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Ranma, the Demon-Sorcerer
Chapter 1

Two men followed the guide into the valley.
Springs were everywhere.In every spring were
tall bamboo poles which one was to balance on.
Perfect for the martial arts practice that
they were going to do. The two men were
concentrating on the scenery, they were
ignoring the guides warnings of extreme danger.

"Ready, boy." the elder of the two men said.
He was a middle aged man who was very large.
He wore a handkerchif to cover his head and his
face was framed by the glasses that he wore. His
gi was dirty enough that it seemed off white than
the white that it was.

"Ready to kick your butt, pop." said the younger
of the two. Also dressed in a white gi, his was a
little whiter than his father's. He was also more
handsome that his father. His hair done up in a

With that both men leap up to the pole over the
springs and started fighting over the springs.
They were leaping from one pole the next in
a complete and every changing mixture of kicks
and hits.

"Mr Custumers. Must stop. Is dangerious." The
guide started to explain in his broken japanese.
He was trying to warn his customers of the danger
that would befall them if they fell into one of the
springs. But his cries were falling onto deaf ears
as the elder customer fell into a spring.

The younger man jumped down to see how his father
was doing. He thought he was ready for anything. He
wasn't ready for the panda that spring up from the
pool and tried to attack him. He nearly fell into
one pool, untill he slipped and fell. He started
tumbling and instead landing into the first pool
ended up falling into a different pool. One that
was close by, yet seemed to be all alone.

"MR. Old customer fell into the Shonmaoniichuan,
Spring of the drowned Panda. Tradgic story of panda
that fell in and drowned 2000 years ago." The Jusenkyo
guide said as he waved his little signs, which named the

It was then that Ranma arose from the pool. His gi
had been ripped to shreds as he had expanded into his
new body. He was part man and part dragon. His skin
was a deep red and scale like. He was giant size as
he stood over the guide and his father. His head was
that of a dragon with glowing blue eyes. Claw-like
hands and feet gave him an unhuman appearance. The lizard
like tail didn't help.

The guide stared nerviously as he started to reveal
what spring this was. "Mr. young custumoer fell into
the Shenduniichuan, Spring of the drowned Demon-sorcerer
of Fire. Tragic story of how a demon-sorcerer nearly drowned
many centures ago. So long that it was almost forgottten.

"POP!" The new demon-sorcerer yelled as his eyes glowed till
two twin beams shot out from them and blasted the ground
before the panda with intense heat. The panda yelped.
The young boy was surprised by the power.

"Don't worry. Curses not permenant. Hot water changes back
to tru form. Cold water changes to curse form." The guide
was trying to think quickly of what to do. This had never
happened before and when out his scope of knowledge. Maybe
the Amazons would know something. "We go to village that might
help with curses." He said, trying to get them out of the valley
before they could cause anymore trouble.

The two cursed men agree and followed they guide. After a
quick stop at the guide's house to pick up some hot water,
they left. They never notice a second young man fall into another
isolated pool. Or the different looking demon that arose from
the pool.

Elsewhere, in the Demon Dimention...

Shendu was trying to avoid his sibling as he had not
only failed them but lost most of his powers when he
lost his body. So it was a shock for him to fell the sudden
feeling of awareness of something that felt like his body.
Somewhere out in the human world. Something was going on there
and he had to know what it was. But first he had to free himself
of this demon world. He had been banished to this world, but
as a spirit he wasn't tightly bound. He just had to figure out what
spell he could use to free himself...

In the Amazon Village...

It was the time of the Challenge festival, and yet Cologne
wasn't feeling that everything was right. A powerful source of
chi was coming. But all she could see was the Jusenkyo guide,
a young man and a panda. Next to the victory feast. With the
panda and the boy eating the feast. 'I better get over there
before...' she started to think before it happened.

Shampoo having beaten her rival on the challenge log had
hopped off and headed to the feast table. That's when she
noticed the two interlopers.

{"What are you doing with my feast?"} Shampoo asked, staring
at them with a look that should have made their blood run cold.
But inwardly she was looking at them. The panda she could give
or take it. she could harm it, but their were other ways to make
it pay for all the food it eat. But the boy...

"What the matter?" Ranma asked the guide. He knew that they
had come to this village for help with his curse. But he should
have to upset the natives.

"Is her victory feast. She is champion, so feast is her's."
The guide tried to explain to his customer. He was currently
looking for the Matriarch. She would be the one to ask about
the curse that the young man suffered from.

"Tell her that I'll challenge her for the feast. I win
it's mine, ne?" Ranma asked figuring that it would solve
all of his problems.

The guide translated without much thought as he was still
nervious about the demon-sorcerer curse. He turned to find
the Matriarch looking at him. It had been some time since
he had needed to search out Cologne for her help.

Shampoo heard the fact that this young man had challenge
her to combat. {"I accept."} she said moving to the challenge
log. She thought over what would happen from this fight.
Either she would get to beat this interloper at her own game,
or he would beat her. Making him the perfect canidate for
being her husband. Win/win either way.

Ranma figure from the way that the young amazon was
walking to the log that she had precious been fighting
on to mean an acceptance to the challenge that he had
give. Now he just had to figure out a way to beat her
without hitting her.

Cologne was currently talking to the guide as the battle
started. And she wasn't liking what she was hearing. Most
Amazon elders knew all about the various demonic forces
that were in operation in the world. But some of the worst
of these forces were the eight demon-sorcerer of the various
elemental forces. Wind, Water, Lightning, Moon, Mountain, Sky
and Fire.

And now their was a pool of the Fire Demon-sorcerer. A
pool that had curse the young man... who was in combat with
her great granddaughter Shampoo. The one that was currently
beating her without hitting her.

The boy was hopping around and dodging every attack that
Shampoo was throwing at him soon it would be only a matter
of time before... Shampoo overestimating her attack, moved
to far over and started to fall off the challenge log. The
young man jumpped off the log and caught the young amazon
before she fell. As he set her down, Shampoo turned to him,
grabbed his head and planted a firm, Kiss of Marriage on
him. The boy seemed shocked by all of this. His pigtail was
standing straight up. But not as shocking as the panda was
acting it looked nervious.

This wasn't looking like it was going to be a good day, for
the first thing she was going to have to was explain the boy's

A few month later, in a certain part of Japan known as Nerima

As the doorbell rnag, Soun was relieve that he had been saved
from the conversation that he had been having with his daughters
over their engagement with his friend Saotome's child. It wasn't
going well. Of his daughters only Nabiki was interested in the boy.

Kasumi was worried about the age of the boy. She felt that younger
boys were immature. Akane didn't seem to want any engagement with
any boys. Given some of the trouble she was having with school,
it was reasonable, but he figure that he could convice her otherwise.
He was their father.

So with Nabiki behind his, ready to met her possible fiance, they
answered the door. What they found nearly shocked them out of their
minds. The three figure that they found before them weren't they type
of people that you usually expected at your door.

The most normal of the visiter who were coming out of the rain was
the panda that had over it's shoulders the more stranger members of
the guests that had arrived at the door. It was also wearing a
backpack on it's back. It set down the two figures that it was
carrying. One was male and one was female.

The male was dressed in a red chinese shirt and black chinese pants.
He wore black slippers and bracers. But that wasn't the strange part.
His skin was a deep shade of red. His hair was also a shade of red.
A little lighter than his body, but red all the same. His hands had
claw like nature. But other than that he seemed like a normal young
man, a little on the lithe muscular nature of a martial artist.

The girl was dressed in a pink chinese pants dress with red shoes.
She was stranger than the boy. She had skin a little violet in color
that matched her purple hair. She had claw like hands. Just like
the man beside her. she was also lithely musculed.

The two of them started to wake up. The panda looked nervious as he
pulled out a sign
it read, before he turned it around.

Nabiki and her father didn't know what to make of this. They had
been expecting Ranma. Now they had two bizzare young people in their
home with a panda. What was the possibilty that the young man before
them was the one they were waiting for. Could this be Ranma Saotome?
But if so who was this young woman next to him?

"Pop!!" The young man said as he woke up. He slowly got up to his
feet, then help the young lady to her feet as the faced the panda.
"What's the big idea of knocking Shampoo and me out? Do you want
Shampoo and I to teach you not to do that again?" With that the
boy summoned a small ball of flames between his two hands. The
panda started to shake in terror.

"Shampoo does not like stupid panda man's sneak attack."
said the girl as her hands were covered with what looked like
electrical energy. Sparks were coming off her hands like crazy.

Nabiki was looking at them, shocked out of her mind. She had
never seen the type of things that these young adults were doing.
She hadn't seen any martial arts moves that acted like that. It
was like it was magic. But that wasn't possibily. Magic didn't
exist. Did it?

The two teen shook off their energy attacks. "Maybe we should
sit down and talk about this." Nabiki said. Maybe if they could
all sit down and talk they could figure out why these strangers
were so strange. "We might even be able to introduce each

"Sorry about that. I'm Ranma Saotome." Ranma said sheepishly,
scratching the back of his head. "And this is Shampoo." He said
pointing to the girl with his strange claw like fingers. The
two of them and their panda followed Tendos into the living

Soun walked thinking over what was happening. Ranma had arrived,
yet he was different. So thing that made him slightly warey of
the boy. It could be the strange look of the boy, the unusual
girl that followed the boy or it could be the fireball the
boy held in his hands. Best to move carefully. He wanted one
of his girls to be engaged to the boy, but only if they would
be safe.

Kasumi and Akane looked to the door as their sister and father
lead the guest in. They looked surprize at the nature of their
guests. They had never seen anyone looking like the two in
front of them as they sat around the table.

"Kasumi, could you please fetch our guests some hot water?
And Ranma, could you tell us were your father is? I have some
things I have to discuss with him." Soun asked, hoping to get
some of the answers that he would need to solve the mystery
before him.

"He over there." Ranma said, as he pointed to his panda.
Soun looked surprized at this but not as much as when the
panda pulled out a sign.
Soun lead the panda to another room.

Akane looked at the boys she could be possibly engaged to.
He was starnge looking, but that had nothing to do with how
good a martial artist he was. She kept looking at him with
anger in her eyes. She was trying to figure out how powerful
he was when he asked Nabiki and her a question.

"I see that you have a dojo. Would you mind if Shampoo
and I used it to practice with? It just that we could use
some spuring to relax a bit." Ranma asked, trying hard to
make a good impression.

"Shampoo could use spuring. Keep training up." Shampoo
said. She looked interested in having a fight.

"Okay. Do you mind if we watch?" Akane asked. This was
perfect. She could see how good these two were at the arts.
Then she could judge them based on how much better she
was compared to them.

It was then that Kasumi came in with a kettle of hot water.
"Can I borrow that please?" Ranma asked Kasumi. With a nod of
agreement, she handed Ranma the hot water. He then poured the
water over him and Shampoo. The two of the made sounds of
annoyance over the temperture of the water. That's when the
strangest thing happened. Both of them suddenly looked human.
Their skin was flesh colour. Shampoo's hair and eyes remained
the same, purplish blue and brown-red respecively. Ranma had
the same blue eye but his hair was jet black. "Let's head to
the dojo."

In the Dojo, moments later...

Akane looked shocked at the level of skills the two martial
artists were showing her. They were moving rapidly, moving
from one kata to the next without thought. Just like it was
instinct. Like it was a natural part of them. And Ranma was
just dodging and avoiding Shampoo. They weren't in her league,
they were beyond it. She could hardly admit it to herself, but
it was the truth.

Shampoo was moving from kicks to punches and chops like it
was a dance that she was having with Ranma. A dance that Ranma
knew as well and was countering with dodges and blocks. A dance
that they were doing for quite a long time without tiring out
from the speed and, by the look of it, power theywere using.

Nabiki looked at the skill that these two were using. They
were definately top of the martial artists game. Even better
than Kuno and he was the best around if you didn't count the
times that he let Akane win. These two weren't people that
she would bet against.

But that didn't expalin the things they had seen from before.
From the strange appearance to the unusual transformation.
That was something that she wanted to hear explained. So
when the two of them stopped their exercise, she proceeded
to ask them that question. To see what their answer would be.

"Well," Ranma looked a little sheepish as he tried to explain.
He then when on to tell the story of how him and his father had
gone to Jusenkyo and fallen into the curse pool and gained their
cursed form. How the curses worked. And how he met the Amazons.

"But what about Shampoo and why do you look human in your curse
form if it's suppose to look like a cross between a dragon and
human?" Nabiki asked as she looked to the young woman before her.

"Shampoo's Great grandmother go up to Jusenkyo to find if other
cursed pools. Shampoo followed. But then, stupid Mousse show up.
Want to fight Shampoo to make her marry him, instead of Airen."
Shampoo said looking to Ranma. Nabiki knew that something important
was behind that comment. "Shampoo and Mousse fight. Fall into
other curse demon springs. Shampoo fall into TchangZuniichaun,
Spring of Drowned Demon-sorcerer of Lightning. Mousse Fall into
TsoLanniichaun, Spring of Drowned Demon-sorcerer of the Moon.
Great Grandmother not happy." Shampoo grimaced at the thought of
how her great grandmother had reacted.

"The fact that we look human in our curse forms at all is due to
my curse form having something that the orignal Shendu had at the
time of his drowning. Something I only learned about at the Amazon
Village. Seems that Shendu had in his body twelve talismens of
great power. Each talismen held a single power and was carved in the
image of one of the animal signs of the Zodiac. The Monkey Talismen
held the power to change the shape of things into different living
forms. So all I had to do was use it to change us into human form."
Ranma explained.

It was then that Kasumi arrived from the house. "Father's looking
for all of you. He has a friend over and they had an annoucement."
Kasumi said.

The four of young teen got up and followed Kasumi into the house.
The Tendo sisters were deep in thought.

Akane didn't believe the story Ranma and Shampoo had told them. It
was impossible to believe. But still there was the strange
transformation and their great martial arts skill. She bet that Ranma
was some type of lying pervert. She had to figure a way out of this
engagement. For her and her sisters sakes.

Nabiki believe the tail that the two had told them. It was too
weird to be a lie. Plus the fact that the two of them had generated
some kind of energy attack in what they had called their cursed form.
That and the skill they showed in the dojo had made an impression that
these were two people that they shouldn't be messing with. That made
her worry as she was sure that her father was calling to annouce the
engagement. She hope that wouldn't make them upset.

So the four teens entered the house to await what would happen.