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Ranma, the Demon-Sorcerer Chapter 11 {Chinese} Panda sign

The next day...

The leopard-man was watching the household, looking for weakness that he could use on the enemies of his master. So far he had seen much about the people that populated the Tendo home. It seemed that there was division in the Tendo home that could be used to split them up. The young one seemed to dislike the cursed ones. That might be useful for it's master.

But most of the family seemed to be supportive to the curse ones needs. There also seemed to be a growth in the numbers of chi apprentices that were gathering under the tutorledge of the Amazon Matriarch. They were still working on their spells and enchantments, but they were a rival source of power that could be used against it's master. Daolon Wong might need to find more power to challenge the power of the Amazon and her brood.

Still, there was much to look over. It could detect discomfort with the cursed one known as Ranma. Something that was causing him conflict. Something that could be used against him. It just had to watch the young man more so that the secret that he hid would become clear.

The real problem was avoiding the Amazon Matriarch. She seemed to have the power to detect it's pressence. She would get the shivers whenever it got to close to her. She was even talking about placing more warding spells on the house to devert the essence of evil. It needed to proceed with caution. So it waited and watched...


Tso Lan watched as he taught the host of his demon body the secrets of the power it held. He needed the young man. Needed him to be a weapon that would be used against the enemies that held the power he wanted. Held the power of the Crystal that was current under the care of the Moon Princess. A crystal that could be used to increase his powers so that he could blanket the earth with evil!

But he had hurtles that had to be overcomed. He had discovered that the crystal was protected by the heroines known as the Sailor Senshi. Warriors of light with the powers of the elements under their control. All nine of them were guarding it from the forces of Darkness. From him!

Worse, was the fact that they now held powerful allies that would protect them from his tool! Two others, cursed with the bodies of his brothers, were their allies. There was also the chi witch that had placed the charm on the body that protected it from possession. If she found him in this world, she would try to discover the way to return him to his prison. Tso had to work in secret till he had his power returned.

"Mousse, you are developing your powers well. You have learned to master your power over gravity well. You have developed some of the powers that are inherient with your demon form." Tso Lan told his pupil as he watched the boy change from the demon form that he had been wearing into something that looked more like his human form. "Now, it is time to pratice a few chi spells that will allow you to fight for your beloved Shampoo."

Tso Lan prepared to teach the fool simple spells that would allow him to block the attack magics that would be thrown at him. Including the attacks of his fellowed demon cursed. Tso was glad that this idiot was easily manipulated by the desire for the love of this demon cursed girl. It was easy to convince him that the chi witch and this Shendu wannbe Ranma were his enemies. From there, Tso Lan convinced the boy that the Sailor Senshi were also keeping him from his love. The final trick was convincing the boy that if he got the crystal for Tso Lan, Tso would cast a 'love' spell on this Shampoo and cure them of their curses.

Little did the boy knew that Tso Lan would instead use the crystal to reshape the world so that he would become the dominant ruler of the world. The King of Demons. Lord of a powerful army that would be formed from the crystal.

He just needed to act.


Drago run. He had ran to escape the prison that was Section Thirteen. He had a goal to achieve. That was why he was in for Japan. Every since he had traveled from the future to start the Age of Dragons, he had been working with the goal of freeing his father from his entombment. He turned to the gem that he held. "So Pops, what's our next move?" He asked, looking into the ruby. It glowed as the image of Shendu's head emerged in the gem.

"My son, we will be rebuilding me realm on earth. Expanding it so that it covers the world. Then we will take revenge on the Chans, destroying them utterly." Shendu said, his eyes glowing. "But first, we need a few things. Like a body for me."

"And thanks to the Chans, we know where to look for one. In Japan. Too bad we can't use the Shadowkhan, but they have seem to be out of reach for the moment. But there are other minions that we can use Father." Drago said, adding "Just leave Jade to me!"

"Yes, the troublesome one. Still it is Jackie Chan that is the one that I wish to destroy most! But who are you going to recruit to our serves?" Shendu ask as he looked to his son.

"I've done my research. Shadowkhan are created and controlled by the masks of the Oni Lords of Tarakudo. There are clans of Oni that did not join Tarakudo's cause. It is possible that they might hold secrets that might create a new tribe of Shadowkhan or similar minions. Secrets that I have proceeded to bargin with to gain." Drago told his father as they hid in their hide out. "Secrets that have been gathered here. We just have to use them. Then we will be able to use them to gain your body."

"Have you seen it?" Shendu asked, curious to the body that he desired to control. He had been wondering that since his brother had told him about it.

"I have snuck a visit to it. It is like yours, but with different colouring. That and the chi wards that is imprinted on it's body. Wards that provent the possession of that body by evil spirits or chi." Drago said, adding "We will need help breaking those wards so that you may inhabit your new body. Do you have someone in mind, Father?"

"I have knowledge on the spells needed to break good chi wards. It will just need time and knowledge of the spell. Working on that, I can shatter the protective magic on him so that I may rule. Have you taken the note of the symbols?"

"I have, Father." Drago said to his parent.

"Then we just need minions to defeat or distract our foes allies from us so that we may break the spell."

"A piece of cake, Pops!" Drago said as he laughed. Shendu joined in as they prepared for their attack.


A viewer stood looking over at the trouble that was gathering around the demon cursed. Three powerful enemies were planning on a method of attack against them. They had to be prepared for the attack that was comming. The figure stepped towards the Tendo home.

In the cloak of night they were hidden from site, but they would soon reveal their form to the world. She knew that the others would recognise her from the other version of herself that had came to this time. But she was different from that person. Hopefully she was powerful enough to help her aunts and uncles from the demonic forces that were gathering. Especially her mother who might have problems with the sorcerer that was after the source of her great power.

The young woman headed to the door of the Tendo home. She knocked on the door. It took moments before the door was answered. A young woman answered the door. "What can I help you this late, miss?" asked Kasumi.

"Yes, Miss Tendo. I'm Usagi Chiba. I'm here to have a word with Grandmother Cologne. I have to talk to her. It is important Chi Master Business." Asked Usagi, hoping that the young woman before her would be able to get the elder.

"Yes, I'll see if she's up." Kasumi said, adding "Please come in and wait for use."

Usagi stood in the home, get a sense of the room. She could feel great goodness radiating from the positive chi wards. But she could also feel a darkness moving throught the house. 'Someone must be watching the house. but which one of the three is watching the home? Shendu and son? Mousse and Tso Lan? Or was it Daolon Wong?' She thought. 'I'll have to move the Elder to a more remote location.'

Soon the elder appeared. "How can I help you child? What is your great business?" Cologne hopped up to the young woman to get a good look at her. Her eyes were a brillant shade of crimson. Her hair was a shocking shade of pink. But other than that and the differences of hair style, she could have been Usagi Tsukino's twin. This set Cologne back a bit, but she recovered quickly. Something important was going on.

"Elder Cologne. I need to talk to you, but I need to do it in privacy. Perhaps we can go to someplace in the park to talk?" Usagi asked.

"Perhaps. But I have the power to shield our words from the prying eyes of others. Plus it keeps me from catching my death of cold." Cologne smiled, as she pointed to the girl."Follow me." She said as lead the way to her room.


Cologne finished the chanting that was part of the Chi spell that protected the room from spying. The spell glowed with a scarlet hue as the magic coated the room. Then it faded into the darkness.

"Now child, what is it that you want to tell me?" Asked the elder, looking at her. "Or perhaps you might want to tell me who you are and why you look like Usagi Tsukino?"

"This will be hard to explain, but I am the Daughter of Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba. I have traveled from the future to warn of dangers that are approaching. Ones that you and my mother need to watch out for. But the reason that I had to talk to you in privacy. You are being watched. Something full of dark chi is here, lurking." said Usagi.

"I thought as much. But it seems to hold a sort of cloaking magic that makes it slip through my magical senses. My wards should block it's sights. But I must be careful. It most likely knows that I know it is here now. I must try to figure out who sent it, if your warning of more foes gathering is correct. So who is it that threaten us? Is it worse than Daolon Wong and Mousse?" Cologne asked, hoping that it wouldn't be something that she couldn't handle. But their luck rarely held that way.

"Daolon Wong is still a threat to be watched as he works to redevelop his dark arts since their banishment. I fear that he might have learned something about the nature of Youma. Creating creatures from the inanimated objects that surround us to create monsters that drains energy. I feel that he has already sent one after you." Usagi said as she explained the dangers that were to come.

"Mousse is also connected to another danger. One that is more after my mother and her senshi. But likely to come after Ranma to get to them. Tso Lan has escaped his prison astrally, using powerful magics to break the seal." Usagi continued.

"Wait, if the demons could break out of the prison dimension, why haven't they?" Cologne asked.

"Becasue it would most likely involve sacrificing their power and having to redevelop it elsewhere. Power that would take centuries to regain. The only thing that would get them to loose their bodies in the prison dimension is new bodies with their powers in this world."

"Like the Jusenkyo cursed ones Ranma, Mousse and the others have gained. So the demon is looking for his body. But I have warded Mousse for the time being." Said the elder.

"But Tso Lan is most likely looking for a way to break it and gain it for his own. Worse he is seeking to gain the incrediable power of the Ginzuishou my mother holds. A device that can grant wishes for a price. It holds great chi energy. For both light and darkness. He will need to be stopped before he can use Mousse or any other minion to gain it and blanket the world in darkness." Usagi said, getting ready to speak of the final group of evil.

"The final evil force is the father and son team of Shendu & Drago. Drago is a son of Shendu from the future who tried to resurrect his father and create the Age of Dragons. He travel to this time to stop an adult Jade Chan from stopping him. The Chans stopped him and imrprisoned him in Section 13. Till he escaped with his Father's spirit released by magic. Shendu seeks Ranma to hold his spirit so that he can rule the world. Drago most likely seeks the same." said Usagi. "Yet it is possible that Drago has a deeper goal in mind."

"So three forces of darkness are converging on this site. Anything else I should know?" said Cologne.

"Just the possiblity of more Senshi enemies arising. Plus the ancient Japanese evil of a certain clan of the Oni the Chans are fighting." Usagi told the elder. "But it would be the best use of our time to focus on these three so far. And hope they do not attack all at once."

Also in the Tendo home...

The leopard spy was now worried. A strange had shown up. One that had convinced the old one to place a more powerful ward over her room. A ward that he couldn't seem to pentrate. One that left him deaf and blind to the events that were occuring inside. The beast growled at the fact that it was missing information that it's master could be using against the demon-cursed and the chi wizards.

"Masterrrr! What do you thing is happening?" The beast asked it's master.

Miles away...

Daolon Wong thought about the facts that were occuring in the house that his enemies were living in. His slave was missing something important, yet there was nothing they could do to break the spells that were blocking them without reveling his hand.

Rage boiled up inside him. Rage that he couldn't strike out on his enemies. This girl held important information or knowledge that could tip the scales against him. He knew it. He had to know more about this girl and her secrets. He would need a new set of eyes to watch over her. But for now...

"Keep an eye on the Chi Wizards and the Demon-cursed. Continue to report their weaknesses to me. Plus you might want to keep a closer eye on the old woman to see what she knows. But be careful. She might know that you are there now. I will take care of the girl." Daolon told his slave.

Daolon walked to a cupboard to pull out a figure from a collection of figures. The figure he had choosen was the latest version of his spy slave collections. It was the figure of a demonic looking spider. A take on the classic black widow style. He placed it on a carved pattern on the floor. Infernal symbols surrounded them. Daolon Wong started his chant to bring the dark chi to the surface.

Green mist arose from the symbols as a beam of blue-purple light hit the figure. Mist closed over the figure. A flash of light stopped the chanting. The mist slowly cleared and a new servant of evil appeared.

It was female and human in appearance, yet it held a spider's look. Her eyes were red with mini-jewel like spider eyes on her face. She had fangs and black hair with a widows peak. Her six arms held gloves that seemed to end in claws. She wore a black corset with a red hourglass symbol on her abs. She wore high heel tall boots.

"Minion! You will follow this girl," Daolon siad as he projected an image and chi force of the girl his leopard slave had collected for him. "Find her and observe her secrets. Tell me all that she knows."

The creature took a bow and whipsered in a distrubing voice, "I will find her and learn her secrets for you, Master!" With an amazing leap, she took off to find the girl in secret.

Daolon Wong smiled. "Excellent!"