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In a simple village hidden in a waterfall, a young tanned girl was currently being chased by a mob of villagers. The girl was dressed in short sleeveless white midriff shirt with fishnet armor underneath, long white armlets, and fishnet shorts with a short white apron skirt over it. She had mint green hair with a orange hair clip on her right side that matched her eyes.

The woman's name was Fu, and she was the container of the seven tailed beast. Her beast name was Chomei, and she was just about the only friend she had in the entire village. After she was born and had gone through severe training to be a ninja of Takigakure, she was selected to have the sacred beast sealed inside of her. After that day, everyone saw her more so as a monster then a fellow comrade.

Fu quickly cut another corner before running up to a giant pond with a tree in the center of it. She had managed to make it to her usual hiding spot, but this group of people had managed to follow her, which was probably due to the fact that they had managed to get ninja to join them this time. Fu quickly turned around to see the mob coming and went to grab her bag on her back.

Fu watched the mob come to a slow halt before approaching her slowly with sticks and various weapons out. She watched as one of ninja's in the group walk to the front of the group and raising his hand to stop the rest from approaching. "Now Fu, you need to understand that as a demon you are nothing but a tool, not a regular citizen."

Fu scrunched her face up at the remark before speaking with hate. " I never asked to be the container of the seven tailed beast. I just want to be treated like a normal ninja like everyone else."

The ninja laughed before going through a few hand signs and raising his hand in front of him forming a water sword. "If you can't see reason, then we'll just have to beat it into you like last time."

Fu stared ahead as the ninja dashed forward with everyone else following behind, but stopped mid-step as two figures landed right in front of her cutting the small mob from continuing forward. Fu watched as one of the figures who had blonde hair turned around and simply smiled at her. The boy had three whiskers on each side of his face and seemed contempt with what he was doing.

The next thing that happened caught her completely off guard. The boy in front off her had simply looked at her and held his hand out for a hand shake. She looked at his hand before slowly taking it and shaking his hand one time before he let go and simply smiled. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm looking for the seven tailed jinjuriki. Would you happen to be that person?"

Fu quickly glared at him before taking a step back. "So what if I am the jinjuriki of this village, what does it have to do with you?" The previous ninja quickly spoke up cutting off Fu and Naruto from continuing. "Look I don't know who you guys think you are, but if you are in association with this demon then you'll be dealt with as well."

Naruto turned around and looked at the man speaking before turning back around and ignoring him completely. "Anyway, as I was saying, me and my partner are simply looking for the seven tailed owner so that we can offer them an agreement to tag along with us. Now as I look at things, these idiots behind us are after you for a specific reason and you don't have the looks of a thief and the armband on your arm states that you're a ninja; which means you are that specific person I'm looking for."

Fu stared at the man in front of her before looking back at the mob who simply waited to see what would happen next. Looking back at Naruto, Fu went into thought about what the offer was and what it had to do with her. "Suppose I do take the time to hear your offer Uzumaki, what makes you think I'll just go along with it?"

Naruto looked down at Fu with a smile before laughing out loud. "I don't think you'll want to deny my offer once you actually hear it." Naruto was about to begin his explanation before hearing an annoying sound coming from the ninja again. "Hey I said if you were with the demon then you'd be dealt wi..." before the ninja could finish though a hand was placed on his face. At the end of that hand was Naruto who was now sporting a deep frown.

"Didn't your mom ever teach you to not interrupt people when they're talking. Well if she didn't then this will teach you and the rest of your friends to leave us alone for a little while." At that, the man began to feel a strong heat form from the hand on his face before seeing a bright blue light and being sent flying through the crowd and down the road they had come from.

Fu stared wide-eyed at what Naruto had just did, before hearing the other person speak up for the first time. "Well it's about time we made some fucking progress with this silly ass shit." The girl who Fu had figured from her voice turned around and frowned at her. " Hey fuckturd my name is Tayuya and I shithead's partner, wanna join us and leave this dump."

Fu simply stared at her before turning back to see the entire group disperse except for the fellow ninja who had just watched their teammate get blasted away by some strange technique. She slowly looked back at Tayuya and nodded. "I'll come, but shouldn't we help your friend before something bad happens to him?"

Tayuya turned back and stared at Naruto before shaking her head. "He'll be fine on his own since he's the nine tailed fox container, so why don't we just sit here and watch and see what happens next." Fu simply nodded her head and watched as Naruto began to make work of everyone that tried to fight him. She had to flinch at one point though as she watched him grab one guy's fist and lift him in the air before doing a simple twist and breaking every bone in the man's arm.

Yes, Fu watched her new hero defeat the rest of the small little group with ease and was eager to leave a world of pain behind. Naruto simply walked back to her with a smile before raising his hand out for her to take. "Like I was saying earlier, we'd like to give you the opportunity to live a life that you never had. One were only peace follows and hate is thrown away, now will you accept?"

Fu was about to take his hand before Tayuya quickly stepped forward and smacked him upside the head. "You dumb shit, I've already taken care of all that while you were busy smacking weaklings around. Now can we go before the whole damn army shows up and we actually end up dead."

Fu stared at the due as Naruto whined while Tayuya only continued to use more foul language. She couldn't help but smile at her new friends only to open her eyes wide at the thought. It had been a long time since she smiled and could call any human a friend. Fu watched on before nodding her head and speaking up again with more confidence. "We should really get going before more do show up."

Naruto stopped his arguing with Tayuya before giving a gentle smile and nodding. "We'll leave immediately then, but first why don't you tell us your name."

Fu nodded her head and spoke loud and happy for the first time in a while. "My name is Fu and I was a ninja of Takigakure." Tayuya stared at them both before smacking both of them in the head and walking . "That shit is nice and all, but can we go now and find a place to rest and get ready for our next step."

Naruto and Fu both stared ahead before placing their hand on the same identical spot and rubbing at the same time. Both looked at each other before smiling and walking after the fiery redhead who seemed to keep everything in order.

As the group made their way out of the village and taking off through the trees, Naruto took the time to speak up once again. "I will be in Amegakure. Once I get there, I'll get in touch with a former relative and see if I can come to some form of agreement on some things to help benefit the future. You two will be heading straight to Kirigakure and get in contact with the six tailed beast. Convince him to join us or leave him if he decides not to."

Fu frowned at the plan that had just been formed. She had just joined the team and it seemed that Naruto was separating them already. She was about to speak before Naruto spoke up again. "After I'm down with what I have to do in Amegakure, I'll come find you guys and we can figure out what to do after that." Fu slowly smiled to herself after that but she still could help but feel a little upset on hearing of his departure right after she just got there.

Tayuya pulled out a map and studied it for a few seconds before coming to a stop and looking at it a little harder. "Naruto you realize you're sending us almost over then entire world to get to Kiri right? Not only that, but you'll have to go past Konohagakure just to get to Amegakure. I'm sorry but I don't think this is a well thought out plan."

Fu nodded in agreement although she didn't quite understand what Konoha had to do with it. "I agree Naruto-san, this plan separates us to much with no chance of aid from either group should trouble occur." Naruto looked at Fu after hearing the suffix and nodded his head before going into thought again.

"Okay then, let's go to the Land of Earth and see if we can find a place to eat and rest. Once we're there we can figure out what to do next. I also have to go do some digging around there anyway and see what I can find out about my former clan."

Tayuya slowly frowned while Fu held a puzzled look on her face. "You use to be part of a clan Naruto?" Seeing him nod with a sad expression, she decided to leave the subject alone till she was sure he was ready to talk about it. "Then I think going to Iwagakure is a swell idea since we'll be together to help each other."

Naruto glanced at Tayuya for a second before speaking softly to her, "Tayuya we'll be going to one of Orochimaru's hideouts and I need to know if you'll be able to handle it. Are you going to be okay once we get there?" Naruto would have gone himself, but if they wanted to tag along then he needed to know if his team would be able to mentally handle it.

"I'll be fine Naruto, lets just make sure we all get out of there in one piece. I know the snake bastard is dead, but that place will still have a bad vibe around it no matter what." Tayuya looked forward with a serious expression before taking the lead with Naruto and Fu following behind. "Hey, if we're going to Iwagakure, shouldn't we stop to get ourselves ready for the heat that's bound to come."

Naruto glanced up at Tayuya and nodded before looking back forward. "I think it would be a swell idea, but we'll have to be quick then so we don't fall behind time." Everyone nodded before picking up their speed to get to the village ahead of them. Fu looked in thought before speaking up in an excited tone, "why don't we come up with a team name so we'll know what to call ourselves."

Naruto looked at Tayuya who only looked back before shrugging her shoulders. "Alright then Fu, why don't you give us some suggestions for our team name then." Fu looked shocked at Naruto for a second before scrunching her face up in thought, "how about team Kitsune? I mean you are the strongest out of all of us, and you have the nine tailed fox inside of you as well. That and we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, right?"

Naruto looked in thought while the fox spoke to him from inside. "I like this girl kit even if she has Chomei inside of her, she already knows which of us is stronger." Naruto nodded his head before looking towards Tayuya, "what do you think about it Tayuya?"

Tayuya shrugged her shoulders at the name. "I don't care what we call ourselves, since we were only a two manned group to begin with." Tayuya glanced at Fu for a second before looking back forward. "Anyway, I'm just glad that there's another female in the group besides myself."

Naruto nodded at Tayuya's statement before looking back at Fu. "Well then, I guess we all agree to the new team name. Thank you Fu for our name and your first contribution to our group." Fu blushed at Naruto's thank-you before turning her head to avoid from him seeing her flustered. "You're welcome Naruto-kun."

Sasuke sat in a room looking out a window looking at all of the small villagers of Iwagakure walk by with their daily lives. He couldn't help but miss the thought of him once walking through his own village, but he had to avenge his clan first. With Itachi dead, he could probably clam himself and fill as if he truly accomplished something.

Pulling out the picture in his pocket, Sasuke sully stared at the picture for a few seconds before putting it back and shaking his head. He had to stay serious and focus if he was going to continue with his plan. Any thoughts about her, and he was pretty sure he wouldn't finish going through with his plan. Hearing a knock on his door, Sasuke walked to the door before opening it to see Karin and Suigetsu standing in front of him packed and ready to continue to the Northern Hideout.

Sasuke stepped past them both and began to walk down the hall to leave the motel they had stayed at for the night. Karin quickly caught up and latched onto Sasuke's arm while Suigetsu walked along side his right side frowning at the scene next to him. "I don't see why you keep letting her latch onto you for dear life, when we all know you're never going to do anything with her."

Karin quickly stuck her tongue out at Suigetsu before rubbing her cheek into Sasuke's arm. "I don't hear Sasuke complaining about it, so you can just mind your own business you walking puddle." Sasuke looked down at the redhead on his arm before snatching it away and frowning down at her. "How many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that."

Suigetsu started howling in laughter before stopping quick when Sasuke glanced at him. "So why are we even going to this hideout for in the first place Sasuke?"

Sasuke looked forward as they stepped outside the motel. "We're going there to collect our fourth teammate to form team Hebi." At that, Sasuke quickly took off leaving Karin and Suigetsu behind who began to follow. Yes Sasuke would need their fourth teammate just incase anything drastic happened while he fought Itachi.

On the other side of town, team Kitsune was located in the shopping district grabbing a few bottles and ernes of water. Naruto watched with a tick mark on his head as Tayuya and Fu went from getting water to grabbing random things that they didn't even need. "Why is it that women feel the need to buy more then what they actually need."

Naruto made it to one counter and watched as it began with water and slowly began to expand to food, weapons, an umbrella with the kanji family on it, and what looked like a stuffed dragon-fly... Naruto turned and looked at Fu who shrugged and went after Tayuya to grab more stuff. "Why do they have to be so troublesome? Matter of fact why am I always buying everything? We'll need to get some bounties in first before I do anything else." Some where off in Konoha, one pineapple haired kid sneezed.

After buying all their stuff and sealing it away in a few storage scrolls, team Kitsune moved out to their objective. Naruto had managed to take the time to change his coat to a simple black kimono type having it tied at his waist so that he could rest his left hand in the small opening that was now formed from the kimono. After that, he couldn't help but summon his samurai sword he hand crafted and placed it on his left side just for show and a straw hat to top it all of.

Tayuya looked at Naruto with her eye twitching at the constant clothe changing he was doing. Looking away from one idiot, she looked over to Fu who had taken out the umbrella they bought and opening it. Tayuya could feel her eyebrow begin to twitch again before looking away and ignoring them both. "Naruto complains about shopping and changes just as much as a woman and Fu is just another version of him... I think" After a few seconds though, Tayuya could hear Fu complain about having something to eat "yeah just like Naruto."

The team made their way to the hideout with Tayuya leading since she was the only one who was under Orochimaru long enough to know where all of his hideouts where. "Now when we get there, if we get to it, we'll have to watch out for anyone who went under the curse mark procedure and possibly any security detail that might want to try to stop us."

Naruto and Fu nodded while following Tayuya for what felt like forever. Walking through the rocky canon in pure heat was killer at first, but the group continued through the heat before coming to a complete stop with Fu gasping and Naruto taking the lead again. In front of them were tons of lifeless bodies scattered all over the place.

Everyone slowly began to walk forward while Naruto scooped out the area. Walking up to one guy, Naruto kicked one of the body's over examining it before continuing on. "It would seem that someone with a strong sense of kenjutsu. It would also seem that these guys were test subjects who wanted to stop someone from coming in."

Fu looked around the dead speaking up as well. "I don't think that they were trying to keep something out, but more so trying to get away from that place. Whoever did this didn't want them to leave this place alive, but I wonder why?"

Tayuya looked around before grabbing one up and turning his head and then dropping him. "They were curse mark test subjects. It's a good thing they were killed or the people in the village behind us would have had a real problem with this many people running around causing pointless destruction."

"So whoever our killer is did a good deed without even knowing it." Naruto looked towards a building located in between two pillars of rock. "Why don't we go see if we can catch up with him and thank him for doing a good job well done." The group quickly made their way into the building leaving the doors to close behind them.

Sasuke and Karin made their way done a hallway going through several doors and cells. Sasuke was looking for a certain person and was getting closer to the exact man he was looking for. Suigetsu had separated from them a while ago and was of somewhere doing something.

"Karin when we locate the cell, open it and let me handle everything else. After that, we can leave this place and continue with my original plan." Karin nodded her head before taking a few steps forward to locate the right cell faster.

Sasuke slowly followed before sensing a presence come up from behind. Turning around, Sasuke faced Suigetsu and frowned. Whatever he was doing seemed to tire him out a little since he was sweating more so then when they originally got here. "Well you took your good sweet time getting here Suigetsu. What were you doing this whole time?"

Suigetsu laughed before continuing on with their walk. "I simply just blew off some steam while you and Karin were flirting up a storm and doing nothing productive." Sasuke glared at Suigetsu before turning and continuing down the hall before hearing Karin yell out that she found the cell. Sasuke looked at Suigetsu before walking forward again till he got to Karin.

"Karin open the door and step back." Karin nodded her head before opening the door and stepping back behind Sasuke and watching from a distance. From the room stepped out a huge man with orange hair and orange eyes. He looked around before staring deep into Sasuke's eyes. "My name is Jugo and I hate to tell you that you're all about to fucking die!"

Jugo instantly activated his curse mark before doing a battle yell and dashing forward to Sasuke, only to be intercepted by one of Suigetsu's strikes and being parried off. "Sorry Sasuke, but this guy is a real nut job and it'd be better if we just killed him here." Suigetsu stepped in and swung his sword again while Jugo threw another punch only for both of them to find themselves wrapped up in the coil of a snake.

Sasuke stood in between both before speaking slowly. "If Jugo gets out of control, then I will take care of it when the time comes. For now though, he will be joining our team." Jugo looked down at Sasuke for a few seconds before retracting his curse mark as the snakes slithered back down and up Sasuke's sleeves. "Now with that being said, let's get out of here and find my brother."

Karin nodded her head before quickly turning around. "Sasuke someone's here, and they have a huge chakra signature as well." Sasuke quickly turned to Karin before an explosion happened in front of her sending her flying back towards Sasuke who stepped to the side allowing her to hit Jugo who caught her in his arms. When the smoke cleared, Sasuke glared at the figure that was now standing.

In the smoke came a straw hat man with yellow bangs coming down his face. He wore a black kimono with black pants and a samurai sword placed on his left side. His left hand hung lazily in the opening of his kimono and there was another figure behind him. The figure coughed before speaking up in a care-free voice. "Well how's everything going there teme?"

Sasuke looked at the figure before figuring out that it was really Naruto standing in front of him in Orochimaru's base. "What are you doing here Naruto? I hope this isn't some type of plan to take me back to Konoha."

Naruto stepped through the now big hole in the wall and simply chuckled. "Well no my dear simple friend. You will return to the village based on your own decision. I actually came here to find some info on the Uzumaki clan and it's destruction. After that, we'll be going on a bounty hunting trip unless you're doing something that could be fun."

Sasuke looked at Naruto before looking behind him and noticing a tanned girl instead of Tayuya. "Guess Naruto switched girls pretty fast. Wait, you said that you was looking for info on the destruction of the Uzumaki clan. I've never heard of a Uzumaki Clan being in existence. Why would Orochimaru know anything about that?"

"He would know that due to the simple fact that he collects information on all the clans in the world for his experiments. Now all I know is that my clan existed, but was wiped out for unknown reasons. I just want to see if this facility has anything before I head back to my homeland at some point." Naruto looked around Sasuke to notice the red-headed girl now standing next to him. "As a matter of fact, I do believe her chakra structure resembles that of a Uzumaki."

Karin stared wide-eyed at Naruto before blinking and seeing him stand right in front of her. Everyone quickly tensed at the speed Naruto had portrayed before taking a defensive stance. Naruto looked at everyone before looking down at Karin and taking her hand. "I can feel the Uzumaki blood flowing through this one teme, but sadly it would seem she's already on your team." Karin quickly snatched her hand back glaring at Naruto with hate.

Naruto turned back around and walked over to Fu before patting her on the head and smiling. "So tell me teme, still plan on going after your older brother instead of trying to figure out what happened to your clan as well?" Naruto turned around to look at Sasuke who simply glared back. "I'll do as I please Uzumaki, and you will do well to remember that."

Naruto laughed at Sasuke's threat before placing his right hand on the hilt of his sword. "Careful what you say Uchiha, last thing you want is trouble with someone of my caliber. Now I believe you should know that a war of the century will be coming shortly. If you still wish to pursue your brother, then I'll have to stop you. He will be a great help in this war, and I'll need him for my team later."

Sasuke glared at Naruto before grabbing the hilt of his sword as well. "If you plan on working with my brother, then you'll be considered an enemy as well old friend." Sasuke started to crotch to strike before seeing a flash of Naruto's hand and hearing a crashing noise follow. Turning around quickly Sasuke's eyes widened at what he say. Where Suigetsu and Jugo once stood was now an empty space with giant holes in their place.

Naruto laughed before walking away with Fu following behind. "Hey Naruto-kun should we go find Tayuya and head out to our next target before someone else gets to him?" Naruto looked down and smiled at Fu before nodding. "That's right Fu, we should go pick up of fiery redhead and get going. No need in staying here and wasting time with old friends.

Naruto and Fu made their way done the hall before Fu started a whistle tune with Naruto following right behind her. After a while Tayuya came out of one room and began walking next to Naruto with Fu on his other side. "Well shithead you aren't going to believe what I found. It would seem that your clan slowly began to disappear thanks to your home village."

Naruto frowned at the info, but continued to walk. "Why is it that everything that has happened in this world seems to revolve around that one simple village?" The team continued to walk to the exit before hearing some footsteps come from behind. They slowly turned around to see Sasuke and his team standing in front of them.

Sasuke looked at the three before speaking, "if you're going after my brother to, then we'll join you and help out with whatever you're planning so long as I get to finish my business with Itachi." Naruto looked at Sasuke for a few seconds before nodding his head and turning around to walk away. "If you wish to follow my lead, then understand that I'm in charge and you will have your chance for revenge then. Looks like I'm getting an army for myself ready for a fight as well. Now the question is who's going to be the first to try to hire us."

Sasuke nodded to his team before following behind the Uzumaki and smiling to himself. "I guess the dobe is okay with me killing Itachi after I helped him. The sooner I can get back to Konoha on my own."

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