What's going on with all you lovely people. It's your favorite fanfiction author back with a very odd author's note if one at all.

First things first, I want to inform everyone that my next semester of college will actually be my last one, because I'll be graduating! My long absence has resulted in these final classes taking more time to do, and my job consuming my mornings.

Next thing on the list. I won't be updating any of these stories anymore. The reason is that I will be rewriting all of them except for the crossovers. While you all have followed and supported the stories you know and love; I don't.

Let me explain. It has come to my attention, a few other attentions, and a no name author's attention that while my stories have a good plot, I tend to rush the story all together. That and the fact that my grammar sucks (what to do about that lol). Any who, I will now be re-writing every single one of those bad boys with a different plot, different story line, some new characters, and possibly actually finishing one.

Be as it may be with the re-writing, I am giving one of these stories up for adoption. It will be the crossover of Naruto and High School DxD. Reason is that I feel that High School DxD is just too slooty for me to make a good story. While some people have done it, I just simply can't keep up with it anymore. I wanted to do a build up for the smuttiness, but when you have a show that basically surrounds that, it tends to backfire.

So the story 'Every Chess Game needs a Judge" is up for grabs. I will be slightly honest when saying I would love for one of my favorite authors to take over, but he's busy with something for Batman I think, but I sure this story will go into the right hands.

Any as a small conclusion, The next time you see this story update, it will be for the fact that all the chapters are different, plus maybe an extra from where I left off; who knows.

Feel free to contact me if any questions come up, don't hold back, and as always, I hope you enjoy the read. This is you hommie Draaco Claye bringing you this boring news, peace off!