Setting: Dino Thunder; starts with the 'Moon Mission' and continues on through DT.
Story Summary: Through unexpected situations, some of the former rangers are called back to action. They did their duty and life went on, but trouble stirs as a former ranger stumbles across a new power source. With the help of friends—near and far—they will create and mentor three teens into becoming the newest members of the ranger family. This is the story of the Dino Thunder Rangers.
Chapter: Epilogue
Chapter Word Count: 2,786

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"Speaking over the phone"

Last time on ADD:

-Mesogog removes his powers, Elsa returns to who she was before Mesogog

-Kim gets taken by Mesogog and then Zeltrax

-Zeltrax and Tommy face off; Zeltrax is killed by Mesogog

-The rangers and Mesogog face off in the final

-Mesogog is destroyed for good

-Rangers celebrate prom

With Mesogog finally defeated and with them finally out of the ranger life, that summer, Kim and Tommy were finally able to have their wedding. They had intended it to be a small, intimate affair, but once word got out, the other teams all wanted to be at the wedding of the legendary ranger couple. So on August 25th, at the Angel Grove park, in front of their family (both ranger and non), Kim and Tommy tied the knot and finally became Dr and Mrs Tommy Oliver.

Compared to their junior year, for the teens their senior year was pretty tame and seemed to fly by. With no more monsters, they were able to fully focus on their final year of school. That Christmas, Kira had presented Kim and Tommy with her own set of legal papers; she had officially changed her name from Kira Elizabeth Ford-Oliver to just Kira Jasmine-Anne Oliver, bringing tears to Kim and Tommy's eyes when she had explained that not only was she finally cutting the last tie to her old life away, but she wanted to have her true parents' name.

When graduation came around that June, Kim, Tommy and the others, along the with the rest of the parents split into two rows and the loudest cheers came from their group when each of their teens received their diplomas. And it was at graduation when Kim and Tommy revealed that they were five months pregnant; of course the news was received with loud cheers and many congratulations but the biggest came from Kira, who was simply ecstatic to find out that she was going to be a big sister.

The rest of the summer was spent getting the house ready for the baby; months ago, they had decided to do an addition to the house, two extra rooms, while extending Tommy and Kim's bedroom to make it bigger.

August found the teens leaving to go to college; both Kira and Conner would be going to NYU for music and business respectively; Ethan was going off to Yale while Trent was heading to the Massachusetts' College of Art and Design.

A month later, on September 27th, Kim gave birth to a baby girl named Terese Kitana Oliver; she was born with a head full of dark, curly hair, long eyelashes, dark eyes and her mother's nose and mouth and she promptly wrapped her father around her finger, just like her mommy had done when she was fifteen. When Kira returned home for thanksgiving, she fell immediately in love with her baby sister and spent the entire break with the little girl, becoming a very proud and protective big sister in the process.


"Hey man," Ethan greeted Conner as the two of them got out of their cars.

"Ethan!" Conner grinned and ran around to hug his best friend. "How's it been?"

"It's been good," Ethan returned a smile as the hug ended. "It's good to see you. How have you been?"

"Been doing ok," Conner shrugged. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

"Yeah," Ethan nodded. "Too long in my opinion, but hey, look at us; Kira's doing so good, Trent's one of the best graphic artists out there, you're on your way to having your dream."

"Life's been good," Conner agreed.

"Conner! Ethan!" a voice cried and the two turned back to see Terese, or "Reese" as she's called by the family, rushing out the door.

Conner immediately stepped forward and caught the little girl in his arms, swinging her into the air as he did so. "Hey Reese. Wow you're getting so big."

Ethan reached over and tickled her, a grin forming when the little girl erupted in peals of laughter.

"What are you two doing?" Kira called out as she joined them, her hands on her hips and a smile teasing her lips.

"Ki-ra," Terese held out her hands to her big sister, prompting said girl to take her, settling the child on her hips.

"We were just playing," Ethan grinned. "So why are we here again?"

"Because our elders wanted to celebrate," Kira answered him, "And they decided it'd be here since we have the open space in the back to hold everybody and everyone would've ended up here anyways even if we had had it at the café. At least this way, mom and Hayley won't have to close the café and they can just turn it over to Melanie; she's been there long enough to know how things work."

"Who's all coming?" Conner asked, playing with one of Reese's hands.

"Let's see," Kira bit her lip, "I think pretty much everyone with the few exceptions, those being the Lost Galaxy crew and that one Alien team."

"Why so many people?" Ethan looked confused.

"Well," Kira shifted her sister, "I think it came up in conversation when Billy was talking to Cam and then the Wild Force team heard about it from there through Tori and then it just spread to the others."

"Where's everyone at anyways?" Conner asked.

"Backyard!" Terese shouted out.

"Terese Kitana Oliver!" Kim's voice sounded.

"Uh oh, someone's in trouble," Kira muttered and placed the little girl on her feet, all four of them turning to face Kim.

"Hi mommy," Terese walked over to her mother.

"Don't you 'hi mommy' me," Kim scolded the little girl as she came down the steps, prompting Kira to immediately move to her side.

"Please be careful," Kira said as she placed a hand on Kim's arm.

Kim spared a brief smile for the girl before dropping it to look back at her youngest. "Terese, what did I tell you to do?"

Terese bit her lip as she looked up at her mother. "You said to clean up my toys," Terese replied, "and I was going to, really! But then I heard Conner and Ethan and I was excited and I forgot."

Kim let out a sigh and shook her head with a smile. "Understandable, I suppose, but, you know what this means, don't you?"

The young girl pouted. "Time out?"

"Yes," Kim told her, "You are going to go back inside and you will pick up the toys I asked you to pick up and then, you will sit in your room and read one of your books."

"But mom!" Terese immediately protested.

"Terese," Kim's voice took on a warning tone and the girl went quiet immediately.

"I'm sorry mommy," Terese said.

"Inside," Kim gestured to the door and watched as her daughter reluctantly trudged up the steps. She then turned back to the others. "Hey guys. It's good to see you."

Conner grinned and immediately moved to hug her. "Same here." He pulled back and looked down at her stomach. "Wow are you huge."

"Conner!" Kira groaned as she smacked her boyfriend on his shoulder.

"Seriously dude," Ethan rolled his eyes even as he too went in to hug Kim. "You look good Kim."

"Thanks," Kim smiled. She turned back to the house. "Let's head inside. Tommy will be so happy to see you guys." She threw a glance at Conner over her shoulder. "And Conner can tell him just how huge I look."

Kira and Ethan laughed at the look of fear that flashed across Conner's face.

Kim led them through the house, pausing just long enough to make sure that Terese was doing as she had asked and to check in at the kitchen at Hayley and Trini, and out through to the backyard where almost everyone else was; Tommy and Andros were down in the basement along with Jason.

Greetings went up as the gathered took in the appearance of Conner and Ethan, and the two boys drifted through the crowd as everyone wanted to catch up with them. Trent showed up after a while, and the three former students were ecstatic to be catching up in person and with the others, rather than over the phone as was the norm.

Sometime later, Tommy, Billy and Jason arrived in the backyard, each men pulling one of the boys into a hug.

"Where's Kim and Reese?" Tommy asked, looking around for his wife and daughter.

"Reese is in timeout," Kira answered as she joined them. "Or she was at least. Mom went to get her."

"Alone?" Tommy asked, already turning to head back into the house. With Kim being eight months pregnant, he was extremely wary about her moving about the stairs on her own.

"Kat and Aisha went to get her," Kira told him.

"Uncle Tommy!" Alex rushed over to the group, a few other kids with him. The little boy came to a stop in front of Jason, brushing his blond hair out of his eyes. "Where's Reese?"

"Yeah, where is she?" Brandon, Dana and Carter's son asked, looking between the adults.

"I'm right here!" Reese answered as she and Kim, followed by Kat and Aisha.

"Where were you?" Daniel, Taylor's son asked.

Terese sighed. "Mom told me to clean up my toys, but I didn't, so I had to be in timeout for a while."

The other kids nodded. "But you're out now, so come on Reese; we gonna play tag."

"So much energy," Kat groaned as the kids ran off.

"Just think," Aisha nudged her, "In a few short years, they'll be teenagers."

"Blasphemy!" Kim gasped, prompting the others to laugh.

"Why would you say that?" Tommy groaned. "Besides, you know you're gonna be heading there as well."

"Please," Aisha waved his words away, "I still have more time than you guys, so I can say that and I can say it with a whole lot of glee."

Laughter echoed, prompting some of the older kids to look their way and roll their eyes while the younger ones were just to engrossed in their games.

Later, with everyone sitting around and relaxing, Jason stood up, a drink in hand and getting everyone's attention. He then looked to where Kira, Conner, Ethan and Trent were sitting, along with their respective girlfriends (Angela and Krista were still around; the couples had gone through a breakup during their freshmen and junior years respectively, only to reunite one year after graduating college. It was just a few years ago that they had been let in on the ranger family secret).

"Gathered friends and family," Jason started.

"Oh my god!" Zack interrupted with a roll of his eyes.

"Shut up Zack," Jason grinned, throwing a mock dark look at his childhood friend. "Anyways, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, "but today is a special day for four special people. It's been ten years since you guys graduated high school. We know you already had your high school reunion yesterday, but we wanted to throw you guys a little something, a little more intimate and fitting."

"And we appreciate it," Trent grinned.

"But this is not just for graduating high school ten years ago," Jason continued, "it's for getting through the toughest year, the year before that." He had minded his words because it had been decided that they would tell their kids about what their lives as rangers when their kids turned eighteen and the oldest (Carter and Dana, and Kendrix and Leo's kids) weren't at that age just yet. "Now, I don't know if it's because Kim and Tommy adopted Kira, or if it's because we saw the four of you, day in and day out, or because we all had a hand in mentoring you, spending time and getting to know all of you, but you guys became our kids and as a result, you are our oldest kids and we are so proud of you and everything you've accomplished and plan to accomplish."

"Hear, hear."

Ethan stood up, "Well, we just want to say thanks to all of you as well. Before junior year, I had friends, I'll admit, but none like you guys." He looked over at Kira and Conner and then Trent. "Yeah we came together just because we were," a glance at the young kids, "we were doing what we were doing. But then it became more than that. We became more than teammates; we became friends, we became family. And then, that family grew when we got to meet all the past ones and we realized we were a part of something much, much larger. So thank you, for accepting us and mentoring us and just being there."

"At least you guys had someone," Zack joked, "We had no one."

"That's so true," Trini laughed, as did Kim and Billy. "and we hadn't even wanted to at first. Jason was the only one. And that first fight…"

"So we should all be glad that first fight didn't send you packing but instead made you stay," Carter replied dryly, though a smile played on his lips.

"Yes," Jason nodded seriously, though it was obvious he was holding back laughter.

"Ok then," Danny.

"Mom," Terese tugged at Kim's arm. "What are they talking about? Did you fight Uncle Jason?"

"No sweetie," Kim smiled, "just something that happened way before you were born and something I'll explain when you're eighteen."

It was clear the girl wasn't soothed by that, but one look from Tommy silenced any protests she may have had.

"Ok, I have something to say," Conner stood up, pulling Kira with him. "From the first moment I saw you, I was captivated. I didn't know you, or your name, but somehow, I knew you were different from any of the other girls at school." He paused and threw a smile at Krista and Angela, "No offence." He turned back to Kira and felt his heart pound near aggressively, "You didn't even care for me, but all I wanted was to get to know you better."

"Conner," Kira whispered, her eyes filling up, but nothing spilling over.

"Let me finish," Conner rebuked gently. "Slowly, you started to let me in, you lowered your guards to let me see who you are and trusting me not to hurt you and that, that was the biggest thing. Falling in love you with was pretty much a foregone conclusion at that point. The day you told me you loved me, I knew with everything in me, that that was something I wanted to hear for the rest of my life. So,"

He took a deep breath and dropped to one knee, one hand still holding hers while the other pulled a ring out of his pocket.

"Oh my god," Kira gasped out, and she wasn't the only one.

"Kira Jasmine-Anne Oliver, will you marry me?"

"Yes!" Kira answered, her tears finally spilling over as she watched him push the ring onto her finger.

The backyard erupted into loud cheers as everyone rushed to congratulate the newly engaged couple.


Kim gave birth to twins Brennan and Shalimar just weeks after that celebration party; just like her big sister, Terese became fiercely protective of her two baby siblings and Kira was just as proud as she was the first time she saw baby Terese ten years ago.

Kira and Conner got married two years later; the wedding took place in Tommy and Kim's backyard and was attended by everyone, naturally.

A year after their wedding, Conner found a place that he knew was perfect to open his own soccer camp and with help from the past rangers, two years later, he was able. The camp became successful.

Kira's singing career may have started off slowly during and after college, but by the time Conner's camp was up and running, she had firmly established herself in the music world and was very popular.

Ethan, Angela, Trent and Krista had decided on a double wedding, but unlike previous weddings, theirs was smaller and more intimate considering neither Krista's family nor Angela's knew of the ranger connection to their daughters. Angela ended up joining on at Conner's camp as his co-manager while Ethan designed computer systems for various business and Trent became a well-known graphic artist, ending up publishing his own comics; most were based on the rangers and the different incarnations, becoming quite popular (he was in talks with major studios to do a movie).

Life went on, as it always did, for the former rangers; they all had their own (or intertwined) lives but they still managed to have a get together every now to catch up on each other's lives and celebrate.

Over the years, different ranger teams came about and Zordon's originals could only watch with pride as his legacy grew and they knew it would keep growing just as long as there were those were who were brave enough to answer when Destiny came knocking.

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