Hey there everybody this is Razorbit aka Overlordkyo1099 or the other way around. I'm coming at you with a new Naruto and Tayuya fanfiction that I started my senior year in high school and never took the time to finish. I'll be putting a spoiler alert at the end for all of those who decided to read this before reading the manga. I also have another one based more on modern time called 'Their Manga Dream' which I created back in high school during my eleventh grade. Now I'm not really use to typing about ninja battle scenes/ jutsus or using the words like chan, kun, dattabane, and dattaboyo so please bear with me while I try to stay on a set point.

Now with all this being said, I do not own Naruto in any shape, form, or fashion.

Naruto lay in the hospital bed with his eyes barely open thinking about how he had let the boy he called his brother walk away willing from the village. He slowly began to cry to himself as he started to think more about how Sasuke had looked at him with no emotion in his eyes as he spoke about gaining more power and not being able to gain it in the village. Naruto couldn't believe what he was hearing and decided to try one more time with bringing him back which resulted in him slamming a rasengan into a chidori that ended with a hole in his chest and a scratch across Sasuke's headband. After the attack ended Sasuke had managed to escape while Naruto lay on the ground in a somewhat conscious state watching his friend leave while he was unable to do anything before Kakashi showed up taking him back to the village where Naruto woke up to where he was now.

He slowly lifted himself out of bed and made his way to the door placing his ear on it so he could try to hear if there were any sounds coming from the other side. After hearing nothing he opened the door to see the hallway empty and started making his way down the hall and to the steps to go down to the bottom floor. After making his way down the stairs with extreme pain he made his way slowly to the Hokage's tower to speak with granny Tsunade to see what the next course of action would be.

Tsunade was at her desk rubbing her eyebrows from the headache that was forming after leaving from a meeting with the council after the discussion about the failed mission with Shikamaru and his team. No matter what Tsunade did or said the council had made it very clear once they found out that it was Naruto who had intercepted Sasuke and failed to bring back the last Uchiha of the village. This only made the council want to take some form of action against Naruto for a mission failure since everyone else had managed to hold up their end allowing Naruto to go get Sasuke.

If that wasn't the worst part, they found out that he had allowed the Kyuubi to take over giving Naruto one tail making the council worry if it would happen again inside the village. It was then that Danzo voice the idea of sealing his chakra and removing him from the ninja corps altogether till they were sure they could control the boy, which made the council agree with him more. Tsunade tried to voice about how much Naruto had down for the village, but was argued about the one boy that had managed to get away.

In the end she had to go with the idea of taking away Naruto's dream which was killing her with every thought about it which in the end led to her drinking two bottles of sake while she waited for Naruto to come. Hearing a knock on the door and seeing his head pop from behind the door with a sad expression on his face made her feel even bad. She could only look at Naruto as she began to explain what the council had decided to do after the failed attempt of bringing back Sasuke. His facial expressions went from shock, depression, to rage and it was killing her to see him this way.

Naruto couldn't believe the words that he was hearing from the one woman that he saw as a mother figure. "You mean to tell me that because I didn't bring Sasuke back I have to lose everything that I treasure and love." Tsunade was about to object but Naruto had cut her off before she could even speak, "yet ninja's fail missions every day and aren't treated have as bad as I am now." Naruto looked at Tsunade before taking off his headband looking at it as if he was taking in memories before throwing it at Tsunade and slamming the door as he left leaving her in tears.

Naruto continued on walking ignoring all the pain that he could feel in his body as his wounds were still slowly healing. He could feel the heart ache of what he considered to be the most betrayal of all. He wouldn't cry, no he wouldn't give the village or elders the descents to feel as if they had achieved a long time goal.

Kakashi was standing on top of a roof top contemplating the news that was already spreading around the village. Yes Naruto may have failed, but he had heart and this punishment just didn't feel right for the task that was at hand. 'The elders couldn't have just come up with this idea on their own without some form of influence.'

Kakashi looked around before noticing Naruto walking by himself and looked up to see if he was being followed, and he wasn't surprised to see that he was right. Although hidden to random civilians Kakashi could see several Anbu following his student utilizing the roofs.

Kakashi jumped down next to Naruto startling his young student before smiling at Naruto. "Hello Naruto I see that you've recovered from your injuries." Naruto looked at him with a sad emotion making the former sensei frown before placing a hand on top of his head taking note that he didn't have his headband. "Look Naruto I've already heard what the council has planned for you and I can't agree with them." Before Naruto could speak Kakashi continued, "Now they haven't sealed your chakra yet, which they should have done first before they broke your ties to Konoha and no longer making you a ninja."

Naruto looked up with a blank expression before his face lit up with understanding before looking back and then nodding to his sensei. "Thank you Kakashi sensei for teaching me everything you have till this day. I wish I had more time, but it would seem that my time in this village has come." Naruto continued to walk to his small apartment leaving Kakashi behind.

Kakashi watched Naruto walk away before whistling to himself and walking the opposite direction with a small smile on his face. "Well it would seem that my little pupil has figured out what he's going to do." Kakashi continued to walk before pulling out his little orange book and reading.

Naruto made it to his house and closed the door behind him. He closed his eyes before opening them to look around the small space where his life was built from a young age to today. Making a shadow clone and sending it to his room Naruto waited until the clone came back and tossed him so trip wire, which the original Naruto pulled a good length tying the beginning to the end of a kunai and slamming it to the wall on one side of the doorframe. He brought the string down to the opposite side of the door and cutting the wire. Taking a paper tag from his clone Naruto pulled the wire so that there was no slack before placing the tag over it and putting on the wall.

Standing up he sent his clone to his bedroom to do the same thing to the window while he began to place bombs on the walls of the entire apartment. He walked to the window in his small living room and peered out to see if his pursuers were still coming, and he wasn't disappointed to see that they were.

Closing the bylines Naruto stepped away seeing his clone come out of his bedroom and throwing a thumbs up. Nodding Naruto dispelled the clone before stepping into his small bathroom and closing the door. He stepped into the shower and closed the curtain slightly before concentrating his chakra and transforming into a small black cat.

An Anbu member with a snake mask stood in front of a wooden door with several other Anbu members behind him. "Alright guys we have to go in and contain the target, seal it, and then its sake time." Another Anbu in the group spoke up on the topic with a simple "grabbing a cold one" causing the group to chuckle a little.*

The member with the snake mask opened the door and jumped into the room with the others to follow before looking around to see multiple bomb tags on the wall. The Anbu member quickly signaled for everyone to stop and looked around to hear any sign of movement. "Why would he set up a bunch of bombs without a way of setting them off?"

The group looked around before seeing a black cat run past them and out of the door before seeing it close and noticing one bomb slowly burning followed by seeing the wire connected to the kunai. The only thing they could think of was 'crap' before the bomb ignited setting off every other bomb on the walls.

The black cat continued its way until it was out of the village gate before a puff of smoke allowing Naruto to stand before hearing a loud explosion signaling that the Anbu group had set off the bomb trap. Naruto quickly took off through the woods not sure where he was going but figuring that he would figure something out.

He ran through all of the locations where his friends had their fights and even came up to the destroyed forest that Temari had used to kill the redheaded girl that had a thing for cursing and having a foul mouth all together. He slowly made his way through but stopped upon hearing a loud noise coming from a pile of trees.

He walked over to see what it was, but stopped upon seeing and hearing the one person that he had hoped to never to come across. Caught under a few trees was the same loud fouled mouth red headed girl that he thought was supposed to be dead was yelling at the top of her lungs about being trapped.

Naruto walked up to her slowly before standing next to a tree that was on top of what appeared to be another smaller tree on top of the girl. He couldn't help but feel somewhat glad to see that the girl was blessed to still be alive, but at the same time couldn't help but wonder how in the world was she able to be placed in this situation.

He continued to watch her yell until he summoned a bunch of clones and lifted the trees off of her. "I don't know how you managed to survive this and how you managed to avoid the Anbu who should have come out to check this place, but I'm no longer a member of Konoha so you are no longer my problem."

Tayuya felt the blood rush back to her legs and slowly began to rise back up to her feet and watched the boy who helped her begin to walk away. "Hey shithead what did you just say and stop fucking walking away from me when I'm talking to you damn it."

Naruto stopped walking and looked at the girl and thought about the question he was just asked. He looked at her for a few seconds before moving a lock of hair from in front of his face. "Well because I failed to bring back Sasuke Uchiha I'm no longer a member of Konoha and they wanted to basically keep me as a prisoner in my own home with a sealed chakra source. Now if you don't mind I think I'll continue my walk before Anbu show up looking for me and my name is Naruto Uzumaki not shithead."

Tayuya looked at the blonde haired boy in front of her before slowly walking forward as well to finish getting the feeling back in her legs. "Well sorry to hear your sad fucking story, but I have to get back to Orochimaru and I don't exactly have time for any Anbu with not having my fucking flute anymore and I'm Tayuya so don't forget it shithead."

Naruto nodded to Tayuya and began to walk forward again hoping to find some new form of meaning now that he wasn't a ninja now. He started to walk but stopped upon hearing Tayuya yell at him again. "If you can't be a ninja why not become a hunter-nin or come with me to Orochimaru?"

Naruto turned to her again and chuckled slightly before shaking his head. "Sorry but I can't possibly go to the man who got me in this situation with him wanting Sasuke in the first place, but becoming a hunter-nin isn't that much of a bad idea and it'll help me become stronger. Thank you Tayuya and maybe our paths will cross again in the near future."

Tayuya blushed at the fact that she was thanked since it never had happened before, but she nodded towards him before taking off in the direction to Orochimaru's closes base.

Naruto watched her leave before he started running in the opposite direction to get out of the fire country's territory. Although he wouldn't be classified as a traitor he did blow up his house with Konoha Anbu inside. They would surely hunt him down for that, but if he was able to make it outside of the border he would be alright.

He began to come up to a river that was going down stream and stopped before touching the water. Quickly making four clones he sent each one in a different direction going backwards before jumping into the cold water and coming out on the other side. If they were tracking him by scent the clones would lead them away while the cold river would wash away his smell.

Naruto began to run again until the sun began to set and rain began to come down. He began to bless and curse the rain, since it would help with covering his smell but increased on making him wet and cold. To make matters worse with the sun going down the temperature in the air also went down with it making him even colder.

Naruto continued to run until he was able to come across what looked like the side of a mountain which to his luckiness had a cave on the side. Stepping inside he looked around to see if he could go deeper before making a few more clones and sending them back out to get wood.

Naruto began to take off his wet clothes and laid them out on the cold stone floor. After waiting for a while his clones came back with piles of wood which Naruto began to stack up in two separate piles. He dispelled all of his clones and formed a few hand signs and shot a small amount of fire to the first pile of wood.

Working on simple wood heaters had taught Naruto that wet wood could burn if you applied enough heat. This worked by simply cooking all of the water in the wood till it was dry before the wood could actually burn. Naruto had luckily had a wood heater and due to being the container of the Kyuubi he would only be allowed to get wet wood.

After a couple of puffs of fire the wood had begun to burn before setting a flame. "Now that I have a fire going I can continue my journey. I don't have any food at the moment, but that can wait till tomorrow I guess." Naruto began to rub his head before lying back on the cold stone and letting his eyes drift. He would need all of his energy tomorrow and had to thank the fur ball inside of him for applying its fast healing and constant warmth. Naruto lied still for a few more minutes before allowing sleep to claim him finally.

He opened his eyes slowly to see himself in a sewer like area. Naruto knew this place to well, he was standing inside the containment area of the Kyuubi and he knew exactly what was at the end of the tunnel. He began to walk forward and continued down the tunnel until he came to a gate with a seal on it. "Hello Kyuubi I guess it's good to see you again."

He looked to see a giant fox eye slowly open up before it was followed by another eye. "Well now it would seem that the village you treasured so much has finally turned its back on you. Now tell me kit what will you do now?"

"I wouldn't say that everyone in the village has turned on me. There will be those who will choose to aid me and those who will take the opportunity to end me for that I cannot deny. As much as I wish to extract my revenge upon the village, I still can't help but feel connected to it and will just simply watch from the side line."

"Do what you want kit, but if I were you I'd cut my ties from that village and destroy it and everyone on the inside with no form of mercy."

"Talk like that is the reason why you are sealed inside of me and I get the freedom to experience the world. "

"True, but you were almost sealed too. All I can say is that you try to find a way to become stronger if possible with your horrible chakra control."

"We both know that my chakra control comes from my normal chakra trying to fuse with yours. If we to actually act as a team though I think I would be able to use jutsus much stronger and much faster. It would also lower the time for me to learn anything if I am to make it in this world alone."

"Now why would I aid a helpless little human like you? I have enough power in one tail to erase you from this world alone. Give me one good reason why I should aid you kit in this ridiculous request."

"Cause you're inside of me and if I die we all know what happens to you. Do not act as if you are an all mighty being when you can't even get out of a small seal such as this." Naruto watched as the Kyuubi stood full tall looking down at him with eyes filled with rage.

"Do not talk down to me you little human I know full what happens to me should your life be taken." The Kyuubi paused for a few minutes before speaking once again, "I will aid you human in return that you do not die until I figure a way out of this seal. Once that happens then you will have my permission to die."

Naruto looked at the fox and nodded. "In return for you finally agreeing to work with me maybe I can change the layer of the seal to produce a more wilderness look then a sewer." Seeing the Kyuubi nod its head in approval Naruto clasped his hands together and focused his chakra on the seal before seeing the once a sewer morph into what the forbidden forest looked like.

The Kyuubi stretched out before sitting up tall and looking down towards Naruto. Without speaking to him it rose up all of its tails and placed a point on his body with the last tail point placed on his heart. The Kyuubi began to transfer its chakra through its tails while Naruto's slowly began to shine at each end point. After a few minutes the Kyuubi stopped and began to walk into the forest "our chakra are now on equal frequency, so you should no longer have any trouble with chakra control. I'll be watching you kit to make sure you don't do anything stupid like getting yourself killed."

Naruto watched the Kyuubi walk away before bowing his head slightly and thanking it. He turned around and began to walk towards the exit of the forest which was shown by an entrance of light. When he walk through the light his eyes opened up back in the human world to show that daylight had come and it was a new day.

"I guess the procedure took all night to do then." Naruto rubbed that back of his head before putting his clothes back on and exiting the cave and running through the woods once again. He could feel more energy flowing through his body and wondered if it was from finally working together with the Kyuubi.

Naruto continued to run for a while until his stomach began to growl from the lack of food. He stopped running and sat down on a tree branch to gain his breathe for a few minutes. "I probably should have brought food with me before I decided to leave the village." Naruto thought about it before laughing to himself and jumping to the ground and began to look around. "Well who would have thought that I would end up just like Sasuke?"

Naruto continued to chuckle to himself until his nose caught a scent and he began to walk towards it with his stomach leading him. He walked for a few minutes till he came upon a camp site with what looked like skewered fish cooking in an open flame. He walked further into the campsite to see a tent put up a little way from the fire which was empty after checking it out.

He walked back to the fire and decided to just sit there and wait for whoever the camp site belonged to. Normally he would have taken the fish, but his past test with Kakashi involving taking things in plain sight and getting trapped had changed his mind ever since.

Naruto waited for a couple of hours and had begun to get bored and would add a piece of wood to the small fire every once in a while. Hearing motion in the bushes Naruto pulled out a kunai just in case Anbu had caught up with him, but slightly lowered his guard when a middle aged man came from behind with what looked like a giant log. The man had to be at least Kakashi's age, but instead of having short gray hair sticking up his was long black spiky hair hanging down. He had on a pair of slacks with a black shirt on that seemed to be stuck to every inch on his body.

The man finally looked up to see Naruto standing there and smiled for a few seconds. "Well looks like I'll have someone join me for dinner before I make it back home." The man brought the log towards the fire before setting it down and taking a seat and grabbing one of the pieces of fish. He motioned for Naruto to take a seat while handing him the other skewer. "Well don't just stand there kid. Here enjoy a meal with an old man like me and tell me why you're out here in the middle of the woods with no form of gear."

Naruto took the fish and sat down next to the man before eating it slowly to make sure this wasn't some kind of trap. He looked towards the old man before saying thanks and beginning his explanation as to how he was where he was now. The man listened while nodding his head and shaking his head at some points of the story as well. "So old man that's why I'm here eating fish with you right now, but can you tell me why a middle-age man like yourself is sitting in the middle of the woods wearing dress clothes?"

The man looked at Naruto before smiling and spoke with a deep voice. "Well I normally dress like this and I was training earlier which resulted in me destroying a tree to have something to sit on. You see I have mastered the arts of kenjutsu and taijutsu and must polish my skills so that I don't get rusty."

Naruto looked around the sight before turning back and asking the question that had popped up in his mind after hearing the old man speak. "Well if that's the case why don't you have a sword with you?"

The man laughed out loud before looking back at Naruto with a look that said he was drawing in old memories. "I first had become a master swordsman of the samurai style and was unbeatable for a long time. One day word had come to me of a red headed man who also used a samurai sword with the blade on the opposite end and was known to be the greatest of all time. I found the man after some time of searching I found the man and challenged him to a duel. The deal was who ever lost would have to give up the way of the sword and never pick up another sword again."

Naruto nodded his head and leaned in to hear more of the story that was being told to him. "So what happen next old man?"

The old laughed again before continuing with the story while waving down at Naruto. "Well we ended up fighting for several days both of us being tired and exhausted but continuing with determination in our eyes. Kind of like the look in your eyes right now kid. Anyway we dashed at each other one more time letting our blades deflect off of each other before we both went in with our strongest technique and his had won."

The man stirred the fire before putting it out and walking over to his tent and breaking it down and packing everything up in what looked like a backpack. "Needless to say I put my sword up and started in the world of taijutsu and had learned to combine the swing of a blade to the motion of my hands." The man had finished packing up and slung his bag on his back before beginning to walk towards the woods, "well it was nice telling my story to a young lad like you. I hope you can find what you're looking for in the future."

Naruto quickly jumped up with an idea that had popped up in his head. It was either fate that this man was here or just pure luck. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and would you please teach me the ways of taijutsu and kenjutsu?" Naruto had dropped down to his knees and bowed with all the respect he could muster.

The man turned back to look at Naruto bowing and couldn't help but laugh out loud to see a kid that was just like him before walking to the blonde boy and placing a hand on his head. "Alright kid I'll teach you everything I know about fighting and will make you the greatest fighter in the world. Now pick yourself up and follow me back to my home, once there you will begin your training."

Naruto jumped up with joy and followed the man through the woods and walked and talked with the man for days and had learned a lot from the man whose name had come to be Matura. Naruto had asked him what his last name was, but was told that it didn't matter and to look forward to training.

They continued to walk until they had come across what looked like a small hut with a river coming down on the west side of the building (imagine that you're the building, not you looking at the building). Matura walked up to the front sliding door and looked back towards Naruto before grinning and opening it. "Welcome to your new home kid. Hope you're ready to start your training because it begins now."

Naruto looked up to see Matura appear right in front of him before seeing a blur motion and then finding himself looking at the sky and lying on the ground. He lied there for a few seconds until Matura was standing over top of him. "First we'll have to get your body suited to moving fast on its own without the use of chakra, then I'll start teaching you the basics of hand- to-hand combat."

Naruto stood up while brushing himself off before looking back at Matura with determination in his eyes. "Alright then let's do this; I'll learn everything you have to teach me within three years no matter what believe it!"

Matura smirked at Naruto's determination and laughed out loud before walking back to his house and stepping inside for a few minutes. When he came back out he had a shirt, a pair of black pants, and a pair of shoes that covered ones toes instead of a ninja's regular pair of sandals. "Put these on kid and then we'll start your training."

Naruto nodded and changed his clothes and immediately began to regret the decision after his body fell straight to the ground with an enormous weight on his body. He looked up to see Matura laughing at him from the porch of the house before pulling out what looked like a sake bottle and a small cup. "Now on your body right now is at least a hundred thousand pounds. With all this weight I want you to first crawl around the house twenty-five times, then you'll walk it fifty times, then you'll run it a hundred times, but before you can run it you must first crawl it kid. I need you to crawl!"

Naruto looked at the man as if he had become a demon and could hear the nine tail fox laughing on the inside of his mind and could only cry anime tears at the torture he was going through. 'Maybe asking to be trained could go up on the charts as the dumbest thing I have done.'

Naruto tried to lift his arm up but couldn't even move a single muscle resulting in his arm not moving an inch. He tried to move again but had only managed to strain himself in a failed attempt. He could hear Matura laughing out loud on the porch. "You need to focus Naruto and put your back into it haha."

Naruto cursed him under his breathe, but continued to try only to continuously fail. He looked to see the sun finally beginning to set and could feel the temperature starting to go down. He tried to move harder to avoid being stuck outside for the whole night. He looked up to see Matura grabbing his bottle and cup and stepping back inside the house and turning on a light somewhere in the house.

Naruto looked to see that Matura had no intentions of coming back out making Naruto struggle even fiercer then before and had finally managed to lift one arm. "Finally now let's see if I can get the rest of this body moving." He slowly began to work on moving his legs making little progress with working his body in a crawling motion.

Naruto stayed in the same position for the whole night and was still struggling to move even when the sun came back up. Matura came out of the house in his usual dress attire with what looked like another bottle of sake with a plate of food.

Naruto looked up and smiled happily that his new teacher would bring him food, but frowned in shock when Matura sat down in front of him and began to eat while drinking at the same time. Naruto could only speak a few words which echoed in his head the whole meal, "you monster."

Matura looked at Naruto and chuckled as he continued to eat his meal and watched Naruto continue to struggle with the weights. "Well the way I see it is you have to earn your food around here, so that means if you want to eat you have to at least finish the first part of your exercise." Putting the now empty plate down Matura looked at Naruto before laughing out loud and walking back to the house and entering again.

Naruto cried anime tears before eagerly struggling to move fast and actually begin to crawl or at least try to crawl. This process continued for several days until one night Naruto had begun to fight all the pain in his body and had finally started to crawl. The movement was slow and tiring, but he had managed to crawl to the plate before passing out from the strain.

Matura opened the door slowly and stepped out to the cool air and walked over to Naruto and smiled. "The boy finally managed to move forward huh?" Matura turned towards the woods and waited for a few minutes before a figure walked out of the woods. "Well I was wondering when you was going to come out Toad Sage. Now what could I do for you on this fine night?"

Jiraiya walked forward and looked down towards Naruto then back up to Matura before nodding at him. "Well it's very unlike you to take up an apprentice Matura let alone be willing to bring him to your home. What did the little toad do to make you want to teach him?"

Matura looked back at Naruto before looking back at Jiraiya and chuckling. "I see myself at a younger age when I look at this boy. He has the determination to become something bigger even though his village has betrayed him yet again it would seem."

Jiraiya nodded, "I've spoken to the Hokage already and she believes it would be best for him to stay away from the village for the time being. The bomb trap he set for the Anbu team didn't kill them, but it is still being considered a strike against Konoha." Jiraiya pulled out a bag from his side filled with scrolls and tosses it at Matura who catches it and gives him a questioning look. "These are scrolls with various jutsus for Naruto to try to learn. He will need all the help he can get and I won't be able to be there for him."

Matura nodded bringing the bag over his shoulder, "so basically you're asking me to watch and train the boy but I'm afraid he's already beat you to the asking part. I'll train him to be the strongest warrior in all of the lands. Now what do you plan on doing while this kid trains since he's asked for three years?"

Jiraiya began to walk away with a perverted grin plastered on his face. "I plan on doing what all great men of my kind do at times like this, and that's continuing my research of course." With that Jiraiya left leaving Matura with the scrolls and a passed out Naruto who was now snoring.

Matura looked down at the boy and slowly chuckled before walking back into the house and closing the door behind him. "These three years are going to be quite fascinating indeed."

Tayuya was resting in her room down from the kid she was sent to capture. She had made it back to Orochimaru who congratulated her on a mission success and left her to rest. After that he made her train with the boy whose hair looked like the end of a duck's ass. She hated every single moment of the training with the kid trying to kill her in every single spar session. It had gotten so bad that he had even managed to clip her with a chidori sending her to medical rest in her room, which is where she was now.

She felt slightly pissed off though at the fact that the Uchiha kid was able to train not only with her, but with Orochimaru as well. In all essence, the former sannin actually spent more time training him than anyone else in the entire facility. She pushed herself up slowly on her elbows and took a deep breath before sitting up completely and wincing at the pain on her side. She began to wonder what the blonde haired kid was doing or if he was still even alive for that matter. She walked up in front of a body mirror and started checking herself out. She couldn't help but admit that she was still slim and in shape, and in all else looked good.

She walked away from the mirror before putting on some clothes slowly and leaving her room for the training grounds. She needed to get stronger and then she would leave this god-for-sake place and make it in the world on her own. "Hopefully I'll only need to stay her for a few years before I leave since that snake ass doesn't seem to care about anything then his new butt buddy."

It had been a couple of months and Naruto could feel the changes on his body working to his benefit. He was still wearing all of the weighted clothes, but was now able to run, lift, and train without falling to the ground.

He had managed to start crawling after a few more days of attempting. After that though crawling had finally turned into walking and after just a few more days he was running. Naruto was only able to do just the running at first but eventually was able to work out and train within time.

Now he was jump roping with a chopstick in his mouth with a leaf being connected at the end by chakra only. He was learning how to control his chakra in any form of situation and working out with enough weight to crush a man was definitely one way.

Matura looked at Naruto with interest as he was sitting on the porch drinking again. 'I've never seen someone do the weight training while working on chakra control at the same time. Even for him to be working out like this is a miracle alone. His body should not be able to adapt to those weights at the pace that it did.' He continued to watch Naruto work out before standing up and stepping down the porch.

"Naruto that's enough training for now," Naruto stopped and walked over to Matura with and energetic jog making Matura laugh. "Now I want you to stand next to me and follow my exact movements."

Naruto stood next to Matura and waited for the movements to follow. After taking a few short breaths, Matura brought both of his arms up with his hands open and fingers connected with his thumbs bent on his palms. Naruto followed through with each step and waited for the next move.

Matura looked at Naruto before twisting his body bringing his right leg to the front while bringing his right hand in front of his chest in a tight fist while bringing his left hand down to his elbow with his palm still open. "This will be the basic stance of fighting that I will teach you. This style involves throwing attacks that pushes the opponent with excessive force away while dealing equal damage. If done right the attacks can range anywhere from minimum damage to a simple death blow. Naruto I want you to know that you will be learning the style of Tenchi Mushin Ryuu."

Naruto nodded his head as he continued to follow through with each strike and pose that he was being shown. If the style would help him defend himself in the future then he would learn it to its fullest ability. "Sensei how will I know if I've dealt a killing blow and will this be the only style of taijutsu that I learn?"

Matura looked at Naruto before doing a combination of blows slow enough so that Naruto could keep up. "If you are willing to learn I will show you the points on the body that are considered vital and how to strike and inflict enough damage to kill. As for your second question the answer is no. I will be teaching you multiple forms of taijutsu so that you will have a full arsenal of techniques at your disposal."

Naruto nodded towards Matura while focusing on the steps for each move. "If I am to become a hunter-nin I'll need to know how to kill even if it is with my bare hands. I'm sure you'll teach me everything you know." He continued each step with equal force before following with step-by-step combinations that he was shown.

Matura continued to instruct while keeping an eye on Naruto to make sure he was doing the moves correctly before showing him several more moves. "Now I want you to practice the moves I showed you a thousand times till it looks like your hands become a blur. Once you've reached that speed no one will be able to stop you my very young student."

Naruto looked at Matura with his eye twitching before going back to practicing the moves more forward. "If my hands have to be a blur why must I practice it a thousand times? Shouldn't I be able to reach that speed somewhere near five hundred?"

Matura started to laugh at Naruto before walking back to the house to get some sleep. "A fighter will not fear a man who has practiced a thousand moves, but will fear the fighter who has practiced one move a thousand times. You see the one move that was practice just once is sloppy, but the one practiced a thousand times is direct and strong."

Naruto looked at Matura irritated before going back to his practices starting with an elbow following up with a palm uppercut before coming to a stop and smirking. "I might have to practice it a thousand times, but that doesn't mean I have to be the only one to practice it now do I?" Looking around he formed a hand sign summoning a hundred clones before stepping to the front of the group.

"Now I want you guys to follow my every movement till we've reached the thousand marks. After that we'll go for then thousand just to make sure we've got it right believe it!" All of the clones cheered before following in step with the original one.

Naruto continued to practice with his clones for several more hours until it had begun to get dark. Dispelling the clones he could feel his body and mind begin to adapt to the new feeling from all his clones practicing. He looked around before throwing out a straight palm seeing it move in a blur before bringing his hand back to his chest and making a fist.

Matura opened the slide door to look down at Naruto before motioning him to follow into the house. Upon entering Naruto looked to see that the house was still the same as usual. It was a two level house with the stairs being connected to the left wall. On the bottom level was a giant living room area with a kitchen and a bathroom on the far back wall. Although Matura had said he had given up the way of the sword, Naruto could see all of the samurai sword racks on either side of the housed with a sword on each rack.

Standing in the middle of the living room Matura motioned for Naruto to sit while he transcended up the stairs. Shortly after leaving he returned dressed completely different with switching from slacks to traditional samurai attire. He took a seat in front of Naruto showing a serious expression while taking a small breath.

"Naruto I've seen you grow in the past few weeks and have been determined to see you grow to everlasting lengths. So now I will begin to show you how to learn the art of the blade. The blade isn't just a tool, but another soul of the user. The blade cannot work without its wielder just as the wielder cannot work without the blade."

Matura pulled out a samurai sword taking the blade from its sheath before slowly rubbing the side on his arm before putting it back in its sheath. He stood back up and left before coming back in the room with the bag that Jiraiya had given him and tossed it to Naruto. "I'm not a ninja so I don't know too much about jutsus, but I do have some scrolls that may be able to help you with that."

Naruto took the bag before looking inside to see several scrolls taking out some and examining them. He looked to see that some revolved around wind techniques while others revolved around sealing techniques and the art behind them. "Thank you sensei, I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out with reading these."

Matura nodded before getting up and walking to his room to get even more sleep. "When the time comes Naruto I'll show you how to make your own sword and maybe we'll do some traveling and I'll teach the lessons of life as well."

Naruto nodded while packing his scrolls and walking to his own room to get some sleep right after he studied some of his scrolls. "That sounds pretty awesome sensei; maybe I'll even be able to try some awesome food while we go."

Matura could only laugh at Naruto from hearing his statement. "Naruto you never cease to amaze me."

Three Years Later

Naruto was walking through a forest looking for the next target he was after: Orochimaru. He had blamed Orochimaru for having him leave the village and had planned on killing him. He had even gone through the trouble of killing a few wanted men with Matura to learn the trade of the game.

He had trained with Matura for three years and had finally become a hunter-nin. The first two years he had mastered several different taijutsu forms and had been able to form his own style. What shocked him though was the fact that Matura had taught him a fighting style called the Uzumaki style which involved destroying a human's body from the inside with grapples. Naruto had then found out that he was a part of a clan that was wiped out a long time ago.

He had gone and learned all of his clan's history along with mastering his knowledge on seals with the forming and destruction of them. He had put one whole year in learning the seals just in order to beat Orochimaru and was heading to one of his hidden bases were rumor was he was staying for the time being due to his arms being sealed.

Naruto continued to walk through the forest looking for the base while moving a vine here and there out the way. "Of course the snake freak would be living out in the middle of the forest with nothing but fucking trees around." Naruto stopped and struck a tree splitting it horizontally letting it fall down into several others taking them down as well.

Behind the trees was a round entrance to what looked like a building of some kind. "Well what do you know; I guess hitting stuff does help get the job done." Naruto stepped up to the entrance before smiling to himself and walking inside.

Tayuya was walking around her room wrapped up in a towel with her hair down while she was looking for her clothes. She had trained with the snake bastard for three whole years and she was ready to make a break for it. She had packed all of her stuff up and sealed them away in several scrolls and was now looking for the scroll she had sealed her clothes in.

"Of course I would lose the fucking scroll I sealed my clothes in. Why the fuck would I even seal them the fuck away if I knew I'd take a shower before I left." Tayuya continued to search for her scroll until she heard her door begin to open.

She turned around quickly to see a man standing in her door way. He was wearing black pants with a buttoned white shirt tucked in with a black vest and an orange tie on. He had on a black coat that stopped at his waist with a black hat that looked like something you would see in the western area and a pair of black gloves on that made him looks slightly scary.

Tayuya was slightly shocked at first with the fact that his shirt was clinging to his body which showed off a well-toned chest. He had whisker marks on his face and she couldn't help but fell like she remembered him.

Her mind was racing until she remembered that she was only in a towel and there was a stranger at her door. She quickly looked around her room before reaching for her flute on her dresser only to see a blur appear in front of her with hands holding her wrist.

Naruto had quickly sprang into action after seeing Tayuya reach for her flute which he knew was dangerous for a fact. He didn't mean to walk in on her, but after running down the hall for what felt like forever until he had given up and just started opening doors.

What he wasn't expecting to see was a hot girl in a towel staring at him and he couldn't help but stare back since she was hot. He had thought that for a few seconds till he realized who he was staring at and was about to speak until she took action.

So here he was holding her wrists while she angrily stared at him from under a few locks of hair on her face. "Hey Tayuya it's me Naruto been a long time right?"

Tayuya looked at him for a few seconds with a questioning look, "shithead is that you?" Seeing Naruto nod at the horrible nickname Tayuya had calmed down a little before realizing that she was still in a towel and began to blush to a darker shade of red. "Shithead it's nice to see you again and all, but could you please LET ME THE FUCK GO SO I CAN FUCKING CHANGE!"

Naruto looked down to see that Tayuya was in fact wearing a towel and blushed a little before looking up and seeing the curse mark on the side of her neck. "Hey you have a curse mark just like Sasuke did." Naruto had pulled Tayuya close to him making her struggle to get free from his grasp.

"Let me the fuck to go Naruto before I smash your fucking head in you little shit." Tayuya had continued to struggle in his grip and with the pulling action she was causing had managed to fall backwards on her bed with her capture on top of her. She began to blush even harder realizing the position they were in before trying to struggle even more to get loose.

Naruto looked down at Tayuya laughing at how hard she was trying to get free. She would wiggle around like a worm for a few minutes before stopping and taking in a breath and puffing out her cheeks just to go back to shaking.

He continued to watch her before he pinned both of her wrist with one hand and holding her head still with the other. "Tayuya clam down for a few seconds and just stay still for a second please."

Tayuya had stopped moving and was staring up at Naruto with a mad blush before seeing Naruto lower his head towards hers. She blushed even harder till he moved around towards her neck and examined her curse mark. She could feel her heart beat increase beyond the normal pace and thought she would die if it beat any harder.

Naruto looked at her curse mark studying its design before nodding to himself and taking a small breath before blowing slowly on to her neck feeling her body ark against his and hearing her make a hissing noise. He chuckled to himself before leaning into her mark and biting around the mark and applying chakra.

Tayuya felt her body ark and jump hard at the actions Naruto had done. First he had blown on her neck which made her mind get fuzzy before feeling him bite on her curse mark and sending chakra through her mark.

First she had felt a sharp stabbing pain right before feeling a strong amount of heat and electricity shoot down her body. She couldn't help but admit that she was enjoying the feeling at hand and found herself making a grind motion every few seconds while Naruto was still connected to her neck. Her breathing had started to become hard and she was starting to lose her breath second by second. She was feeling a moist start to form between her legs and was letting out small moans until she felt a huge wave of pleasure hit her making her body ark completely into Naruto stopping at the palm placed on her upper stomach.

Naruto was reforming the seal on Tayuya's neck slowly to make sure that no damage would come to her. He was applying the Kyuubi's chakra along with his own so that he could destroy any trace of Orochimaru's chakra and replace it with his own. It had started off just fine, but he had come across what felt like some form of Orochimaru's life span and had wiped it out instantly which probably caused her some pain since he was attached to her for so long. He continued his procedure holding onto her as her body rose up every once in a while before pulling away and leaning up to look at her laying there.

Tayuya was breathing hard from what she had just gone through. Her body was hot and she could feel the sweat build up on her body as she lay there on her bed. Her eyes had glazed over and the only thing on her mind at the moment was Naruto and the things he could do with a mouth like that. "I don't know what you did to me shithead but could you please leave so I can get changed now."

Naruto continued to look down and chuckled before hearing an explosion not too far away and jumped up running to the door stopping to let a smoke cloud go down the hall. "I'll see you in a little Tayuya, but it looks like I can't do what I came here to do now. I think I'll go see what caused that explosion though and see if I can have a little fun."

Tayuya watched Naruto leave before sitting up and blushing a little to herself. She looked around before snatching a scroll that was beside her on her bed and huffed before unsealing it and putting on her usual clothing only with her shirt being black without the sound symbol. Sealing the scroll up she looked at it before frowning slowly, "and where the fuck were you at before everything transpired earlier?" She slowly packed up all of her scrolls due to Naruto's actions before grabbing her flute and making her way to the sound of the explosion as well. "There is no way I'm letting that piece of ass leave so easily now" Tayuya stopped walking before laughing to herself and running after Naruto, "I think I'm fucking hooked to shithead now."

Naruto stood at the end of the hall looking at three people he didn't expect to see at all while he was out. There stood Kakashi and Sakura at the other entrance with Sasuke and some emo looking kid kneeled away from him in the center.

Everyone looked to see Naruto standing at the other entrance for a few minutes before Sakura spoke up ending the silence. "Naruto where have you been for the past three years, everyone back at the village was worried about you for the longest time. That's okay though cause with you here we can bring Sasuke back with us to the village." Sakura continued to talk until she was cut off from Naruto's laughter making everyone raise an eyebrow.

Naruto stopped laughing wiping away an imaginary tear before looking at the trio slowly and nodding to Kakashi who seemed to be smiling from under his mask. "It's good to see you again Kakashi sensei." Seeing Kakashi through a hand in the air as a greeting Naruto continued to speak in a calm tone. "I've met with Jiraiya sensei while I was training and he has explained everything to me about the village and their plans for me should I go back."

He turned towards Sasuke before turning back to Sakura and frowning upon seeing her gloomy face. "Did you think I wouldn't find out about the village and its secrets that they felt the need to hide from me when I was younger? I may have been gone for three years but my mind has evolved far beyond your comprehension." Naruto stopped talking upon seeing Tayuya standing next to him and smiled before turning back to the people he was facing.

Sasuke turned around from the man on the floor and faced Naruto before smirking at Naruto while grabbing the hilt of his sword. "Hey dobe I'd heard that you had also left the village to get stronger, but I never would have thought you had it in you. So you're not here to try and make me go back to the village huh?" Seeing Naruto shake his head Sasuke continued to speak in a calm tone, "so you won't mind if I kill these guys right?"

Naruto looked at Sasuke before looking back at the other ninjas and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't care what you do with them, I pretty sure they can take care of themselves with no problem." Naruto stood still for a few seconds before seeing Sasuke standing next to him with his hand on his shoulder.

"Are you sure you don't want to try to take me on Naruto?"

Naruto chuckled before looking at Sasuke with a small grin. "The only way you're getting to Konoha with me is in a body bag." Hearing Sakura gasp Naruto looked at her with distaste before speaking towards her. "Do not act like some child who was just told no to having want she wanted. We aren't children anymore and I'm not the same loving Uzumaki that gave in to everybody's demands."

Sasuke smirked to himself before looking back up at Naruto with a small smile on his face. "Well since you say you can kill me let's see it."

Sakura ran towards her two old teammates drawing her hand back to strike. "I won't allow you two to kill each other and I'll make you both come back to the village no matter what."

Both men reacted instantly as Sakura neared Sasuke grabbed the hilt of his sword before seeing Naruto raise both of his arms up to cut the contact between them. Naruto jumped away a few feet seeing Sasuke follow suit and throwing his arms up in a blur and blocking every sword swing Sasuke was throwing at him.

Naruto began to bob and weave his body along while striking at Sasuke's sword before side stepping a vertical cut and spinning around Sasuke to catch a straight punch coming from Sakura. He quickly spun her around before turning around and attacking Sasuke with a straight left jab with his middle knuckle extended.

Sasuke quickly brought his sword cross his chest letting it take the full impact before charging up a chidori with his right hand and attacking Naruto. Naruto quickly formed several one handed hand signs, "wind style: Wind God's Single Strike Jutsu" instantly a whirlwind formed around his right hand allowing him to smack Sasuke's chidori out the way with a well-placed right hook to his hand. "Come on teme if that's the best you've got this fight will be over rather quickly."

Sasuke smirked before throwing a kick towards Naruto and slightly cursing while watching it blocked with a high knee. He quickly took several steps back before running through a few hand signs and taking in a deep breath, "Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu" he quickly blew a giant fireball towards Naruto smirking before seeing Naruto step back and focus before throwing a straight punch at the fire. The vortex that had begun to form around Naruto's arm helped enforce his punch dispelling the fire ball completely.

Naruto turned around to seeing Sakura come at him with a downwards punch before hearing music begin to play and a gust of air hitting her and sending her back towards Kakashi. Tayuya took to Naruto's side before playing some more notes and sending multiple slashes of air towards the group only to see them destroyed by globs of ink. Tayuya began to growl before putting her flute back to her mouth but being stopped by Naruto who was lowering her hands down while looking towards the top of the crater they were in.

At the top were Orochimaru and Kabuto who were staring at Naruto with complete rage before smirking and licking his lips. "Well if it isn't the former team seven and Naruto Uzumaki. I must say I was quite shock to have felt someone tamper with my curse seal, but that matter will be taken care of later."

Naruto chuckled before looking towards Sasuke and then back to Orochimaru with a small grin. "Yes it was quite fun to destroy the seal, but I'm wondering how you can even function with both of your arms being gone that is." Naruto smirked before moving his head to the left to dodge a chakra strike from Kabuto while stepping in and raising his hands in a fast blur.

Everyone gasped at the site that was before them along with hearing several loud snapping sounds and the cries from a screaming Kabuto who was holding his arm. In several seconds Naruto had managed to break Kabuto's arm in several places while standing up close to him. Naruto looked at Orochimaru with a smirk before grabbing a hold of his hat and delivering a well-placed kick to Kabuto's stomach sending him back up the crater right next to Orochimaru. "Tell your sad excuse of a dog to not step in a wolves match unless he can truly handle himself."

Orochimaru chuckled before responding with a wide grin plastered on his face. "If it wasn't for the fact that I can't use my arms you'd be dead boy. No matter I suppose I'll be fighting you eventually though so I hope you can show me some more of that fighting style." Orochimaru looked towards Tayuya before frowning and signaling Sasuke to come making the Uchiha prodigy shunsin next to him in a quick blur. "I hope you keep my former helper great company, since she'll be joining you as well in death."

Naruto watched Tayuya flinch before stepping behind him and glaring up at the snake before speaking her usual foul words. "I hope that fuck up of a boyfriend at your feet gives you all the pleasure you need since you can't use your hands."

Orochimaru looked back with an angry glare before dashing away with Sasuke behind him followed later by a very injured Kabuto. Naruto turned towards Sakura and Kakashi before fixing his hat and chuckling to himself. "Well that was fun don't you think so Kakashi sensei?"

Kakashi stared at Naruto for a few seconds before raising a question towards his former student. "Naruto how did you manage to destroy Kabuto's arm within a few seconds while he was that close to you? It looked like you had simply grabbed him and the next thing I know he's on the ground and you're standing over top of him."

Naruto looked towards Kakashi before laughing out loud and placing a single finger over his mouth. "I'd tell you sensei, but that's a clan secret." Naruto pulled his finger down before looking back towards Tayuya and nodding before looking back at the trio. "I think we'll be heading to the village hidden in the sand to pay my good friend Gaara a visit to see how things are over there. Tell Lady Tsunade and Shizune I said hey and I'll be seeing them just as soon as I finish some business."

Kakashi nodded but watched as Sakura spoke up in a sad tone, "Why can't you and Sasuke just come back to the village so we can be a team like we use to be?" She had begun to start crying feeling a hand placed on her shoulder from Kakashi.

Naruto looked at Sakura before shaking his head and shunsining to the top of the crater with Tayuya behind him. He looked back down before speaking slowly with a serious tone, "I'll return to the village when Sasuke and I have finished our business revolving our clans and you realize that the one in the village he loves isn't you." With that Naruto nodded to Tayuya and the pair shunsinned away leaving a crying Sakura and a somewhat happy Kakashi.

"Well at least they plan on coming back." Kakashi signaled to the other member of team seven known as Sai before pulling out his orange book and reading as he began to walk out of the base. Sakura continued to cry before coming to a complete halt and looking up with a questionable face, "wait Sasuke has a lover in the village?"

Naruto and Tayuya were dashing through the woods heading towards the next location. Tayuya was watching Naruto run since he was in the lead and couldn't help but voice the questions on her mind at the time. "Hey I know that it's supposed to be a secret, but you think you can teach me that fighting style?" Seeing Naruto nodded Tayuya continued with her last question, "and I was also wondering if you could do that biting thing again cause it felt fucking good to tell you the truth?"

Naruto turned back to Tayuya coming to a halt on top of a branch and gave her a fox like grin making the female blush slightly at the smile. "Tayuya I could do a whole lot more to you than just a bite if you want me to."

Tayuya's face had become a red a cherry before she began to stutter and finally ended it with punching Naruto in the gut again and dashing ahead of him. "You f-f-ucking pervert I was just joking."

Naruto laughed as he held his gut before chasing after Tayuya letting her know she was going the wrong way and receiving another punch to his stomach making him fall out of the tree completely and landing on the ground with a loud "Thud". He looked up and chuckled before getting up and going after the flustered red head, yeah he was going to have a lot of fun traveling with her.

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