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Katniss POV-

"Glimmer?" I questioned. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, I just have exciting news!"

"What is it?" I sat up straighter.

"Okay, so yesterday, Marvel and I were the last to leave the Pizza Parlour. I said bye to him and and was about to leave when he grabbed my arm kissed me!"

I sat there with my eyes wide for a moment, then recovered from my momentarily shock. "He what!"

"Then he asked me to be his girlfriend! We're dating now!"

"Are you serious? Oh my gosh I'm so happy for you!"

"I know-" Glimmer paused, "Sorry I gotta go now. See you tomorrow!"

"Kay bye!" I replied and hung up the phone, then continued to watch T.V.

The next morning, everyone was crowding outside the gym took get a look at the teams listed from tryouts. There's Cheerleading, Football, Swimming, Track & Field (even though they already know who made the team), Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Curling, Skating, Badminton, and even the school Play. Once Peeta and I entered the building we separated for Peeta had the need to use the washroom.

I immediately made my way over to the team lists. Once I had reached the crowded area, everyone fell silent and stared at me. Some girls started to whisper and point, and the guys winked and me, looked me up and down and watched me lustfully as I walked to the board. I finally reached the lists and scanned them over, looking for the one labeled 'Cheerleading'. I found it after a moment and suddenly realized why everyone was staring at me: I was Head Cheerleader. I was shocked for a moment, and re-read the list to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.

CHEER LEADING- Coach: Alma Coin

Glimmer Evison

Delly Cartwright

Madge Undersee

Taylor Briones

Corina Chandra

Katniss Everdeen

Brianna Clark

Sandra Adrian

Amelia Jenkens

Sidney McDonald

Ashley Adrian

Head Cheerleader: Katniss Everdeen

I can't believe it, I was hoping to be on the team, yes, but never had I hoped I would achieve the roll of Head Cheerleader. Everyone on my team will look and listen to me, I'll be in charge of the routines, who goes where and when the practices are. I wonder how the boys did in their football tryouts.

FOOTBALL- Coach: Brutus Colt

Quarter Back: Cato Ludwig

Fullback: Finnick O'dair

Halfback: Josh Colt

Wide Receiver(s): Lucas Carter, Marvel Hugh

Center: Peeta Mellark

Guards(s): Mark Orchison, Tyson Arseneau

Tight End: Joe Miller

Tackle(s): Kyle Markus, Thresh Okeniyi

Football Captain: Cato Ludwig

Cato's captain! I thought to myself excitedly. He told me that he's always dreamed of being Football captain, and I'm so happy for the wret of the boys fro making the team as well.

Next I scan the board for the Swimming tryouts.

SWIMMING- Coach: Cecelia Carlton

Wiress Blue

Annie Cresta

Beetee Jones

Flora Bourquin

Finnick O'dair

Mitchell Glass

Marissa Lang

Finch Dawson

Larissa Banks

Marcus Reynolds

Fred Evans

Nelson Bundy

Amandla Burk

Rose Moya

Co-Captain(s): Annie Cresta & Finnick O'dair

Happily, I turned around and headed to my locker. I saw Peeta there as he was closing his locker. "So did you make the team?"

"Yep, and so did you." I smiled as I opened my own locker.

"Sweet! What positions did we get?"

"Well, you the Center and I got Head Cheeleader." I said as if it was no big deal, but inside I was jumping up and down with excitement.

Peeta looked at me with his mouth on the floor, "Head Cheerleader?" I nodded. "Katniss, this is huge! You'll be like the most popular girl at school."

I cringed at the thought of earning that much attention. I guess it'll just have to be something to get used too. At my old school, nobody really took a second of their time to notice me. I was just that weird chic who sat at the back of the class and was best friends with a guy who was two years older than her. Nobody cared about me, and I didn't care about anybody else, only Gale. Sure, Gale had plenty of friends, and I only had one. But we were still each other's best friends. I always came before his friends that were his own age, in Gale's eyes. His friends never understood why, and neither did I, but it's just the way it was. Gale looked heartbroken when I broke the news to him that I was moving away. Like, ten hours away. I promised him that I would visit him during school breaks.

A hand waved in front of my vision. "Katniss?" The sound of Peeta's voice disrupted my thoughts. I shook my head and looked at him.


He dropped his hand. "Sorry, you were staring at the wall for a couple minutes and you weren't saying anything."

"Oh." I laughed to myself, "Sorry, I was just thinking." Peeta nodded and we headed off to class.

As soon as we had entered the room, all fell silent and everyone looked at me. I saw the guys smirking, winking and staring at me sexually. Okay... And when we walked to our seats, some of the girls exclaimed, "Hi Katniss!" and waved at me.

I awkwardly sat down beside Cato and stared at my desk, to avoid everyone's eyes. I eventually let my eyes wander up to Cato to find him glaring at a couple guys across the room. I cleared my throat and caught Cato's attention.

"Congratulations on becoming Football captain." I smiled up at him.

"I'd say the same thing to you about becoming Head cheerleader."

I blushed, "Yeah, I really wasn't expecting that."

A moment later, the teacher walked in and we started our class as usual.

After our morning classes had finished, Cato and I walked to the cafeteria together. Once we reached our destination, whispered spread around the room like wildfire. Everyone was talking about how close the Head Cheerleader and Football Captain seemed to be; wondering if they were going to get together.

I've seen those stereotypical High School movies. You know, when the Head Cheerleader and Football captain start dating and become the most popular kids in school? I'm surprised if you haven't.

Well, I guess that's what everyone is expecting to happen to us. Who knows? Maybe it will, maybe it won't. I'm hoping it won't. I don't me the dating Cato part, I still have a crush on him and once I get to know him better, of course I'd like to give us a chance; I mean the 'most popular kids in school' part. In case you haven't noticed already, I hate attention. I like being the type of girl nobody notices. Who goes around acting like everyone else, who nobody takes a second glance at, who doesn't attract the eyes of others.

We sat down at the table with the wrest of the Careers and started talking animatedly about the try outs results.

"Finnick and I are Co-Captains for the Swim team!" Annie announced excitedly and we clapped in unison for them.

"Marvel, Finn, and Cato all made the football team!" Peeta said.

"I'm Football captain." Cato sated with his mouth full of hamburger.

We all cheered for him.

"I'm Head Cheerleader." I mumbled, looking down.

"I knew you could do it Katniss!" Glimmer exclaimed, beaming at me.

I just blushed and starred at my food.

"Glimmer and I made the team too!" Madge said, smiling.

"Great job guys!" Johanna said.

Glimmer and Marvel were sitting beside eachother and I smirked at them. I saw Glimmer blush towards me and she whispered something to Marvel. marvel nodded and cleared his throat. "Glimmer and I are dating."

Everyone's mouths dropped to the floor. It was a minute before someone spoke up. "Finally!" Peeta exclaimed. "You two have been goggling at each other for the past year. We've all been waiting for this to happen."

They both blushed at the comment.

After school was the first day of practices. The Cheerleaders headed over to the edge of the football field to practice where they will eventually perform; the Football players took to the center of the field.

Coach Alma marched onto the field holding a medium-sized, cardboard box and a purple clipboard with a black ballpoint pen laying across the top.

"Alright girls!" She exclaimed as she reached us, setting the box on the grass and laying the clipboard atop it. "Congratulations for making the team." We all clapped amongst ourselves and the coach outstretched her long, tanned arm towards me. "Our Head Cheerleader is Miss Katniss Everdeen. If you have any problems please speak to either her or me. She will help me with your routines and decided who goes where. You will show her respect, or you will be benched - your choice." The girls all murmured to one another. Some clapped for me and smiled, like Madge and Glimmer; some glared, like Delly. I have a feeling we won't be the bestest of friends this year.

"I collected your sizes of clothing yesterday and prepared all your uniforms. When I call your name and size, you will grab your uniform from one of the 3 piles I have layed out-" She gestured to 3 different piles of purple and white clothing, "-and you will go change." We all nodded.

"Katniss; small." I headed over to the pile of clothes farthest to the left and picked up the purple-and-white uniform. Just as I was about to turn around the coach handed me a purple bow. "This goes atop your ponytail. It signals that you are Head Cheerleader." I nodded, grasped the bow, and made my way over to the change rooms.

I passed by Peeta, Marvel, Cato and Finnick on my way and waved at them. They smiled at me and returned the gesture. Once I entered the Girl's changing room, I sat down on one of the benches and tugged off my jeans. Every second day I have Gym class, so I already have a locker to place my clothing. I threw my jeans in my locker and shrugged my top over my head, tossing it in too, leaving me in just my undergarments, when Glimmer and Madge walked in with their uniforms.

"Hey guys." I said as i pulled on my black botty shorts to go underneath my skirt, which I put on after, pulling it up to wrest on my waist. I then slid the top over my outstretched arms and on to my upper body. The uniform top had a white background with a purple rim on the bottom. It had a 3 inch sleeve that just barely covers our shoulders; the top was mainly purple, meeting in the middle at a point. Across the middle of the top was written: 'Bears'. That was our school team. We were the Bears. And our mascot was a person in a big, brown bear suit. I would never want to be a mascot; those suits would be boiling. The bottom of the uniform was a pleated skirt that ended 2 inches above the knee, with white as the front layer of the folds and purple as the back of the folds. I then stepped in to the white Nike runners we were given. Grabbing a brush, I pulled my hair up into a high-pony and placed the purple bow atop.

Glimmer, Madge and I exited the change room together as the wrest of the girls entered.

Once all the girls had gotten changed, Coach Alma started to show us the moves of our first routine.

Cato POV-

Coach Brutus gave us all our football gear as soon as we reached the field. When we came back, changed, we saw the Cheerleader's at the edge of the track. I saw Katniss as she headed to the change rooms with her uniform and waved to her.

I turned back to face the coach as he announced, "Alright ladies! Congratulations on making the team. Our Quarterback, Cato Ludwig, is your Captain." The guys clapped slowly, "It's Tuesday, and our first game of the season is this coming Friday. So let's get to it."

Coach pointed out our spots. "Cato, you go there. Peeta you go there. Josh you go there..."

Once everyone was in position he blew the whistle and threw the ball in the air. Peeta ram forward, caught the ball and tossed between his legs towards me. The ball came zooming through the air and I caught hold of it. Darting forward, I dodged the oncoming attacks of my teammates as Coach Brutus yelling encouraging and not-so-encouraging comments from the side-lines. I reached the posts at the other end of the field withing 15 seconds.

"Good job for your first try, Ludwig." Coach turned to face everyone else. "That was good team, but if you all expect us to win this Friday, I expect more. Faster running, better attacks, higher jumps. Come on team. Go, go , go!" He yelled and we got back into positions.

Finnick POV-

After Football practice, I booked it to Swimming. I quickly changed into my swim trunks and sat beside Annie, playfully nudging her shoulder.

Coach Cecelia walked in wear a one piece. "Alright. Welcome to the first practice of the season. Congratulations for those of you who made the team. Our Co-Captains for this year are Finnick O'dair and Annie Cresta." She gestured to us. "Okay, everyone to your starting points. For you first race, you will be performing the butterfly stroke."

We jumped into the pool's cool water and waded over to the starting lines. I grabbed the edge of the pool and placed my feet on the wall. Coach Cecelia blew the whistle and I kicked off.

I ended up coming in 2nd place; Annie in 1st. We did a couple more races, then Coach called it a day and we headed home. Annie and I headed over to my house for some quality time.

Clove POV-

Johanna and I had just finished our Track & Field practice. We had to run 100 m, 200 m, and 400 m races today. I came in first for the 100 m; Johanna came in first for the 400 m. I was so tired and sweaty afterwards. My face and neck gleamed with sweat. My legs ached from all the running. I think I even might have pulled a muscle. I grabbed my water bottle and took a long swig, before putting it back down and breathing heavily.

I walked with Johanna to the change rooms so we could shower and switch out of our track clothes into our regular ones.

Johanna and I have been best friends since we were 4. We're neighbours and always go to the other's house. When we were younger, we would play two-person tag on our front lawns. It sounds boring, yes, but to a couple of 6 year old's, it's like a magical adventure. We would laugh, and giggle. Then afterwards, we go into Johanna's house for some freshly baked cookies and lemonade made by her mom. Mrs. Mason was like my second mother. I was always welcomed in their house, I even had my own key.

When we were just little kids, I would go over at night and share Johanna's bed with her. We were joined at the hip; we still are.

Johanna and I made our way home and I followed her into her house. "Hello Clove!" Mrs. Mason exclaimed when I entered the kitchen with Johanna.

"Hi Amanda." I replied as I followed Johanna up the stairs. Even though it was a school night, I was going to have a sleepover here tonight. I do it all the time.

That afternoon and evening, we watched Horror movies, stuff our faces with chips and popcorn and talked about guys. We decided to finally go to sleep at 1:30 since we had to get up for school in 5 and a half hours. I climbed onto the extra mattress layed on her floor for me by Amanda and crawled under the covers, letting myself be consumed by a night of blissful dreams.

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