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Nami was just reclining on the Dining Hall couch while looking at some fish Ussop had caught the day before.

She was kinda glad Luffy had not fished anything up yet. He seemed to catch the biggest seakings around.

It was his talent for getting in the most trouble he could, she supposed.

Luffy was such a handful at times and he made her do so much work, but she was fine with it.

Rather, she was used to it by now.

It was a blessing that Ussop and Chopper were playing with him, as he would have been in the Dining Hall begging for food if he wasn't preoccupied.

She got up from her comfortable position and exited the room.

She heard Brook stop playing, as there would be no one else in the room without her.

If he knew what was good for him, he wouldn't ask to see her panties.

She was now on the deck of Sunny.

She thought it was weird, as something seemed a bit different.

Using her excellent observational skills, she noticed the gigantic seaking that had towered over Sunny.

Needless to say, Nami was horrified.

She sighed, after she gained her composure. She was much too used to all of this now.

Nami watched as Luffy finished it with one punch.

At least we won't have to worry about feeding Luffy,

For a day.

Seriously, he could eat all the whole seaking and still want more.

He often demonstrated this in the past.

She noticed the peanut galler for Luffy.

Chopper and Ussop, as well as Robin cheered him on as he defeated the seaking. Robin had expressed her enthusiasm silently.

Ussop and Luffy soon attached the seaking's corpse to Sunny so Sanji could cook it later.

She saw the combined celebratory cheer of victory from the three and smiled.

She wouldn't have to worry about the weather, even though New World weather was very unpredictable.

There would be no danger as long as she had her family with her.

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