smiled over at her as he started the ignition. "Let's go."

The car ride was slightly long, but the two spent it talking with each other. Before they knew it, they were pulling into the parking space of the resort.

"Wow," Kim said as she stepped out of the car. "This place is beautiful."

"Hello," a young guy walked up to them. "Welcome to Paradise."

"It most certainly is," Kim nodded as she looked around; it truly was beautiful and she found herself falling in love with the place.

"Come on," Tommy said. "Let's go check-in."

"Alright," Kim nodded before grabbing her bags from the car; the two held hands as they walked into the resort. They headed over to the check-in counter to confirm their reservations and collect their keys.

"Hi," Tommy said. "I have a reservation for two under Oliver."

"Alright," the clerk said before checking the computer. "Got right here; you're in room 214. Enjoy your stay." The clerk said as he handed them their room key.

"Thank you," Tommy nodded.

"We will," Kim smiled before turning with Tommy; they grabbed their bags and walked over to the elevators. After pressing their floor number, the two held onto each other. "I'm so glad we decided to come here."

"So am I Beautiful," Tommy smiled down at her. "It's nice to have a few days to ourselves."

"I understand completely," Kim smiled. The elevator dinged as it stopped on their floor and the two walked out. They went down the hallway, looking for their number. When they found it, Tommy took the key from his back pocket and opened the door.

"Whoa," Kim breathed as she took in the room. "It looks amazing." She took a step forward, but was stopped by Tommy's hand on her arm. "What is it?"

"Humour me," Tommy smiled before placing their bags just inside the door and lifting Kim in his arms into the bridal hold. "I know we're not married yet—

Kim cut him off with a kiss. "I know," she smiled. "This is just one of the reasons why I love you."

"I love you too," he kissed her before stepping over the threshold and into the room. He walked over to the couch and placed on her on it and walked back to get their bags and close the door.

"Alright," Kim said. "Let's check this place out."

"Sounds good," Tommy smiled. Grabbing her hand, he pulled her from the couch and the two walked through their room; they saw that they had a poolside, as well as an amazing view of the mountain side, turning away from the view, they continued their mini tour. They went to the bathroom next and was in awe of it; the shower was actually and tub and shower in one and was big enough to fit two people, the floor was done in flower-patterned tiles as were the walls, there was a his/her sink as well as his/her towels.

"I wonder if I can take this bathroom back with us," Kim mused.

"And where exactly would you hide it?" Tommy asked with a laugh.

"I'll have Billy or Andros teleport it out of here," Kim said in a 'so there' tone.

"You do that Beautiful," Tommy laughed. "And I'll be sure to visit you in either jail or the Looney Bin."

"I won't be in either," Kim shook her head.

"Oh?" Tommy raised an eyebrow. "And why not?"

"You wouldn't let that happen," Kim said with a knowing smile.

"You're right," Tommy shook his head. "I wouldn't; Come on, let's go check out this resort."

"Ok," Kim smiled as he grabbed her hand and led them out of the room. Grabbing their room key as they passed the table, Kim laughed as Tommy shook his head and pulled her out the door. As they walked down to the corridors towards the elevators, they passed a few couples on their way. Getting on the elevator, Kim snuggled up to Tommy and smiled as his arms went around her. A few minutes later, the elevator dinged to let them know it had reached the bottom floor. Stepping off, they headed out to the pool area. Kim pulled out of Tommy's arms as they walked as she wanted to take in the entire view.

"Oh my God," Kim said. "This is so beautiful."

"Not as much as you," Tommy smiled at her.

"You're such a sap," Kim teased; she might call him that, but it didn't mean that she didn't love hearing him say those things…it made her feel more special.

"I know," he said. "But I can't help it."

"I don't mind," Kim shrugged. "Come on; let's check out the bar."

"Alright," he nodded and the two walked off in the direction of the bar, which happened to be out by the pool. They got there and were looking out around when they heard their names.

"Tommy? Kimberly?" a voice behind them said.

They turned, only to be shocked when they saw Skull standing there.

"Skull?" Kim's eyes ran over him in disbelief. "What are you doing here?"

"I…uh…I own it," Skull said with a nervous smile. "Me and Bulk actually."

"What?!" Tommy's eyes practically bulged out of his head when he heard that. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah," Skull nodded. He looked over the two and was slightly shocked to see that they didn't really look any different from high school; Kim's hair was longer, but she was still beautiful. His eyes drifted to Tommy and they grew wide with shock when he saw that instead of the shoulder length dark hair, they were now short and spiked.

"What the hell happened to your hair?"

Kim giggled while Tommy groaned before answering. "You know Anton Mercer, right?"

"Is he that dig guy?" Skull asked. "The one that digs up old bones?"

"Yeah that's him," Tommy nodded. "He chose me and one other person to go on a dig with him and that's in a few weeks, so I cut my hair off for it."

"The others gave him a lot of smack for it," Kim laughed. "They even video-taped it."

"I would've too," Skull laughed. "And I have to say, I'm glad; I was always jealous of your hair in high school, so seeing you without it makes me feel good."

"Glad to hear that," Tommy said dryly, which caused Kim and Skull to laugh again. "So how are you man?"

"I'm ok," Skull smiled.

"Any girls?" Kim asked. She knew how obsessed he was with her in high school.

"Actually," Skull smiled. "I'm married and we have a one year old son."

"Wow," Kim smiled at him. "I'm happy to hear that." She was glad to see that he was finally over his obsession with her.

"What about you two?" Skull looked between them.

"Engaged," Kim held up her left hand to show the ring that was sitting there. "He proposed at the after party of our graduation a few weeks ago."

"Congratulations," Skull nodded. "It doesn't surprise me about the two of you; even in high school, I knew the two of you were meant to be."

"Then why did you hate me so much?" Tommy asked; he didn't mean anything by, he was just curious.

"I didn't truly hate you," Skull shook his head. "Remember, I was obsessed with Kim, even though I knew she wouldn't ever go out with me, and then you came along and you "saved" her from us that first day. I knew then that the two of you would end up together and I was right. I was angry because I thought I should've been the one to be with her, but even still, I was glad that you had her, because I knew that you would treat her the way she deserved to be treated…like a princess."

"Oh Skull," Kim whispered before she leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. "Still ever a gentleman…thanks."

"No problem," Skull said as he tried hard to stop the blush from coming over his face; just because he was over his obsession and he was married, didn't mean he would stop liking her.

"So," Tommy said. "How did you and Bulk come to own this place?"

"After we graduated high school," Skull said. "Bulk and I tried out for the AG Police Academy. You remember how we were?"

"Yeah," Tommy laughed.

"Yeah well," Skull laughed. "We didn't really change until that first training; after that, we realized that we couldn't keep clowning around, so we, well, for lack of a better word, we wised up. We became serious, but we quit the team and decided to go to the community college.

"We took business classes and after we graduated, we had decided to help out Ernie for a bit. A few months after college, we took a vacation and we met the previous owner. He was trying to sell it and we struck a deal and got it for a really good price and the rest as they say is history."

"Wow," Kim looked at him in amazement. "Skull, I'm so proud of you guys; graduating college, growing up and now this place, which is amazing by the way; you guys did well."

"Thanks," he smiled at her.

The three talked a bit more before Skull went back to work and Kim and Tommy walked around some more. Just before sunset, they made it back to their room.

"What do you say to dinner on the balcony?" Tommy turned to her.

"That sounds great," Kim smiled. "I'll go take a shower and you can order room service."

"Alright Beautiful," Tommy nodded. While Kim headed to the bathroom, Tommy headed to the phone. He sat down on the bed and picked up the phone.

"Hi, I would like to order some room service," he said. He ordered a meal for the two of them before hanging up. Twenty minutes later Kim came out of the bathroom to see Tommy fixing their dinner for them. The two shared a smile before they sat down to eat. When they were finished, Tommy took a shower and then the couple snuggled down on the bed to watch TV.


A few days passed and Kim and Tommy were having the time of their life. They had explored the resort and had also spent some time catching up with Bulk and Skull.

Right now, Tommy was sitting near the pool, shades on his face as he read a magazine. He was just turning a page when a shadow fell over him.

"Excuse me," a voice said. "You have a phone call."

He looked up and saw Skull standing there holding a phone in his hand.

"Thanks man," Tommy smiled up at him before he took the phone. "This is Tommy."

"Tommy, Andros here…we have a problem."

Tommy's brow furrowed as he listened to Andros. "Are you sure?"

"Positive," Andros replied.

"So what's the plan?" Tommy asked; a feeling of dread was building in the pit of his stomach. It grew as he listened to Andros explain what was needed to happen. "When do you need me there?"

"As soon as possible," Andros replied.

"Alright," Tommy said. "Give me a few hours; I'll get in contact with Jason and Rocky."

"Alright Tommy," Andros said. "See you guys soon."

"Bye," Tommy said as he hung up the phone. He got up from the lounge and headed to the bar. He motioned for Skull to come to him and he gave him back the phone. "Thanks man."

"No problem," Skull said. He paused as he saw the distracted look on Tommy's face. "Is everything ok?"

"I hope so," Tommy said even as he shook his head. "Hey, I've got to go. I'll see you later."

"Bye," Skull said and he watched as Tommy walked away.


Tommy went back to his room in a slight daze. What Andros had told him had shaken him up and he had no idea how things had happened. He also knew he had to call Jason and Rocky to let them know what was going on; one thing was sure, they wouldn't believe him.

"Shit," he sat up suddenly. "What the hell am I going to tell Kimberly?"

Tommy groaned as he fell backwards on the bed; he never liked lying to Kim, one reason being was, he never could pull it off. She always knew when he was lying to her and with the connection that the two had between them, it was even worse. He was thankful that their spirit animals had become quiet after they had finished with their ranger career. Zordon had explained to them that because they were done with the ranger world, their spirit animals were satisfied that they were safe and in no immediate danger, so they had returned to their resting place deep inside of them.

He sat up on the bed and took a look around the room before he got up and started packing his stuff. He knew he couldn't leave without saying anything to Kim, but he also knew he couldn't face her without telling her what was going on. He didn't want to tell her anything, but he had made a promise to her and he had no intention of breaking it.

Grabbing a paper from the desk, he searched for pen, finding one seconds later. He wrote a note to Kim and placed it on the pillow. He sighed before he grabbed his bags and left the room. He made his way to the elevator, praying to God he wouldn't run into his fiancée. He let out a sigh of relief when he made through the lobby without seeing her. He got outside and headed to his jeep; throwing his stuff inside, he started the jeep and pulled out of the parking lot.


Kim sighed as she made her way back to the room. She walked by the pool, looking for Tommy and not seeing him, she went over to Skull who was wiping down the counter.

"Hey Skull," she smiled at him.

"Hi Kim," he smiled back.

"Have you seen Tommy?" Kim asked.

"He got a phone call ten minutes ago," Skull told her. "I think he went back to your room."

"Alright, thanks," Kim said as she turned away and headed to their room. When she got there, Tommy was nowhere to be found. She moved through the rooms, her brows furrowed as she wondered where her fiancé was. She came back into the bedroom and saw the note lying there; she picked it up.


One of the guys is having a problem and he asked me for help. I am sorry for leaving on our vacation and especially without telling you more, but it sounded serious. Hopefully everything will be ok and over quickly without too much problems. I'll call you when we're done. Please don't be too mad.


Kim sighed and shook her head with a smile as she thought on her fiancé. She knew he thought she would be mad, and while she was a little irritated, she still loved his helpful nature and knew the guys wouldn't have called unless they really needed him.

"Well," Kim said as she placed the note down, "doesn't make sense to waste the remaining two days of this vacation."

She went to the bathroom to take a shower, planning on spending the night dancing before she had to go to sleep.

By the time mid-afternoon of the next day rolled around, Kim was ready to go home. She had gotten a call from Tommy earlier that morning saying that things were taking longer than he expected, and now she was sitting out by the pool missing him fiercely. They hadn't really been apart since high school, and she knew it was good for them to spend at least some time away from each other, but she couldn't help it. By the time night rolled around, she had made her decision and was in her room packing her bags.

The next morning, knowing Tommy had taken his jeep, she went to the front desk to ask for information on getting a taxi; getting a taxi place, she called for a cab. Ten minutes later, one showed up and she was making her way back to Angel Grove, unaware of what was waiting for her there.


When Tommy had left Kim, as he was driving back to town, he pulled out his cell phone and dialled Jason's number.


"Hey bro," he said. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing much man," Jason replied. "What are you doing calling me for? It's your vacation."

"I know," Tommy sighed. "But something came up."

"What's going on Tommy?" Jason sat up straighter.

"Are you alone?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah," Jason said. "Tri went to the mall with Aisha and the other girls."

"Good," Tommy sighed. "We have a big problem."

"What's going on?" Jason asked.

Tommy explained everything that Andros had told him.

"So how is this going to go down? Jason asked when he was done.

"Only the red rangers," Tommy said, "from you up to the newest one."

"Alright," Jason nodded. "When do we leave?"

"I'm on my way back into town," Tommy said as he passed a car. "He wants us to meet at the NASADA Space Base tomorrow."

"Alright, Jason nodded. "I'll talk to Rocky, let him know what's going on and we'll meet you guys there. I assume Andros will have everything worked out power wise?"

"Yes," Tommy nodded, forgetting that Jason couldn't see him.

"Alright," Jason said. "I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Bye," Tommy hung up the phone and sighed. "Why now?"


The next morning, Tommy had called Kim. He had told her things were taking longer than he expected and after telling her he loved her, had hung up. He had met up with Jason and Rocky at his and Kim's place last night when he got back into town and the two had spent the rest of the night contacting the rest of the former rangers.

Today, they were all going to meet at the hanger of the NASADA Space Base to go over everything. Jason and Rocky had told Trini and the others they were going on a camping trip together and the only reason they hadn't called the other boys was because they wanted it to be a type of red ranger male bonding macho ritual; they were lucky the others hadn't questioned them even more.

Tommy sighed as he closed and locked the door to his apartment behind him. He walked out to his jeep and got in. He pulled out of the parking lot and started the long drive. As he drove down the freeway, his thoughts drifted to his fiancée; he knew she would be beyond pissed off if she ever found out what he was actually up to and he prayed she never did…at least, not for a years, if ever.

Hours later, he pulled into the hanger and after showing ID to the guard, he drove up. He saw the other vehicles and smiled to himself. He got out and walked over to them.

"Hey guys," he said as he walked up.

"Tommy," Carter Grayson, the red ranger from Lightspeed Rescue was the first to say hi. "What's going on, man?"

"Yeah," Wes Collins, the red Time Force ranger, added. "What was with the cryptic message?"

"I think I can explain everything," Andros said as he joined them. "But first, how about some introductions?"

"Carter Grayson," he said. "I was the Lightspeed Rescue red ranger."

"Wesley Collins," Wes went next. "Time Force red ranger."

"Eric Meyers," the guy standing next to Wes spoke. "I was the Quantum Time Force ranger."

"Leo Corbett," he said when Eric was done. "Lost Galaxy red ranger."

"TJ Johnson," he was standing next to Andros. "Second red TURBO ranger."

"Andros from KO-35," Andros said after TJ. "Red Space Ranger."

"Cole Evans," a guy with a head band spoke. "I'm the Wild Force red ranger."

"Tommy Oliver," Tommy said. "Red ZEO ranger and the first red TURBO ranger."

"Man," Cole looked over at Tommy in awe. "You're like a ranger legend."

Tommy rubbed the back of his neck while the others laughed at him in the background. "I wouldn't go that far."

"Are you kidding me?" Cole said. "You've—

"Where are the other two?" Andros cut Cole off when he saw that he was about to go into hero worship.

"I would've thought they'd be here by now," Tommy sighed as he answered.

"Who are we waiting for?" Cole asked.

"The first and second red rangers," TJ answered; he was wondering where they were, as he had thought they would've been there. He and the other former TURBO and Space rangers had kept in touch with the original rangers throughout the rest of the high school career and even after…especially when they had lost the Space powers.

"I guess they're not coming," Andros said and he was a little disappointed. He had gotten to know the former rangers after the Space rangers defeated their villain and they had returned to Earth to recuperate for a little while. "Let's go in guys and I'll explain everything better."

The rangers turned and was about to go inside when they heard the sound of an engine coming up the road. They turned back and saw a red jeep approaching. It parked next to Tommy's jeep and the occupants got out.

"I know you guys weren't thinking of doing this without the first two reds?" Jason asked as he and Rocky walked over to the group.

"They wouldn't do that," Rocky smirked.

"You just had to make an entrance, didn't you?" Tommy asked even as he shook his head at the two of them.

"Of course," Rocky said before he looked at the others. "Rocky DeSantos, second red Morphin' ranger and red Ninja ranger."

"Jason Lee Scott," Jason said. "I'm the original red ranger."

"Whoa," Cole's eyes went wide as he looked at Jason. "You're the first of us…the start of it all." Without warning, he was suddenly standing in front of Jason, holding his hand in a tight handshake. "Cole Evans; I'm the red Wild Force ranger."

"I'm guessing you're the newbie," Jason said as he shook Cole's hand. His eyes went wide when Cole nodded enthusiastically. The others laughed at him in the background, Tommy especially.

"Yeah," Cole's eyes gleamed bright with pleasure. "Nice to meet you."

"Same here," Jason said; he shifted awkwardly when he realized that Cole still had a hold of his hand. With a little bit of subtlety, he pulled his hand from Cole's.

"Wow Jase," Rocky smacked him on his shoulder.

"Shut up," Jason glared half-heartedly at him.

"Guys," Tommy chuckled. "Let's go so Andros can explain everything."

"Sounds good to me," Wes said, and with that, the nine of them made their way inside.

"Wait," Leo spoke up when they were inside. "What about Aurico?"

"I'm right here," a voice said behind them. They looked up and saw another red ranger standing there.

"I thought you wouldn't make it," Andros chuckled.

"I did," Aurico nodded. "So, what's going on?"

Making sure he had everyone's attention and there was no chance of anyone overhearing, Andros told the rest of them what was going on. By the time he was done, they were looking at him in shock.

"Are you kidding me?" Eric asked.

"I'm afraid not," Andros shook his head. "They want us to destroy Serpentra before the zord gains anymore power and attack Earth."

"When do they want this to happen?" Carter asked.

"As soon as possible," Andros answered.

"What about powers?" Leo asked. "In case you hadn't noticed, only one of us here has power and that's Cole."

"I was wondering about that," Tommy said.

"Already have that covered," Andros said. "With the help of DECA and a certain former ranger, I was able to infuse the morphers with enough power for one last morph. After that, they will be useless once more."

"Who's the former ranger?" Rocky asked.

"I'd rather not say as of yet," Andros said. "But you guys don't have to worry; I trust him explicitly to do what was required."

Tommy and Jason exchanged looks; there was only one former ranger that they knew could do this kind of work and who Andros would trust so much.

"When do we leave?" TJ asked.

"DECA is on standby to teleport us to the ship," Andros answered. "From there, we will make our way to the moon where we will morph before we go out."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Carter nodded.

"Let's go then," Leo said.

"Wait," Eric stopped them. "Aren't you guys forgetting something really important?"

"What's that?" Cole's brows furrowed as he asked.

"What the hell are we going to tell the girls?" Eric demanded.

All the guys, with the exception of Aurico, Tommy, Jason and Rocky, paled; Cole just looked confused.

"Oh shit," TJ groaned. "I completely forgot about that."

"I told Kendrix I was going flying to get some air," Leo said and his voice was slightly shaky. "She's going to want to know why I took so long."

"Delphine and the others know I left," Aurico shook his head. "There was no way I could keep it a secret, especially from Delphine."

"What's going on?" Cole asked. "Why are you guys so scared?"

"You'll learn," Tommy said.

"Just tell them you're away on business," Rocky suggested. "Jase and I told Trini and Aisha we were going camping."

"I told Kim you guys needed my help with something and it was taking longer than I expected," Tommy said. "Now, if we can get this thing over with before she finds out, that would be great."

"Look," TJ said. "We can't really do anything now; so why don't we just go ahead and get this over with and get back as soon as possible."

"Alright," Andros nodded before he raised his wrist to his mouth. "DECA?"

"I read you Andros."

"Lock to our signatures and teleport us," Andros said.

"Signatures locked on. Teleporting now."


When the light cleared, the boys found themselves in the control room aboard the ship.

"DECA," Andros said. "Set a course for the moon."

"Course set."

The boys talked quietly with each other as DECA made her way to the moon's vicinity. For TJ, Tommy, Jason and Rocky, it was catching up for them, while it was a getting to know one better for the others. Before they knew it, they were at the moon.

"Alright guys," Andros said as he got up and walked over to a space on the wall. It opened and he pulled out a case; when he opened it, it had nine morphers inside. "Here you go."

"Oh man," Jason said he held his morpher. "You got to let me say it."

"Say what?" Cole asked.

"Go for it," Tommy laughed.

"It's Morphin' Time!" Jason shouted and one by one, the guys called out their powers. When it was done, nine red rangers stood there, suited up.

"Let's do this," Tommy said as Andros brought out gliders for them to use.

"And no funny business," Jason as he turned his head to look at Rocky.

"Hey!" Rocky said.

"Let's go," Leo said. The rangers got on the gliders and left the ship, heading in the direction of Zedd's old zord.


After Jason and Rocky had left this morning, Trini had decided to call up the girls to spend the day together. Tanya couldn't make it as she was working and Hayley had said she was running errands and wouldn't join them until later. The three girls were sitting at a table at Ernie's talking when she saw six girls come through the door.

"What are they doing here?" Trini asked as she looked at them.

"Who are you talking about?" Aisha asked.

"Them," Trini gestured to the girls, who saw made their way over to them when they spotted her.

"What's going on?" Kat asked when she saw Ashley, Cassie and four other girls, one in white, two in pink and the other in yellow, walk over to them.

"Do you know where they are?" One of the girls in pink asked as she folded her arms.

"Where who is?" Aisha asked. "And who are you?"

"I'm Kendrix," the girl said. "And this is Delphine."

"We've met," Kat smiled at Delphine. "I'm Katherine and this is Aisha and Trini. Now, who are you talking about?"

"She's talking about the guys," Cassie said "more specifically, the former red rangers."

"Tommy's on vacation with Kim," Aisha answered. "And Jason and Rocky are on a camping trip."

"Is that what they told you?" the girl in yellow snorted.

"Who are you?" Kat asked.

"Taylor Earhardt," the blonde answered. "And this is Alyssa Enrilé."

"Hi," the girl in white waved.

"Guys," Ashley said. "I wish this was a social call, but it isn't."

"Ash, what's going on?" Trini asked. "And why did you want to know where the guys were?"

"Because," Taylor said. "Wherever they told you they were, they're lying."

"And you know this how?" Aisha raised an eyebrow.

"Because I know where they are," Delphine said.

"And where are they?" Trini asked as she folded her arms across her chest.

"They are more than likely at the moon," Delphine said to the shock of the three girls.

"What?!" Kat, Trini and Aisha yelled. Ernie, hearing the shout, came out.

"What the hell are they doing at the moon?" Aisha near shouted.

"They can't be at the moon," Trini said calmly though her eyes were filled with anger. "Tommy wouldn't bail on his and Kim's vacation and Jason would not lie to me…he knows better."

"What's going on guys?" Ernie asked as he neared their table.

"Ernie," Trini spoke between gritted teeth as she ignored his question. "Do you think we could use the youth centre this afternoon? There's going to be a ranger gathering and this is the only place big enough to hold all of us."

"You can't say that in front of him," Alyssa looked between Ernie and the girls.

"He knows," Ashley assured her. "He's known for years now."

"Sure Tri," Ernie nodded. "What did the guys do?"

"Something stupid," Aisha hissed. "And they're going to pay for it."

"Man," Ernie shook his head. "You'd think they'd learn. Yeah, you guys can use it. I'll start herding everyone else out now."

"Thanks Ernie," Kat's smile was forced as she too tried to control her anger.

Ernie nodded and walked away to ask the other customers to leave because of an emergency. While Taylor and Alyssa took seats, Trini started pacing.

"Those assholes," she ranted. "I cannot believe they did that."

"Who all is involved?" Aisha asked with narrowed eyes.

"All the reds from Jason up to Cole," Taylor said before she gestured to Alyssa. "He's our leader."

"Do the other girls know about this?" Kat asked.

"No," Kendrix shook her head. "Delphine called and we started talking and she mentioned that Aurico had left, saying that he had to help the other reds. She asked if Leo had left as well, but I told her he was still here. Imagine my surprise when I realized that Leo was actually nowhere to be found."

"We found out from our mentor," Taylor said. "She didn't want to tell us, but she did."

"We found out by accident," Cassie said. "Ash had noticed that Andros was working on something, but she wasn't sure what. So, she called Lost Galaxy and got Kendrix who told her about Leo and Aurico."

"Then we got a call from a Princess Shayla," Ashley said, "and that's when Taylor and Alyssa told us what was going on. So we called back Kendrix and told her what was up."

"Maya was out," Kendrix said. "So I called Delphine back and told her what Aurico was really up to. We decided to meet with them and then we hooked up with Taylor and Alyssa."

"Get in contact with the other girls," Trini said, "and the team members as well."

"I'll call Hayley and our boys," Aisha said as she pulled out her phone.

"I'll get Tanya," Kat said as she pulled out her own phone to call her friend.

"The boys are going to regret ever doing this," Trini vowed and looking at her, Taylor felt proud that she was part of the Yellow legacy.


When Kim got back into Angel Grove, she went directly back to her and Tommy's place. After paying the taxi, she got her bags and headed inside, unloading them in the bedroom. She fixed something for her to eat and sat on the couch in front of the TV. Within minutes, she started yawning and fell asleep.

When she woke a few hours later, it was almost sunset. Taking a look at the clock, she took a quick shower before deciding to see what her friends were up to since Tommy wasn't there. Grabbing her cell phone, she scrolled through until she found Trini's number.

"Hey," she said. "Where are you?" pause. "Ok, I'll meet you there."


After Ernie had cleared the youth centre, the girls hadn't wasted any time in contacting the other girls. Kendrix was wearing a communicator, allowing her to call Maya and Karone as well. Taylor was able to call the other guys on her team and told them to call Dana and Kelsey and have them contact her as she needed to talk to them. Ten minutes later, she explained the situation and both girls were on their way.

Half an hour later, Karone and Maya showed up, but they weren't alone; with them were the other boys of their respective teams.

"What are you guys doing here?" Ashley asked.

"Do you really think," Carlos asked as he walked over to his friend, "we'd let something like this go? The guys are in trouble and I want to be here."

"Same here," Zhane smiled as he walked over.

Trini was still pacing and Aisha and Kat gave a small smile. The guys from their own team had shown up, with the exception of Billy. The boys had stopped by for lunch when they saw the girls. After getting the story from them, they had decided to stay.

Twenty minutes later, Dana and Kelsey showed up, but following them were the rest of the guys from LSR.

"Seriously?" Alyssa asked.

"Yes," Ryan nodded. "It's not often Carter does something idiotic; when it happens, I like to be there for it."

"We have to go," Taylor said as she stood up.

"Why?" Zack asked. "You'll miss all the excitement."

"Our team is on call right now," Alyssa said. "Danny, Max and Princess Shayla are the only ones there. If anything happens, they will need our help."

"Alright," Aisha nodded. "Thanks for telling us."

"No problem," Taylor said, "just give them hell. I know I will."

"Alright," Kat nodded and the two girls left. Seconds later, Hayley and Tanya walked in.

"Whoa," Hayley said as she looked around before she made her way to Trini and the others. "Who organized a convention without telling me?"

"What's going on?" Tanya asked.

"Sit down," Kat said. They did as they were told and listened to Kat; minutes later, the two, were as angry as the other girls.

"Tell me we're going to confront them?" Maya questioned as she looked around at the others.

"Oh we're definitely going to confront them," Trini growled and the others flinched, even the rangers that did know her. She paced for a few minutes before she paused. "On second thought, we are not going to confront them."

"What?" the others exclaimed.

"Then who is?" Kelsey asked.

Trini smiled and the boys flinched; it was not a friendly one. "Someone who will scare the boys more than either of us ever could."

"Who could that be?" Dana asked; she didn't know of anyone the boys feared.

"Are you thinking of who I'm thinking?" Aisha asked; when Trini nodded, she smiled as did Kat and Hayley.

"Who are you thinking of?" Kai asked.

Before Trini could answer, her phone rang. She grabbed it from her purse and smiled when she saw who it was. "Hello?"

"Hey," Kim said. "Where are you?"

"I'm at Ernie's," Trini said. "I'm with Aisha and Kat and some others; why don't you come down?"

"Ok, I'll meet you there," Kim said before she hung up.

"Tri," Zack asked. "Who was that?"

"Kim's going to meet us in a few minutes," Trini answered.

"Oh man," Adam groaned. "I am so glad I am not one of the others right now."

"Who's Kim?" Mike asked.

"Kim," Tanya answered with a smile, "is the original pink ranger and out of all of us, she's the one that the guys are completely scared of."

"Wait," Dana said. "Kimberly Hart? They're afraid of her? How?"

"What's so special about her?" Kelsey asked.

"You'll see," Zack shook his head; he did not envy the guys at all. When Trini had first told them what was up, he was angry that they hadn't called him, but now, faced with the possibility of an angry and pissed off Kimberly, he was happy he hadn't gone.

"I can't believe they pulled this shit," Tanya said. "And then they lied about it."

"I know," Kat shook her head. "I don't know what they were thinking."

"They obviously weren't," Hayley snorted.

Maya was going to say something, but was stopped by a petite girl dressed in pink. "Who's that?"

The others looked up, and Trini smiled. "Kim, over here."

"That's Kim?" Mike, along with the others, minus the original, Justin and Space rangers, was shocked.

"Hey Tri," Kim smiled at her best friend. "What's up? What's with all these people?"

"Hey girl," Aisha smiled at her best friend.

"Hey Sha," Kim smiled before she looked at the others. "Ash? Cassie? What are you guys doing here? What's going on?"

"You should sit down," Tanya said.

"Kim," Hayley looked at her. "Where's Tommy?"

"Oh he said that some of the guys needed his help," Kim said. "He didn't say what they needed his help with though and then he called this morning and said it was taking longer than expected." She stopped and saw the looks that the girls exchanged. "What is it?"

"Clever," Kat muttered, "very clever; tells her enough so that it is the truth, just not all of it."

"What are you talking about?" Kim raised an eyebrow. She was starting to get a sinking feeling there was more to the story than she thought and she could feel herself become irritated.

"Jason and Rocky told us they were going on a camping trip," Aisha said, "he said it was a red male bonding for the two of them."

"Ok," Kim nodded slowly, "but what does that have to do with Tommy?"

"Because," Trini answered. "Jason, Rocky and Tommy are together…along with every other red ranger, including the newest."

"What?" Kim was shocked. "What the hell are they doing together?"

"They're on the moon," Trini said.

"Good one Tri," Kim started giggling which soon turned into laughter. "The boys are on the moon…yeah right." The guys, minus Adam, Zack, Justin, Carlos and Zhane, were looking at her in shock and only one thought was running through their minds, as well as the other girls:

'This is the girl the guys are afraid of?'

"Kim," Trini shook her head, not because of Kim's action as she had expected it, but because she knew that that laughter would soon turn to anger. "I'm telling the truth Kim. Ashley and Cassie, along with Taylor Alyssa and Delphine came to us; Taylor and Alyssa found out found from their mentor and they contacted the others before they came here. The boys have known about this since yesterday."

Kim was still laughing, but when she looked at Trini and saw the seriousness and anger on her face, and the same thing on the others, her laughter slowly stopped. "You're not kidding?"

"No," Aisha shook her head.

"What the hell are they doing on the moon?" Kim asked.

They exchanged looks, not sure who would tell her, but Ashley spoke up and told her what was going on.

"No," Kim shook her head. "No, that can't be right. There is no way in hell all the red rangers are on a mission to destroy Zedd's zord and they told no one about this." She started pacing and they could feel the agitation rolling off of her. "They are not that stupid; they wouldn't do something like that and keep it to themselves."

"They did," Ryan said and when Kim turned to look at him, he flinched from the anger radiating in her eyes and he was starting to believe just how the others could fear her.

"Of all the idiotic things they could do," Kim ranted. "When I get my hands on them…" she trailed off before she came to a sudden stop. "Tri?" her voice had gone from fury filled to deadly calm in seconds and the others shuddered slightly. Only Kat, Aisha, Tanya and Hayley didn't seem affected as they only smiled.

"Yes Kim?" Trini answered, trying to stop her glee from showing as she didn't want Kim to turn her anger on her, but damn if she wasn't enjoying this.

"Where exactly will the boys be?" Kim asked.

"At the NASADA Space Base," Ashley was the one to answer. "That's where they leave from and that's where they'll return to before they go back to their respective homes."

"How many reds are there?" Kim asked.

"Eleven," Karone answered; she was in glee about what was happening. She knew why the others were sceptical to believe that the reds were terrified of Kim, she had been the same when she had first met her, but she had seen experience of it. "There's Jason, Rocky, Tommy, TJ, Andros, Leo, Aurico, Carter, Wes, Eric and Cole."

Kim said nothing as she walked over to Ernie's. Her words were low so that the others couldn't hear, but they saw Ernie give her something. The pure anger in her eyes made the others look away.

"I need a few girls with me," Kim said in a low tone; she was beyond pissed at what the guys were doing and would let them know exactly how she felt.

"Where are you going?" Cassie asked.

"To get the boys," Kim answered. "I don't care if I have to sit out in that parking lot for four hours, I will sit there and wait for them."

"I'll go," Trini said.

"Oh I'm definitely going," Aisha stood up followed by Kat, Hayley, Ashley and Kendrix.

"Let's go," Kim said and the seven girls walked out the youth centre.

"Hey sis," Zack called out.

"Yeah?" Kim stopped and turned to look at him.

"You're not going to do anything too harsh, are you?" he asked.

She smiled and some of the boys whimpered while the girls looked away. "Of course not Zack." With that said, she turned and walked out, the girls following her.

"I am so glad I'm not a red," Zack said as he leaned back in his seat.

"You and me both," Adam chuckled. "Kim's on the warpath and the guys are going to get it good."

"I didn't believe you guys when you said you would sic her on them," Ryan said, "but the look she gave me..." he shuddered as he remembered.

"The look she gave you?" Damon looked at him. "The smile she just gave is enough to give you nightmares. Zack's right, I am so glad I'm not a red. I don't even want to think about what she's going to do to them."

"Even after knowing her since you guys were in high school," Delphine said. "I haven't met anyone else quite like her."

"Kim is the sweetest and kindest person you could ever meet," Tanya said. "She helps anyone who needs it and defends her friends when it calls for it. She's also really slow to anger, but when she does, you do not want to be the one she's angry at."

"She was like that when we were kids," Zack said. "And I'm glad she was able to go back to that kind of person." He exchanged looks with Adam and Tanya, remembering what had happened to Kim back in high school.

"Hey guys," a voice had them looking up.

"Billy," Cassie smiled up at him.

"Billy-man," Zack said. "What's up?"

"I should be asking that," Billy said. "I just saw Kim and the others leave in a hurry…what's going on?"

The others proceeded to tell Billy what was going on, not noticing the fear that entered his eyes.


The drive to the NASADA Space Base was a few hours and Kim was hoping the drive would calm her down; no such luck. The more she thought on it, the angrier she became.

In the passenger seat, Trini smiled. She was angry when she had first heard what was going on, but now, she was relaxed. She could feel the anger rolling off of Kim and knew that the boys would regret doing something like this ever again, if only to never face Kim when she was pissed off. They all thought she was slow to anger, but Kim had even more patience than she did. It took a lot to get her pissed off, but when she was, it was safer if you stayed out of her way.

In the back of the van, Aisha and the other girls sat; they too were looking forward to seeing the guys' reactions to Kim. They knew that while the guys would be scared at facing them, they would be downright terrified of facing Kim.

Before they knew it, they were pulling into the parking lot. Kim stayed inside, her hands continuously gripping the steering wheel as she tried once more, to calm down; it wasn't working, so she got out and stood behind the girls.

Trini and the girls lined up in front of the van, smiles on their faces when they heard the boys. The door behind them open, yet Kim made no move to go past them.

The girls heard Jason's Kissing on Kimberly comment and they winced and shook their heads when they heard the low growl from Kim.

When the boys came around the corner, they stopped still at the sight of them.

"Hello boys," Trini smiled sweetly.


The boys were sitting on DECA, relaxing after their mission, short as it was. They had destroyed Zedd's zord, Serpentra, but it had taken a little more time than they had thought. In the end, it had been Cole who had delivered the final blow to the zord.

"I still can't believe you did that," Eric said as he looked at him.

"I had a chance," Cole smiled, "and I took it."

"I thought I said no funny stuff?" Jason shook his head.

"Yeah," Tommy shook his own head with a smile. "But you were talking to Rocky…maybe you should've included Cole as well."

"Maybe," Jason smiled.

"I have to admit though," Carter spoke up, "it was nice to touch the power again."

"Same here," Rocky agreed. "But then again, I'm glad I'm out of it. It's nice not to have worry about being called from a date or an important meet for a monster attack."

"Too true," TJ nodded. "Now that that battle's over with, I hope we can get back to our places without too much trouble."

"I hear that," Wes said.

"Ten Minutes to touchdown," DECA sounded.

"Thanks DECA," Andros nodded. "We have ten minutes until we're back at NASADA; hopefully no one, and by no one I mean the girls, found out what was going on."

"If they do," Leo joked, "I'm turning them on you. Loyalty or not, when it comes to those girls, I'm all for saving my own ass."

"I completely agree with you," Rocky chuckled. The other boys looked at them and they shrugged. "Like any of you want to go against a pissed off female ranger," Rocky continued.

"Nope," Tommy shook his head. The guys started talking after that, each comparing times when they had been on the receiving end of one of the girls' anger. Before they knew it, DECA was already setting down at the NASADA Space Base.

After leaving the ship and talking with some of the officials, assuring them that the threat was over with, the guys were hanging out in the hangar.

"I have to say," Wes looked around at the others. "That was fun; I enjoyed myself."

"I did too," Eric nodded in agreement as did the others. "But now it's time to go back to the real world, and Cole here has to go back to his team."

"I'm glad everything was done so quickly," TJ shook his head.

"So am I," Leo clapped him on his back.

"It was nice to meet the greatest ranger," Cole said to Tommy as the guys started walking towards the parking lot.

"What?" All the other reds shouted while Tommy laughed.

"Hey," Jason said. "I was the one doing all the work while he was in the juice bar kissing on Kimberly."

"And I replaced him," TJ added. He paused before continuing. "Remember that time I was baked into a—

"Yes!" all the guys shouted; soon after the boys dissolved into laughter. Said laughter was cut short when they turned the corner and stopped short. Standing in front of their vehicles were Trini, Aisha, Kat, Hayley, Ashley and Kendrix.

"Hello boys," Trini smiled at them.

"Uhm…hi," Jason was the first to speak. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Well," Kendrix answered. "We heard about a certain mission and we wanted to be here to congratulate you guys."

"Thanks," Cole smiled, oblivious to the danger. The other boys shook their heads.

"How…uh…how did you guys hear about that?" Andros gulped.

"Don't worry about that," Ashley answered.

"We're sorry," Leo said. "You have every right to be angry at us and whatever you want to do, we don't care."

Cole looked at him like he was crazy, but he didn't care; he knew they were in trouble and he figured things would go smoother if he agreed with them right from the start.

"Oh we're not angry," Aisha shook her head.

"You're not?" Rocky asked.

"No," Aisha said. "And we are not going to do anything either."

"You aren't?" Eric asked.

"Oh no," Kim spoke up behind them and Trini and Aisha moved so that she could step forward. When they saw her, Andros, Rocky, Tommy, Jason, Aurico and TJ stepped back. "They aren't, but I am."

"Who are you?" Cole asked; he, along with the remaining guys, was puzzled by the other's actions.

"Kimberly," Jason started only to be silenced by the glare that Kim sent his way.

"Don't you dare "Kimberly" me Jason Lee," Kim hissed, behind her, the girls smiled, "All of you in the van…NOW!"

The other reds might not know her, but even they were cowed by the look in her eyes.

Eric wanted to speak up, but when he had seen Jason flinch from the glare Kim had sent his way, he had bit his tongue and kept quiet.

Jason and the others were the first to move.

"But why?" Cole asked. "We brought our own jeeps."

Kim, who had turned back to go in the van, stopped; she turned slowly and the look in her eyes had Cole shivering. He felt like he was looking into the eyes of a predator. The look also made Eric and Wes grab Cole and quickly follow the others.

"Trini," Kim said, "grab Tommy's keys; Sha, take Jason's keys; Kat take Carter's; Ashley, take Wes' keys from him and Kendrix, grab TJ's."

"Got it," the girls nodded before they moved to do what they were told. Hayley smirked as she moved to the passenger seat of the van.

"Keys please," Ashley smiled as she held out her hand followed by the other girls.

The boys shared a look as they reluctantly handed over their keys.

Aurico watched the proceedings with interest; the last time he had seen Kim this angry was a few years ago when Billy had gotten sick and he had been brought to their planet as it was the only way to save him. Back then, Kim had gone off of them and had warned them that if Billy had died then they should run. At the time, when she had first said it, he had laughed it off, as did the others, but then he had looked into her eyes and knew that it hadn't been a warning, it had been a promise. That had shut him up and he had known she would've made good on that promise. Now, looking at her, he felt like he did then. He wanted to say hi, but he didn't want her attention on him anymore than it would be. He wasn't stupid.

When all the girls took off for the respective vehicles, Kim closed her eyes to calm herself for the third time and like the last two times, it wasn't working. When she heard the other cars start, she turned and got in the van. The door slammed behind her and the guys winced. She didn't say anything as she started the van and pulled out of the parking lot.


In the back, the guys all exchanged looks.

"What are we going to do?" Jason whispered to Tommy.

"Man, I have no idea," Tommy shook his head before he gave a quick glance at his fiancée.

"We need to think of something," Rocky said as he glanced at his little sister; he could see her clenching the wheel and he knew they were in for it.

"Like what?" Eric asked. "What idea could we come up with that would let us escape her anger?"

"I say we give her Andros," Leo piped up and the others agreed.

"Hey!" Andros narrowed his eyes at him. "If she comes after me, I swear I'll drag you all down too."


Kim gritted her teeth to stop the yelling that wanted to escape; she was extremely angry at the guys, but she didn't want to get into an accident either. She was going to control her anger until they got to Ernie's and then she would let loose on them.

The drive back to Angel Grove was shorter than they thought, and before anyone realized it, Kim was pulling into the parking lot at the Juice Bar. She said nothing as she sat there, her hands still periodically clenching the steering wheel.

"Everyone out…now," her voice was soft, but still held the note of fury and the guys wasted no time in getting out. They all headed inside, barely aware of the other girls pulling up in their cars and the extra cars in the parking lot which belonged to their own teammates.

The boys entered the youth centre, only to pause at the sight of the rest of the former rangers.

"Hello," Tanya waved when she saw them.

"What are you guys doing here?" Eric asked as he and the others cautiously moved inside.

"Well," Zack smiled. "At first, it was to talk about a certain mission, but now it's to see you guys get your asses kicked by a certain pink ranger."

"How mad is she?" TJ asked.

"On a scale of one to ten," Adam smirked, "I'd say twenty."

"Ouch," TJ, Tommy, Rocky, Jason, Aurico and Andros winced.

"I think she's angrier than she was when Zordon died and we all tried to blame Andros," Zack grinned.

"And possibly worse than when she warned us what would happen should William die in our care," Delphine added with a smile.

"Oh God," Andros groaned.

"You guys are in for it," Ryan shook his head.

"Where is Kim anyways?" Tanya asked.

Before either guy could respond, the doors opened once more and they turned to see the other girls, Kim included, walking towards them. The red rangers all backed up at the look on Kim's face.

Trini and the other girls found seats and watched the interaction between Kim and the guys with smiles on their faces.

"Could someone please explain to me what the hell you were thinking?" Kim asked through gritted teeth. She could feel her powers shifting inside and instinctively knew that it was where her crane lay, but the feeling was different and she held a suspicion as to what it was.

The boys exchanged looks before looking back at Kim; none of them wanted to explain as they were too afraid to say anything. Cole however, despite the look she had given him back at the NASADA base, decided to talk.

"We fought Zedd's old zord," he said. "We had to."

"You had to?" Kim repeated. "And why was it only the eleven of you?"

"We're the leaders," Cole said and everyone winced. "We could handle it without too much trouble and we got it done. It was cool though, meeting all the former rangers. I had fun."

"Fun?" Kim's eyes flashed red and the boys, Cole now included, backed up even further. "You think it was fun to go on a mission with just you and not tell anyone? You think it was fun to fight Zedd's old zord? That's your definition of fun?"

"We didn't ask to do it," Leo said defensively; he had to stop himself from whimpering and shrinking back when Kim turned to look at him, but he stood still and continued. "Andros called us and we went."

When Kim turned to look at Andros, said guy took a half step backwards before turning to glare at Leo, who shrugged at him.

"Andy," Kim smiled sweetly at him and it made him want to run; it was never a good thing when she did that. "Was it your idea to do this mission?"

"Not…not really," Andros swallowed before he continued. "I…uh…I got the call from NASA and then I called the guys. I told them what was up and not to say anything—

He stopped himself when he realized what he said.

"You told them not to say anything?" Kim's voice was increasing in pitch. "What the hell were you thinking? Did it not occur to you that we would be worried? How do you think we would've felt to hear that something happened to either one of you and not know exactly where you were when it happened?"

"That's why we wanted to return before it happened," Aurico said.

"And let me guess," she glared at him and he looked away. "If you had, you never would've told us, am I right?" he said nothing. "Just how fucking stupid are you guys? What kind of team leaders are you that you would do something like this? And how could half of you fight when you didn't even have any power?"

At this point, Billy gulped and slowly, but very subtle moved to his feet.

Tommy and Jason exchanged looks; they had an idea as to how Andros had gotten all the morphers working and they were not above dragging the culprit into the mess with them.

"Beautiful," Tommy started, but stopped and flinched when Kim growled. He tried again, "Kim, I know you're angry at Andros, but—

"But what?" Kim growled out as she cut him off; her eyes flashed red once more and he shivered at the dark look in them.

"Andros needed help," Jason picked up after he spent the few seconds gathering his courage. "I'm sure Billy—

"What?" Kim almost screeched as she turned so fast they worried about whiplash. Her gaze pinned Billy who was already on his feet and trying to sneak out. "William David Cranston, bring your ass up here!"

Billy stopped and winced, before he slowly turned around. He glared at Tommy and Jason, who smiled unapologetically at him, before he slowly made his way to where the others were.


"I should've brought popcorn," Zack said to Adam; he whispered because he didn't want Kim to hear him and turn on him.

"I know," Adam replied.

"I used to be jealous I wasn't a red," Ryan leaned over to whisper to the two of them, but the others heard, "but now, I'm definitely glad I'm not."

"I think we all agree with that," Carlos said and the others nodded.


The moment Billy got to the others, Kim pinned him with a glare.

"Kimberly," he shuffled nervously, but Kim's glare only increased. "I'm sorry. Andros called and told me what NASA told him and he asked for my help. I couldn't turn him down."

Billy, along with the others, stared at Kim waiting for a reaction. They were prepared for her anger, for her to start yelling; what they were not prepared for was for her shoulders to drop and her expression to go from anger to sadness.

"I see," Kim wrapped her arms around her waist and kept the expression on her face. On the outside she looked dejected and sad, but inside, she was smirking at them. "And no one bothered to tell anyone what was going on. Instead, you guys chose to lie to me…to all of us."

The heartbroken tone to her voice had the guys wincing.

"Kim," Rocky said as he stepped forward to touch her.

"No," She shook her head and stepped out of his reach. "Obviously being a hero again was more important to you than anything else. Anything could've happened and we wouldn't have known because we were told that you were at specific locations. After everything that everyone here has been through with all of you, this is how you repay our trust? By not trusting us enough to tell us what was going on?"

The guys exchanged looks even as they shifted on their feet; they would've preferred her anger to this.

"I never thought I'd say this," Kim said sadly, "but I'm disappointed that each one of you was ever a red ranger and leader because they're the ones that are supposed to look out for their teammates and put their selfishness aside to realize that there is no "I" in team, but none of you did."

"Kimberly," Andros said. "We didn't mean to."

"But you did," Kim sniffed, blinking a few times to make her eyes water. "And what hurts is that you never planned on saying anything. What if you couldn't handle it? Did either one of you thought about what you would've done if Zedd's zord was fully functional by the time you got there? What if it had taken more than the eleven of you to destroy it? You didn't think about that did you?" With that, she turned and walked away leaving them staring after in sadness.

"We fucked up," Wes broke the silence.

"Big time," Eric nodded.

"So how do we fix it?" TJ asked as he looked at the other guys.

"I'm not sure," Andros sighed as he ran a hand through his hair.

"We apologize," Rocky said as he looked at them before walking towards the others.


As Kim passed their tables, Trini and Aisha could see the smile playing in her eyes and they immediately knew that she did what she did on purpose.

"She's good," Trini smiled at Aisha and the others.

"That's our girl," Aisha nodded.

"Do you think they realized?" Kat asked.

"Nah," Trini shook her head. "Wait, here they come."

The girls, and the others, looked up when the red rangers approached the table.

"We wanted to apologize for going on the mission and then lying to you guys about it," Andros said.

"It was wrong of us," Rocky continued, "and we're sorry."

"Kim's right," Jason added. "We were all part of a team and we should've told you guys about the mission."

"We understand that you guys are angry," Carter said, "but please believe we never meant for that to happen."

"Can you guys forgive us?" Eric asked as he looked at the former rangers.

"Yes," Trini nodded, as did Aisha, and when the others looked at them, the look they gave them had them backing off.

"But we're not the one whose forgiveness you should be worried about," Aisha said as she gestured to where Kim was sitting.

The guys all shared a look before they sighed deeply and made their way over to the petite brunette.


Kim hid her smile as she heard the boys walk over to where she was sitting. She turned her face from them and plastered the sad expression back on her face as she felt Tommy touch her shoulder.

"What?" She asked quietly as she bowed her head for a split second before looking up at him and the guys; they flinched when they saw the look in her eyes and she smirked inwardly.

"Kimberly," Jason started as he sat down in the chair next to her as Tommy pulled up one in front of her and Rocky pulled up another on the other side of her. "We are so sorry we didn't tell anyone what was going on. It was wrong, and we know it."

"I guess we got too caught up in being able to use the powers again that we didn't think on how everyone else would feel," Rocky injected with a sad sigh.

"Kim," Tommy reached out and held her hands in his. "I know you're mad and you have every right to be. We're so sorry. Forgive us?"

Kim remained silent as she looked at each of the red ranger's; she saw the true remorse in their eyes as well as the fear of her going off on them again. She looked at her big brothers before looking at Tommy.

She pushed back her chair and stood up. She looked at the guys before smirking. "Glad we got that straightened out. Now, let's go relax."

"Wait?" the boys stood up. "What?"

"What the hell just happened?" Rocky asked.

"You just played us," Tommy realized, looking at Kim with wide eyes.

"Yes," Kim's smile was completely unrepentant. "I did, and you deserved it. Now, before I get really pissed off, I suggest we cut this line of talking and then go and relax."

The boys looked at each other, coming to a unanimous decision before turning back to Kim.

"Let's go relax," they smiled at her and she couldn't help but to laugh.


"What the hell just happened?" Ryan asked as he looked over at Km and the reds.

"Kim happened," Kat smiled. "We told you, once you get close to Kim, you never ever want to be on her angry side, but even worse than that, you'll never want to make her feel disappointed."

"Disappointing her will feel a lot worse than her anger," Tanya finished.

"Our girl is good," Aisha laughed, "she played them very well."

"Wait," Kai shook his head. "Are you saying that from the moment they came in here, Kim has been playing them? She made them think she was very angry and disappointed when in fact, she truly wasn't?"

"Yes," the original, Space rangers and Hayley all replied.

Before anyone could reply to that, they heard Kim laughing and looked over to see her heading back to them with the guys in tow.

"So?" Damon looked at them. "What happened?"

"The guys are very sorry for what they did," Kim started, "and they promise to never do it again and Billy promised that he would never ever help the guys again on such a stupid, idiotic mission that has them lying to us. Isn't that right?" she turned to them and narrowed her eyes.

"Yes," the boys all said as one. "We're very sorry."

Everyone laughed again before Kim and the others sat down. The group talked for a while before Cole, Danny and Max had to leave to go back home to help the rest of their teammates as they were still active.

Kim had found her usual place in Tommy's lap and had leaned back against his chest; she looked out around the rangers, former rangers, and couldn't help the happiness that erupted within her. To see all of them together, to see Zordon's legacy from the beginning to now, to see it going so strong, it made her feel so calm and at peace to know that Zordon's work was being continued. The man that was more of a father to her than her own, that chose them all, she hoped that wherever he was, he was looking down at them with pride and contentment and faith that they would carry on…the same way she was…the same way she knew they all felt.

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