Questions & Answers

It's time to answer the questions on everyone's minds and the ones you didn't think of

Why did I choose Rosalie as Bella's best friend and Jasper as her crush? I read so many stories where Bella is friends with Alice and not Rosalie; in fact, I even wrote one. Even when they are friends, they're just friends because of convenience. I thought it would be nice if the pretty popular girl stepped outside the norm and befriend the geek. The same thing with Jasper. Everyone wants Edward; I thought she should go for the one no one saw because he was hidden behind Edward's big head.

Why did I make Edward and the others football players and track stars? I madefootballand track stars because I love football and I think they are hotter and a little more arrogant than basketball players. And when I was in high school, the football players were usually the track stars too. I guess the sports fit together.

Why did I make Tanya the girlfriend? I know we don't want to believe it, but Edward and Tanya got together in Twilight. It has to be a reason she was all over him. I thought it was fitting for this story.

Why did I make Maria Jasper's sluttly ex? Once again, I thought it was fitting. In Twilight, Maria was Jasper's ex before Alice and we all know she got him to do things. So…

In the story, I made a Flash and a video game references; do I like comic books and video games? Yes, I do like both video games and comic books and yes, I am a nerd. I even have glasses like Bella. However, in the story, I talk about the Flash. For those who don't know, he is DC and I like Marvel; meaning Iron Man, the Avengers, Spiderman, yaddie ya.

How come they were in the class of 2014? Because I started it in 2013, and finished it in 2014; that's really the only reason.

Did Jasper ever know about Edward's feelings? No; to be honest, I made him kind of an airhead. He was like Bella; he was smart – not as smart as her, of course – but things to go over his head. The only person who knew for sure was Alice. Esme had a clue because it was her mother-instincts, but she was just assuming.

Was Jasper using Bella? No, he wasn't. He really did like her. He was didn't say anything because he knew he would never hear the end of it. He was like a little kid. Remember when you first started liking someone as a little kid and then when your friends found out, they would make fun of you. Maybe that just happened to me. Anyways, it was like that; he should've told her earlier, but it was more like he was waiting for the right time than he was waiting for her to change. Someone said I didn't put anything in his p.o.v., I will do that in one of the outtakes.

Why did I make Bella pick Jasper? There is a reason for this and it wasn't just to make you guys mad. I was thinking of making her chose Edward, that's why I made her go back. But I didn't think it would be fair for Edward if he get her, because he knew she still loved his friend and will always love Jasper. And it didn't make sense to me. It would be like for me, if John Cena told he likes me. I love him so I'm going to be happy; but if one of my friends said he loved me, I would pick John Cena because I love John like I want him to be my husband and only love my friend as, well…a friend.

Why was Edward okay with the choice? He wasn't. He wasn't okay with the fact she didn't love him the way he did. He was okay with the fact that couldn't change her feelings. He wouldn't ask her to because he didn't.

Was Jasper and Edward still friends? What about Bella and Edward? He was friends with both kinda, but not really. He didn't talk to either of them during that summer. Jasper didn't know why and thought Edward just wanted space. Bella did.

What happened with Alice and Peter? I honestly don't know. I was going to make him a jerk; when they were at the prom, I was going to make him not want to take her to hospital, which is why she went to Bella. Then I was going to him her boyfriend and put in the epilogue, but I didn't think he was important enough. I don't know. He was just someone Alice went to prom with; I'm not even sure if she liked him. Alice was special kind of person. She didn't like anyone because she had a brother who the alpha dog and she saw he treated girls and thought every guy did that to get what they wanted; which was why she was still a virgin when everyone else wasn't.

Who is Annabelle? Annabelle is Edward's happy ever after. She is the best of both worlds for Edward. She is the science nerd, which reminded him of Bella which is the reason he started talking to her, and she's in love with football which is good because it is about time who loves his sport and nice. She likes him for him. I will introduce her show more in an outtake.

Why didn't I put Jasper and Alice together or Peter and Charlotte? Well, for one, I don't really like common pairings. I think it is okay to switch it up every now and then, expect for any couples involving one of the teens and a parent Bella and Carlisle for example. It's odd to me. And for two, Alice didn't like Jasper. She honestly just saw him as her brother's friend. I think I confused you guys because she kept saying how hot he is; but just because you think someone is attractive, it's doesn't mean you have a thing for them.

Would I be making a sequel? Sadly, no; I will not be making a sequel because I think it this story was a high school story and something that should stayed in high school. However, people had some good ideas that never made it in the story; so I'm going to do outtakes and AE's.

If so, would it be about Edward and Bella getting together? Again, no. if I was to make a sequel it would be about their college years. Bella would be handling her relationship with Jasper and Edward would be trying to get and/or date Annabelle. I don't think I ever make them date, not in this story. They don't belong together.

Why did I put this in the Edward/Bella category if I never planned on them dating? Okay, let's get something straight here; I didn't put it in that category. I didn't just have them there; I put Edward, Bella, Jasper and Tanya. I don't know why people didn't get that since it clearly shows ALL FOUR names anywhere you click on it. It just doesn't say Edward and Bella or Bella and Jasper, or Tanya and Edward or Jasper and Tanya. I purposely didn't put just two names on there because it honestly could've gone either way. I could've kept Edward with Tanya if I really wanted to. I should've put non-common pairings, but I didn't know I wasn't going to put Edward and Bella together. I did think about it, but once again, I didn't think it was fair to him. It was the show the love…square – I guess it was a love square – thing going on. If you every heard or read A Midsummer's Night Dream by Shakespeare, I was going for something like that.

Why did I ask for suggestion if I wasn't even going to take them? I asked because at some places when I was stuck, I looked and used the comments for motivation. There were some great ideas that I just couldn't fit anywhere in the story so I decided to make them into outtakes.

Do I have any other projects coming? Uh…maybe. I have about two or three stories (all twilight) coming and I got my revamp of APL & AM coming. And like I said, the outtakes and AE's for this story. All of that will be coming soon. But I will probably post the outtakes and whatever around Valentine's Day or sometime in March when I have some time. But I am in school again so I will just have to see because as I said before, college is an asskicker.

What is the one thing on this site I love more than reading good fanfictions? Why, my wonderful fans, of course, especially, when you know, you make me feel like that parent that gives you everything I can and when I don't give you that one toy, you scream you hate me and storm out.

My turn: feel free to answer in the comments because I really want to know.

My father asked me why I write. I told him it was a way to get my ideas out of my head. If you write, why do you?

When I stalker you guys' pages, and yes, I stalk your page; I see other stories that mine have nothing in common with. It's not the same type, not the same rating, sometimes, not ever the same fandom. So I have to ask, what draw you to this story?

What was your prom like?

Who is your favorite Disney princess or just fav Disney movie?

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Oh, quick thing for the people who said I waste your time, I don't remember holding a gun to you temple or a knife to you throat telling you to read. I'm sorry MY story didn't mean YOUR standards. Someone told me to write for me and that's what I did. I understand your disappoint (now you know how people felt with Bella didn't pick Jacob in New Moon), but to say I wasted your time is insulting to me because it's like you're saying I wasted MY time, and that is one thing I choose not to do. And you don't have to swear at me. You could leave a comment without the cursing. It's just a story, you ever think "this might hurt her feelings"? before posting because sometimes, you do.

Okay guys; well I hope your questions got answered and the answers don't lead to more questions. Thank you for all the love and suppose for this story. Thank you all the alerts, favs and reviews. I love you guys so much and if you can stop calling me a liar, that would be great. Anyways, for the last time for O.f.C.

Luv & Rockets.