Chapter 3

First Kiss

Jack made his way home in a rush, excitement flooding through him. He pulled into his drive through and his heart fell just a tad seeing his father's car gone, but then it lifted again just as fast. Aster was coming over, sexy, sweet smiled, Aster with the nice ass and the laugh that made Jack's knees weak and his pants a little tighter.

Jack's father knew he was gay, and he had been nothing but accepting and happy that Jack felt he could trust him by telling him. The news however had made North extremely protective, always hassling any guy who looked too interested in his son. He wouldn't take it too well to know that a guys coming over… Jack thought then sighed. What he doesn't know won't hurt him.

Throwing open his front door Jack rushed upstairs and walked into the bathroom shrugging off his clothes and turning on the hot water. Jack pulled his phone out of his discarded pants and looked at his hand, quickly punching in the numbers and adding Aster's name with a little winky face.

"I'll text him after I shower." Jack mumbled to himself. Jack pushed open the shower curtains to his very large tub and stuck his wrist under the water. Letting out a satisfied moan, he jumped in and grabbed up his favorite mint smelling shampoo and ran it through his hair, rinsing it out in gentle circles trying to soothe his nerves. He pushed his mop of white wet hair out of his eyes, conditioned, and then snatched up his citrus body soap lathering it into his hands before rubbing it all over his body.

Turning off the water, Jack grabbed the fat fluffy white towel hanging near the shower, he wiped down before wrapping it firmly around his hips. Throwing his clothes into the wicker hamper behind his door and picking up his phone Jack made his way to his room and began to type out a text to Aster.

Aster's POV:

When Aster arrived home the house, as usual was nothing but loud. His father Dr. Bunnymund loved children, so in turn he had as many as he could. Aster was the second oldest of six children, his oldest brother Adam had moved back to Australia a year ago after graduating to attend college. After Aster there was Olivia fifteen a sophomore at his school who refused to acknowledge his existence unless it was at home, Todd thirteen a saucy little eighth grader who had the older girls fawning over his adorable dimples, and then the twins Alice and Darling. The last of the brood of Bunnymunds', very sweet, very smart and very into videogames even more so than the boys of the family. At ten they had played and beaten all the legend of Zelda games, the collection was their pride and joy. They were joined at the hip and Aster's as well.

"Aster!" The two girls squealed in unison rushing him immediately and pummeling him with hugs into the front door.

"Yer late Aster ya drongo." Alice looked up at him annoyed.

Darling mirrored the look "Yeh Aster ya were supposed to be here to play with us twenty minutes ago."

"Hey hey hey Mom wanted me to pick up some things from the super market ya cheeky little monsters." Aster said throwing up his arms in defense. "Speaking of that I left the groceries in the car."

"We'll get them." They grinned running out the front door to Aster's car. Aster sighed and the smiled loving as much as hating his sister's over enthusiasm.

"Aster love is that you?" His mom called from the kitchen. He strode in and grinned down at his mom. Aster's mom Mrs. Bunnymund was a lovely looking woman with long black hair and grey green eyes. She was small, around 5'4" and most of the family towered over her taking after their father. Even the twins looked on their way to surpassing their mother. Although small she was a feisty Sheila his mother was.

"Did ya get the milk sweetheart?" Mrs. Bunnymund smiled as Aster kissed her forehead and made his way through the kitchen up the stairs.

"Ya mom the twins are gettin it outta the car." Aster called down, but before he could turn into his room a group of high pitched squeals echoing from the room across from his caught his attention. Turning to look three girls who were not his sister Olivia were poking their heads out of her room staring at him.

"Hi Aster" The bold blonde said with what Aster assumed she hoped was a sexy grin and a sway of her hips. She tossed her hair off her shoulder and batted her eyes. "How was school?"

"Uh fine I suppose." Aster said uneasily, but before things could get too awkward his sister Olivia came up the stairs.

"What are ya guys doing?" Olivia said with a lazy tone obviously bored with her friend's usual antics when her brother was home. "Hey Aster."

"Hey Olivia, ya finish that project yet." Aster said his tone serious. His family took academics very seriously and Aster made it his job to make sure that the little ones got their homework done.

"Yeh bro I'm done turned it in today actually, got an A." Olivia beamed "Thanks fer ya help."
Aster looked over his sister's head then; her blonde friend gave him a wink and blew him a kiss.

"Keep them away from me." Aster whispered half-jokingly before turning into his room.

"Sasha knock it off will ya." Aster heard his sister say sternly before he closed his door.

Aster threw down his bag and fell on top of his queen sized bed letting out a groan of satisfaction before pulling out his cell. No new messages Aster thought annoyed. Sure it had only been an hour since school let out but Aster had thought Jack would've texted him already. You're just being impatient.

His phone rang then and Aster hoped for an unfamiliar number but it was Jamie.

"Hey Jamie." Aster said a little off put.

"Don't hey Jamie me you jerk" Jamie snapped "What was all that during art class."

Aster groaned knowing he should have expected this.

"Don't know whatya mean." Aster said feigning innocence.

"Oh shut up, you gave him a picture." Jamie pushed

"So, I give ya guy's pictures all the time."

"That was the first one. The first picture you drew after everything happened."

Aster stayed quiet.

"I mean I like Jack and everything but you barely met him, why give him something that important."

Aster groaned again and threw his arm over his eyes. "I dunno Jamie I just… the way he looked at it, like it was the most wonderful thing he'd ever set his eyes on, it seemed like he would enjoy it more than I would. It was just sitting there rotting away in that sketchpad anyways."

Jamie sighed "Alright I guess that makes sense, Tooth told me you're gonna tutor him?"

"Yeh I'm supposed to be heading over there later, I gave Jack my number to call me and let me know." Aster said.

"You work fast." Jamie snickered.

"Shut up it ain't like that, just helping the kid with his math." Aster growled.

"Mhmmm, my ass. You're interested in him, I know you Aster, and you like Jack Frost." Jamie laughed "Has he called you yet?"

"No he…" Aster started but a ping made him take the phone from his ear to stare at the screen, the number was one he didn't recognize. Aster grinned and shoved the phone back to his ear.

"Spoke to soon."

"Have fun Aster." Jamie cooed and Aster rolled his eyes pushing his finger firmly on the end button.

Aster quickly pushed on the touch screen pulling up the message.

-"Hey Aster its Jack. Just wanted to let you know that whenever you're ready you can head over. I'm going to start dinner if you want some."

Aster grinned at this Jack had an amazing smile, spoke Russian and now he cooked, could the boy get any sexier. He pushed the thought away before he could take it too far and typed out a reply.

Jacks phone pinged a minute later while he was throwing on his grey pajama pants and a soft white V-neck. He grinned and greedily snatched it up off his bed.

"I'll be right over frostbite, dinner sounds great."

Jack smiled, grabbed his bag and headed downstairs setting down his things on the kitchen table he turned and scanned the kitchen.

"What to make, what to make." Jack whispered as he prowled around, his bare feet slapping gently against the wood of his kitchen floor. North had left the waffle griddle out and Jack smiled.

"Breakfast for dinner, lovely."

Jack began to pull out all the necessary ingredients, eggs, flour, brown sugar, oil. He grabbed a large mixing bowl from up above and then began to measure, pour and mix according to the directions he had memorized long ago. He flipped on the griddle then spraying it with a generous amount of Pam waiting for it to warm up.

"What else?" Jack said thoughtfully throwing open his fridge and scanning the contents. He quickly picked up the packet of bacon, eggs and the strawberries. Pulling out the cutting board and a pan which he also sprayed with Pam he set it on the stove and flipped it too low. He washed the strawberries before slicing them up and putting back into the fridge until he needed them. A yellow bag caught his eyes.

"Chocolate chips." Jack groaned opening the bag and popping them into his mouth. Scooping up a handful he threw them in to the batter mixing them up. "Yummy."

He heard a knock at the front door just as he was laying down a few strips of bacon.

"Coming!" Jack called wiping his hands on a dish towel before padding quickly over to the door. Jack's heart did flip flops opening it to find a very handsome Aster clad in blue jeans, a black t-shirt, brown leather jacket and hiking boots.

"Hey there Jackie." Aster grinned before sniffing "Something smells… amazing."

Jack laughed "Come in, I'm making breakfast."

"Oh breakfast for dinner, my favorite." Aster said clapping his hands together devilishly "I can't wait, do ya need any help?

"Mm, do you mind getting the syrup down from the top cabinet." Jack said inclining his head to the cabinet above the right of the fridge. Aster nodded and Jack watched appreciatively as the tall boy shrugged off his jacket revealing muscled arms and from what Jack could tell a deliciously strong back. Aster shucked his jacket on the kitchen table next to Jack's back pack and then grabbed the glass bottle of maple syrup down.

Jack quickly turned back to the bacon, so as not to get caught staring.

"How do you like your eggs?" Jack asked flipping the bacon over and pushing them down gently with a fork.

"Hard boiled." Aster said "But that takes too long and I'm starvin, where are yer bowls."

Jack pointed to the cabinet in front of Aster's face. Aster proceeded to crack four eggs and throw them in the bowl he'd taken out.

"Aster let me cook, you're a guest."

"What don't trust me frostbite?" Aster said feigning hurt. "Where are the spices?"

"Salt and pepper are on the table."

"Thanks mate."

They worked just like this for a while, passing things back and forth, maneuvering around each other. Jack started on the waffles while Aster started the eggs. When they were done they had plates laden with chocolate chip waffles covered in strawberries with scrambled eggs and crisp bacon. Aster put the plates on the table while jack grabbed them both forks and cups of milk.

"Oh god these waffles are amazing." Aster moaned shoveling food into his mouth like it was his last meal.

"Thanks old family recipe." Jack smiled adoring Asters enthusiasm for food, especially food made by him.

It was quiet then as they ate, each scarfing down two waffles and the rest of the bacon and eggs.

"Oh so good." Aster said leaning back in his chair looking like a cat in the cream. "So what did you need help on Jack?"

"Oh just this worksheet for math, I'm a bit confused." Jack said scooping up there plates.

"Oh lemme help ya." Aster said standing, but Jack waved him down.

"No, I don't think so, you already helped with dinner. You're my guest I should be waiting on you."

At this Aster scoffed "Oh please, my parents raised me better than that." Before Jack could protest the plates had disappeared from his hands, the water was running and Aster was scrubbing away.

Jack rolled his eyes and grabbed the glasses, pan and mixing bowl setting them down by the sink.

"Stubborn ass." Jack mumbled but Aster just chuckled and ignored him.

"I'll wash and you dry frostbite."

Jack pulled out a clean dish rag from one of the kitchen drawers and began to dry the things Aster handed to him, walking away occasionally to put things in their proper places. When they had finished Jack grabbed up his backpack and led Aster into the living room.

"So lemme see what we got here…" Aster said taking the paper gently from jack's hands as he handed it to him. Their fingers brushed for a moment and Jack's pulse jumped.

"Ah just some simple problems no busy, easy fix." Leaning over on the glass table Aster put down the paper and began to point out where Jack went wrong. After a half hour Jack leaned back against the couch grinning.

"Phew, I think I get it now." Jack said enthusiastically.

"Ya sure? We can run through it one more time." Aster said looking skeptically at Jack. "I don't want you just saying that if you really don't understand."

"No really Aster I get it, you're a good tutor." Jack beamed

"I have four younger siblings, I ought to be good." Asters snorted before leaning back himself.

"Four huh, you the oldest?

"Nah I got an older brother Adam, but he moved back to Australia for school."

"Big family, how lucky." Jack mused

"Sometimes it is, but sometimes they all get on my bloody nerves. The twins especially, they're ten and they never want to leave my side, I could barely get out the door with them attached to my legs.

"Yeah my sister Sara could be so annoying sometimes." Jack laughed, but then caught himself wincing. "She'd be about ten now…"

"What do you mean?" Aster started but just then the doorbell rang again and Jack looked to it startled.

"Who could that be?" Jack started towards the door brushing what might have been tears out of his eye, thankful for the interruption. He didn't want to think about it now or ever but it just kept popping up. The car crash, their deaths, all Jack's fault, but he bit his lip trying to muddle his thoughts through pain.

He looked through the keyhole to see Jamie and Tooth standing around idly as Tooth waved goodbye to the black minivan Jack had seen pick her up a few hours before.

"Looks like we have company." Jack turned grinning at Aster before throwing open the door.

"Jack!" Tooth squealed hugging him. "Surprise!"

She released him just as quick and bounded in to hug Aster. "Thought I'd find you here."

"Hey Jack." Jamie smiled bashfully "Sorry to intrude."

"No it's fine; get in here its freezing!" Jack said grabbing Jamie's wrist and yanking him in. "No sandy?"

"Nah Sandy has a project due Monday so he wants to work on it tonight."

"Boo." Tooth pouted "He refused to be wrangled in to our surprise visit you mean. Anyways we just came to see what you and Aster were up to."

"Nosey…" Aster began.

"Yeah yeah nosey little Sheila." Tooth said in a faux Aussie accent. "Why couldn't I get a cute nickname like Jack… or yours for that matter Kangaroo?"

"Oh lay off." Aster pouted sinking farther into the couch, arms crossed. So cute Jack thought in his head.

"Oh man Jack you have a sweet collection." Jamie exclaimed looking over the stacks of Dvds Jack had in the T.V stand underneath his flat screen.

"Yeah my dad and I love to watch movies together." Jack said sitting back down next to Aster on the couch. "He just hauled in a bunch of new stuff I haven't seen yet too, guy wanna watch one?"

"Yeh I'm down." Aster drawled throwing an arm around Jack's side of the couch, Jack flushed. "Jamie, Tooth?"

"Yeessss!" Tooth sing songed "Let's watch something scary."

"Hey you have the new Evil Dead movie." Jamie jumped up movie in hand; he took out the disc gently and tossed the case on the coffee table. "Do you guys remember when we watch the original, man Sandy's missing out!"

"Aw lemme see that." Aster cried grabbing the DVD case up. "I've wanted to see this for a while, the original was hilarious. Just cheesy gore all night long."

"Never seen any of them." Jack said conversationally. Aster let out what sounded like a pterodactyl screech and gripped the front of his shirt as if he were in pain. Jack slapped his hand to his face but the giggles exploded out anyways.

"What was that!?" Jack gasped between laughs

"My scream of pain!" Aster cried "How have you never seen these movies!?"

"How can you make that sound!?"

"I'm magic but that's not the point." Aster shrugged.

"I don't know!" Jack shrugged back. "I just haven't"

"Oh Jackie." Aster tsked shaking his head, placing the case back on the table. "You are in for a treat; we'll have to watch the original together sometime"

"Yeah sounds good." Jack smiled shyly tucking a hair behind his ear.

Jamie had popped the DVD in and flipped on the TV. And sat on the Lazy boy North normally occupied. Tooth flopped down on the large, square moveable foot rest that went with the couch.

Jack sank lower on the couch getting comfortable as the movie started.

Aster's Pov:

The movie jumped right into the old story line, and Aster loved how Jack covered his eyes every time something hideously gory happened. It was friggin adorable and Aster was having a hard time not swooping in and kissing the boy senseless. God those lips Aster groaned in his head.

He had been more or less sneaking little glances here or there at Jack during the movie, taking in the soft white locks, and the sweet curve of his slightly upturned nose, but most of all Aster was having a hard time looking away from Jack's lips. They were a sweet faded pink and Aster long to nip the soft plump flesh.

The sharp gasps from the others in the room broke the trance and Aster snapped his eyes to the screen. The idiot who had started the whole mess in the first place had just come back for the dead slowly making his way at one of the main characters.

"He told you to run, now run you ass!" Aster watched Jack yelled at the screen and grinned chuckling lightly to himself before leaning in towards him.

"Ya know they can't hear ya right?" Aster whispered into Jack's ear, loving the way he saw the blood creep into Jack's cheeks. Jack turned and stuck his tongue out at Aster.

"Cheeky little…" Aster whispered looking around making sure they weren't being watched. Oh to hell with it Aster thought before crushing his lips against Jack's and relief flooded through him, they were as soft as he imagined.

Aster moved his mouth gently at first finally coaxing Jack out of what he assumed was shock till the smaller boy responded, tentatively pressing his lips back. A satisfied smile fell on his lips before Aster slipped his hand around the back of Jack's neck pulling him deeper into the kiss. He licked gently at Jack's lower lip asking for entrance, and after a moment Jack obliged opening his mouth to let him in. Sliding into Jack's heated mouth Aster desperately suppressed a groan with all his might when he felt Jack's tongue gently rise up to meet him. He explored Jack's mouth thoroughly, tasting every delicious inch.

Shifting his body ever so slightly he pulled away just enough to see Jack's face, and what a sight it was. Jack's cheeks were flushed a bright pink, his sapphire eyes lusty, soft lips swollen and parted ever so slightly. Aster watched as Jack panted lightly and he felt almost light headed as he felt every last bit of blood pool into his groin at the sight.

Aster adored every second, completely intoxicated by the sweet smelling little minx he had wrapped in his arms, only a loud squeal from Tooth made Aster tear his lips away from Jack, sliding slightly away from him so they didn't look suspicious. Crap did she see Aster cursed in his head.

He sighed thankful that Tooth had just been incredibly grossed out as the girl on the screen yanked until her hand tore away from her wrist. Aster looked down at Jack whose face had gone from lust fueled pink to fear stricken crimson, but the smaller boy's shoulders began to relax as he also realized they hadn't been caught. Aster wasn't ashamed of being with Jack, his friends knew and accepted him as who he was, but he still didn't like to just make out in front of them. It was uncomfortable for not only them but for Aster too.

Aster rolled his eyes annoyed at the interruption before focusing back in on the movie. He would bide his time and wait till they left because he certainly wasn't done with Jack Frost, and Aster had a feeling he never would be.

Did that just happen Jack thought to himself, did that really just fucking happen?

Jack had been completely and inexplicably shocked when Aster had leaned in to kiss him. Not just shocked completely and utterly mind blown, he swore to god his heart had stopped beating, it took a few moments before Jack's brain caught up with Aster's wonderfully firm lips and he finally kissed back shyly.

It was a few sweet minutes of pure bliss before Tooth's squeal made them jump away from one another unexpectedly. Jack felt his face burn at the thought of getting caught but to his relief she had only caught something gruesome on TV. He would have died right there if Tooth or Jamie had taken in Aster and Jack's lip lock however brief, for him being gay had made him modest, some people just felt uncomfortable watching guys kissing other guys no matter how accepting they were. He felt bad for thinking it but Jack sure hoped they left soon.

After about fifteen more minutes the credits rolled around and Jack checked his watch it was five thirty and what little light that was outside was quickly diminishing. Jack brushed his fingers over his still tingling lips, first kisses were always the best, but Aster blew all the others right out of the water. He couldn't wait to do it again.