Hello everyone! This is pervertmonster here with my first story! It's pretty much just a short story with the chapters being focused on various characters. I hope you enjoy, and if the characters are a bit OOC, that's just my inexperience!

I also don't own One Piece as that belongs to Eiichiro Oda!

It was a bright and sunny afternoon on the sea.

The Thousand Sunny was drifting lazily along as its captain, Monkey D. Luffy could be heard on the deck along with his doctor, Tony Tony Chopper, and his sniper, Ussop.

They were currently playing a game that Ussop had conjured up with rules that Luffy was unable to understand.

As they were playing, they had an observer by the name of Nico Robin, Luffy's archaeologist. She watched with a small smile while lounging on a lawn chair and a book in her hand that was currently disregarded.

She watched their game and silently noted that though Luffy was losing by a large margin against Ussop and Chopper, he was preventing them from being able to obtain victory against him.

She laughed a little. Her captain would never give up easily, even if it was a small game such as this.

Robin could hear some confrontation in the background. Sanji, Luffy's cook, was exclaiming his love for her beauty earlier before the game had begun. She managed to provide him with something to do by requesting a large semi-sweet cake and coffee.

Sanji had taken her order with his full attention, and had set out to prepare the treat. He knew that Robin wouldn't be able to eat a large cake, but who was he to question his lovely Robin-chwan, which is something Robin had counted on. The cake wasn't really meant to be for her, so it didn't really matter.

Robin had surmised that Sanji had come across Zoro, Luffy's swordsman, and was engaged in a fight with him. These fights amused her at times, but they got too intense at times and would threaten the environment. That would make Franky enraged, thus making her wait longer for the treats.

She considered herself a patient woman, but it wouldn't fit her plans as she watched Ussop gain some ground in the game. He was beginning to anticipate Luffy's moves and while Luffy could use his haki to stop Ussop's advance, he wouldn't go that far for a game he didn't comprehend.

Robin formed an hand with an eye on it near the Dining Hall's window to peer in and see what was causing the commotion. While being wrong in her initial assumption, she was pleased to see that it wasn't another romp between the swordsman and the cook.

Nami, Luffy's navigator, was punishing Brook, Luffy's musician, for saying something offensive. The beating appeared to be more severe than usual, so Robin guessed that Brook had asked Nami for money, possibly just to see her reaction to such a question.

She wondered if they would be able to resurrect Brook if he was smashed into powder, but she was glad to see that Sanji was almost finished. Robin allowed a small frown to adorn her face, but she felt relieved inside. If Brook had asked to see Nami's panties, there was a possibility that Sanji would join in harming Brook for asking such a question.

Sanji had just finished her request and was coming out of the kitchen. Robin smiled. She wondered how Sanji would react if she were to give the players the cake?