The Morning After

Chapter One: Rude Awakenings

The pretty little brunette kunoichi half-willingly woke from her peaceful slumber so that she could have time to brace herself for a new mission with her beloved teammates without having to rush. It wasn't for a couple more hours, but she wanted to have time to adequately prepare her weapons and packs. Not to be misunderstood; Tenten was not a morning person, nor was she one to dread the morning. She just knew how to put the important things first and responsibly adjust to it. Her principle of life was to be strong-minded, prepared, and be able to skillfully deal with anything that comes her way. She would always be fully equipped and at her best, refusing to be anything but useful to her teammates.

With that in mind to motivate her from the comfy bed, she readily shifted to the other side of the bed and proceeded to lift the sheets off her body so that she could prop herself off the bed and prepare for the mission. However, she was presented with an unexpected surprise. No amount of kunais, explosives, and satisfying morning pees could brace herself for the sight she was about to witness on the other side of the bed.

A shirtless and handsomely chiseled prodigy lay opposite of her in a deep, peaceful slumber. A slight upward curve of the mouth plastered his serene facial expression, completely contrasting the stunned look on his teammate's face.

Why is Neji half-naked on my bed…?

She paused her train of thought and looked down at her own body to realize that she had a lack thereof of a top as well. She also briefly noticed but didn't take much consideration into it, that Neji's arm was loosely wrapped around her shoulders.

Why am I half-naked too...? Wait a minute…

The innocent and pure kunoichi hesitantly lifted her bed covers and peeked under them; the sheets were quickly thrown back down to their original position at the sight of the both of them being fully naked. Her cheeks slightly reddened at the sight of male parts for the first time in her entire life.

Wow, so that's what Neji looks like down there. I always imagined it to look... different.

Her gaze trailed back to the intruder's placid face where his perfectly paced breathing indicated that like he wouldn't wake up anytime soon. The brown haired kunoichi contemplated on what course of action she should take for this unanticipated event.

A normal girl would have done one of the following 4 choices.

1. Scream at the top of her lungs (Ino).

2. Pummel the unknown man in her bed (Sakura).

3. Ogle the handsome nude man in front of her (Fangirls).

4. Faint (Hinata).

However, none of those were an option for her because Tenten was anything but a normal girl. She was never an over-dramatic, perverted, girly, or weak-hearted person. Instead, she was an independent tomboy with a strong distaste for weakness. Due to her personality traits, she decided to take a more rational approach, believing that she should hear what her trusted comrade had to say before jumping to wild conclusions.

"Neji." She cooed in a soft, gentle voice.

He showed no response so she tried again, this time mildly shaking him.


No response. She began feeling frustrated with her teammate and shook him less gently this time, along with an impatient tone in her voice.

"Neji, wake up."

Pale eyes gradually opened and aligned with deep russet ones. The stare off lasted no more than a few seconds when the awakened prodigy gradually sat up and straightened out his bare back to stretch out the soreness due to sleep. She watched him quietly, trying to analyze his every move.

Noticing her gaze, he then turned to her, smiled softly, leaned in, and tenderly pressed his warm lips against her slightly parted, cool lips.

She couldn't help but gasp a little at the unexpected act of affection from her training partner. It wasn't as if she hated it (she'd even playfully fantasize about it when nobody was around), she'd just never really thought of them actually being intimate like that. Neji was never one to be affectionate or loving to anyone in any manner; he was the emotionless and careless individual who seemed as if nothing could ever faze him. She even doubted whether he was even mentally capable of romantically loving someone.

Yet here he was, planting a gentle kiss on his female teammate.

She was desperate to know what had happened last night to cause this prominent change when she finally recalled what had briefly slipped her mind due to his intoxicating kiss; they were both stripped down to their bare bottoms. Suddenly, she was now hesitant to ask. Had she participated in immoral acts with her longtime friend? Was that the reason for this 180 change? If so, then she would've felt like a whore for losing her purity yet not even remembering it, doing so with a man who wasn't even her husband, and having had done so with the closest companion to her!

"Tenten." He spoke in a husky tone, noticing her obvious distress. "Do you remember what happened last night?"

The poor girl honestly shook her head, feeling very guilty.

His face dropped a little and he uttered, "I see."

"Did anything last night?" she quietly asked, hoping her question was implied so that she wouldn't have to use vulgar words for what she really meant.

Oh kami, please don't say we had premarital intercourse. Please, please, please.

To her dismay, he slowly nodded his head and her eyes protruded with stricken horror.

The saddened Hyuga mentally contemplated on how he should explain last night to his clueless teammate. He figured that actions would speak louder than words.

With slow, cautious movements, he finally raised his finger to point at her left hand that laid in her lap. Her gaze trailed down to where his finger was pointing at and gasped in horror; a beautiful diamond stone had rested itself on her fourth finger.

At least she didn't have premarital sex.

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