Chapter One:

Jack Makes Friends

Jack Frost was not in a good mood. From the moment he heard his adoptive father North bellowing his name from down stairs he knew it wasn't going to be a good day. He reluctantly opened his startling sapphire blue eyes and began to drag himself out of bed.

Now normally Jack loved waking up on Saturdays. His dad would make pancakes, they'd watch a few movies in the morning before he went to work and then jack would have the rest of the day for himself. Unfortunately today was not a normal Saturday, today was moving day.

His father S. North was a world renowned toy maker and owned 8 very large factories all throughout the country. They had gotten the news late last month one of the CEO's and dads good friend had passed away. With business at full throttle and Christmas being next month there was no way to find a suitable replacement in time, so dad made a choice, we move.

"JACK!" his father boomed again in his thick, Russian accent. "Tis time to get up. No more sleeping we have to get the moving truck loaded!" With a groan and a curse Jack got up.

"Alright Dad I'm up!" Jack yelled back. He grabbed the clothes he had set out for himself last night; a faded, navy blue t-shirt, his most worn out pair of light blue jeans and his favorite black hoodie. He looked at himself in the mirror and frowned. He looked as pale as ever and his snow white hair and dark brows didn't help.

Yes he had snow white hair, when he told them most people didn't believe it was natural. The people in this town knew him long enough to know that ever since he was a kid it's been this way, but whenever he would go out with my father on business trips, well people just couldn't stop gawking. It was the reason why Jack was really so against moving, he loved going to new places but he just couldn't stand the stares. As much as he hated it he'd learned to live with it, his dad told him to be different is good, if everyone were the same there would be no wonder in the world, or as he pronounced it 'Vunder.

The town was relatively smaller than his home town; it was lightly covered in snow and surrounded by thick forests. Basically it was in the middle of nowhere, but because his Dad's factory was located a few miles out of town it was prospering quite well. We had settled in for the first few days, unpacking and unwinding after the long drive. The house was big, with huge open glass windows and a log cabinish feel to it. Dad permitted me to stay home and help, but that was all over today.

"Jack my boy, 'tis time to go!" North yelled. Jack made his way slowly downstairs wearing his best winter blue hoody, khaki pants and faded grey vans. He had styled his hair a bit today trying to look my best but it didn't help the sick feeling growing in the pit of his stomach.

It was bad enough being the new kid at school, but being new right in the middle of a semester! You have to be kidding, teachers and students are already in the flow of things, everyone knows where and who they're sitting with for lunch. Well technically so did he, alone in the back of the cafeteria.

Jack grabbed up his blue backpack and tried not to look so sullen but that apparently wasn't working.

"Jack I know 'is hard to start at new school, but I have feeling you will have great day"

"Thanks Dad." Jacks words apparently lacked the enthusiasm North was looking for.

"Jack!" his father boomed "I know I am right because I feel it right here in my belly." With that his father grabbed his gut and Jack couldn't help but grin. North was a tall man with broad shoulders and a thick gut. His father always told him that when he had a gut feeling it was sure to be true. It was a longstanding joke between them.

When they had got off at school the staring had begun and Jack could feel his stomach drop. He absolutely despised when they started. I mean honestly don't they have any sense of common decency Jack thought.

North looked around and then back at Jack and said in Russian "You are popular already, no?"

"I don't think popular is the right word dad." Jack said back in fluent Russian, growing up with North he had learned Russian as a small child, it was their own secret language around others. Try freak Jack thought to himself and frowned.

North let out a laugh and gave him a smile that said 'everything is going to be fine.' Jack faked a smile back as they walked into the office.

It was warm and cozy inside decorated for the holidays with little plastic snowmen sitting around the workplace and a small plastic tree on the office ladies front desk. Seeing it all put a genuine smile on Jacks face, Christmas was his favorite time of the year. Well winter in general because Jack absolutely adored the snow. He was usually a pretty mellow guy but the winter weather brought something out in him. He just felt excited all the time.

"Hi there you must be the new student Principle Manny was telling us about." The woman at the front desk stated cheerfully. 'Mr. Frost was it, and you must be his father."

"Is true, I am." North said with a hearty chuckle and a smile.

'Well." She chirped "I just have a few things I need to give you to fill out and return and as for you Mr. Frost, here is a list of your classes, the books you'll need to get from the library and a school map."

"Well Jack, I must be off, I don't want to be late for my first day as well." North clapped him on the back as a way of good bye and Jack swore he heard something crack. North turned and waved to the nice office lady and was out the door in a matter of seconds.

Jack let out a sigh, looked down at his class schedule as he made his way out.

Period 1: P.E. Mr. Garcia GYM.

Period 2: World History AP Ms. Jane Rm 41

Period 3: English AP. Ms. Hall Rm 32

Period 4: Art Mr. Cahill Rm 81


Period 6: Algebra 2 Mr. Hampton Rm 12

Period 7: Chemistry Mr. Blank Rm 10

Oh just great he had P.E. first, oh the joy. He was studying his map and trying to ignore the whispers and finger pointing going on around him when his thoughts were interrupted by a warm voice.

"P.E. first huh, brutal, but at least you have Garcia he's really easygoing."

Jack turned to his right to see a boy slightly taller than jack maybe about 5'8" or 5'9" with chocolate brown hair and big brown eyes to match. His face was kind and young looking with a nice guy smile etched across his face.

"Sorry for being nosy," The boy grinned bashfully "but I couldn't help but notice that you must be the new kid the town has been talking about."

"Yeah I am. My name is Jack, Jack Frost." He gave the boy a hesitant smile.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Jamie Bennet, I have to ask…" Jamie trailed off staring at the top of Jacks head.

"It's natural. Hard to believe I know" Jack sighed here we go. He seriously wanted to crawl into his hoodie right now. This happens every time, he waited for the insult or the blatant refusal to believe his hair was real, but it never came. Instead he got something he'd never gotten before, a compliment.

"It's wicked awesome; I can't believe you were born with it."

Jack was pretty shocked, it was out of the ordinary for people to like his hair let alone believe that it's real. He liked this Jamie kid already.

"Thanks, not many people do." Jack said with a genuinely happy smile.

"Well, hey can I take a look at your classes." He nodded his permission and Jamie began to read through the list.

"Sweet we have like three classes together." Jamie said just as the bell rang.

"Well listen, the gym is just out that way, I'll meet you there after first to walk you to our next class.

"Thanks Jamie." Jack grinned, pleased with the new friend he had made. "See you later."

Jamie waved as he walked and turned down another corridor. Jack was alone again, but in a far better mood then when he had arrived he made his way to P.E.

When Jack arrived he changed into the P.E. uniform he was given by the teacher overlooking the locker room. He threw his sweater over it and walked out into the gym. While a few of the other teachers went outside with their less than happy kids in tow, Jack's teacher Mr. Garcia said that they were to walk laps around the gym. Mr. Garcia then proceeded to pull up a chair and read the newspaper.

Jack liked the sound of that preferring to kick back on his first day rather than do any strenuous exercise. People start grouping off, walking with their friends, chatting, staring and laughing at Jack and his snow white hair. As he started to walk a big dumb jock type with blonde hair rammed into him.

"Nice hair faggot." He barked out, that set his friends into a frenzy of laughter, but Jack said nothing and kept on walking.

"What's wrong new kid, can't hear me or something. Guess you must be deaf and gay." They continued with their jabs each taking a turn to insult him, but it was mostly the blonde one.

Jack reaching his limit was just about give that blonde idiot a piece of his mind when a deep voice called out.

"Tyler ya best leave him alone ya cross eyed little Twink." Jack turned to look and just to his left was a very a tall, very athletic looking boy with grey, black hair and forest green eyes. Jack had never seen anyone so handsome in his life.

"Unless you'd like me to throw you out of this gym on yer ear ya drongo!"

"Whatever Bunnymund you asshole." Tyler scoffed, turned around and continued walking. He may have ended on an insult, but Jack caught the fear in his eyes. They must have fought before and by the look on the jocks face Jack knew who had won.

'Y'alright?' the boy next to me drawled, his Australian accent sent shivers down my spine.

'Yeah thanks a lot, that guy is a real douche." I said throwing a quick glare Tyler's way before looking back at him.

"Yeah the guy is a bloody wombat." The boy said with a frown. "What's yer name?"

"Jack Frost," We rounded the corner of the gym and kept walking.

"The names' Aster Bunnymund." He said with a grin.

"Bunnymund?" Jack threw his hand over his mouth trying to suppress a giggle.

"Now hang on there, mate don't you go poking fun."

But jack couldn't help it, he burst out laughing.

"I'm… sorry…" He said between giggles. "It's just so different. Never heard a name quite like that."

"Well I've never seen hair quite like that." Aster shot back with a smirk.

Jack stopped mid giggle and ran a self-conscious hand through his hair.

"Touché." Jack said with a light chuckle. He felt suddenly more self-conscious than usual, embarrassed that this handsome guy probably thought he was weird.

"Well Crikey Jack look at the head on you." Aster said and let out a deep sexy chuckle. "It looks damn good though."

I could feel the blush creep up through my cheeks, jack couldn't believe his ears. Two compliments in one day, and one coming from an incredibly sexy green eyed guy, Jack thought his heart might explode.

'Thanks." I mumbled embarrassed, I looked down knowing my face was incredibly red.

Aster and Jack talked a little more about how he was enjoying his first day. He told him about Jamie and coincidentally it appeared that Aster and he were good friends. After gym was over Aster and Jack spotted Jamie just outside the doors.

"Hey Jack I see you've met our man from down under." Jamie said as they started walking towards World History.

"Aw lay off ya Gumby." Aster laughed. "What class do you have next Jack?'

Jack rummaged through his bag to grab his schedule and handed it to Aster.

"He has World History with me next" Jamie grinned.

"Hey lookie there frostbite you have third and fourth with me too," Aster said sounding pleased. Jack grinned at the new nickname.

"Make sure to introduce him to the rest of the group will ya Jamie, since you have them next. I have to head to trig now so I'll see ya later." With that Aster waved at the both of them and headed off in the other direction.

"The rest of the group?" Jack said hesitantly as they walk into class.

"Yeah they're over there." Jamie pointed to the back of the class where two students waved at them. "Sit next to us jack, Ms. Jane is real chill so there's no assigned seating." Jack and Jamie sat next to each other directly in front of what was apparently the rest of the group.

The announcements started and it gave everyone the chance to talk amongst themselves for a few minutes. No one ever really listens to the announcements.

"Jack this is Sandy and Tisha but everyone just calls her tooth."

The boy name Sandy was short and thick with amber eyes, tan skin and wavy orange hair. He had a sweet sleepy smile on his face and he waved hello. The girl apparently called Tooth had her hair cut pixie style with a long scarf wrapped around her head. It was knotted at the back so the loose ends hung down her shoulder. She wore a bold yellow t-shirt with an emerald green coat and violet leggings the same shade as her eyes.

"Hi there you must be Jack Frost!" She chirped sweetly. "It is so nice to meet you. How's your first day going? Do you like the school?" The girl talked a mile a minute, smiling her perfect smile that Jack could hardly keep up.

"Oh well yeah it's nice to meet you too. It's going pretty well but I'm still trying to figure the place out."

Sandy shrugged smiled and nodded as if saying 'Yeah you'll get used to it.' He turned to Jamie and signed something along the lines of "Ask jack if he wants to be in our group with us."

Before Jamie could say anything Jack smiled at Sandy and quickly signed back "What group?"

Jamie and Tooth gasped and Sandy's face lit up and he grinned. "You sign?"

"Yeah I do, my sister Sara was deaf, she could hear enough to read lips but when I was younger my parents felt it would be easier on her if we all learned how to sign." That was before the accident Jack thought, before he had went to live with North.

"That's really sweet Jack."

"Yeah jack it's really cool that you know how to sign. Sandy really hates making us translate for him even though we told him we don't mind." Jamie grinned at Sandy and Sandy shrugged.

The announcements ended just then and class started. Ms. Jane gave them a short but enthusiastic lecture about something out of the book and assigned us definitions and book questions. At that point they were free to work and talk to one another.

"Jack you don't have your books yet right so you can share with me. We have a big project coming up so like Sandy said you can be in our group." Jamie said as he pulled his desk closer to Jack's and set the book between them. Jamie went on to explain that we had to pick a place in the world and do a research report and poster board on its history. Jack felt he was a pretty smart guy and he always got good grades but he had to admit he hated research reports. Class went on like that for a while, them chatting and doing work when the bell rang and they headed for their next classes. Sandy and Jack apparently had the next class together so he followed him.

As they entered the room Sandy scanned the classroom, looking for someone.

"Hey Sandy who you looking for?"

Sandy signed out Asters name and said that he was in this class too.

"Oh yeah I forgot." Jack said cheerfully, that makes this class all the better Jack thought to himself.

"Looking for me mates." Said a voice from behind, it sent shivers down Jacks spine and they turned to see Aster, the giant that he was, grinning down at the both of them.

"I see you've met Sandy, and Tooth too I bet." Aster said as he threw his arms over both their shoulders.

"Crikey you and Sandy are quite the little ankle bitters."

Jack looked quizzically over to Sandy and Sandy merely put his hand up to his head as if he were measuring himself. Jack finally got it.

"Well excuse us you friggin Kangaroo." Jack mumbled he knew he was short only about 5'6" and he hated when people pointed it out. Especially giants like Aster who reigned about 6 feet and four inches tall.

"Kanga… Kangaroo?!" Aster sputtered and looked at Jack mouth agape. Sandy threw his head back in what looked like a howl of laughter.

"Hey you're a cheeky lil thing aint you frostbite." Aster said with a huff.

Jack just merely grinned at the taller boy, green eyes caught his blue and for a second he swore his heart stopped. It felt like electricity crackling through them, he wondered if Aster felt it too.

Jack had known since he was thirteen that he was gay. Girls just never held much intrest for him. He had had a few dates with the ever fewer number of gay guys back home. All of them were completely useless, childish things, Jack didn't want a boy he wanted a man or at least a boy who had enough sense to act like one.

"Will you please move the hell out of the doorway, must you all stand there talking incisively." The voice was rich, deep and very sexy, but it made Jack's hair stand on end and not in the good way. Jack and the others turned to see a very tall boy equally so to aster with aesthetically pleasing features, golden eyes and thick black hair pulled back into a pony tail. He was dressed in a black V-neck, dark blue jeans, with a black coat and a crimson scarf dangling from his pale neck.

"Ah stick it in your craw Pitch." Jack was surprised by how much venom was in Asters voice. Jack glanced sideways at Sandy looking for an explanation, but he too was looking warily at the dark haired boy's direction.

"And who is this delightful creature." Pitch purred seductively. Jack felt another cold shiver roll down his spine and he took an instinctive step back mortified by having caught Pitch's eye.

Before Jack or Aster could even snap back a retort Ms. Hall called the class to attention and waved Jack over to her desk. Pitch gave Jack a bawdy wink and shot Aster a glare before taking his seat.

"What the…" Jack said completely confused by the whole debacle. A large hand clapped him on the shoulder.

"Don't worry about it mate." Aster said giving him a serious nod. Sandy shook his head vehemently and smiled as if to reinforce Asters words. They both went to take their seats next to each other in the back right of the class.

Jack made his way up to Ms. Hall's desk and she beamed at him. Jack gave her a weak smile in return. She was a pretty woman with long chocolate brown hair and grey eyes that fit perfectly into her heart shaped face.

"Hello Jack." She said it in a quiet but firm voice. "Welcome to advanced placement English. Right now were writing our end of the fall semester Senior Letters. It's a letter the juniors write to their senior selves telling them what they hope to have accomplished by the end of their senior year." She handed me a small packet explaining the project and stood up.

"Mr. Frost you will be sitting…" She took a moment to scan the classroom before continuing "Next to Mr. Pitchiner. Kozmotis raise your hand so Jack knows who you are."

Pitch winced at hearing his own named and slowly raised his hand. Hell Jack would wince too if his name had been Kozmotis. Although the look on Pitch's face was gone in an instant replaced by an unsettling grin as Jack slowly made his way to the back left of the class. Jack looked across at Aster and Sandy his eyes pleading. Sandy grimaced and Aster looked at him sympathetically. He took his seat and pulled out his notebook to start the project.

He had a moments silence before Pitch turned to him and grinned "So your name is Jack Frost, a befitting name for one such as yourself. I love the dye job, a little attention seeking though, don't you think?"

Jack ignored him and that just seemed to goad Pitch on more.

"Seriously though jack you should really ditch the Bunny, worthless piece of shit that he is. He may be gay but I highly doubt you're his type." Jack's eyes widened in surprise and his cheeks flushed.

"What you think I didn't notice you eye fucking him when I walked into class."

Jack turned to face him completely enraged. "You know what I really like your name too, Kozmotis. Is that a family name or did your parents do that to you on purpose because they knew you were going to grow up into such an insufferable prick." He had said it a little louder than he meant too, not loud enough for Ms. Hall to hear but the last two rows sure got a kick out of it. Aster threw back his head and let out a deep full bellied laugh. Jack blushed at being heard and hoped to god that Aster hadn't heard Pitch as well.

Ms. Hall merely smiled and looked at everyone in the back. "Someone tell a good joke?"

"Oh the best Ms. Hall, it was absolutely priceless." Aster drawled from the back of the room. Sandy was wiping tears from his eyes his face the picture of absolute glee. Pitch turned a deep shade of red and didn't look up from his work for the rest of the class.

When the bell rung a humiliated Pitchiner quickly stalked out of class and didn't look back.

"Oh Crikey Jackie, that was hilarious!" Aster beamed down at Jack as the three of them walked on to the next class. "Right, Sandy?"

Sandy grinned and shook his head in obvious agreement; he clapped and threw Jack thumbs up.

"Ha-ha thanks Sandy, but it really wasn't a big deal he was being such an ass." Jack stated plainly.

"Yeah what crap was he spouting at ya anyways mate?" Aster said curiously as they rounded a corner towards art. Jack felt relief wash over him at Asters words. So he hadn't heard the eye fucking party of Pitch and Jacks conversation. That was good at least.

"It was nothing." Jack answered "He was just ragging on my hair is all."

They made it into art and Jack's mouth gaped open as he took in the room. It was large with a mish mosh of rectangular tables littered with graffiti scattered around. Paint splatters covered the linoleum and an assortment of student art covered every inch of the walls. Dodecahedrons hung from the ceiling with all sorts of different types of pictures on the sides. The sink was littered with paint jars, water jugs and brushes. It was a complete catastrophe, but at the same time it gave off a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The room caught the sun and made the light in the room look cozy and inviting.

Jamie and Tooth waved at them from their table. The three of them sat themselves down; Sandy situated himself between Jamie and tooth. Aster took to sitting in front of Tooth, and Jack still weighed down by Pitch's words left a chair in between them and sat in front of Jamie.

He tried to put a little distance between him and Aster. If it was that apparent to Pitch that Jack was eyeing Aster then he didn't want to make it obvious to everyone else. "He may be gay but I highly doubt you're his type" Jack thought about what Pitch had said. So aster was gay, or was Pitch just insulting him. It's not like Jack could ask aster outwardly. Jack was lost in thought thought when Jamie's next loud statement startled him back into the present.

"Yeah well not everyone can be an art god like you Aster." Jamie groaned.

At this Aster scoffed. "I'm not a god ya gumby, I'm just decent at what I do."

"Hey Jack." Tooth turned to him "You any good at art?" Everyone looked at him expectantly.

"Well I'm a terrible drawer, but I'm pretty okay at sculpting honestly. My dad taught me."

"Oh yeah Jack, your dad is working at North Pole toys right? Is he a toy creator or something there?" Jack was surprised at this question he expected that in a small town like this most people would know what his dad was here for.

Jack had always had trouble making friends, mainly because he didn't know if kids really liked him for who he was or for whom his father was. It was true that North and he were pretty well off, well better than well off, if Jack wanted to he would never have to work a day in his life. As if his Dad would allow that, but even so he didn't want to live off his dad's money anyways. His dad and him led a pretty modest life, and North made sure that Jack was raised right. If he wanted something he would have to work for it, with house work and good grades. Now that Jack thought about it there were a lot grander, expensive houses that his dad could have bought in this town. He certainly had the money, but North preferred comfort rather than grandeur, a thing that he really appreciated about his father.

"Yeah um something like that." Jack fibbed he felt guilt well up in his stomach. He knew they were all good people, even after just meeting them, but he didn't want to take any chances. He'd made that mistake too many times.

"That's cool." Tooth grinned.

"Oh man you'll never guess what Jackie Boy said to Pitch today. Told him off good and right." Aster announced proudly. Jack blushed and smiled bashfully at the praise.

"No way Jack you told off Pitchiner!" Tooth grinned giddily "What did you say?"

"Oh it was a stroke of brilliance, right Sandy?" Aster grinned excitedly.

Jack began to retell what had happened between Pitch and him and everyone roared with laughter as he told them what he had said.

"Oh man Jack you're my hero!" Tooth said "That Pitch is a real asshole!"

"Yeah a bloody wanker I'll say." Aster growled.

They all laughed again and the rest of the day went by just like that. They all had lunch together and he had his last two classes with Jamie. Jack couldn't believe his luck. He had actually made some friends on the first day of school. When his dad had come to pick him up they all waved him off with and told him they'd see him tomorrow. Jack was looking forward to it.

"So, Jack." His father grinned as he got into the car. "How was first day? I see you made new friends."

Jack beamed at his father. "It was actually pretty great dad."

North gave his son a knowing look and patted his belly. "You see."

They both laughed as they made the drive home. Jack couldn't believe his day had gone so well, besides meeting Pitch of course. He couldn't seem to get his mind off Aster though.